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The House Of Robles Ch. 27

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Feelin’ Frisky

“Ugh, I hate algebra.” Amanda grumbled. She’d been staring at the various math formulas for so long, that the numbers were all starting to merge together and become entirely new figures and symbols. Like hieroglyphics, even. “I don’t know anybody that uses algebra after they finished high school. Why am I studying this shit, anyway?”

The pretty teen sighed, before she decided that enough was enough. After setting her worksheet in her math book as a bookmark, she closed the book up and slid it to the edge of her mattress. Amanda didn’t stop there, however. Much more slowly, she kept sliding the book past the edge, until it finally lost its balance and tumbled down to the carpet.

“Oops.” She said, before she turned first to her side, and next on her back.

Amanda stared up at the soft white paint of the ceiling, wondering what an eighteen year-old girl like her could do on an otherwise lame Tuesday afternoon. The good thing was that she could go out of the house anytime she wanted to. Not only had her former boyfriend Malo been restricted from coming over and harassing her, but the latest rumor was that the dummy had already violated his parole. There was a good chance that jerk had was back behind bars again.

“Good riddens!” She said.

Malo had been problematic ever since she’d started going out with him. The only reason she’d been interested in him at all was because he was a big and intimidating guy. Oh, and also because her friends at school were sure to become jealous that Amanda had landed him. Her friends had become jealous all right, but Malo’s increasingly bad attitude had not been worth the trouble.

“He’s gone!” Amanda said with a smirk. “Time to find a new boyfriend!”

She had one in mind, too. He was big and brawny, and handsome. He had this huge telephone pole of a cock that she’d been dying to get her hands on for that last couple of months. One problem, though: this dream guy just happened to be her father.

“Daddy, why aren’t you home?” She lamented, still staring up at the ceiling. “I haven’t seen you since last week!”

Amanda well recalled that one time a couple of weeks ago, when her family had shuttled her around all over the place thanks to stupid Malo. She and her dad had gone over to use the pool at Melinda’s apartment. They had gotten pretty frisky once they’d gone back inside. Her dad almost fucked her, she remembered. He had been that close! Again!

“Oooh, you’re so lucky you’re not home right now, daddy.” She groaned.

Amanda pushed the pillow further away from the bed, and put her head down flat on the mattress. Her door was cracked open by a couple of inches. She imagined her father pushing it open and coming in to pay her a visit in her bedroom. She imagined him taking off his clothes in front of her. In her mind, her father was giving her what she wanted.

“Daddy…” She murmured, as she closed her eyes and took the scene even further with her vivid imagination.

Amanda slid her hands up the soft length of her skimpy white blouse. She cupped her breasts, while pretending it was her father’s hands feeling her up. Amanda squeezed her shapely B cups together through her lacy white bra, as she remembered how her dad had touched her that day at Melinda’s place. Next, she slid her hands down her sides, past the short length of denim skirt that clung to her hips. The teen didn’t stop until her fingers and palms were streaking across her thighs.

Amanda pulled her skirt closer to her waist, exposing her white panties. She rubbed herself over the material, before she decided to take things even further. She didn’t pay any mind to her door being cracked open, as she drew her panties aside and inserted a finger into her wanting body.

The enraptured teen tried to imagine her father’s huge tool inside of her, but it came out all wrong. Her finger was short and skinny, while her father’s cock was as big as her can of hair spray. The horny teen couldn’t even play with her pussy any more, because she was so obsessed with her father! Amanda quickly put her panties and skirt back into place, when she heard the sound of the TV being turned on.

“Who’s there?” She called out, loud enough to be heard through half the house.

“It’s just me.” Her brother Frankie’s voice carried back to her.

Her older brother had been coming by often, as he’d been trying to avoid that bitch wife of his, Carmela. In fact, Carmela had stopped by a couple of times, too. She always looked irate after discovering that Frankie wasn’t around or had barely left.

Amanda didn’t give a shit. Carmela deserved what she was getting for having cheated on her brother so much. Sooner or later, that bitch would get the hint that Frankie didn’t love her anymore. Besides, Frankie had some little white girl on the side now.

For a moment, Amada wondered if Frankie had brought this new chick over, and was even now making out with her in the living room. That would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it? More fun that doing her stupid homework, anyway.

“Hey, bahis firmaları Frankie?” She called out.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Who’s with you?”

“Oh, just Junior.” Frankie informed her. “Hey, I’ve got an extra hamburger here, and a soda too. I was saving it for Jenny, but I’m not going to see her until tonight. It’s yours if you want it.”

A burger didn’t sound bad, the sexy teen thought. She rolled off the bed and started the short stroll down the hallway. Amanda had been so worked up over her dad that she’d pushed one very important fact to the back of her mind. That fact was that she’d gotten screwed by both of her brothers! And oooh, she was feeling so frisky right now. Maybe, she thought, she could get one of them to give her a good hump, because she really needed one!

Amanda walked into the living room, observing that only Frankie was in there. Her handsome older brother was sitting on the couch and clicking through the TV channels. When Frankie saw her, he used the remote to point at a burger, soda and fries that had been segregated from the rest of his food.

“You can have that.” He said, as he munched down on some fries.

“Where’s Junior?” She asked.

Frankie motioned toward the kitchen, where the front door was. “He went into the rec. room for a nap. We didn’t get in until pretty late last night.”

“And why is that?”

“Oh, I introduced him to a friend of Jenny’s. They hit it off pretty well.”

Amanda snatched up her bag of fries and tasted one. It was decent. “You should have taken me. I was bored out of my mind last night.”

“Uh, it was couples only.” Frankie replied.

“I could have walked around or something. So you guys had a wild night?”

“You could say that.”

“Wild as in Diamond and Sheila wild?”

“No, not that wild.” Frankie grinned. “Wild as in normal people wild.”

“Still, I would have gone out with you guys.”

Amanda parked her fries, as she tore open a straw wrapper and proceeded to poke the straw into her soda. As she slurped down a few sips, she took in her brother’s form. Frankie was wearing a tank top and showing off his arms and chest, jeans and black Vans shoes. He’d set a pair of dark sunglasses on the coffee table. Her brother had a good mustache and goatee going now, after having been clean-shaven for like most of his life.

“So, you’re going all gangster, or what?” She asked.

Frankie shrugged. “It’s better than being an Anchor Blue poster boy. That’s what Junior said I looked like while I was under Carmela’s rotten thumb. Anyway, have you seen mom?”

“Not since I left for school this morning.” Amanda recalled.

“How about dad?”

“I haven’t seen him since last week!” She griped. “I mean, when’s the last time he went missing for days and days?”

“We should call him, you know, to make sure he’s okay. I’ll give him a call as soon as I finish eating.”

Amanda decided to take a seat next to her brother. She took another drink from her soda and crammed a bunch of fries into her mouth.

“So, what are you up to?” Frankie asked, as he started flipping through the channels again.

“Oh, just doing some stupid homework. It’s so boring! You know, I haven’t done anything exciting ever since what happened with Malo.”

“You need to get out more.” Frankie kidded.

“Well, I would if somebody took me somewhere!”

The TV’s constant slideshow halted on a tennis match. Two white chicks were facing off in front of a big crowd. Both wore tight blouses that showed off their shoulders and arms, and tiny, skimpy shorts that revealed their tight white underwear nearly every time they moved.

“This okay with you?” Frankie made as if to set the remote down.

Amanda shrugged, as she unwrapped and bit into her hamburger.

“You know, Carmela wouldn’t even let me watch something like this when we were together.” Frankie shook his head. “She’d say it was porn or something. You know how I love sports.”

They both took in the action on the screen for a couple of minutes. One of the tennis players was grunting like an Amazon every time she served the ball. The blonde was loud enough that she drowned out every other noise each time she did it.

“That’s what I call a power serve.” Frankie commented.

“She must be a lesbian.” Amanda added.

Frankie started laughing, before he reached for his own drink. He took a long, loud slurp from it.

“Did you get a shake?” Amanda asked.


“Why didn’t you get me a shake?”

“Because I didn’t know you were going to be home.”

“Well, you should have gotten me one anyway.” She stood up and went around the table, picking his shake up and taking her own long slurp from it. Once she’d set it down, she made a face at him. “You jerk, you almost finished it! That’s it, you’re taking me with you when you go out later, and you’re going to buy me my own shake!”

“Okay, okay, I will get you a shake.” Frankie agreed. “I wonder if Jenny has any single guy friends. What kaçak iddaa do you think about white guys?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never gone out with one.” She admitted. “They’re probably all dumb, anyway. I think I’d rather stick to my type.”

“And what type is that?”

“Oh, hot daddies with big muscles, and maybe… hot big brothers, too.”

Frankie gazed up at her.

Amanda stretched her arms out. “Tell me the truth. Am I better looking than those tennis players on TV?”

Frankie considered his shapely little sister, as she did a turn for him. After, his attention went back to the screen. It took him a few moments to reply. “Personally, I think you are.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Just take a look at those women.” Frankie pointed at the TV. “One of them has a square jaw like Superman, and she looks more like a guy than a girl. Well, except for her rosy cheeks, anyway. The other chick is pretty. She has a nice body and all that, but I’m looking at her with no make-up, and I’m looking at you with no make-up. Hands down, you win.”

That was exactly what Amanda was hoping to hear. She sidled in between the coffee table and the couch, rubbing her legs against her brother’s. That’s when she started to dance softly in front of him.

“Sis, I can’t see the match when you’re doing that.” Frankie said, although he was watching her very closely when he said that. One might even say that he no longer gave a shit about tennis, one way or the other.

“Why don’t you see if they’re playing anything on the music channels?” She swayed her hips in front of his face.

Frankie leaned to one side, long enough to aim the remote out and view a few select stations. One of the supposed music channels had on a garbage reality show. Another one had has-been comedians giving their take on the most popular songs from one particular era, which was, oh, so much more important than playing the music itself. I remember when this song first came out, and, man, everybody was hooked on it… One washed-up turd commented that, as if her opinion actually mattered. Finally, Frankie settled on a channel with slower hip-hop jams. He leaned back on the couch, content to listen to the grooves, while watching his sister’s melodic movements to them.

Sensuously, Amanda lifted her blouse and revealed her bare, flat stomach to him, before she covered it up again. She turned her back, and rocked her hips gently, giving him an eye-pleasing view of her denim-clad butt. Then, she turned back around and giggled at him.

“Too bad you’re all worn out from last night,” She teased. “Otherwise you might be helping me get rid of my boredom.”

Maybe he wasn’t as worn out as he’d thought he’d been, Frankie wondered.

Amanda watched him closely. “You’re so quiet, just like dad. Have I told you how much I want him to fuck me?”

Their dad was some kind of stud, Frankie imagined. Up until recently, he had a pretty hot wife in Lorena, their mom, but that was over now. Their dad had moved on to much greener pastures since then. The last time Frankie and Junior had compared notes, they had come to the conclusion that not only had their dad screwed his wife Carmela, but for some unexplainable reason, Melinda had now changed her tune about the man and was no longer bad-mouthing him to the entire family. On top of that, Amanda had already confided to Junior that she had the hots for daddy, and she’d just repeated that very same secret to Frankie. Actually, the older brother did not at all mind being compared to his father.

Like a little temptress, Amanda slid onto his lap.

“Too bad you’re all worn out.” She pouted.

Frankie’s arms went around her waist. For a moment, the young man nervously wondered what the chances were of anybody coming through the front door. Then he thought, to hell with it. He was pretty sure that he wasn’t the first guy to get turned on by the sight of a very pretty and well-sculptured younger sister. He brought his head in close to hers, taking in the soft scent of her flesh, before he stuck his tongue out and traced the line of her jaw out to her chin.

“That tickles!” Amanda giggled. The sexy sister brought her mouth around and kissed him full on the lips, afterwards retreating to gauge his reaction. “I thought you were tired from last night?”

“Guess not.” Frankie slipped one daring hand up her blouse to cup the soft curve of her breast. It wouldn’t take much, he knew, to pull that thin stretch of fabric up and reveal the entirety of her bra.

Amanda might have read his thoughts, as she leaned away from him and slipped her blouse up and away from her body. This time, when she came in close, her bare shoulders and bra came in contact with Frankie’s chest.

The teen smiled expectantly, as her lips reached out for his. She crooked her head to one side so they would mesh together like water ebbing close along the shoreline. As lovers, the siblings kissed, with tongues that glistened full of want and passion. Their tongues roamed away from their moist caverns like nomads, kaçak bahis to explore the new and exciting frontiers that were being presented to them.

Amanda exhaled sweetness into the mouth of her brother. She exhaled even more onto his cheek, when she rotated her head that way. The teen purred, as Frankie’s hand curled up against her breasts and played with them tenderly. She swung her legs off the couch and briefly got to her feet. It only took a moment for Amanda to unfasten enough of her short skirt so she could push it past her hips and onto the floor. Then, she turned around and waggled her tasty butt for her brother’s perusal.

Frankie stood up beside her, jerking his tank top off and dropping it on the floor. He’d just barely unzipped his fly, intending to discard his pants as well, when Amanda dropped down on her knees in front of him.

The older brother watched in amazement. His hot sister nuzzled her lips and cheek against the soft material of his briefs, and against the soft bulge that lay hidden behind them. Then, Amanda slowly tugged at the waistband of his briefs, exposing first his pubes, and then little by little, the stiff stretch of his cock. Her tongue extended with eager promise, licking at that meaty part of him, as well as rounding about the curved edges. Slowly, Frankie’s briefs abandoned him, while his sister’s tongue left a slimy trail all over his exposed length. When the tip was finally freed, he convulsed involuntarily, for Amanda had wasted no time in slipping her pliable lips around it.

She sucked him in, as Frankie reached for her head and pulled her hair back from her face to watch the action. With a steady grip, he slowly moved Amanda’s head closer to his body while her mouth still held him, close enough that she nearly expelled him from her mouth. His obedient little sister went along for the ride as best she could, keeping her lips firm against his cock. She refused to depart from her brother’s flesh at the closest point. Moments later, he tried again and she enveloped as much of him as he presented to her.

Frankie picked up a steady rocking into her mouth, savoring her supple touch as much as she seemed to be savoring his length. Within a couple of minutes, however, he felt his body wanting to expel itself down her throat. He wanted to show her the ultimate expression of the warmth and love he felt for her… but he couldn’t.

Not yet.

As much as he hated doing so, Frankie pulled his cock out of her mouth. He felt the coolness of the air washing over its moistened surface.

“Why don’t you stand up?” He asked.

Amanda did so. She stared into her brother’s eyes with a hard determination that neither of them would part ways, not until the sexual vow that had been made between them was entirely fulfilled. Frankie pulled his sister close, drenching her with affectionate kisses, further embroiling them with an overwhelming lust that quickly escalated into a demand for carnal justice. His hands became as inflamed things, coursing about impatiently as they caressed her back. Several fingers united, forcing themselves under the tight strip of her bra. They found the tiny width of veiled flesh hidden underneath the bra; it was both forbidden and delicious to touch it. Moments later, those same hands fled down to her lower waist, hugging and squeezing at the firm flesh of his sister’s butt. They dared even more when they brought the fabric of her panties below her ass-cheeks and revealed a new playground to enjoy. A fresh session of groping began, inducing Amanda’s breaths to catch, and her arms to tighten around her enthralled brother.

Frankie took a single stride away, slipping off his shoes and dropping his pants, before he took hold of Amanda’s arm and led her to the end of the couch. The brother faced his sister away from him, leaning her sweet body over the thick armrest. This caused his hot sister to purr as she realized what was to come next.

Amanda waited impatiently as Frankie took off his briefs. Then he moved on to remove her bra and panties. They were both completely naked now, with the teenager standing with her back to his front, and bent over. She imagined that Frankie was taking a few seconds to study her lean back and butt, before the real fun began. Not many brothers and sisters, she knew, would ever be having this kind of fun.

Amanda shivered, when she felt her brother’s cock pressing against her butt. She leaned forward even more to allow his greeting to proceed as smoothly as possible. Frankie gave her goose pimples first, as his fingers dragged heavily along the skin of her back. They rounded her sides and started feeling up her tits again.

Enough was enough, Amanda thought, as she reached between them and took hold of his hot and rigid piece. She wanted to kiss that perfect thing that throbbed between her slim fingers, to lick it and suck on it until her brother squealed and shook within her lips. The last thing she wanted to do with that perfect thing was to hide it away somewhere. Except, she had a perfect place for it. The union between Frankie’s perfect thing and her perfect place was more than a perfect match. It was going to be the ultimate sensual act in human communication; it was going to a perfect meld of bliss and love.

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