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Memories at Dreamview

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The smell of jerked pork escaping from the barbeque engulfed the entire area. everyone within miles was being tortured by the distinct aroma that came only from our home when my father got to practice his findest treat. It was summer, and as was the tradition for as long as I could remember, all the entire family was gathered to party, eat and reminisce. There were at least four generations there, and as we got drunk inhaling the commingled smell from the delightful assortment of foods, we also found every chance to relax and swallow the fresh freedom of the country air. Our family home, Dreamview, was built over forty years before on a sprawling plot, which bordered the Dove Bay lake on the east and the PDC Farms to the north. Over the years, one of my greatest delights was the resplendent effect of the sun on the still waters of the lake. The lake held many fond romantic memories for me. It was where I had some of my first sexual encounters. As I sat there and watched my siblings, uncles, aunts and all the others, I was taken swiftly back to the summer holidays when I would eagerly grab all my stuff and rush to the bus depot to get away from the city for my six-week summer break.

“The pork is ready,” my dad shouted in his usually jovial way, initiating more consumption, which was the main theme of the day. It was always a pleasure to watch him soak in all the excitement that came with having so many people in the yard. Just as like the meat simmered on the grill while magically creating the distinct aroma, he was oozing with happiness and sweat as the warm summer sun took effect. Deep in my mind I could not but wonder what memories the lake held for him and so many of the others that had enjoyed their holidays and childhood at Dreamview, as I had.

It was the first family day for Karen. We had only been married for four months and everyone was still dealing with the novelty of the new bride in the family. She had accompanied me to Dreamview before on many occasions, but we were always pressed for time and never got to totally relax and explore the area. On our last visit I had given her a cursory tour of the area, including a quick lap around the lake. It was my intention to use this visit to expose her to many more of the special places around Dreamview, especially since we had the luxury, unlike almost all the others, of being able to spend an extra two days. We both opted to use some vacation time to relax. What better place to do it than in the arms of tranquil Dreamview.

“Let’s eat, honey,” Karen suggested, breaking my thoughts, as she strode past me on one of her many trips with trays of goodies. She had blended well. Karen was good at that. There were lots of things that she was good at and it did not take long for everyone to do the assessments of her that they had missed due to the euphoria of our wedding. Uncle Dave was busy sharing all his naughty jokes with her at every chance he got. Not to be outdone, my dearest cousin Tanya was ensuring that revealed every possible detail about everyone. Good old Jim, with Audra, his girlfriend, in tow, was keeping the bar stocked for the drinkers. It was hilarious to watch them all jostle for her attention. bahis firmaları As dusk descended on the festivities, the groups that were leaving made their preparations which included packing lots of food to take back to their urban dwellings. It was the norm. Going back to the city without leftovers was almost a sin. Nightfall brought with it an eerie quiet that typified the farms in this area. The moon was slowly making its presence felt, in spite of the challenge from the bright street lamps scattered all around. We sat on the verandah sipping rum and coke while engaging in our free spirited laughter when suddenly an idea grabbed me. I acted.

“Karen, Karen!” I shouted with childish glee. I had an urge.

“Yes dear,” came her response from the kitchen. Her face was painted with curiosity. What could be so urgent was the question jumping from her short deep stare.

“Come with me, I want to show you something,” I said as I grabbed her by the waist and ushered her through the back door. There was no resistance, but the weight of her questions was obvious as I swiveled past the doghouse en route to the edge of the lake. I stopped beside a huge family of coconut trees and sat on a wooden bench that I had helped to build many years ago. I summoned Karen to sit on my lap. Her warm body was comparable to the calm of the moonlight on the lake that I had taken her to see.

“Look,” I whispered as I pointed to the silvery streaks of the moon on the seemingly glass-top appearance of the lake. The deep breath that it evoked from Karen spoke loudly. I knew she would have appreciated the splendor.

“This is awesome…. it is so beautiful,” she whispered while taking another breath. “This is so sexy,” she continued.

In the midst of her speech I could feel impulses from her ass as she crossed her legs. It was an instant turn on. I wanted to have her there. She knew. We responded quickly with a slow sensuous kiss, almost like that of exploring teenagers. My hands slowly traced the form of her body as it collapsed into mine. Soon my fingers were plucking on her nipples while her hands clasped my face to deepen the effect of our lip lock. There was an animal rush, which instructed my mind to have deep impulsive sex with Karen, right there by the lake. I did not have to ask if her body was ready to be exposed, my erection stated loudly what my body was saying. Karen was wearing a wide, flowing summer dress held in place by strings that wrapped around her neck. There was little inclination for slow prolonged passion, the shouting in my head was saying, “get inside her and seize the moment”. I slid the tracksuit I was wearing down enough to give my cock freedom to proceed. Slowly I slipped her panties off to allow her to slide down on my cock. With her back to the lake, she started to ride my cock with passion like someone with an urgent duty. There was no finesse just a rush of activity driven by unspoken, basic intentions. It wasn’t long before we both came vigorously and almost in a symbolic way sat silently in reflection of what had happened. We enjoyed being overtaken by the moment. Our brief fuck session had engaged our sexual appetites. Innocently, kaçak iddaa almost, we went back into the house and I reported that I had taken Karen to see nightfall on the lake. In my dad’s eyes I could see approval for what I had done.

Jim and his girlfriend were spending the night, which inevitably led to a game of Monopoly, mixed with more rum and coke. The hours passed quickly, quicker since I was winning, but the wealth that I was gathering from the game was in no way suppressing the urge I had to get into my room, or wherever, to get back into Karen’s crotch with my tongue, fingers and cock. Jim’s girlfriend, Audra, seemed rather eager herself to get away from the action making constant hints and innuendos. She was having fun, but it was clear she had plans to have more. My parents were sitting nearby having tea while showing Karen some of my boyhood photographs. It was almost time for them to retire to bed, which was being signalled by Dad’s frequent yawns. Almost immediately with my thought they both got up, said goodnight and went upstairs.

Our game was nearing the end with me holding the biggest pile. I did my last few trades that left Jim and Audra hopelessly strapped for cash, which forced them to concede to another beating. We had a few more drinks then slowly stacked away the games, closed the doors and drifted upstairs. Karen and I were the last to leave as we opted to have a quick snack of fruits. She offered me a few strawberries dipped in raspberry syrup. There was a hungry look in her eyes as she placed it in my mouth. It was clear what was on her mind. As we turned the lights off Karen started to caress my balls while whispering in my ear.

“I am so fucking horny, I can’t wait to go upstairs,” she sensually whispered.

“Me too,” was my response as my hand already started to knead he naked ass. She had not put her panties back on and as I squeezed her ass we leaned against the kitchen counter. My dick was hard and ready but I so wanted to suck on her nipples. I dipped a strawberry in some more syrup, rubbed it all over her nipples and engaged my tongue to lick them clean. I loved sucking her breasts. She moaned with need. As I sucked her nipples she pleased herself by stroking the head of my cock in a circular motion.

“Put me on the counter, honey,” she groaned. I lifted her slowly, placed her on the counter and in the process slipped her dress to the floor. Naked, naughty and needy she sat waiting as I removed my pants. She positioned for entry then exhaled with satisfaction as I entered her. We fucked slowly. She wanted to have my cock go as deeply into her pleasure passage, as was possible. There was this glow on her face as we tried to muffle our sounds to coincide with the darkness, while our bodies shouted our delight with each powerful stroke. Karen raised the tempo as she neared a climax. Somewhere she found a strawberry, which she pushed whole into her mouth as she came.

Our weekend at Dreamview was providing more than we had imagined. We had no plans. That may have been part of the pleasure. We sat together in the kitchen for a few minutes before parading our naked bodies on the way to our room . We kaçak bahis had to pass all the other rooms to get to ours, but did not expect to see anyone at that hour anyway. We walked softly past my parents’ room, but on passing Jim’s room we could not help but hear the sound of squeaking furniture and human moans. The faint voice was Audra’s. It was clear that they were having sex. Karen, indicating, with her finger straddling her lips,that we be quiet, stopped by the door to listen. I joined her; placing our ears to the door, we could hear Audra issuing commands, requests and other incoherent statements to Jim. We had to conclude that he was obeying because she would thereafter go into long moans. The thought of my cousin fucking his girlfriend was a big turn on for us. I signaled Karen to go to our room, which she did. We had a quick shower together, laughing at what we had just heard. From the bathroom we could still hear Jim and Audra at work, fucking each other. A stirring thought settled in my head. Taking a towel from the rack to dry Karen’s body accompanied my suggestion for another session of fun.

“Let’s go join them. What do you think?” I asked.

“Are you crazy!” she exclaimed, “Although I must admit that it is a really sexy idea.”

“Well, I am going, Jim and Audra will just have to hate me,” I quipped with a grin. I knew Jim would be fine with it, as we had done many crazy things to each other over the years. In our holidays at Dreamview we had shared many secrets, especially by the lake. Tonight I was going to share it with him and his girl. While applying some raspberry scented lotion to Karen’s body, I could feel the steady thud of her heartbeat. We had done some crazy things before but nothing like this. Her tension was understandable. I held her hand as we walked softly, having closed our door noiselessly, to Jim’s room. We entered to a scene of Jim standing behind Audra, who was on all fours at the edge of the king-size bed. As we entered he looked at us with clear surprise and indecision whether to stop mid stroke to query our motives or continue fucking his girl. He opted to continue pumping hard into Audra’s pussy, she barely noticed our stealthy entry. I went up to Jim; with a big grin, thumped fists then proceeded take Karen, sit her on the bed, fall between her legs and start licking her thighs up to her pussy. The sexual energy in the room was demanding. Karen moaned. Audra wailed. As I sucked on Karen’s moist snatch I could hear Audra explode in a monstrous orgasm. From the impact on the bed I knew she had fallen flat.

“Spray your cum all over me,” I faintly heard her say amidst deep breathing.

Karen, by this time, was steaming hot. She was not ready to end this experience without getting to deep throat my cock for her audience. She flipped around, grabbed my cock and began to suck. Audra, recovering from the intense activity she had just experienced was lying there swallowing every detail with her eyes. Karen was going deep, as were the sensations that captured my body. I could not last long. My cock erupted bringing with it a weakness that I never felt before. Like Jim, I emptied my load then crashed on the bed. Looking into his weary eyes, I said, “There is always something special awaiting us at Dreamview. Damn this was fucking good.” We all lay there before drifting off to sleep. Another memory had been created at Dreamview.

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