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Musa Ch. 03

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Musa bends his knees and tells me to place that skinny dick against her bottom. Then he lowers her atop my cock. I can’t do it! It’s just too tight!

“Relax Mama.” Musa says to her. “Oh Jesus!” she says to you: ” They’re going to fill both holes!” she goes on, “Oh my god! Oh my God!”

“Hey guys. Maybe we’d better back off of the back hole there.” You say with concern for your wife.

“Nonsense!” Musa says. She has not been fucked into the ass. No? ” He asks the two of you.

“Well we may have tried it, but we thought, well you know, if we left that one out of our regular work-outs.” At least you’re trying to answer his puzzled look.

“You do not fuck her ass regularly?” He says.

” No we don’t do that so much any more.” You repeat somehow.

“Oh man! No, no, no! You must fuck the ass!” He says to you. “Here, I’ll show you.”

“NO!” She says fearful of the massive size of his horse cock now buried to the hilt in her pussy as she hangs around his neck with her arms. “No way are you going to try to fit that cock of yours in my ass!” she tells him.

That’s right! I am not going to fill you with my cock into your nether region. You are correct!” he says. But we are going to fuck that ass and you are going to ask for more, I promise!”

“No way!” She says.

“Shhh!” He says as he reaches around and once again and prods a finger into her ass.

“OHHH SHIT!” She says aloud. “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT” she keeps repeating.

And you can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Not wanting to stop, if it’s good, you wait for just a few minutes.

“OH SHIT! OH SHIT THAT”S GOOD! OH SHIT!” She says to your relief.

As he starts laughing he is once again bouncing her up and down on his massive cock.

“Jesus!” She says, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She says to your amazement.

“Oh God, Oh God I’m going to come! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God YESSSS! Shit! Shit! Give it to me! OH YES! OHHHH FUCK THAT ASS! JESUS! FUCK IT! SHIT! YES! FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT!” She says as ataşehir escort bayan she pounds her fists on his chest.

Now his huge cock is traveling, with the force of her own weight, all the way in and only half the way out with each bounce she is completing. But his finger (no narrow digit) is pumping in and out of her ass hole completely. All the way in and all the way out! As she comes, way out of her own control she gushes her liquid gism all over his too-thick, massive 14″ pumper. She is actually dripping juice so much that it’s drooling off his scrotum in more that one stream!

“I would like to lie down horizontal now please.” He says with such politeness that you seemingly jump at the chance to please him. “Right this way Musa!” You say as you walk toward your master bedroom. He asks if you have a dildo, so that he may bring much more pleasure “To your wife.”

As you answer in the affirmative you begin to look for this monster toy you use to use regularly. Not finding it, you ask your wife if it is still in the house. Embarrassed as she stutters out, “Yea, well, oh this is embarrassing” she says. “Look under my pillow.”

“Under your pillow?” you say in disbelief. “I’m talking about that big ol’ dildo we used to use now and then.”

Because he has not put her down and her legs are clasped around his small waist, she has to direct you. “Look would you jus check under my pillow and not make such a big deal about this?” she says to you with a strong stern glance.

You check, and low and behold, THERE IT IS!

“What the hell is this thing doin’ under your pillow?” You ask without really needing an answer.

“Here you go. Give it to me.” Musa says. He brings it up to his nose and sniffs long and hard looking for a female scent about the large toy. ” Oh yes, this is used recently, yes?” he says (for all of us to hear). “Move this nice spread please he says to you and I. “We don’t need to wrinkle something nice like this.” he says.

As he checks her legs to see that they escort kadıöy are high up and out of the way he sits upon your bed with your wife still planted upon his root. “Would you like to put your knees down? ” he asks her.

“Yes.” she says. And as soon as she has fixed herself upon her knees (all without ever coming off his tool, she begins rocking up and down on him.

He hands the dildo to me and says: “Find something to grease this with please.”

I turn to you with shrugged shoulders and you come up with some lubricant.

“Now then, put it in!” he says. “Seriously? I say. “Yes! Now!” he says.

I line it up and have to keep it moving it to keep up with her constant thrusting. As I start to press it against her anus she again says out loud to you: “They’re gonna’ fill both holes! OH shit! Here we go! That thing is way big too!”

Musa says to her: “Would you rather have the pencil dick?”

“YES! She says quickly. “O.K.” he says: grease up the hole more.”

He is lying back upon your bed with his knees off the bed and feet on the floor. She’s bumping up and down on his cock and I’m standing behind her with this huge hard-on ready to do as I’m told.

“She looks back and says harshly “Come on! Give it to me! All of it!”

Your wish is my command I’m thinking as I straddle his legs getting on the edge of the bed with the two of them. My cock slips into her anus just as easily as you can imagine. He has loosened it up so much with his fingers that it was not a challenge for me at all.

“You!” he says to you. Come up here and give this woman of yours something to swallow!”

“What? You say. “Get up here!” she says. “Give me your cock quick! Oh my God, hurry up! Oh shit that feels great back there!!” “Oh yea, give it to me! All of it!” she says.

I am pumping away at her ass as you quickly climb on to the bed. “I’m not believing this!” you say as you offer her your prick. She stuffs it into her mouth and has, for the first time, in her entire life, all three holes maltepe escort filled, at the same exact time!

“Mmmmmm!” she is saying. She can’t talk at all as she has her mouth filled with your dick. But she doesn’t want to talk she wants to come! And she wants this all to last!

“This is nice yes?” Musa calls up to you. “You need to fuck that ass regularly like your friend here is showing you.”

“Oh shit, I’m going to come!” you announce to everyone. “No! Wait! You must wait! Musa says to you. “You must wait until we all can come together!”

“Jesus! I can’t hold it! This is too much! Oh God here I go!”

“No!” Musa says.

“Aughhhhhhh!” You have apparently given you wife a mouthful and she is jacking every last drop out of you that she can while she pumps back into me and on Musa’s huge carnival ride.

“O.K.” Musa says, “We all come then.” With that I tell everyone that I am more than happy to.

“Ohh, jeees that is nice in there.” I say as I fill her with all my come.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, OH! “She says as she comes long and strong on Musa’s big dick.

Musa has closed his eyes and has pleasantly gone to some place of his own. As I come away from them I notice that she has ground her hips way down as far as she can get them to get him in as deep as he can go. Then she suddenly looks desperate. Quickly she climbs off and grabs his big ol’ dick with both hands. I notice this: One, because her hands appear so damn small in relation to his dick that it looks all the more larger. And two: she is attempting to place her mouth over Musa’s cock in order to catch the come as it flies out.

Well fly out it does and she has got GOBS and Gobs of his white come all over her face, in her mouth and in her hair! “Jesus!” She says as she flops back onto the bed. I’m wondering; ‘How the hell does one man cum that much? And, hasn’t he come this year?”

“What time is it?” Musa says to me. “I have no idea!” I say to him.

“You were supposed to watch the time! I told you this! I have that plane to catch!!” he says with a pleading sound to his voice.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Musa.” I say out loud.

“You can stay right here if you miss your plane.” The wife says.

“What time is it somebody?” Musa asks as he hurriedly looks for his clothes.

The End

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