Temmuz 13, 2024

Megan’s Night Out

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Megan liked to go out dancing, but her boyfriend didn’t. He preferred sitting around the apartment smoking dope and painting. So now and then she went out by herself. Something was bound to happen.

His paintings actually weren’t too bad, and he actually sold some. But she’d long since grown bored with watching him paint. Wouldn’t you?

She literally put no thought at all into her clubbing outfit — she wore her everyday clothes. But those were enough to get her into any club.

Except for her coloring she was very foxlike — small, wiry, and clever. But her skin was olive-creamy, and her hair was thick and dark. She cut it herself, though, unevenly, not unlike dreadlocks. And she’d put in a purple streak, asymetrically.

Megan’s red t-shirt was short and tight, and she didn’t wear a bra. Even when she wasn’t aroused her nipples showed. Instead of spandex pants she wore two layers of black panty hose. “What’s the difference?” she asked anyone who commented. And short white socks and sneakers. No jewlery.

She went to her usual place, which was only three blocks away. The guys on the door all knew her, so she slipped past the line and went right in.

Sometimes Megan drank or smoked dope, but she usually passed. Didn’t mind others doing stuff, and quite enjoyed watching those others become dumber.

So she went straight to the dance floor and danced. Lots of the people were dancing bahis firmaları alone, lots of couples, and some were dancing in threes.

She didn’t show off a lot at first, she just soaked up the beat. Then a young man, a boy, started rubbing his hard cock, still in his pants, up against her ass.

He aimed for her ass crack. Megan squirmed away at first. She judged that he had a nice fat seven incher. Then she got a wicked idea. Well, why not? So she pushed her ass-crack into his dick, and rubbed it up and down.

It was all very fun dancing. Lots of rubbing. The young man put his hands under her shirt and, gently but firmly, felt up her breasts. He was very slow. Megan loved when he squeezed and rolled her nipples.

Then he came, in his pants in her buttcheeks. She quite enjoyed it, and was very happy when another youth came up behind her and rubbed his long hard dick on her tight little ass. A fun night out!

The music was loud and the bass thrummed the air. Megan noticed that she was surrounded by hot boys with semi-erections. They were rubbing on her and she liked it. She rubbed them back, in their groins, on their asses, tweaking their nipples through their clothing. Superb dancing. Several of them came in their pants.

Spunk stink spread. Everyone who came was rubbing his pants on Megan, and enough leaked onto her to make her the stinkiest. Her clothing was getting all damp with kaçak iddaa semen. Dancing is always sexy, but she’d never taken it this far before; it was very exciting.

She spotted the leader of the boys, a tall thin fellow with very pale skin and very dark hair. His bright green eyes looked vaguely angry. The others made way for him as he slowly walked up to moist, dancing Megan. When he got very close he stopped and just stoon there. The others drifted away.

“I’ve been spunked!” said Megan, laughing.

“Yes you have,” he answered, smiling despite himself. He smiled like he wasn’t used to it.

“What about you?” she asked, and reached over and felt his dick through his pants. It wasn’t hard, but was thinking about it. “No, not yet.” She kept her hand on his groin, rubbing firmly, and slipped her other hand up under his t-shirt. He was soft and nearly hairless, and very thin. She found him interesting to touch, and felt all around his waist and chest. His nipples were small and formless, as if they hadn’t been played with much. She changed that. Her mouth was exactly at the height of his nipples, so she took advantage of that, pulling up his shirt and clamping on, biting and sucking and licking.

Finally he took her in his arms and they danced. It was an odd little dance, very much like dry-humping.

They worked their way to the side of the room where there was a narrow ledge. He picked her kaçak bahis up and sat her on it and, while she pulled down his fly and pulled out his cock, tore open the crotch of her pantyhose. Her little pink twat, ringed with thick dark hair, was very wet and ready. So he stuck his cock right in.

As he humped her slowly she watched his face with interest. He was breathing heavily and his jaw was tense from his efforts. Nothing fancy, just slow in and slow out. His dick was quite ordinary, but she was small down there so they fit together nicely.

Finally he came. She could tell from his face when he squirted. He began to pull out but she stopped him with a gentle touch, and they kissed, long and slow, for the first and only time.

Then he pulled out.

They walked back to the main doors. With her thick dark pubes filling the gap, you could barely tell her hose were torn. Until a big gob of cum dripped out. They laughed.

He got all serious. “Don’t fall in love with me.”

“Ha! That’s not going to happen!” He looked very offended, so she said goodnight and walked home.

There was really no point in trying to lie to her boyfriend. She was sweaty and disheveled, and stank from the eight or nine loads of spunk smeared on her clothes. And, of course, her twat was hanging out for everyone to see, and was leaking cum. Full story told, without words.

Naturally, they fought. Then they had fierce make-up sex. It was the first time she’d cheated on him, but not the last.

The tipping point came several years later when she slept with his brother. Even she could almost see that that was too much.

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