Şubat 2, 2023

It Happened One Night

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I strained to hear Aidan’s car drive away, but all I could hear was the sound of a distant motorboat somewhere out on the lake that lay a hundred feet below our deck. I started to move my head to see if I could see it, but events of the day and in particular, the last several hours, swirled in my head, and I just couldn’t move. Of course, spending almost an entire day and evening drinking maybe a little too much of this season’s most superb wines didn’t help either.

Undemanding, yet delivers

With eyes half open, I stared blissfully at the twinkling stars that filled the dark Texas sky high overhead. Lying nude with Thom next to me on a double chaise lounge beside our hot tub, I was exhausted, satisfied, and happy. I hoped he felt the same — as the events of the last several hours were undoubtedly out of the ordinary for both of us.

I felt Thom’s fingers lightly brush mine. I quickly opened my hand and interlocked my fingers with his. He responded by tightly squeezing my hand, reassuring me that he was as happy as I was. What a relief and Oh My God, what an evening! Memories of our last ménage à trois filled my head, but that was over thirty years ago when we were both college students and newlyweds. Our guest lover that evening, so long ago, had been another woman — but tonight it had been another man!

The day started innocently enough. It was late summer, and another season of the Texas Hill Country wine tours had begun. Local wineries team up each year with wine tasting marathon weekends to unveil their latest creations and promote local wines in general. This was one such weekend.

As these tours generally cover many miles and many pours of delightful wines, it’s usually a good idea not to do your own driving. As we had done before, we got a group of friends together and chartered a mini-bus with a driver. Split between four to six couples it’s really not that expensive, and of course, a whole lot cheaper than a DUI.

The cast of characters were pretty much the usual suspects.

Mild, yet not bland

First, there was Mark and Vicki — friends we had known for almost twenty years. Back in Austin, our kids and their kids had grown up together and had been fast friends since pre-school. We were never really close personal friends ourselves, but we attended the same church (when the kids were younger), we both participated in youth sports, PTA and Scouts and in general, watched our kids grow up together. Since our kids graduated high school and we moved out to the lake, we don’t see them nearly as often. But they are still in the circle of friends, and we meet for dinner and similar social events, probably six or seven times a year — this was one of those events.

Firm, fruity well, not actually partners in the legal sense but shared an office suite along with some of the office staff and facilities. Both are semi-retired now, but still golfing buddies and very close personal friends. Stephanie, on the other hand, is one of those people you just sort of shake your head at and wonder — what planet is she really from? We always marvel at how they stay married, or even more curious — why? Stephanie has never worked — inside or outside the home. She is an unbelievable spendthrift; never saw a pair of shoes she didn’t just have to have? Complains about everything and is in general nuttier than squirrel shit. But even after four kids, she is still drop-dead gorgeous and very much the trophy wife Jim married some twenty years ago. Besides, she has never met a man she won’t flirt with, so from the husbands’ point of view, she is indispensable on these little weekend outings.

Nutty, with a kick

Then there is Pat and Amy. Pat is male, but none of us are really sure how much so. It’s ironic that he has such an androgynous name because it certainly seems to fit him. Pat is a lovely guy and would do absolutely anything for you; he even holds doors open for men as well as women. Pat works for the State in some mindless bureaucratic dark hole and is probably the most pussy-whipped guy Thom, and I have ever known. Amy, on the other hand, is a teacher friend of mine and is very much Pat’s opposite. During most of the school day, she is your typical middle school math teacher; but she is also the head coach of the girls’ volleyball team and an assistant coach to both the girls and the boys swim teams. She doesn’t have an ounce of body fat on her, is an absolute dynamo of energy, clearly wears the pants in the family and is one of my dearest and closest friends. I love her to pieces.

Delivers complexity

And finally, there was Aidan and Nancy — or it was supposed to be Aidan and Nancy, but only Aidan showed up. Back in town, they had been our next-door neighbors for twenty-four years. Our kids played with their kids, we shared every imaginable lawn and garden implement ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar over the years, our pantry was their pantry and vice-a-versa and growing up, our kids probably spent more time in each other’s backyard pool than their own.

We had always assumed they had the perfect marriage, or I guess I should say we never had any reason to believe otherwise. Aidan was in computer sales and traveled a lot on business, but he was always home on week-ends and seemed like the perfect husband and dad. Nancy was a stay at home mom until the kids were in high school. That’s when she took a job as the administrative assistant to a downtown stockbroker. I’m sure it was a very stressful job, and I know she was very nervous about it at first, but over time she seemed to absolutely love it, and as the kids left home, it became more and more an integral part of her life.

It sounds so cliché to say it was a bolt from the blue — as I’m sure there are always little signs — but Nancy and her boss must have been having something going on for a long time. Because when he got transferred to Ohio to open a new office, Nancy simply went with him. She literally stayed home from work one day, packed up all the stuff she felt was hers, and was sitting waiting by the front door when Aidan got home. That was only nine days ago.

As Aidan tells the story, he didn’t fight or argue with her, nor did he help her load her car. He just simply went outside, sat down next to the pool and drank himself to sleep. I have a feeling that he didn’t really care, but it was still a shock, and I’m sure a million thoughts ran through his head that night, and probably are still swirling in a muddled tempest of questions. Anyway, it was bizarre not having Nancy there this morning, and everyone was still a little too uneasy about it to say anything directly to Aidan — other than standard condolences.

Everyone met at our house around ten o’clock this morning. The mini-bus was already here, and the driver was leaning against the front fender, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee. Not exactly the picture of a devoted professional chauffeur, but what do you expect when the driver’s ‘tip’ is predetermined by the charter company.

Easily approachable

All of the couples, plus Aidan, arrived at about the same time, and after the usual hugs and handshakes, we all filled our travel coffee cups in the kitchen and headed to the bus for a fun-filled day of touring, drinking and fellowship. As the driver already had the itinerary, once we were all seated, he closed the door and pulled away from the curb without a word. As this was his apparent nature, we could already tell he wasn’t going to be much fun.

A short ninety minutes later, we turned off the county road and headed up the long drive to our first winery. Our driver pulled up next to an enormous century-old oak tree and parked the mini-bus in the shade. The morning air was still cool, and the place was not that crowded yet; however, they were clearly expecting a big day as several tables had been set up around the manicured grounds and each was stocked with case after case of this season’s wines. As the driver wandered off to smoke several more cigarettes, the nine of us mingled among the tables and began our sampling of the vintner’s wares.

It was going to be a long day, and we all knew we would have to pace ourselves, but on the other hand, it was a beautiful morning, and the wine was excellent — so, so much for good intentions. We all bought at least two bottles, Stephanie bought her first case of the day, and of course, the ladies all bought some sort of cookbook, wine accessory or souvenir.

Mellow but charming

As we re-boarded the bus, we observed our usual practice of rotating seating partners — musical chairs of spouses, so to speak. I’m not sure how this tradition got started, but one we have faithfully observed for many years. And since there is no set pattern, we just let nature take its course… usually with some amusing results.

Unfortunately, on this outing, we were one female short — or maybe I should say we had an extra male. Despite the natural awkwardness, every woman on the bus couldn’t wait for her turn to sit next to Aidan — to tell him personally how sorry she was to hear about him and Nancy and how, despite the natural bond of sisterhood, they sided with him and that there was never an excuse for a woman to abandon her husband, her children, and her family the way Nancy apparently did. Of course, we’d only heard Aidan’s side of the story, and it did seem pretty uncharacteristic of Nancy. But on the other hand, Aidan was a pretty handsome guy, and it gave every woman on the bus a chance to personally offer her most sincere sympathies and support… including myself.

By lunchtime, two of the four women had had their chance to sit elvankent götü büyük escortlar next to the man of the hour, and for the afternoon meal, it was a race to see who would be at his side for lunch. As one might expect, Stephanie was his bus seat companion between the first and second winery. She is such a flirt, and like my Thom says, “Very easy on the eyes.” She does have a way of making any man feel good about himself, and she managed to sit so tight against him, that I’m sure the rivets of his blue jeans made permanent indentations in her thigh.

The next lucky lady was Vicki, nowhere near as skilled a seductress as Stephanie, but still able to work the crowd at any good cocktail party. I was very impressed with the look of sincerity as she took her turn in the barrel. I was trying not to be too obvious in watching them, but I couldn’t help but notice the strained look of sympathy on her face; a tear would have been a nice touch, but I guess she just couldn’t manage it. And judging from the near-constant movement of her shoulders, I’m sure she was rubbing his leg and or thigh.

Well, now it was lunchtime, and I had my chance. We stopped at the A Secco Winery, and as the driver was trying to negotiate as much shade as possible for our bus, Amy and I bolted from the bus and walked briskly to the main building. It’s a nouveau-Tuscany sort of thing with the usual thick stone walls, massive gates, high windows, a tile roof and several small romantic cooplas scattered at random across the roof.

In a ruse of searching out the nearest ladies’ room, Amy and I darted past the heavy gates, through the courtyard, and into the main building. The main room seemed almost totally dark as our eyes frantically adjusted from brilliant noonday light outside to the filtered light of the great hall. The first third of the massive room was the tasting bar and retail wine shop, followed by the restaurant itself. We quickly made our way across the stone floor, dodging racks of wine to the hostess’s stand. We blurted out, almost in unison, that there were nine of us for lunch and we really wanted the di Pietra room — if it was available. Huge smiles filled both our faces when she informed us it was. The private room is off the main dining room, dimly lit, even during broad daylight, and is furnished with one large round table.

Quietly dignified

Amy and I staked an immediate claim to three chairs at the far side of the table opposite the door; one chair for each of us and, of course, one for Aidan. As the rest of our little group reached the entrance to the private room, Amy and I quickly made the necessary seating assignments. Aidan, of course, was between the two of us and the other six were scattered around the table in the usual boy-girl pattern.

Thom actually ended up sitting next to me, but Amy made sure Pat was at least one chair away. I guess she out strategized me slightly, but she’s my best friend, and besides, I always love sitting next to Thom — regardless of who I’m trying to flirt with.

As the rest of our little group leisurely lingered over a fabulous lunch as well as an additional five bottles of wine (I’m glad none of us were driving), Amy and I both swooned over poor Aidan, which I’m sure he enjoyed every second of it. Every sympathy Amy offered our poor wounded friend, I countered. And when she placed her hand on his leg, I quickly laid my hand on the opposite one. I finally drew the line when Amy started to cut his meat for him. I simply glared at her, and she quickly withdrew her knife from his plate.

As we filed out of the winery, we all agreed that we would make only one more stop before heading home. Amy managed to grab the seat next to Aidan, making my sweet Thom the odd man out as we continued the tour, which of course, gave me the cat bird’s seat for the hour-long bus ride back to our house.

I’m sure it was the wine and that every woman in the mini-bus had had their hands, hearts, and minds all over Aidan’s body for the last six hours, but for some reason, I had never been more attracted to another man since first hooking up with my man Thom. Jeez, I have known Aidan for twenty-four years, I watched his kids grow up, and Nancy was one of my best friends — and technically, they are still married. But she wasn’t here, by her own choice. And as Thom was busy flirting with every woman on the bus — all very dear friends — somehow it all seemed okay.

Once back at our house, the gang all gathered on the patio around the pool while I put out chips, dips, and appetizers that I had prepared the night before. Thom paid the driver, stiffing him on any additional tip, and Aidan opened two more bottles of wine. All of the couples had at least a ten-mile drive to get home, and it’s not like any of us needed anything else to drink, but we were all feeling pretty good, and no one really wanted etimesgut çıtır escortlar the day to end.

Mark and Vicki were the first to make their excuses, followed quickly by Pat and my dear friend Amy. Jim and Stephanie stayed for maybe another hour as Thom and Jim never seemed to run out of things to talk about, and this gave that slut Stephanie, sixty more minutes to throw herself at Aidan. I watched her flirt her size six ass off from the comfort of my chaise lounge and much to my chagrin, Aidan just simply smiled and brushed off each clumsy advance. This, of course, irritated the hell out of her and amused me to no end.

Modest yet confident

Just as the sun slipped over the western hills, Jim took Stephanie by the hand and headed her towards their car. Thom, Aidan, and I all sat there quietly as we listened to them drive away, and a peaceful hush fell over the deck and pool. After a serenely quiet respite of several minutes, Thom broke the silence by saying, “Anyone up for a swim?”

There was a slight pregnant pause before Aidan said, “I don’t have a bathing suit.”

Thom laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ve got something you could wear — or better yet, just go natural — we do.”

Aidan laughed but got up and headed for the house. Thom and I followed; however, the stage had been set, and I have to admit, I was very excited about the possibilities of what may lay ahead.

I went into the master bathroom, stripped bare naked, peed, and then paused to admire myself in the full-length mirror before changing into my sexiest string bikini. A swimsuit that was intended for Thom’s eyes only and one I’d probably would never even wear in front of my own kids. But here I am putting it on knowing that Aidan was out there waiting for me. By the time I got back out to the pool, the boys were already playfully swimming laps and generally acting like the overgrown adolescents they are.

I had no real desire to join them in their juvenile antics, so I eased myself into the adjacent hot tub and watched them while sipping on one more glass of Pinot Grigio. The cool wine and warm bubbling water soon had a predictable effect. A warm blush began to wash over my skin as my pulse gradually eased, and my eyes slowly rolled back in my head.

Smooth & well balanced

Taking one more sip of wine, I felt the growing warm blush of alcohol washing over my body and through my already aroused genitals. A tingling sensation began building deep in my loins, rolled slowly to the tip of my clitoris and then reverberated in waves like ripples on a pond over my entire body. I carefully placed the glass of wine down and moved to the opposite side of the hot tub placing my elbows on the stone edge.

Keeping my eyes on the boys, I positioned my crotch directly in front of one of the jets of hot water. At first, I had the jet aimed directly at my highly-aroused clit — but before reaching my first orgasm of the evening, I moved my hips down slightly and allowed the stream of hot water to hit just at the top of my pubic line. This allowed the stream of bubbling water to fill my tiny bikini bottom and create a pulsing vortex that massaged every fold and crevice of my throbbing pussy — further allowing me to control my climax and keep myself right at the edge for as long as I could stand it.

The boys soon tired of trying to impress me with their pseudo athleticism and climbed out of the pool, panting like dogs that had just chased down a car. Thom made his way to the nearest chaise lounge and collapsed with a heavy thud. Aidan, on the other hand, made his way to the hot tub and, catching his breath, eased his glistening body into the rolling water.

I quickly sat up and tried to adjust my bathing suit without being too obvious. But Aidan totally knew what I had been doing and made little effort to hide the grin on his face. Sitting opposite me in the hot tub, it only took a matter of seconds before he started playing footsies with me. I fully admit I enjoyed it, and I really didn’t want him to stop — but Thom was only sitting fifteen feet away, and I wasn’t sure what he’d think.

I was afraid that within a matter of minutes, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from going further, so I decided to get out of the hot tub. I lifted myself out of the water and sat on the edge, but before I could lift my feet out of the water, Aidan reached over and grabbed my ankles. He then quickly slid over to my side of the tub and held me from getting completely out of the water.

I didn’t resist, and seconds later, Aidan was massaging my feet, ankles and soon, my calves. I can’t say I hadn’t encouraged him all day long. But now that his strong hands were actually on my bare skin, and he was so masterfully massaging my feet and legs — the sensation was so much more than I had ever anticipated. The tingling in my groin was no longer ripples — it was now more like waves crashing on a rocky coast. I could start to feel myself getting wet — but no — I can’t be doing this, I tried to tell myself. I had only been teasing him — flirting. I didn’t really expect us to do anything. And besides, my sweet Thom was just five steps away. Did he care? Would he be upset?

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