Temmuz 12, 2024

Morning Wood

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Double Penetration

I wake up horny as fuck. Luckily, I’ve got a couple of hours before I have to get to work, so I grab my dildo before heading to the shower. Two birds with one stone, right?

Down the hall and OOPS, there’s Greg, my bitchy roommate’s boyfriend, standing in the kitchen and drinking coffee. I know roomie had to work early today, but I guess Greg slept in. He obviously thought I was gone too. He’s clad in nothing but boxers, and he’s blushing as his hand moves swiftly away from the impressive morning wood he was fondling.

“Sorry,” I say, rushing by, embarrassed but thrilled he’s seeing me in a little cropped t-shirt and sexy panties. And, oh fuck, he couldn’t have missed the dildo in my hand.

Greg’s a big, sweet boy scout and he tries oh so hard not to check out the badgirl roomie, i.e. me. His girlfriend, my roomie Denise, never seems to notice him looking at me, but I do. And, okay, I kind of like it; he is pretty cute. Not to mention, she’s a complete cow most of the time (what does he see in her?), so it gives me some satisfaction in that regard.

After soaping down my body and washing my hair, it’s playtime. I’m really wet (and I’m not talking about the shower), so my toy goes in pretty easily. I slide it in and out as I think of Greg’s eyes on me. I moan, probably loud enough for him to hear.

And suddenly a new plan pops into my head. Naughty, devious, strictly taboo. I couldn’t…could I?

Fuck yeah I could.

I exit the bathroom in just a towel. My shower was quick, so he’s still kartal escort bayan in the kitchen, as I hoped. I give him a flirty smile as I approach, which he returns nervously. Show time…

I pass close by, then stand right next to him at the kitchen counter. I pretend to reach for something on a high shelf, apparently just out of reach. One of my hands reaches, the other pinches the towel together at the top. Otherwise, the towel hangs open, and the open side faces him. He can see my bare naked skin from toes all the way up to sideboob.

He steps behind me, no body contact, still afraid to make a move. His long arm tentatively reaches over my shoulder as he tries to figure out what I’m looking for.

“Can I help…?” he begins. I drop the towel and now he can see my exposed shoulders, bare back, and cute little naked ass.

He still hesitates, so fuck it, I just back into him. I feel his warm chest against me and his hard boxer-covered cock against my ass. Finally, he gets the hint. His big hands find my tummy; the upper one sliding up into my underboobs, the lower one moving down into my curly delights.

I reach behind and manage to get his cock out through the fly of his boxers. I tease him, tickling the tip with my fluffy bush. I let him slide on my warm wetness, then aim the head inside. He needs to take the initiative from here.

And oh my, does he ever. He’s big and hard and he pushes halfway in. I’m tight but very wet, and the brief flirtation with the dildo in the escort maltepe shower has partially opened me. His next thrust opens me completely and fills me deeply. He’s huge and yeah, it hurts as he just fucking rails me. But it’s the perfect balance of pleasure and pain and it’s absolutely glorious. Too glorious, in fact, as it only takes three of his hard thrusts before I shudder, my body seizes up and I cum hard for him.

He’s such a gentleman; instead of ramming into me in pursuit of his own pleasure, he senses my condition and just holds me from behind, his throbbing member still deep inside me. He groans, almost whines, as I push him back and let him slide out.

“Come on,” I say grabbing his hand and leading him to my bedroom. “We’re not done. Lose the shorts.”

He slides off his boxers and drops them on my floor. I can see a wet mess right around the fly where I came on him. I push him onto the bed.

“Lie back and enjoy the ride,” I tell him. I straddle him, mount him and drop down hard. It’s warm and satisfying, almost a feeling of relief, to have him back inside.

He’s fascinated with my breasts, perfect handfuls for his big strong mitts. He caresses, massages, grabs and grips. He’s harsh and rough with my nipples, just the way I like it. I ride him hard, slamming my full weight onto him as he rises to meet me, again and again. The bed screeches in protest and I can hear objects on my desk rattling from the violent impact of our bodies.

I feel another orgasm building, pendik escort but I try to hold it back and bring him along with me. His movements get more ragged, his face is strained and red. I know he’s getting close, and I briefly wonder if I should let him finish inside.

“I’m there, I’m gonna-” he says, and his warning decides me. I pull off and then slap my drenched labia onto his shaft and grind hard, and then I see him shoot once, twice, and my body quivers and my orgasm starts. I get a little too wild in my motions and his cock catches on me and I thrust down and he’s back inside and I feel him still pulsing and throbbing and blasting his seed into me, and he just keeps pumping and it feels




…that there’s no way I’m taking him out again until I’m finished. Yeah, okay, this plan was not completely thought out, but I’m on the pill so we’re just gonna roll with it. My orgasm is powerful and violent and just fucking sensational.

I lie with him for a few moments enjoying the afterglow, while he’s probably wondering where that asteroid came from that just knocked him off his orbital plane. I wouldn’t mind staying like this for awhile and then going for another round later, but duty calls.

“Babe,” I say, rolling away and climbing out of bed, “I’m sorry, but I can’t be late for work, and I’m gonna need another shower.”

“Oh yeah…sure,” he says, rising and moving toward the door. He looks so shell shocked and confused, it breaks my heart. I take him in my arms and give him a sloppy, naked kiss.

“Hey stud,” I whisper in his ear. “Our little secret, okay? Keep quiet, and we’ll do this again.”

Even if our delightful little quickie hadn’t already been worth it, his big smile would have made it so.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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