Temmuz 14, 2024

Memorable Road Trip

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I needed to get out — and soon! You can only stand so much time in the office without a little fresh air. Spring wasn’t due here for weeks but if I didn’t take some time off work soon, I know I was going to be very unpleasant company to anybody around me. Midwest winters, especially this one can be nasty and I had seen enough snow to last a lifetime. I needed warm weather and a nice secluded beach somewhere. I got a full two weeks off work but I didn’t want to spend half of my vacation driving so I picked a location about a day’s drive from where I lived.

I packed up the car, filled up my tank, and thought to myself “this is the first trip out on your own, you could be taken advantage of.” I hated when my conscience started talking to me. Oh screw it I said to myself, take the situation as it comes and have a good time.

I started out early the next morning hoping to make some real progress by nightfall. My drive south started out pretty uneventful. The Midwest is pretty flat, not much of a view and I know in certain parts of the south it was even worse. I made the normal stops along the way for gas and other necessities. On one of my stops I noticed a rig pulled off to the side of the road but didn’t think anything of it. As I went to pay for my gas I was standing in line behind a very fine looking man. He filled those jeans out perfectly. He turned and gave me a warm smile and we chit chatted for a minute while we waited. I couldn’t help but stare. He had the most beautiful eyes I’ d ever seen, and I kept drawing my gaze down to the bulge in his pants. Blushing I looked back up at him and he just grinned and gave me a knowing smile. He paid and I told him to take it easy and watched him walk out to his rig. I grinned and wondered what those strong hands felt like…

Another 50 miles and I’d find a place to stay for the night. If you’ve ever driven out in the open plains when it’s dark you know it can be a little creepy especially when you’re not familiar with the area. I let my thoughts drift back to the gorgeous man I’d met earlier and felt warmth between my thighs. I had been without a man entirely too long. If I had been bolder I would have asked for his number just for kicks but of course I didn’t. I smiled to myself thinking it was all for the best. I found a motel just over the border of the next state. I was really too tired to drive any further and just wanted to find a nice pool to lay by and relax for the rest ataşehir escort of the night. I noticed a rig pulled across the road and thought “no way it can’t be.” Just let me check in and find that pool.

I got myself settled by the pool which was secluded and started to relax. The next thing I knew I heard a voice “is this seat taken”?

I must have jumped about a foot off my chair. That gorgeous man was back. It’s funny how a voice can make your nipples go hard isn’t it. My nipples were straining against my suit and I used the excuse I was cold even though it was a heated pool. I told him he was welcome to sit next to me because I wouldn’t bite. I heard him mutter “but I might” and felt myself shiver .

I found myself glancing over at him. He really filled out that suit quite nicely, maybe a little too nicely and I kept staring at the bulge in his trunks. I made an excuse that I needed to warm up and headed for the pool. I heard him mutter something about warming me up in more ways than one and grinned to myself. So he was as horny as I was. Of course, I wasn’t going to let on so easily that I wanted him and let him think I hadn’t heard him. I dove into the water and sliced across the pool. I turned when I reached the other side and looked down. I had lost my top. I was a little embarrassed because he could see everything. He was laughing and twirling the top of my suit around his finger. I gave him this stern look and asked for my top back.

He just shook his head and said “in order to get your suit back you have to come and get it.” Fine…I’d do what I needed to, I didn’t want anybody walking in seeing me like this. I swam to him and he caught me around the waist. His touch was sending a shock through my system and I froze for a second because I wasn’t sure what he was up to. He just looked at me and slowly lowered his mouth to mine kissing me almost to the point of teasing at first then took control and plunged his tongue in my mouth making me moan. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him feeling the heat off his chest. His strong hands stroking my back. I could feel his cock pressed up against my leg. I told him it would be so much better in private and not for prying eyes. I righted my suit and headed out of the pool. I have never seen somebody want to haul ass out of a pool so fast in their life. As we walked back to my room he whispered in my ear “I want to fuck you in 101 kadıköy escort different ways”.

I in turn told him I would have him so hard he would want to cum as soon as he was inside me. I heard him groan in frustration. Smiling to myself, I unlocked the door. I heard it slam and was up against the wall so fast I hardly had time to think. My pussy was already soaked from the anticipation and I was not sure how long I was going to be able to hold out. I felt his fingertips graze my side and my back arched. He nibbled my bottom lip and with expert fingers removed my top, his warm mouth clamping on to my throbbing nipple. I could feel his hardness pressed up against my leg and his free hand slowly removed my bottoms. He slowly circled my clit with his fingertip and tugged my nipple with his teeth making me moan louder.

My hand found the front of his trunks and lowered them just enough to release his cock. Slowly wrapping my hand around his hard shaft I pumped his cock back and forth making his hips move. I looked at him and asked how badly he wanted to feel my lips around his cock. I got a moan in response and I took that as a yes. I slowly worked my way down his chest to his naval. Flicking my tongue in and out, I worked my lips down to his hairline.

I softly blew on his cock watching it jump and kissed the inside of his thigh. I looked up at him and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock slowly drawing it deeper in to my mouth. I felt his hips move and opened the back of my throat to take the length of his cock. A soft growl escaped his lips and he slowly pumped my mouth. He tasted so good. I loved inhaling his scent. He looked down at me through lowered lids and I pulled his cock out of my mouth slowly lifting it, licking the underside and teasing the head with the tip of my finger. I slowly teased him with my tongue knowing he wanted his cock in my mouth but holding back just enough. I sucked his balls between my soft lips rolling them around my warm mouth, his cock pumping back and forth in my hand. I could feel the pre cum. I slowly put a finger to my mouth licking it clean. In once swift motion I shoved his cock between my lips and took the entire length of his shaft feeling myself gag on it. His hand grabbed the back of my head and his rhythm picked up.

I reached down slowly circling my pussy and feeling my juices run through my fingers. Holding my finger up to his lips he slowly drew it into his mouth bostancı escort bayan sucking my juices off.

The next thing I knew I heard “I need you right now” and was picked up and thrown over his shoulder. Well, somebody knew exactly what they wanted, grinning to myself. He pushed me down onto the bed pinning me down with his weight. I felt his lips on my shoulder blades and moaned . His cock teasing the inside of my thigh, I felt myself squirming, wanting it so badly. I needed to feel him inside me.

He whispered in my ear “you want me inside you don’t you”. All I could do was whimper and nod my head. I felt his fingertips softly grazing the back of my neck making me moan louder. He slowly shoved himself inside me. An animalistic cry escaped my lips. I’d never felt such sweet bliss. It was almost agony the way he was taking his sweet time but I’d never felt so good. I pushed back against him wanting more ,I felt him slow down even more.

I turned to look at him “please baby, I need you to fuck me until I’m ready to pass out.”

“With pleasure” he whispered in my ear I felt a slap on my ass and a soft bite on my shoulder. Throwing my head back I could feel his tongue tracing teasingly along my neck. His pace not picking up. He knew this was driving me crazy. I felt him pull out and pouted at the empty feeling. I turned to look at him and he flipped me over onto my back. Positioning himself over me he looked at me parting my thighs with his leg his mouth coming back down on my nipples again. I felt my back arch and grabbed the back of his head. He buried his cock deep in my pussy and grabbed my ass. Working himself into a frenzy I felt myself cry out. I was so fucking wet and I could feel the juices all over his balls. I felt the warm sensation envelope me but didn’t want this to end it was ecstasy.

He pushed my legs back and hit that sweet spot. That was it for me. Crying out I came so hard I was seeing stars. My body lifting off the bed. Head thrown back. He stiffed and I felt him empty himself inside me a low moan escaping his lips. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me softly on the neck.

We laid there basking in the afterglow and eventually went to sleep. I knew when the next morning got here I would have no regrets. I knew I’d probably never see him again, what are the odds. Since I had acted so boldly the night before I decided maybe I should get his phone number, you know, just for kicks. When he wrote it down, I noticed the area code was the same as mine. I grinned to myself and gave him my number.

When he looked at it he just grinned down at me and said “I’ll pick you up next Friday night after I get back from my run.” What are the odds?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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