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Mistis’ Adventures Part 66

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 66
Cathy had come out of her reverie. Rick was home for good. He still had a bit of a limp, and tired easily. This was just an aftereffect from all the time he had been in bed or in a wheelchair during his hospital stay. Being able to get out and move about, with the aid of a cane, he would soon regain his old strength.

He was a bit stiff from riding in a car for such a distance, but, with a strong arm to help, he was out and coming over to greet them. “Hi, Sis. How’s my baby sister doin’, now. You’re lookin’ like being an ol’ married woman agrees with ya’. Where’s a kiss for your big bubbah?” Cathy spared absolutely no energy in grabbing him tight, and kissing him for all it was worth. She had tears running down her cheeks from the joy of seeing him here.

She had helped him change the dressing on his leg the night they had been married. It was a nasty looking scar that ran from about 2 or 3 inches from his hip, to just above his knee, on the outer half of his thigh. He had lost enough muscle tissue from the wound that it would leave a hollow space easily as big as three hands in size. The doctors had told him that if the bullet had hit a half inch to the inside of his leg, he would have lost it just below the hip. He had spent over 5 hours in surgery, and had been given 5 pints of blood. He had been bed fast for 3 weeks, and been started on physical rehabilitation. The therapy had been really bad for the first 3 or 4 weeks. He had been forced to use a wheelchair for another 2 weeks, but his natural strength had returned and his determination had taken over. The nurses had threatened to tie him in the bed several times to keep him off his feet too much.

The next morning she had gone to look in on him when she heard Barbara up and around. He had been awake, and had smiled at her and invited her in. He had taken her hand and pulled her down to sit on the edge of the bed. Barbara had returned from whatever she had been doing, smiled at them and had gone to join her Father in HIS bed. It had been several weeks since she had felt him inside of her. It was time to be reminded of how good a lover her Dad really was.

Cathy, at Ricks urging, had sat on the bed. With a sly grin, he threw the covers back to expose a HUGE erection. “Can you help me with this?” he asked. She had been hoping to have an opening for this very thing. “I think I might have a remedy for your condition, Sir. A little moist massage SHOULD help manage the swelling and stiffness. Applied in a liberal manner it should relieve the tension you’re feeling, HOWEVER, it will have to be applied by someone who is a trained professional. Lay back and I will administer the proper therapy. I have had experience in matters, such as this, and have been told that my the****utic form is above reproach.”

She leaned down and immediately took him into her mouth. She raised up and sternly told him, “This is the moisture for the massage. I shall apply a maximum amount to your affected area.” She leaned down and took him into her mouth and let her saliva coat him from the tip to the base, massaging it with her lips and tongue. She felt his muscles bunching and released him. THIS time she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth. He looked up at her, his big puppy-dog eyes begging her. “Can you sit on my face a little bit? I want to taste and feel that treasure between your thighs.”

She smiled at him, and, with an affirmative nod, moved up and slowly lowered herself to where she could feel his hot breath on her pussy. He grasped her ass in both hands and pulled her to where he could get the best taste of her, and give the most effective use of his tongue. He parted her labia, and forced his tongue into her opening. It was her turn to gasp in pleasure, this time. Round and round his tongue swirled, licking the inside of her delicate vagina. Her head was back, overcome with the feel of him licking her insides. He withdrew just long enough to tease her clit and give her the shocks that she enjoyed so much. It became a toss-up as to who was enjoying the encounter more. Each of them had a special something for the other.

He continued until she had had at least a dozen HARD orgasms. His face and chin, and down on his neck, was coated in her juices. She begged him to help her scoot back on top of him. She moved downward to where she could lean down and offer him one, then the other, of her nipples, savoring how he suckled and kissed them and the surrounding breast. She scooted down a türkçe bahis bit more so she could lean down and kiss him over the entirety of his face and neck, tasting her own juices that still lingered there. Their tongues met and fought a duel between them, first inside his mouth, then, inside hers. Breath was fast and ragged from them both. They were both consumed by their passion.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. He tried, in vain to roll her over to mount her, but she resisted, shaking her head no. “Allow me, Darling.” she whispered to him. “Let ME take care of YOU, this time.” She shifted to place her feet flat on either side of him, and lift herself up above him. He was so hard and stiff that little guidance was needed. She felt the tip of his cock touch the slit of her mons, and began lowering herself to take him slowly inside of her. She felt her labia spreading, then felt the first tickling contact of his entrance to her vagina. She stopped to enjoy the feel of him just barely inside of her, anticipating the feel of him completely engulfed in the depths of her womb. She lowered herself little by little until she had received his full erection inside of her. She rocked back and forth to ensure that her wetness had completely coated his penis, and, sitting lightly on his stomach, turned completely around and sank to her knees, completely encasing him within her. “Look at me, MY SWEET.” This is yours, any time, for as long as we live. I will be thrilled to give it to you as much as you want.” She began to lift and lower herself, as slowly as she had ever done, allowing him to not only see himself sliding in and out of her pussy, but, to watch how her inner lips clung to him as she withdrew from him. They looked like she was being turned inside out as she raised up to deliver the next plunge inside of her. The sight was overwhelming. She had always, from the very first, been an exciting partner, but THIS time, she was going to great lengths to make it special. In spite of his best efforts, he exploded inside of her. She forced herself down to keep his cum inside of her. This would be his best offering to make her pregnant. She felt his twitches subside, and knew that he had no more inside of him left to offer her. She slowly dismounted from him, and decided to administer the ‘coup de grace’. Turning she lifted him with delicate fingers, to her mouth, once again, and began to clean the remnants of their lovemaking from him. She pulled him out as far as she could and licked him clean with her tongue, and continued down to his balls, licking each of them until all signs were gone. Then she sucked him inside of her mouth to finish getting each and every drop that had remained.

Rick had tried to move her up to clean her in the same way, but she resisted him. “I want it ALL to stay inside of me for as long as I can.” she said. Rick gave her a puzzled look. She smiled over at him, and explained. “I stopped taking my birth control pills about two months ago. I want to get pregnant as soon as I can. All the men in the families have had me several times, and all but Mike of our friends has had me at least twice each. Billy and I talked about it, and decided that we didn’t care which of you made me pregnant, as long as one of you did the deed. Now I try to hold the sperm inside of me for at least an hour, to give it the best chance to get inside my womb and fertilize an egg. Two or three would be even better. We want to have at least 6 babies, and more if it is possible. So far only Billy, Dave, and now, YOU know about what I am doing. Mike and Misti, are now, to the best of our knowledge, expecting, Sharon and William are expecting, and Tod and Betty are expecting. I hope, soon, to be added to the list of expectant Mothers. I go out of my way during my fertile periods to get laid as many times as I can, so the chances for someone to knock me up goes up with every time someone fucks me.” Rick simply smiled and told her, “If there’s anything else I can do, just let me know.” She smiled at his offer, and told him, “Thank You.”

Robbi was unloading the things from her car, while she was greeting Rick. She came around and grabbed her new sister, and hugged and kissed her. “Thank you for allowing me to stay with you. I’m going to the college tomorrow to get enrolled, and give them a copy of my transcripts. I don’t know how long it’ll take me. It’s only a twenty minute drive from here, so I’ll be in and out. I know I’ll have to sign up for at güvenilir bahis siteleri least 3 labs, so part of my time will be at night. I have two advanced classes, that I’ll need if I go on for my Master’s Degree. I’m thinking real hard about going all the way with this. The only thing I’ll really need from here is a lot of coffee. I’m sometimes up ’till all hours studying. Some of it gets pretty involved. It just plain fascinates me. It’s ALMOST as thrilling as sex. BUT, NOT QUITE!!! Sex is still loads more fun. Dave and Rick both shared your secret with me. Any good signs, yet. I’m still waiting for Prince Charming to come by and sweep me off my feet. When he comes around YOU”LL be the first to know. I had kind of hoped that Rick would be the one, but it looks like he has other ideas. Thank God Barbara and you both enjoying sharing, or I would be “shit out of luck.”

Robbi ran out of breath and steam at the same time. Cathy was happy to have her here. She not only loved her as a friend, and now, as a sister, but as a person. Robbi was, much of the time, a quiet and, outwardly, reserved person. When she got chatty, like she was now, it meant that she was extremely happy, and in a very good mood. That made her even more fun to be with. It would be even better for her and Billy. Robbi had learned well from her Mom. When she was home, except when she had her period, she was naked. She HAD admitted to having started using tampons, even then, so she could be naked even when she was “on the rag.” The two of them, the Mothers had described as being “soul mates.” Billy had better start eating better, and taking vitamins, too. Between them he would have enough hot nookie around to keep several men happy…AND hard.

Robbi had told them that the Fathers and Tod were going out to look at the land, tomorrow. All three of them were hoping it would be all that had been described. Dave had gone out yesterday, and mapped out possible building sites. He had had a former client to fly him over with his helicopter, to look at it from the air. They had stayed high enough to not spook the livestock, and had looked at several possible possibilities. Dave had said there were five or six places that looked nice. They had landed out in front of the barn, and walked up to the house. The friend, his name was Billings, had been mildly surprised when she opened the door for them completely in the nude. He had been even more surprised when she hadn’t gone and put on clothes. She had told him that she would be starting work at the hospital in a few days. He smiled and shook his head. “I feel a crash coming on.” He looked disappointed when she told him that she was an OB/GYN nurse, and would mainly be in the nursery.

They had talked for a bit more, and Dave had had some questions for Billy. Billy had told them his opinion of the things they asked about, and she had given both of the men sweet kisses, and told Mr. Billings to come over and visit sometimes. They always enjoyed having visitors. She had promised him, “We’ll treat you so many ways, you’ll have to like some of ’em.”

They had gone out on the porch to watch them take off, waving to them. Not even an hour later Rick, who was, for now, staying with Sharon and William, and Barb had drove up. Rick had just bought a new pickup, and was showing it off. He and Barb had gone to several dealerships to see what they had, and had seen this one at the Toyota dealership. It was a half ton, crew cab, six cylinder, automatic. It was 4 wheel drive, and the prettiest shade of blue she had seen in a long time. It had gray interior, and was decked out with everything you could imagine, and had been lifted 6 inches. He said it would go anywhere except to sea.

Mike had seen him drive up, and came out to look at it. Misti and he both loved it. He had taken Misti to several stores looking for “hatching jackets,” and other maternity clothes. She had bought a few things, but, would wait until her and the other women could go together. Her tummy was beginning to show a bit more than the doctor had thought. He had taken her to see him, and he had had her go for another ultrasound exam. He had looked at them and pronounced that she was not only farther along than he had originally thought, but the images had shown TWINS. This time it clearly showed her to be carrying twin girls. They had been so happy that it was all HE could do not to break into tears. The Doc had surmised that the first imaging had shown two parts of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ONE baby, when it was, in reality, TWO fetuses. Doc Immelmann had asked if there was anything else he could do for her. She had, for the first time, acted shy, and asked if he would give her one of his “special” examinations. He had looked at Mike, somewhat hesitantly. Mike had told him that he was fully aware of what they did during the exams, and how much Misti enjoyed it. The Doc had opened the door and told the receptionist to hang the “CLOSED” sign, and bring the nurse in. Both were there in less time than you would think. The nurses took Mike to another, larger conference room, and everyone had disrobed. The examination table was used for Misti. Mike watched him do his routine on Misti, while the nurse and receptionist had taken care of HIS exam. Both of them had disrobed, and Mike discovered that the receptionist was a “for sure blonde.” The baseboards and the ceiling were exactly the same color. The nurse had cheated, though. She was completely bald below the waist. They both had nice little cream puffs between their legs.

There had been a flurry of activity in the room for the next 45 minutes to an hour. He had watched to see if there was anything different to his approach with Misti. The only thing he had noticed was the way he used the examination table. The stirrups, it seemed, made a lot of difference, and were VERY useful. He could easily tell when she reached orgasm. She had done it many times during the course of her examination. Pity that he couldn’t cum as easily as women did. It would have been nice with two such interesting and alluring subjects. He DID manage to give 3 loads to the 2 women, and promised to try and do better the next time he brought Misti in.

Mike and Misti went home, with Misti putting up the armrest in the seat to sit as close to him as she could squeeze. All the way home, she had told him her plans for them that night. She knew a special tea to give him to regain his strength. They both were floating on clouds of love. Mike’s wildest dream was coming true. TWO little girls to raise and spoil. He hoped, above all, that they would grow up just like their Mother.

They went straight over to Dave and Carol’s house to share the news. Everyone was there. Billy, Cathy, Rick, Barb, and Robbi included. They gave a rap on the back door to let everyone know they were there. Misti gushed with the news the doctor had just given them. Everyone was patting them on the back, kissing, and hugging them. It was another happy time. Three more months, and Mike would retire, and he would be a house hubby for a little while. Not bad for a man who was just barely past his 37th birthday.

Then, the bombshell was dropped. William cleared his throat for attention. “You only have 3 or 4 months left to retire. Right? Robbi will get her degree not long after that. We have already been talking about setting up a shop to build, service, and sell computers, and all the equipment they need. What would it take to get you in as a full partner? I am going to finance the whole thing, and with you and Robbi running it, with your expertise in their inner workings, we would have a very good chance of having a good business. You and her would both be able to repair them, and she has the know-how to write programs for ’em. You could steer us to different wholesalers to build an inventory of the things we would need, and we could all go and look for a likely place to set up in. Sharon and Mary would handle the accounting end of the deal, with Mary;s people. What do you think of the idea?” Mike was dumbfounded. He was wondering what he would do after he retired. Now, here was the opportunity of a lifetime. A business that went right along with his training. Right in his own backyard. It would be next to impossible to find anything better.

“I say, WHY THE HELL NOT!!! I think we could make it work. Me with 3 of the nicest, most beautiful associates anybody could hope for, with all their brains and beauty, even a dumb fool like me ought to be able to make a good living. I’m all for it.” More hugs and kisses went around. Misti thought, the only thing I need now is for my Mommy and Daddy to be with us. Her telephone was ringing in her purse. She answered and tears ran down her cheeks. The others looked at her.

“My Daddy. He took the papers to Bangkok, to the Embassy. They looked at them and sent a letter to the American Embassy. He has the papers to come here, first for a six month visit, then, he will get his papers HERE, to stay forever. His partners bought him out, and he gave his house to my Uncle. He shipped their things this morning, and THEY will be here next Friday. MY MOMMY AND DADDY WILL BE HERE IN EIGHT DAYS. FOREVER!!!

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