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Megan Part 2

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Megan Part 2
This is continuing from the original MEGAN story:

Later that evening my wife came home and we went on our Friday night date. After we came home I made moves to get between my wifes legs. Sheree asked me to wait until the next day. The next day did not come. I was still thinking about Megan sucking me earlier.

The next Friday, Sheree and I went on our Friday night date. When we came home I was laying in bed with Sheree and I started stroking my cock. She told me she’d take care of me tomorrow and she promised.

Well, the next morning, Saturday (this past weekend) Sheree did not touch me. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve gotten any pussy from my wife. I did the usual yard work and I took care of the pool for the girls who would be in it shortly after they got out of bed. After I took my shower and got the yard dirt off me, Sheree came into the bathroom and saw that I was soaping up my cock and balls. She stood there and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was cleaning up her lunch. She stood there and when I stepped out of the shower and started drying off she started pulling on my cock and she got on her knees and started sucking me. It felt so damn good because it had been over a week since I last cum and that was when it was in Megan’s mouth. I had intentionally avoided Megan and Cassie all week, on purpose, so as to not cause Sheree or Cassie to think anything after watching Cassie do that “sniff” thing and hearing her call Megan a bitch while they were in the kitchen making me a sandwich..

Sheree continued sucking me in the bathroom and I told her that I needed to cum. She stood up and led me to the bed and lay on her back and said “Suck you pussy first baby!”, which I did and I enjoyed every sweet drop that came from it. (Guys, have you ever went down on a woman and it smelled great and tasted better…that’s Sheree…all the fucking time.) I pulled myself up to my wife and started to kiss her and she turned her head and said, “you smell like pussy.” She don’t like the smell, but i love it. I pushed my dick into her wet, dripping pussy and started slamming it hard. She was moaning and wrapped her legs around my waist and said “Take it baby, take your pussy, it’s all yours!” I kept pounding and realized my abs were burning. I slowed down and she relaxed a little and said “Am I too much for you baby?” I kept fucking her in a slow rythm and she said “My baby can’t take his pussy like he wants to take it can he?” I thought, she’s mocking me. I picked up the pace and steadily increased it until my balls were slapping her ass with loud, wet slaps. She arched her back and I felt her tighten her pussy and that was my clue to cum so I pumped about 10 more times and started cumming. I filled her pussy full and rolled off the top of her. She said, “go get me a towel baby, it’s draining out.” I got up and went to get her a towel and I cleaned and dried her pussy. She lay there and I lay on my back, resting.

After about 5 minutes she got up and went to the bathroom. I lay there and she got a phone call from her sister. I could her the conversation. She helped her older sister frequently with driving her to the store and such. Sheree came back to the bedroom and told me she needed to go help her sister in the afternoon. I understood so I told her ok. She asked me to go with her but I had work to do.

I got up and washed my face and cleaned the tool and put on my clothes and Cassie and Megan were on barstools eating breakfast. I walked by them and asked “What’s for breakfast ladies?” I saw them look at one another and Cassie said “Didn’t you just have breakfast?” I looked around at her and she smiled. Megan just looked down and then back up at me a moment later. I smiled at her and she looked away. I walked to my office and sat down. After a while Cassie walked past me and went back upstairs. A moment later Megan walked by and looked into the office and I said “Good morning.” She waved and went upstairs.

A moment later my phone dinged with a text message. It was Megan. It said “Was breakfast good? It sounded like you got some this morning. Did it make her happy? Did you know we could hear every time you slammed into her? We heard everything she said. You’re terrible! Your room is not sound proof. I waited to respond. Then I sent her a response, “Yes, isn’t it amazing what can be done when I’m thinking of you.” She didn’t respond.

A few moments later she came back down the steps and I saw her look out at the pool. She turned and stepped into the office. She said “Don’t patronize me, old man.” and walked out. I said “Megan!” She stopped and looked over her shoulder and I said, “Give me a chance to show you how I can please you, ok?” She smiled and said, “Ok, old man.” I leaned back in my chair and grabbed my cock through my shorts and said “I got every inch of your Old Man right here when you think you can handle it.” She looked disgusted canlı kaçak iddaa and just walked away toward the pool.

I worked all day and Megan came into my office several times that day but Cassie was always near. Around 5 o’clock I called Sheree to see when she would be home. She told me that she was going to have dinner with her sister and then see that she is settled when she takes her back home.. I told her that I was wanting to go out to eat. She told me to take Cassie and Megan out instead. I thought about it for a while and didn’t really want to. I realized they were in their rooms upstairs. I texted both of them and I asked them to get ready to go out to dinner. Cassie came to the top of the steps first and asked where we would go. Megan came to the stairs a moment later. I told them we’d go to Gr****** and she said she wasn’t that hungry. We discussed the restaurant and eventually Cassie declined. Megan said she was hungry and that she would go with me if i would buy her a drink. I typically ordered double drinks for myself and gave the extra to the girls because they’re u******e. I told Megan to get dressed and she said she would be ready in 30 minutes. I got to thinking and texted Megan about ordering out and going to her house. She agreed. I called G****** for take-out.

She came downstairs and we went to the truck and I opened the door for her, like a gentleman on a date. We picked up the takeout and drove to her house. We talked about various topics and she brought up me taking care of Sheree earlier in the day. I asked her if it bothered her that I was pleasing my wife. She said she wasn’t aware of her jealousy until last week when she let me use her mouth like I did. I asked if she enjoyed it and she said she did but felt used this week since i never spoke to her. I explained the “sniff” I saw from Cassie and I asked about the “bitch” comment. She smiled and said she didn’t see the “sniff” but that she stirred my drink with her finger, after she pulled it out of her pussy. She did say that Cassie was suspicious she thought.

I was stunned. She told me that she wasn’t aware that Cassie saw her do it. .

We got to her house and she asked me to let her go in first to disable all the cameras. I did and she came to the door a few moments later and I carried in the take-out food. We ate and she asked if i wanted to see her bedroom. I did. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. It was all feminane and she had a queen size bed. I stepped into her bedroom and said “I never thought I’d be in here, holding your hand, knowing that was about to suck your pussy/” She smiled and we kissed. I bend over and picked her up in my arms and carried her over to the bed. She had her arms around my neck and was kissing me. She whispered “Make love to me.” I told her that it would be my pleasure.

I lay her down on her bed. She had not made her bed so we pushed the sheet out of the way. I stood up and pulled off my shirt and I kicked off my shoes. She was watching me. I unsnapped my pants and let them drop to the floor. She watched as I pushed my underwear down and she saw my cock at full mast. I took a viagra just about an hour earlier, just in case, since I just fucked Sheree a few hours earlier.

She lay in bed and asked “Play with it for me.” I started stroking my dick and she lay there and smiled and said “Thats so fucking hot for me, to see you doing that.” I asked her to take off her clothes and she said “No, you’re supposed to take them off me.” I got on the bed and started unbuttoning her blouse. I repositioned such that i was straddling her with my dick between her tits. I watched her and she buttoned every button again and said “What’s wrong Old Man, am I too fast for you?” I smiled and reached down to the first button and instead of unbuttoning it i ripped her top and the buttons popped across the room, bouncing off the wall and headboard. She lay there somewhat in shock. I said, “you want to play?” I pulled her blouse off in pieces. The act seemed to make me more horny. I reached for her bra but she had already unhoocked it and I pulled it off gently She had beautiful titties, perfect for her body. I squeezed them and felt the nipples. My dick was in between them and i rubbed my dick on each nipple. She opened her mouth and I pushed my dick in. She sucked on me for about 3 or 4 minutes showing me she watched the video.

I reached around me and pulled at her short pants and pulled them off her. She had on a thong. I looked at it, sized it up a little. I put my hand around the elastic at the hips and pulled hard and fast and it ripped completely off her. She said “Whoa, honey, you going to take me aren’t you?” I said, I’ve wanted you for several months. Now that you’re legal, I’m going to get you. With that I pushed her knees apart and got my head between her legs.

She positioned herself a little and I pushed her canlı kaçak bahis knees up and planted a kiss on her pussy. It was trimmed with a heart of pubic hair above her clit. It smelled wonderful, as if she had just bathed in perfume. I ran my tongue from the bottom to the top. She was soaking wet and the odor was oh, so arousing. Wet pussy, oh my god, wet pussy is so fine.. It was fresh, young, wet pussy with perfume….wonderful. She had a wonderful taste too, I probed her pussy with my tongue and then deep into the opening and then I licked and sucked on her pussy lips. I worked my way to her clit and when I started flicking it with my tongue she moaned so loud, grabbed my hair and pulled a little, not to hurt but to let me know of her approval. I started licking up and down her pussy, sucking on each pussy lip. I was moving my tongue up and down and then side to side, savoring the warm juices coming from her. I began rolling my tongue to cup her pussy juice and moving my tongue from her ass to her clit sucking and making that slurpy sucking sound. She started quivering and held my head again and she arched her back and then thrust her hips up toward my head and I pressed on her clit and sucked and pressed and then sucked some more. I pushed my two middle fingers into her pussy and started sucking and I know the sucking sounds were sloppy and wet and then she screamed “OH FUCK!” and held my head and said, “Don’t STOP, Don’t MOVE!” and i smelled the warm cum and it pooled in the palm of my hand as it drained down my fingers. She then said “OH FUCK, Oh my god FUCK ME.” I started moving my tongue again against her clit and she started shivering again. I worked my fingers and she screamed “GOD-DAMN- OH FUCK.” She was kind of jerking her hips a little and then she relaxed. I slurped up the fluid in my hand and i licked my fingers and all around her pussy.

My cock was rock hard. I moved my kissing and tonguing up to her belly button which had a piercing in it. I tongued and probed her belly button. I worked my way to her nipples and she was moaning her approval. I pulled myself up to her lips and she kissed me long and deep. I was between her legs and my dick was in place. I said. “Do you want my dick in you?” She purred her answer. I said “Baby girl, grab my cock and put it where you want it to be.” She reached down and wrapped her tiny fingers around my dick. I moved forward a little. She moved a little and positioned it at her pussy and then she pushed herself onto my dick. Then she said “Like this?” I said “Oh fuck yeah” She pulled her hand off and said “ Please make love to me, Please make me a real woman tonight.” I whispered “Ok honey”. I pushed my dick into her slowly and she took a deep breath. I still had about an inch to go and I could tell I was at the bottom of her pussy. I pulled out and pushed myself back in until I felt my cock head hit bottom. I did it again, slowly. I pulled out a fourth time, and realized i was trembling. It felt so good. It was so tight. I pushed in slow and when I hit bottom I pushed the other inch or so in and I felt that I was now rubbing her clit with my body above my cock. She gasped and took a deep breath. She said “DAMN!”

She quivered some and i ground myself on her clit and she put her arms around my neck and started digging her fingernails into my back. She moaned and then I started pumping. Every time I hit bottom I got more intense and I realized I was pounding my cock into her after after about 10 or so strokes. This little, just turned 18 years old teenager, was wet. I heard the squishy, wet sounds of her and my juices leaking out and running down her ass. A few strokes later my balls were making that wonderful, wet, slapping noise. She purred“Oh Fuck, Yeah, that’s the sound I want you to make. Oh my god it feels so fucking good, Oh fuck, I love you Billy, Oh make love to me like this forever.. Yeah that’s it” This verbal encouragement, from an 18 year old girl, made me want to try harder and to push myself more than ever, even though my abs began to burn. She then started moaning loud and I realized that she was going to cum. I loved that sound coming from her and then I felt that warm tingle in my groin and damn, I was going to cum too. I didn’t want to disturb the moment so I said “Birth control?” and all she said was “Yes”. I pumped about 20 more times and I felt that feeling.

You guys know that feeling! It’s a warm tingle deep in your groin. It lasts for a few seconds and then you feel a rush of cum from your groin trying to get out through that little opening in your cock and you know the spasms are about to happen. You know your dick is about to shoot a load of warm, gooey cum. Here I am, a 42 year old man, married to a beautiful woman that turns every head in the room, and I”m fucking a fresh, young, tight 18 year old pussy.. I’m getting ready to unload my experienced bahis siteleri canlı mans’ cum into a pussy that is more than half my age and the beautiful little hot bitch is encouraging me to do it.

Suddenly she screamed again and dug her nails into my back and started making grunting noises and that was all it took for me. I slammed into her hard and started cumming. I held my cock balls deep in her tight pussy. I shot the first load and then the second and the third. The cum spasms were hard throbs that she felt. She said “Oh god, i feel you cumming in me!”. I pumped a couple of times as hard as I could and I stayed still, deep in her pussy and I throbbed 4 or 5 more times, each time squirting my 42 year old man cum into this beautiful 18 year old pussy. She made a deep moan. I started pumping again as fucking hard as i could. It’s not every day I get young pussy like this. I heard the cum splatter noises coming as the cum began leaking from her pussy. I filled the little bitch full and now I was pumping it out. I pumped for another minute, fuck the burning abs and pain in my back. This is damn good pussy.

When I stopped pumping, she was trembling and just had this one, long deep moan. I kept my dick in her while I let my abs and back rest. She was breathing hard and I realized I was too. I looked down at her pussy and there was white frothy cum all over her heart shaped pubic hair and on me as well. She looked and said “Wow, was that from us?” I smiled and told her it was. I bent double to keep my dick in her and I licked on her right breast nipple.

She just lay there. Finally she said, “Oh my, god damn, what the hell just happened to me? I raised up and looked at her. I said, “Kiss the man that made you a woman!” She pulled me to her and we french kissed for about 5 minutes straight. We rolled onto our sides and kept kissing. My cock had fallen out of her but she still had her legs wrapped around my waist. I could feel my cum draining from her pussy. We just lay there in one another’s arms. She asked if that was my cum soaking the bed. I told her it was.

When I rolled over to my back she did the same. She just lay there with her legs spread apart. I looked at her pussy and I saw cum still draining from it. I thought about it and then I bent over and kissed her clit. I could smell my cum. I looked at the clock. We walked into the bedroom 40 minutes earlier. She rolled over to me and put her arm around my chest and said “It was better than I ever dreamed it would be! I always wanted you to make me a woman and god damn if you didn’t.” We lay there for about 10 more minutes not saying a word. She said, “Does it get better?” I said “With the right person, yes it does.” She lay there for a few moments and said, “You’re the right man to be in me. I only want you to do this to me.” I told her that we needed to get back home before my wife got home.

We got up and we both showered and she gave me mouth rinse to clean up the pussy breath. One the way home she said, “I meant what I said when we were making love.” I knew what she was talking about so I said “Are you certain?” She smiled at me and said, “you heard me then?” I told her that I did and that if I were 20 years younger that we’d get married the next morning. She reached over and took my hand and said, “I meant it, I do love you Billy.” I stopped at the stop sign and I pulled her to me. I kissed her. I said, “Megan, I love you so very much and nothing will change that.” I told her that I didn’t want anything to get in the way of the two of us spending more time together. She asked about my wife and if I was really happy with Sheree. I told her that Sheree and I have moments that we have to deal with. That’s part of a relationship.

She said she understood. I told her to give the relationship some time to grow and mature. I explained that if the universe was putting us together then we have to look for the reason. I told her that we should look for that reason together over the next few months and to see how it went. If it was meant for me and Sheree to break up then that will also fall into place. I told her that we should let our new found relationship a chance to grow and see where it goes. She asked if we could get together a couple times a week to make love. I told her that it would be difficult but I wanted to make love to her every chance I got.

We got home and the hou. She told me that she will remember the last 2 weeks for the rest of her life and that if the universe takes us in a different direction that she has certainly learned a lot in such a short time. Sheree was not home yet. I walked Megan to the stairs and she stepped on the first tread and turned around to face me. I put my arms around her and kissed her. She told me that she would go to sleep thinking of how it felt to have me in her tonight. I told her that I’d do the same. She turned and I smacked her ass and as she walked up the stairs I walked to my bedroom.

About 20 minutes later my wife came in and I pretended to be asleep. I did go to sleep very relaxed knowing that I just fucked an 18 year old girl and showed her what a man can do to her young, tender and wet pussy.

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