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Mia’s Best First Date

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Big Tits

Mia was not looking forward to tonight. After meeting several men via online dating, she had learned to lower her expectations considerably. Every man she met seemed to have something wrong with him; on the rare instance that he didn’t, she never made it to date number two. Tonight, she assumed, would be no different. The man’s name was Nick, and he seemed normal enough when they exchanged a few text messages: employed and sane, which were more or less Mia’s only requirements at this point.

She didn’t know why she was having so much trouble: Mia liked to think she wasn’t unattractive. Maybe a little more curvy than some guys liked, but experience told her some men went crazy for a big ass and her 36DD breasts. Her olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes gave her a look that many men referred to as “exotic”. Nick appeared attractive, too, although Mia knew it was all too easy for a man to lie, or at least stretch the truth, on his profile. He claimed to be 6’3″ and his pictures showed him as being fit without looking like a complete gym rat. Dark hair and blue eyes, which by itself was enough to getting Mia’s juices flowing.

Mia approached the bar where they had agreed to meet. He already texted her to say he was able to grab a table in the back. Per usual, Mia had made herself a stiff drink while she was getting ready at home; an awkward first date was bad enough, but an awkward first date while sober was even worse. Mia had put on a cute summer dress. Nothing too revealing, but she knew it was low cut enough to expose a bit of cleavage, although with breasts as large as hers it was hard to not give a guy at least a little bit to look at. She knew the green cloth accentuated her brown eyes and it hugged her in all the right places; hopefully Nick was into a big booty because this dress definitely played hers up.

Walking around, she finally spotted Nick at a dark table in the back. Damn, she thought, he’s even hotter than I thought.

Looking up, he recognized her immediately. The smile that quickly lit up his face made her think maybe he was pleasantly surprised with her appearance as well.

“Hey!” he said, “sorry it’s so cramped, I forgot how crowded this place gets on a Friday night. We can go somewhere else if you like.”

“No it’s fine”, Mia responded, as she slid onto the barstool. They were so cramped she had no option but to press her knees up against his. She immediately felt a tingle up and down her spine as their legs brushed against each other. It had been a while since a guy had made her feel like this so quickly and Mia ataşehir escort bayan felt her panties begin to lightly dampen with her juices. She liked to wear sexy underthings on dates, more for herself than for any expectation that anyone else would be seeing them. Tonight she had put on a black lace thong and matching bra. For a split second she wondered what Nick would think when he saw them but she immediately pushed the thought out of her mind: no need to put the cart before the horse; let’s just make sure he’s not a serial killer first…then we can start thinking about if he’s good in bed.

“I hope you don’t mind”, Nick said, “but I went ahead and ordered us some vodka tonics. I remembered you said you preferred vodka over beer”.

“Sounds perfect…and like you’re trying to get me drunk”, Mia joked.

“Get you drunk? I haven’t even decided whether or not you’re going to try to kill me.”

Killer good looks AND a sense of humor?, Mia thought. This is too good to be true.

Soon they were joking and laughing as if they had known each other forever. The three rounds of vodka tonics definitely helped, as did Nick’s piercing blue eyes. Mia had loosened up enough that she started leaning in whenever Nick talked, lightly resting her hand on his arm. And what an arm it was! She could feel his tight muscles beneath her palm and couldn’t help but imagine him holding her up against a wall, fucking her senseless. What had begun as a damp spot on her lace panties was quickly turning into a puddle. Mia could almost feel her juices run down her leg.

The waitress came by again, checking to see if they needed another round. “No thanks,” Mia said, “I’m going to have to have to chill outside for a little bit as it is in order to sober up”.

“Why don’t you sober up back at my place?” Nick said, “I walked over here; my apartment is just a block over. First you just have to promise not to murder me.”

“Deal.” But Mia had a flash of doubt as they stood up to leave; she wasn’t the type of girl to go back to a guy’s apartment on a first date. But then the thought of riding Nick’s cock slipped into her mind and she realized she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she didn’t at least see if he was as well endowed as she was imagining.

Back at his aparment, Nick handed her a glass of water. He stood watching while she gulped it down. She had no sooner put the glass down when he pulled her close and started kissing her deeply. She had to stand on her toes to kiss him back and he placed one hand on her neck and the other on the escort kadıköy small of her back, pulling her close. As the kiss went on she struggled to stay on her toes.

“Couch?” he asked.

“…bed?” Mia responded.

“Even better.”

As they moved to the bedroom, Mia walked backwards, unbuttoning Nick’s shirt. He threw it off, falling on to the bed, and watched as she lifted her dress up over her head, tossing it to the side.

“Oh my god, I don’t think I have ever seen breasts so perfect. Come here now.”

She crawled on top of him, moving in to kiss him. He reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands, moaning into her mouth as their lips met. After several minutes she finally had to come up for air and he immediately moved his lips down to her breasts.

“Oh god”, she moaned, throwing her head back as he sucked on her nipples through the thin lace of her bra.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?”, Nick growled, before going in to lightly nip her breasts with the edges of his teeth. “I took one look at you and knew you’d be a slut the second I got you naked.”

The second he called her a slut, Mia’s pussy was on fire, juices gushing down her leg. “I want to be your dirty slut all night long”, she purred, looking down and watching as he rubbed his thumbs over both her nipples.

“That’s a good slut. Get down on the floor, on your knees. Let’s put that pretty mouth of yours to good use.”

She immediately crawled off the bed and got on her knees, looking up into his beautiful blue eyes as he stood in front of her, taking off his pants. As he removed his boxers, she couldn’t help but let out a gasp; his penis was the largest she’d ever seen. Even as she was wondering how she would ever take the whole thing in her mouth, her pussy tingled at the thought of how good it would hurt to be fucked all night long by Nick.

“That’s it, slut. I knew you’d like my rock hard cock. You’re such a dirty slut, you deserve to be punished.” As he talked, Nick stroked Mia’s cheeks with the tip of he cock, leaving a trail of precum all across her face. Just as Mia was beginning to close her eyes in pleasure, he slapped his cock across her face. Her eyes flashed open and before she knew what was happening, he forced his cock down her throat in one quick motion. Soon she was bobbing up and down his cock, sliding her tongue all around it. She reached up and lightly tugged on his balls, looking up to see the look of pleasure on Nick’s face. Before she knew it, he was cumming down her throat. She tried to swallow it all, bostancı escort but it was so thick and there was so much cum, some spilled out of her mouth and down her chin to her breasts.

“Clean yourself up, slut. Use your fingers, I want to watch you lick up all my cum.”

Still on her knees, she scooped up the cum off her breasts with her fingers and licked them clean. “Mmmm, you taste so good, Nick. And my pussy’s on fire; I want you to fuck me so bad.”

“Oh I will, slut. But first you need to be punished for being a dirty whore. Get on the bed, on all fours.”

Doing as she told, she was immediately met with his hand on her ass. “Dirty whores get spanked, hard. And you’re the dirtiest whore I’ve ever had.” The spankings only made her pussy throb harder. “Please, Nick, I want your dick in my pussy so bad. Please?” she could barely get the words out as she gasped between spankings.

She felt the spankings stop and looked over her shoulder as Nick ripped her panties off. Before she knew what was happening he was plunging his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh god”, she moaned “harder, Nick. Fuck me harder!”.

“My pleasure”, he said, and with one hand on her back he steadied her and with the other he reached up and pulled her hair. Mia gasped in shock; it was like Nick knew everything that turned her on without her having to tell him. He fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before, alternating between pulling her hair and slapping her ass cheeks. She knew she’d be sore in the morning but all she could think about was how right now she was getting the fucking of a lifetime and she was loving it.

“Slut, you better cum all over my cock. I’m not going to cum until you do.”

He kept up the fucking, slapping her ass harder the longer they went on. He slid his hand up from her waist and started groping her breasts. “Mmm, I love a slut with naturally big tits. Next time I’m going to give you a titty fucking and cum all over them.”

The thought of Nick’s cum all over her breasts was too much; Mia felt an orgasm approaching. Her breathing got heavy and she started moaning louder. “Almost there, aren’t you, slut?”, Nick asked, and started pounding her harder. “Be a good whore and come for me.”

With one last slap to her ass, Mia’s orgasm took over and rocked her whole body. She felt her vagina tighten down on Nick’s cock just as he came inside her. She threw her head back, arching her back as she gasped for air. It was the longest orgasm she had ever had and felt so good. When it was over she laid on the bed, catching her breath.

After she had cleaned up and gotten dressed, Nick walked her to the door.

“We should do that again soon,” Nick said.

“Sure thing,” Mia responded, “but next time let’s skip the drinks and get straight to the fucking.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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