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More than a One Night Stand Ch. 02

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Rachel awoke a few hours later wrapped tight in Kevin’s arms. She turned to watch him as he slept, looking so peaceful. Her body still tingled from their lovemaking only a few hours ago and she wanted more, needed more.

Wondering if she should wake him for another round of sex before the sun rose, she gently wiggled her ass back against him and immediately felt his arms tighten around her waist. She let out a soft moan, knowing that he was aware of her urge. She felt his soft cock nestled tight between her bum cheeks and wiggled a little more.. His cock twitched andthen Kevin’s hand slid up her stomach and found her breasts, lightly twisting and teasing her nipples.

“Good Morning Kitten.” He said as he humped against her warm back.

“Yes, it’s a beautiful morning Tiger,” Rachel replied as she rolled over to face him. Draping her smooth leg over his hip and moving closer to him, she smiled and whispered, “I’ve got this little problem I need you to take care of. Do you think you are up to it?”

Laughing he pushed her on to her back and grabbed her wrists, stretching her arms above her head. He held her tight as he bucked his hips against her, letting her feel that he was getting hard again.

“I believe I’m ‘up’ to it, don’t you?” he smiled, “my question is are you Kitten?”

She lifted her hips to meet him and felt his cock growing harder between her thighs. Just to tease him a little, she rocked up and down, feeling the head of his dick rubbing between her pussy lips. With every movement up and down she was getting wetter, and spreading her dew to his cock. Just as he would try to poke into her slick cunt she would rock her hips down again, causing him to slip upwards so the purple head rubbed her clit instead. Another moan escaped her throat as she became more and more turned on by their play.

Kevin tilted his head to reach her nipples with his mouth. He held her wrists tightly, and feeling her strain against his grip he knew she didn’t like the fact that she had no control over her hands. He teased her, feeling her nipples grow tight and rigid as he gently bit them and swirled his tongue around them. Every time his teeth grazed her tender breast, Rachel sucked in her breath sharply and arched her back towards him. Softly he blew on one nipple, then licked it, and felt it pucker more under his tongue.

Looking into her eyes Kevin kissed the tip of her nose and let go of her wrists. He leaned over to reach into the top drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a silk scarf. Straddling her chest, his hard dick resting on her throat, he grabbed her wrists once more and positioned them over her head.

“Let me know kitten if it’s too tight,” he said as he started to tie her to the brass headboard.

Rachel leaned her head forward and took the head of his cock between her lips. Looking up at his face as her teeth grazed the head, she gently sucked on his rigid shaft, her wet tongue swirling around it. She moaned softly against his cock as he slid deeper into her throat. He could feel the vibration of her humming against his balls that were resting on her chin.

As he finished tying her kartal escort securely he looked down at her and shook his head.

“MMM Does someone want to play?” he said as he thrust lightly into her accepting mouth.

Sliding up on her chest a little more Kevin started to feed her his throbbing cock in earnest. Slowly he thrust deep into her throat, giving her time to adjust. Holding firm against her mouth he wiggled from side to side, marveling at her tightness around him.

Rachel’s head lifted off the bed to meet his every move. She wanted more, wanted to grab his arse cheeks and pull him closer still, but with the restraints and his weight straddling her chest she could not move.

“Please Tiger, feed me right now,” she whimpered against his cock.

Kevin kept up his pace, pumping his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. Every now and then he stopped and held still deep down her throat, looking into her eyes as she swallowed all of him. Rachel gagged against him, her reflex tightening her muscles around his cock. How fucking awesome she felt squeezing all around his raging dick. He leaned down and held her head, pushing it firmly into the pillow, and started fucking her throat a little faster and harder. Grinding his balls into her face, a low groan escaped his lips as he felt himself getting close.

Rachel vainly tugged on the silk scarf tying her hands just to feel it tighten even more around her wrists. She knew if she could only touch him, knead his balls as he was pumping his cock deep and fast down her throat, she would soon be swallowing all his cum.

Locking eyes with her Kevin moaned again and whispered, ” Kitten are you ready? Oh God I’m gonna cum.”

Rachel watched him tilt back his head and close his eyes. She sucked hard and braced herself for his climax. Gripping the headboard with her tied hands she felt the first spurt of his hot cum hit the back of her throat. Kevin bucked his hips, forcing his engorged, sperm-spewing member even further. He groaned loudly as he fucked shot after shot of cum into her mouth until he was spent. Rachel kept sucking and swallowed furiously what he had to give.

Finally, reluctantly, looking down at her Kevin backed off and withdrew his now softening cock from her mouth, resting the slippery head on her lips.

“Oh Kitten, I’m so sorry… it wasn’t suppose to end like this,” he said, moving to kiss first her forehead, the tip of her nose and then her lips. His tongue pushed between her teeth, searching for hers. Tasting his cum he moaned softly. Slowly, his mouth trailed little kisses down her neck, along her collarbone and down to her breasts. His teeth grazed her hard nipples again. Leaving yet more kisses and licks he moved down her silky soft body. He kissed her smooth belly, looking up at her as he pushed her legs farther apart and settled between them.

Rachel shivered. Lost in her own need for release, she heard him whisper from between her legs, “Please baby let me make this up to you.”

She closed her eyes and gave in to the sensation of Kevin tenderly licking her inner thighs and up to where her legs meet her maltepe escort bayan pussy. Rachel arched her body to meet his tongue, needing to feel his soft warm lips on her pussy, but Kevin wanted to tease. He licked up the crease of her leg and across her mound as he traveled down the other side licking the crease of that leg and gently sucking on her inner thigh.

“Damn Tiger that feels so good” she moaned. “But I know what would feel even better….”.

Looking up at her he smiled and rested his chin just above her tender clit and whispered, “Honey, don’t you know all good things are worth waiting for?”

Rachel lifted her hips and bucked his face as she wiggled her hips until his mouth was positioned where she wanted him. He pushed her knees down into the mattress and looked up into her eyes as he finally kissed her swollen lips and slid his tongue down from the clit to her ass.

Hearing her let out a soft sigh Kevin decided it was time to take her to her own little paradise. He nipped the inside of her cheek and then slid his tongue back up, sinking it deep into her soaking pussy. Wiggling it from side to side in her wet hole, he withdrew and licked upwards again to circle her clit before sucking it between his lips and teeth. Rachel struggled to free herself from the restraints.

“God damn it baby let me off, I can’t handle this anymore, I need to touch you” she whimpered as he flicked his tongue against her clit.

” MMM babes you will have to just lay back and enjoy the ride.” He moaned as he licked down her pussy to her tight little brown box, swirling his tongue around and slipping it back up.

Still fighting the restraints, Rachel pulled on the headboard and felt it give a little.

Kevin looked up at her and winked as he said, “Calm down Kitten just lay back and enjoy this.”

His tongue still teasing her clit he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and wiggled them. Then he repositioned himself, now holding down her legs, one finger still buried in her cunt.

He smiled wickedly and asked, ” Are you ready?”

Their eyes were locked on each other as his tongue flicked and licked her clit and his finger pressed and wiggled against her g-spot. Using only gentle force at first, he whispered for her to relax. It was too much for her. Rachel bucked her hips and jerked violently under him.

“Oh my God honey what the hell are you doing to me?” She screamed as she rocked and tried to lift her knees.

Harder and faster he sucked and licked and pushed on her little love buttons making sure both were being touched at the right times. As he was toying with her Kevin watched her intently, her eyes closed, her back arched, still fighting the silk restraints.

Screaming out Rachel tried again to lift her knees but he kept her pinned down tight against the mattress. Lost in pleasure and lust she arched her hips up and down, riding against his tongue and finger, breathing fast and ragged now, desperate for release.

She felt it come with the force of a hurricane, all consuming, unstoppable.. “Oh God Honey, Oh my God here I cum” she groaned escort pendik and then there was only her orgasm.

Kevin pushed her legs down hard as he positioned himself above her cunt. Sucking her clit hard he pulled his finger back, and then he felt her squirt down his neck and chest. In awe he watched as his beautiful lady flooded him and the bed with her cum. Still pushing and poking her g-spot with the pad of his finger he kept working her pussy, knowing that she would cum again.

“Oh God baby please please stop” she moaned, “I came honey please I can’t take much more…” Faster and harder he fingered her soaking wet twat.

“No princess you are going to cum until there’s no cum left in you…” Pushing and rubbing, licking and sucking he brought Rachel to the edge again.

“OH JESUS!” she screamed as she bucked her hips and lifted up her shoulders. “No more baby. Please no more” Looking at her and smiling he still pushed and rubbed her G- spot.

“Oh sweet baby girl one more and I will let you go.” Rubbing hard again and pushing into her, his other hand now flicking her clit, Rachel bucked and screamed out again as another wave of pleasure washed over her. Gently rubbing both her buttons Kevin felt her body shake and knew he had just taken her somewhere she had never been before. He leaned down and gently licked her sweet lips and clit, then he slid up her body and his mouth found hers in a breathless kiss.

“Oh honey that was incredible” she moaned, and then: “Would you please untie me from this damn scarf now?”

Lifting himself off her body, Kevin untied her and tossed the scarf to the floor. Her arms instantly went around him as she pulled him close to her and kissed his cheek. “Kevin, I’ve never experienced anything that intense…. I’m a little embarrassed baby that I made such a mess.”

Looking directly into her eyes he grabbed her hand and kissed the palm and whispered, “Darling baby never be embarrassed. What you gave me was just as intense for me as you felt it.”

Laying back he pulled her up close to his side and she rested her head in the crook of his arm. Her hands were running restlessly over his chest and her nails lightly scraped up and down his sides. He held her tight against his chest, wondering if he would ever experience anything like this again. Rachel started drifting off to sleep. Kevin tried to remember the last time he had felt so comfortable with a woman. From the minute she sat down next to him in the bar he had felt at ease with her and these past few hours had been more than he’d ever imagined.

Softly pushing her hair from her face he watched her in the moonlight. Kissing the top of her head Kevin closed his eyes. He would take it slow with her, see what developed. Maybe he had finally found himself his soul mate. Who could tell?

The next morning Rachel woke up in the bed alone. Looking on the floor for something to cover herself she picked up a red t-shirt and slipped it over her head. She found him in the kitchen, taking something out of the oven. Leaning up against the doorway she watched him. He was wearing the same jeans he had on last night and no shirt, and she quietly admired his body. So handsome, so manly. Making her so unashamedly enjoy her womanhood. She was suddenly aware that she was getting wet again between her legs just from watching him, and she knew that this was one weekend she would never forget.

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