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Method of Seduction Ch. 01

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This story was created primarily through my memory of texting sessions with lovers of mine. The story is written in such a way as to be used to text someone. Feel free to use it for this purpose, but let me know how wet it makes them 😉


I have set everything up, just right. We are both laying on our side on your bed watching a movie, holding each other tight. Your head is leaning on my arm, while my left hand is gently stroking your hair. My right hand is on your stomach, pressing you against me. I lean in and smell your hair, and you feel my breath against the hairs on the back of your neck. I feel you shiver. I start to twirl your hair around my left index finger and start to gently rub your stomach with my right hand. I start to lean down and breathe on the back of your neck directly.

I feel you gasp sharply in response. Emboldened, I start to gently kiss the back of your neck and twirl your hair a little faster around my fingers. I apply pressure on your stomach with my right hand and you start to lean against me. I lean over and start to kiss the underside of your ear, as my right hand raises to the side of your hip and gently squeezes and massages in small circles. I trace down the side of your neck with light kisses, and when I get the base, the dip of your neck, I start kissing and nibbling harder.

I chuckle as a particularly hard kiss drives a gasp from between your soft lips. My right hand starts edging closer to your sex, playfully taking its time on your red satin panties. My thin nails make a light humming sound as they feel the small bumps of shaved hair. My left hand does one last stroke of your hair before it gathers a handful at the base and yanks. Your chin flies up, and I kiss the underside of your neck. I can feel the vibrations of you moaning with my lips. My left hand starts to scratch its way down your back against your shirt.

Upon reaching the bottom, I tease your back with the tips of my nails. You arch like a cat and moan deeply. I keep opening and closing my fingers, gently scraping your back with my nails and I can tell you love the prickling, tingling sensation. I dig in gently with my nails and start scratching my way up your back, encouraged by your cooing. I finally reach the thin strings of your satin bra tied together, and with a quick tug they fall to the side. I spend the next several seconds massaging and scratching your upper back, until I start bahis firmaları edging it to the side.

My right hand has been making steady progress, and as I take a quick and firm hold upon your breast, my other hand starts to rub your pussy through your satin panties, the smooth silky cloth is quickly becoming damp as I apply my ministrations. I squeeze and knead your breast hard and turn you so that you are lying flat on your back. My fingers are going at a much more rapid pace, and I can feel the heat and your wetness soaking through your panties as I rub small, hard circles on your clit. Your moaning is becoming much more verbal now, and you’ve begun to grind your hips rhythmically in tune with my hand.

I lean down to stare in your brilliant blue eyes while I increase pace with my fingers and my other hand that’s twisting your nipple. You grin slyly and use your hand to force my mouth on yours, then you invade with your tongue and begin to initiate a long and intricate dance. I groan as I feel your hand reaching into my pants in order to feel how hard I am. While kissing you, I use my left hand to raise your shirt up to expose your beautiful breasts. I break off the kiss and lead down to take your left nipple in my mouth.

I swirl my tongue around it and suck it, and gentle nibble while my right hand is still rubbing your clit. I remove my right hand from your panties and use both of my hands to lift your shirt. You look disappointed based off the look on your face and how wet my fingers are. I use both hands to twist your nipples while I leave a trail of kisses from your breasts, across your stomach, and to your inner thighs as I prepare for the main course. I slide my hands down your sides, using my index finger to tease you with my nails, until I can grab your soaked satin panties by either side, and slide them down your sexy legs. You sigh and smile in anticipation as you spread your legs, and rest your hands on either side of your pussy.

I grin and start kissing my way up your thigh, eventually reaching your hand, where I kiss and then bite it. You retract, and I start kissing the outside of your labia, teasing. I start licking, then nibbling it. I use my hands to press the flesh above your mound upwards for easier access. As I start circling my tongue near your clit, you start loudly moaning, trying to shift your hips to move your clit to my tongue. I hold your hips down. Patience, patience. kaçak iddaa I tease by forming ever tighter circles around your clit, and I gradually press harder until my tongue is pressed firmly against your clit. I use my left hand’s middle finger to probe your entrance, circling the outside of it while my tongue starts a slow but steady formation of the alphabet.

You are starting to moan and whine very loudly. As I suck on your clit, I push my index forward into your extremely wet and tight channel, it seems to suck on my finger to draw it in. You are constantly moaning now. I put in my index finger and redouble my efforts on your clit. I gradually curve my two fingers upwards inside you, and apply more and more pressure on your clit, heavily licking it back and forth and occasionally sucking on it like a third nipple. As my fingers reach your G-spot, I immediately start even more rapidly licking and fingering you. I can feel your moans consistent rise in volume until you are in a wordless scream.

I feel your legs, hips, and pussy squeeze and contract violently, practically cutting off circulation to my fingers inside you. For several seconds after you begin to relax you periodically shiver and contract with aftershocks. You moan my name in a whisper, over, and over. You finally stop and look at me with this perfect face of contentment, then you casually reach your hand down and slip them under my belt to feel my erection in my pants. You gently squeeze and stroke me through my undergarments. I groan at feeling your touch, with the juices of your orgasm still on my face and fingers, you sit up and unbutton my jeans, letting them slip to the floor, leaving me in my undergarments and a massive tent.

You slip my undergarments down to the floor, and grip my full erection, admiring the thickness. You stroke and smile when you see a little blob of precum ooze out. You grip me firmly and pull me to you, then lay me down on the bed. My head is resting by your thigh as I watch you get up on your side and slide down in order to have access to my cock. I watch as your pretty mouth goes into a smile as you stare into my eyes, and your tongue flicks out to circle the head. I groan deeply, you give a throaty laugh and with a smile on your face, you dive down, putting my cock in your pretty little mouth.

Despite the huge thickness, you manage to take it like a champ, and I can smell you becoming aroused again while kaçak bahis your eyes have small tears inside. You suck, slurp, and bob up and down for an extended period of time until I use my fingers to lift your chin, so my cock leaves your mouth with a large pop. You start gasping for air and trying to catch your breath while you look at me with tired determination. I grin, seize a breast, and push you back onto the bed, with sweat clinging strands of your hair together and collecting around your breasts. I get up on my knees and loom before you, and then gently get on top of you.

My throbbing cock is inches from your slit, and I can feel the heat and the wetness an inch away. I look inside your eyes as I use my knees to spread your legs further apart, kiss you, and thrust forward. My cockhead is barely inside. You are so tight, so wet, and so tense. I use my left hand to twist a nipple and my right to spank your ass. I’m coming in, and I’m coming in now. I bite your lip, you moan deep and needingly, and my cock surges forth into you, warm and tight. I can hear you whimper while I hold onto your lip. Your face tells me of pain, but your eyes tell me that this is only the beginning, and that you need more. I slide in the last bit, and my entire thick length is stretching you wide. I slowly retract myself, fold my hands above your head, and using your head and hair as leverage, thrust back in.

You cry out in a silent scream, your mouth opened wide, and I bend down to plug it with my tongue. You whimper and our tongues dance as I retract and thrust in, again, and again. The wet sounds of our coupling fills the room, and the moisture from our sweat and fluids has begun to drip from our hips to collect onto the bed below. We don’t care. We need each other. You need my cock inside you, and I need to be buried within.

You gasp for the clouds and moan my name in a faint whimper. I open your eyes, and force you to face me while I continue driving inside you. I kiss you on the lips, lean close to your ear, and whisper, “Cum for me” as I drive home one last time. I plug your loud scream with my mouth, kissing you intently as your body convulses beneath me, rapidly bucking your hips to follow my cock, never wanting it outside of you.

I feel it contract like a vise, and I feel a deep, burning rumbling in my balls. My cock and my legs constrict, and I too scream while I explode deep inside you, filling you to the brink with cum I saved just for you. We break our kiss and both gasp for breath, enjoying the feeling of being with each other. My cock and cum was still buried in you when we both fall into a deep, contended sleep.

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