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Monica, Simon and Katie Pt. 03

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Part 3

A Successful Threesome

‘BP Tuesday?’ came the text from Katie

‘Not tomorrow. We might have a different surprise’ I texted back.

‘I love a surprise’ came back with a winking happy face emoji.

Simon was going to be home the next day and I thought two girls with butt plugs would send the wrong message. He was flying to a conference in the afternoon and so would be around the house on Tuesday morning.

When Katie bundled through the back door the next morning, Simon was helping with Teddy in the kitchen. He was sitting at the table, a cup of coffee in front of him, coaxing Teddy to eat Cheerios.

“Simon!” said Katie. “This is a surprise!”

She put her stuff down and went over and offered her hand. He took it and, as I had all those weeks ago, kissed the back of her hand in a gentlemanly way.

“Do you always look this good in the morning?” Simon asked with a smile.

“Well, I do what I can…” she answered.

I was watching all this from the sink. She did look good. She had on a snug fitting, short tee shirt dress in pale purple that was cut up on the sides. With the cork wedge sandals she was displaying her dancer’s legs to great effect. I detected that under the dress she had on a bra. This was unusual. It wasn’t much of a bra though. She didn’t need the support and it didn’t conceal her perky nipples.

It was one of the rare occasions I ever saw Katie slightly off balance. She was grinning at Simon and taking him it. He was freshly showered, shaved and combed but he was dressed down in athletic shorts and a sleeveless Bulls jersey. Imagining the tableau through Katie’s eyes, I was momentarily ‘proud of my man’. Those shoulders…

“And good morning to you too, Monica.”

“And to you, Katie,” I returned with a wink.

I dried my hands, picked up my cup and said,

“Its off to the salt mines for me. With two against one, you guys should be able to manage our little beast there.”

Teddy was clearly thrilled with the change of routine.

I was still in my bathrobe. I headed first to the bedroom to change. “Hmm. Tee-shirt dress,” I thought. I found an old black one way back in the closet. It, too, was rather short but not very tight. To save a little time now and maybe later too, I omitted anything under the dress. I did add a belt to make it look less like I was wearing a sack. A few minutes in front of the mirror and I was off to the office.

Most of the time, I had no trouble concentrating on work. This morning, I just had some routine tasks to do: reading mail, billing, checking on this and that. But today it was a little noisier than usual in the other part of the house. I was distracted by the laughing and merriment I was missing out on. Finally, I heard the doorbell and Teddy was off on his playdate. And I could go out to my playdate.

Simon and Katie were sitting on the couch, chatting amiably, I saw. I quietly wandered in and sat next to Katie. There wasn’t much room between her and the end of the couch but I squeezed in anyway. She pretended to ignore me and I didn’t interrupt.

“Why Denver?” she asked Simon.

“The CEO has a vacation home in the mountains and he uses these meetings as an excuse. And probably some kind of tax write off. It actually works for me. It’s a wonderful place, great environment, really a change of setting. Encourages a fresh perspective.”

With Katie’s attention focused on Simon, I sort of snuggled in on her other side. I put my arm along the back of the sofa behind her head. This caused my boob to press against her upper arm. I draped my free hand casually on her lovely, exposed thigh and let it run slowly up and down from her knee to the hem of her little dress. She leaned her head back against my arm but otherwise pretended to ignore my presence.

“Sounds like fun. Do you stay at his place?”

“No. There are about 10 or 12 of us and he puts us up in a nice hotel nearby. Ski resort, off season. He’ll feed us a couple very nice dinners though.

“Of course, I’ll miss my family terribly,” he added for my benefit.

She turned to me, “Oh, Monica, I didn’t notice you there,” she lied.

I put in, “You aren’t thinking of running off to Colorado with my husband are you?”

“Alas, no. But you should go! It would be a wonderful getaway.”

Simon said, “Un-uh. No spouses or sweethearts allowed. Sorry.”

“He doesn’t sound all that sorry, does he,” I said to Katie. “Maybe he’d be reassured if you came by to visit after school. You know, just to keep me company.”

By now, I was running my hand back and forth, across both her thighs, tracing the hem of her dress. My fingers may have also been nudging the hem higher on her legs as they went by. I leaned in and put my lips to her ear.

I whispered, “Nothing formal. We could dress really casual.”

She drew her head back and smiled excitedly. “How casual could we dress?” she said aloud. “Like not dress at all?”

“Well, whatever you’re comfortable with,” I said.

I glanced past Katie to Simon. He was watching ankara yabancı escortlar our interchange with an amused expression.

He put in, “Hey, listen. I want you girls to be comfortable. Don’t change your routine just because I happen to be here.”

Katie looked back at me and said, “Well I am getting kind of tired of this dress.”

She grabbed the hem which was now pretty far up her thighs and flapped it up a down as if it were in the way.

I said, “Well, maybe if it’s in the way…”

“Yeah,” she said and abruptly stood as if coming to a new resolution.

Still facing away from the couch, she lifted the dress up and off, leaving Simon and me to gawk in surprise. What an impulsive little sprite she was!

Simon and I, still seated, watched as she carefully folded her dress and bent at the waist to place it on the coffee table. Simon was dumbfounded in a way I had never seen before. His jaw actually dropped!

She sat back down, fanned her face in mock relief and said. “Whew! That’s better.”

She was wearing a plum-colored bra that consisted of two little triangles of thin fabric stretched taut over her nipples. A tiny matching thong completed her ‘ensemble’.

Katie next turned to me and said, “Well, now I feel underdressed. Monica aren’t you suffocating in that?”

In a stage whisper I responded, “I have a small confession: I’m not wearing anything underneath it.”

“Oh,” she said. She pinched some fabric at my breast and caught my nipple in the process. “I see. I’m not going to call you a slut in front of your husband but if the shoe fits…”

I laughed and pinched her nipple through the thin bra. “Bitch!” I said.

Simon was watching all this mutely.

Katie turned to him and said, “Ya know, the Bulls had a terrible season. I think you could at least lose this jersey.”

He looked down and said, “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

He leaned forward, stripped off the jersey and flung it over onto the floor.

“I’m not putting that thing on again till they’re at least at 50%.”

Katie gave him a high-five and said, “That’s the spirit!”

Although Simon’s hair was black, it was fine and not too abundant. And his morning workouts in the garage kept his torso flat, smooth and trim. All except for a bump forming in the front of his athletic shorts.

“Geez, Monica, your husband is a well-formed specimen. I’m not sure it’s safe to let him go all the way to Colorado on his own. He might get stolen.”

“Oh, he’ll be ok,” I said. “I gave him a safety whistle for his keychain. In case he gets into trouble….”

She rubbed his bicep and said, “He may need it soon….”

Simon put in, “Katie, I doubt there are any women like you in Colorado.”

He rolled toward her a little bit and put a hand on her thigh.

“Well, you never know…” she said mildly.

Simon glanced over and looked in my eyes. I returned his look and nodded almost imperceptibly.

It seemed almost as if he took a big breath before diving in. He bent his head down and kissed Katie gently on the lips. She crossed her legs capturing his hand between her thighs, turned her face to him and kissed him back. This time with a little more purpose, more intention.

I sat there watching and wondering and sorting through my feelings. As far as I knew, this was the first time Simon had kissed another woman in our married life. But it wasn’t just another woman. It was Katie, with whom I had some kind of bond. Sexual, sisterly, conspiratorial, friendship, mutual appreciation. Love?

But I couldn’t credit the scenario where Simon says, “Sorry, Monica, but Katie and I are moving to Colorado. You take care, now.” It just didn’t have any traction.

So, I stopped wondering.

Their kissing was interrupted when I stood, stripped off my tee shirt, folded it and laid it on the coffee table as Katie had.

Katie said to Simon, “She wasn’t kidding. She was nekkid under there.”

I turned to them and said, “What do you mean. I’m not naked. I have sandals on. Duh!”

I shuffled past them and kicked the sandals away and said, “Well, maybe now…”

I sat down so Simon was sandwiched between me and Katie.

Katie was trailing her fingers around Simon’s chest.

“How is it this old guy is in such good condition?” she posed.

“Good maintenance and regular service,” I said. “Every morning at the gym out in the garage.”

“And who provides the service?”

I raised my hand in admission. “So far…” I added.

She continued feeling his pecs and abs and said, “Well, it’s clearly working.”

I reached over and my hand mimicked Katie’s, feeling up my husband. But I reached lower down running my little finger under the elastic waistband of his shorts. His dick was pretty obvious under the thin fabric. I ran my hand further and further down inside his pants, into his well-groomed pubic hair.

Katie had stopped fondling and was watching what I was doing. I pulled his stretchy waistband away from his abdomen and down giving her a glimpse ankara yeni escortlar of his junk.

“Nice maintenance!” She said.

Soon, both Katie and I had a hand inside Simon’s shorts. I was holding his firm cock and Katie was exploring his other things. Simon had stretched his arms out and draped them across each of our shoulders. He watched our ministrations for a little while and then his eyes fell closed.

“Thanks for helping with the service,” I said with a chuckle.

“My pleasure,” she replied with a wide smile.

“I think he’s still overdressed though,” I said.

Katie and I both stood up and each took one of Simon’s hands and hauled him up off the couch. Then we each squatted down and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His dick sprung free, like a switchblade and bobbed around the horizontal. He stepped out of his flip-flops and shorts and we tossed them aside. I gestured for him to lie down.

Katie and I moved together, side by side. I put an arm over her shoulder and she put hers around my waist. We looked down at Simon like he was a banquet laid out for two hungry diners.

“This may be too much,” Katie said to me.

I Kissed her and said, “You may be right. But one bite at a time….”

Wordlessly we moved the coffee table and footwear out of the way. I hooked a finger under her bra below her tits. She looked at me and nodded. Then she shed the bra and thong.

Facing Simon, I fondled her breast and pinched her pointy nipple and gave a knowing nod as if to say, “Not bad, huh.”

His eyes shifted back and forth from mine to Katie’s and he breathed, “Oh, baby….”

By way of a little show, Katie and I kissed long and passionately. It felt as good as ever.

We stopped and looked down at Simon to see what he thought. He was laying there with his hands behind his head, his dick laying on his well-groomed pubic patch pointing toward his belly.

“You girls are so beautiful!” he said with obvious feeling.

Facing Simon, I said, “Ya think so?” I lifted my foot off the floor and propped it on the edge of the couch, letting my knee swing wide. Beside me, Katie saw what I had done and did the same with her opposite leg. So now, Simon had a perfect view of two rather damp pussies.

“Oh, baby…” he repeated as if lost in a dream. His cock bobbed up like a dog sitting up for a treat.

With my left arm draped over Katie’s shoulder and her arm still around my waist, my right hand returned to her chest. She was smiling vaguely at Simon as I ran my hand around her little mounds and ratcheted my fingers across her nipples. Her nipples were magnificently erect as was usual for her.

While doing this, I tucked my head in and kissed her neck below her ear.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” she giggled.

I let my hand wander down her belly and my fingers danced around her smooth tender mound. I checked and Simon was watching with fascination. I ran my fingers along her folds and crevices. She responded by sliding her foot a little further along the edge of the couch and swinging her leg a little wider.

Now I could take her protruding inner lips between a thumb and forefinger and tug. They stretched impressively and I hoped Simon appreciated the view.

At last, I reached my middle finger to the back of her pussy and dragged it forward separating her lips. Sure enough, she was wet and slippery. I wondered if Simon could see some glistening.

I slowly started rubbing my finger from her wet opening up to her clit and back.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” she said, this time more of a murmur.

Simon rolled toward us slightly and reached out a hand and placed it on the inside of Katie’s thigh. He started to rub it up and down as my hand was working at her crotch. I took his hand and guided it to where mine had been and he took over massaging. He was on his own now. I moved my hand back to her breast and lightly flicked her nipple.

Katie seemed fine with all this attention as she watched us.

“A tag-team, huh? I should have expected it…” she said. We all chuckled.

I took her arm from my waist and placed her hand on her breast in case she wanted to take over where I left off. Then I crouched down beside the couch. I dragged my hand down her back and grabbed a handful of butt-cheek.

I had a pretty good view of the action from here and I saw Simon had gotten his other hand into the picture. He slid it up her leg and his thumb had disappeared into her. He was now working her clit with his other thumb and the pace was picking up.

“Unh, unh, unh,” came from Katie in rhythm to his hands.

With nothing else to do, I reached out and took hold of Simon’s cock. It was a little surreal: Katie’s butt in one hand and Simon’s unit in the other.

I found that Simon had been oozing his own slippery juice for some time and the head of his dick was plenty wet. So, I started stroking. With my hand on her ass, I could feel her hips thrusting slightly. I tried to match the rhythm Simon and Katie were engaged in.

I asked Katie, sincan oral yapan escortlar “Will you be able to come like that?”

“Oh, yeah!” both Katie and Simon answered

“Well, alright then…” I said and continued to keep up with the rhythm.

As this went on, the pace picked up gradually. I saw Katie’s eyes were closed now and she was twisting a nipple with each hand. At some point, I could feel the motion of her ass was becoming less voluntary and had sort of a spasm to it.

Simon, while working away with his hands, had started some hip movement of his own.

As sort of an assistant to the action, I wondered how close these two were. But I didn’t have to wonder for long.

Katie’s cries increased and her rhythm turned to a shudder and she let out a long wail. She dropped her raised foot back to the floor, fell forward and supported herself with her hands on the back of the couch, arching over Simon, breathing hard.

Simon stopped with his hands at her pussy and just rested one palm against her leg. He closed his eyes as I kept stroking. I got up on my knees, leaned over and drooled a bunch of saliva on his cock and kept stroking. It was way slippery now and he let go.

“Ahhhh,” he said urgently, still with his eyes closed as his hips started bucking and cum jetted up to his chest and a few squirts landed on his belly. I pulled the skin of his dick toward the root with some force, slowing for the last few strokes.

“Ahhhh,” he said again, this time in relaxation.

I continued stroking more gently and milked his softening prong.

Katie, still arched over Simon, watched all this with interest.

“Nice shootin’, Tex!” she said. “But I’m about to collapse here.”

She got herself standing back up, turned around and lowered her butt to the couch while getting Simon to raise his head so she could slide under it. She wound up sitting stretched out at the end of the couch, her head lolling back, and Simon’s head pillowed on her thigh. They looked quite restful, peaceful.

I got up, went to the kitchen and came back with a couple of towels and a bottle of water.

I gave a towel to Katie and she mopped her brow then hoisted her hip up and tucked the towel under her to protect the upholstery — if it wasn’t too late. Then I handed her the open bottle and she drank gratefully.

I then took the other towel and mopped at Simon’s chest. I got some of it sopped up but basically he was basted in semen from his collar bone to his pubic bone. Oh well, it would dry.

Katie then tried to hold the bottle to his lips like a battlefield casualty. He played his part and drank a little.

“Thanks, Nurse,” he said wryly.

I got Simon to lift his legs so I could sit. Katie was at one end with his head in her lap and I had his legs across my lap. I laid my head back and we all rested peacefully for a few minutes.

Katie said, “Ya know, Simon, Vanna over there was very helpful in the last round of play. Maybe we should reward her somehow.”

“You mean like a medal? A cash prize? A new car?”

“Well, I was thinking more like a hearty handshake. A warm hug maybe.”

“Yeah,” he said, “Some caresses. Just to let her know she’s appreciated.”

“Exactly!” Katie agreed.

“I like the sound of this,” I put in.

At this, Katie gave Simon’s head a bit of a lift and said, “Get out of the way, you.”

He sat up and swung his legs to the floor.

“Come over here, Vanna,” Katie said patting the couch next to her.

I got up, sidestepped past Simon’s knees and sat between them.

Katie turned toward me, extended her hand and announced, “Simon and I wanted to thank you for your service.”

Playing along, I took her hand and we shook briefly. But then she leaned in and kissed me quite passionately for several moments. I kissed her back and felt the familiar stirring in my middle.

Katie sat back and said, “Simon…”

He turned to me and offered his hand as she had. I took it and he also leaned in and kissed me with real feeling.

He said, “Babe, this is great. This is wonderful. I don’t know what else to say. I love you so much!”

I turned my head to see what Katie thought of this display. She was looking on and smiling broadly.

While the novelty of the situation had my head spinning, I also felt the excitement of being tucked in between wonderful naked people.

As if to emphasize the fact, Simon leaned in and kissed me some more as he put his hand to my breast and started massaging. Katie, not to be left out, leaned over and started kissing my shoulder while her hand played with my other breast.

I laced my fingers behind my head and leaned it back against the couch cushion. I closed my eyes and let these two lovers have their way with my boobs. Hands and lips and teeth. I was struck by the realization that this was the first time in my life I had had two different people making love to me at the same time. Amazing. Thrilling. ‘Compare and Contrast’ went through my mind as these two familiar but different touches were lavished on my chest. It excited me to imagine what other differences might be coming up.

I took my hands from behind my head and put one behind each of the heads at my chest I squeezed them to me briefly, possessively then rested my hands on two very different sets of shoulders.

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