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Movie Night

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Big Tits

Have you ever met someone who just made you feel sexual? Not just a quick roll in the hay kind of thing but a deeper more sensual feeling. Kay was this type of girl for me. She was funny, bright, charming, but there was something underneath that made me tingle when I saw her or heard her voice. I loved to watch her move, like water, she was so smooth.

Her voice a bit reminiscent of Marla Dietrich, and eyes that seemed to pierce into your very soul. I tried never to look deep into them for fear of loosing focus and making a move that could destroy a great friendship. We had lots in common and it did not seem to matter what we were doing to have a great time. One thing we had in common was relationships. Not that they were disastrous, but they often soured or just left us wanting.

Oddly enough, it was in the middle of good relationships our friendship took an unexpected turn. We were watching movies and got up to refresh ourselves after the movie ended. I returned first and the next had started. Man I love Cinemax after dark. I settled in to enjoy and in part to see what her reaction would be.

“Hmm leave you for a few minutes and you revert into a pervert I see.”

“Not me, I am always a pervert; I just do not let you see that side.You know be a good Gentleman and all when in public.”

“Oh so our friendship is built on deceit.” “No, I am just on my best behavior around you. The rest of the time, I am eating cheetos and watching porn.”

“Hmm remind me not to eat Cheetos at your house again.”

I went to turn the channel, but she snatched the remote from me. ” Let us see exactly how depraved you are.”

We settled in. It was better than average as far as the acting goes. Not Oscar material, but not bad, and we heckled the actors. “Her boobs are fake, what he only licks a little bit and she sucks him long time.”

At this comment, I chided her with its better to give than receive.

“Ohhh, no wonder your woman is always mad.” “Your trips downtown are too short.”

“Nah, hell I have missed movies going downtown that reminds me I need to get a mirror so I can see movie too.”

“You bastard you are bad.”

“That me, bad to the bone.”

“Besides your last girlfriend told me you were good at eating pussy and other things”.

“I knew I should not let you all go to the bathroom together. That’s what you all do in there is compare notes.”

“Yep and this kiss and lick each other.”

“Hmmm I knew it.” We both laughed. The movie ended and the drink I had finished was in need of release. I stood and headed toward the bathroom.

“Hey, don’t jerk it too hard, you may have a need for it later.”

Smiling, “you have something in mind.” Her smile was wicked. Returning I found the living room empty. I went to the kitchen to refill my cup. I found her there wearing only a long-sleeved button up oxford.

“Now that’s not fair, you know that escort kartal outfit makes me crazy.”

“Hmmm what’s this do for you then” as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt exposing more of her cleavage.

“Now that’s just cruel.”

“I know but I thought we might have some fun tonight.” Now I was nervous. Was I being set up or what since we were both stone sober, I knew it wasn’t the alcohol talking.

“What don’t you want me?”

“Hell yea I want you, just a bit freaked out by your sudden change.”

“Well I am tired of my toy and since my man is away and won’t scratch my itch I thought you could; besides I want to see how talented your tongue is. I hear you can keep up with a lesbian.

“Well I don’t know about that but I do try to make them smile.”

With that, she walked over and kissed me. Our mouths opened and slowly our tongues began exploring. The heat of desire fanned to its limits. I had never wanted to feel, taste, and explore a woman’s body more. I sucked lightly on her tongue, which resulted in a shiver from her. Parting I kissed slowly along her silky jaw line. Nibbling on her neck and earlobe produces soft purrs from her. I was in heaven. I picked her up and set her on the island.

“The tiles cold,” she giggled. Unbuttoning her shirt, I kissed ever so slowly down her valley. I had admired them often as her nipples seemed to always be at attention at any given time, but in person, they were exquisite. I took her shirt completely off and rolled it into a blindfold. There was a tint of fear in her eyes.

“Easy I just want you to feel all that I do, without your eyes, the other senses gain.” Each touch of her skin seemed electric to me. I could take an eternity just enjoying the feel of her skin against my lips. I kissed down her shoulder blade and around the outside curvature of her left breast. My hot breathe and touch formed goose bumps that added to the sensations on my lips. Slowly I traced a circle around her areole and then shrinking the circles until her nipple was at my lips.

Tiny kisses around the top edge and then across the center. Her hand rose to pull me closer to her breast. I began to suckle as my tongue swirled around it. I tried to give her the same pleasure and attention that I would want on my cock. It seemed to please her, as her moans grew more pronounced. I could smell the musk of desire in the air. Downtown was shaved bare and glistened with need for touch and taste. I wanted it so bad, but I wanted to take my time. This may be all a dream or the last time and I want to savor each moment like a condemned man’s last meal.

Suckling each nipple, kissing, and nibbling down the valley and the soft underside creases only added fuel to the fire that blazed between us. She was working her free nipple and exploring her body as I enjoyed. Removing the blindfold and looking deep into her eyes, I became lost. Nothing else existed maltepe escort in this moment. Time seemed to stand still. We kissed deeply and passionately. Her hand slide between my sweats and around my cock, slowly stroking it. Breaking from the kiss and beginning as slow descent to more interesting things.

Her fingers traced my face and I took time to give them some attention. This seemed to be something new and exciting to her. She began to guide me towards her sweet center. Tracing her waistline and down the crease of the thighs and down her leg. Stopping behind the knee and enjoying the softness as I watched her hand slowly strum her erect clit. The scene was so incredibly erotic and so beautiful.

I moved to her toes as her breath quickened. Sucking them from pinkie toe to the largest while using tongue and lips to enhance the feeling as her body writhes in pleasure of my touch and hers. I move back up and clean off her fingers covered in her honey. Need overrides patience and her sweetness make me ravenous. As my tongue parts her lips, she arches her back. I suck her swollen bud into my mouth as my tongue swirls around it.

Pulling me too her she shudders and explodes, riding out the storm, slowing down, and allowing her to recover. Soon her body begins to tremble again. Now I slow even more to tease and please. Her legs wrap around my head as she arches her back and pulls me down on her as her body shakes again from the throws of orgasm. I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom.

She pulls down my sweats and exposes my erect cock. Slinking to the side of the bed she begins kissing the tip and nibbling around the crease of the head all the time watching me to enjoy my reaction. It feels so good and she really knows how to pleasure a man. I am glad that I shaved as the sensations of being shaved are so much more intense than not. Licking up the shaft and swirling around the head as her grip tightens and pumps me. I try to lie beside her but she won’t have it. It is her turn to pleasure me.

Pulling me down on the bed so she can work my cock better, I am amazed at her voracity. She is sucking me like an animal. I feel myself reaching the edge when her finger hits my asshole. I know that I am in for one wild ride. She backs off my cock and begins teasing me.

“So, do you still have your toy she asks?” All I can do is smile. She reaches into the nightstand and fishes it out. Oiling it, up she presses it against my ass until it slides all the way in. Turning on the vibe she begins fucking my ass with it as she slowly works my head. I am in heaven. Soon again, at the edge of bliss, but this time she takes me over the edge. I cum for what seems to be an eternity. I can feel my whole body squeezing to pump every drop.

Slithering up we enjoy a tender kiss followed by ever increasingly passionate kisses. Working my cock it regains it rigidity quickly. She straddles pendik escort bayan me and begins a slow ride. I can feel the toy grinding into me as she rides. I cannot remember a more pleasurable experience. I play with her clit as she rides and nibble on her perfect nipples. She bears down and rides me harder. I can feel her pussy pulling hard on my cock as we move. I take another vibe from the drawer and slide it between us resting on her clit.

Her moans grow ever louder, as her breast sway back and forth above me. Leaning back, she takes the toy and begins moving it over her clit. I cannot help but watch her in pure awe. Her face screams pleasure and her eyes are wild. Biting her lips as she rocks back and forth and side to side, as she pinches my nipples and claws at my chest. I roll her over placing her legs over my shoulders and holding her hips as I slowly pull out and then slide home. I can feel her working the toy against her clit and my shaft. The sensations are extraordinary as it both tickles and feels so good.

“Harder she snips. Fuck my pussy hard. Mmmm yes.” I pull our and begin eating her again. We move into a 69. I can taste our mixed juices and they make me more intoxicated with desire with each sip. She is working the toy in my ass and I move the toy in and out of her whilst my tongue explores her clit. I turn the vibe up, as she grows closer and work it a bit faster and in a oval pattern. She releases my cock and moans become screams as she cums hard. Suddenly I am flooded with juice. She is pumping her juices down my throat. I can’t seem to get enough.

“Yesssss oh Yesssss,” she screams. Her pussy grinding my face and nearly breaking my nose as her body is shocked by waves of pleasure. I love having her on top of me, holding her to my face as she grinds, and writhes. Pumping my cock with her hands as I take her from one to the next, her screams of pleasure fill the room like sweet music. Finally, she pulls off and mounts my cock facing away. Pulling her back on me, I tease her nipples and clit as my cock slides inside of her. She cums again, rolls off me and raises her ass in the air.

She and I both love doggy style and I move behind her. Grabbing her hips and sliding my cock in is easy due to the amount of juices flowing. I feel her tighten around my cock. The toy is slender and flared so I grease it up and slide it into her ass. This tightens her pussy even more and the vibrations seem to drive her wild. Moving my hips in a figure eight motion and varying the stroke is really taking its toll on her. I can feel her building once more. My balls are beginning to tighten and I know it will not be long.

“Harder baby, mmm yesss I want to hear your balls slapping my ass. Mmm that toy is so nice. Like having two lovers at once” and with this my balls contract and I begin pumping my load into her. She cums hard as well as we work through it. We collapse sideways and I remain inside her as we spoon.

“Mmmm that was so nice.”

“Yes it was.”

“Never had a toy and cock at same time.”

“Thought you might like it.”

“Yes very nice.” As my cock softens and falls from her, we both drift off into peaceful slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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