Nisan 18, 2024

Samantha’s Re-Awakening

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Samantha’s Re-Awakening
I had no problem spotting her. I was waiting for her to arrive at the airport and there was no doubt it was she. Samantha is an elegant woman with very prominent breasts. She dresses impeccably and somehow appears both distant and erotic at the same time. She smiled as she recognized me and I felt her full body as we embraced; sliding one big tit under my arm as we kissed hello. It was a soft but meaningful kiss followed by a “so glad we finally meet.” For myself, I was pretty close to speechless at realizing I was about to spend an entire weekend ravishing this gorgeous married woman. God, she even smelled erotic. I picked up her giant suitcase and wondered what she could bring to fill that up for a 3 day stay. I was soon to find out.

It was late afternoon as the cab drove us down to our hotel. Samantha enjoyed being looked at and was the kind that lived for the moment. And this particular moment was for getting to know me. She turned to me and we kissed a lingering open mouth erotic kiss. She raised one knee up over mine as my hand found the outer part of her upper leg. Just the feel of her butt where it meets the leg made my hand burn for more. She whispered, “The cab driver has his eyes fastened on us, lets give him something more to see.” I slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt and moved it up along the back of her leg lifting the skirt as I did. High enough that I confirmed that she was not wearing panties. All she said was, “hmmm, baby, go for it.” I did, my hand slid between her butt cheeks and my finger tips found her pussy…and it was soaking wet. Too soon we pulled into the hotel. I was thinking that she would be lucky to get off the elevator without my cock in her. I paid the cabbie a nice tip but I could have given him a piece of toilet paper and he would not have noticed as his eyes were burning at Samantha as she re-arranged herself in a lady-like fashion.

We enjoyed a full body kiss and feel after entering the room. My hands went to her skirt to lift it up but Samantha was in charge and had other things in mind and stopped me. She declared that she needed a shower first. I was more than ready to perform like a trained seal if necessary and pulled back. She unpacked and hung up a dozen or so outfits and night gowns and negligees in the closet. She stripped down and invited me into the shower. Wow, she was a delicious looking woman, beautiful groomed hair and face, big tits and wide hips, nice legs and a shaved pussy. Talk about a dinner buffet. She smiled at my big hard-on and asked the question not needing an answer, “You like?” I was ready to fuck her in the shower but that was off limits as well, just lots of warm soaping and rubbing and passionate kisses. I wanted to mount her from behind as she toweled off but she just told me to put a robe on and wait in the other room. I waited impatiently on a chair until she appeared. After drying her hair and powdering herself she had put on a very revealing close fitting sheer negligee, totally naked underneath without flowers or anything else blocking a view of her dark nipples or beautiful pussy. She motioned me to an armless chair and then stood in front of me and let me feel her top to bottom. I felt myself pulsating as I touched her. She moved towards me and my hands went to the bottom of the gown and lifted it completely up to her waist. My two knees worked in between her legs as she came closer and she adjusted herself until she was parked over my cock then just eased herself down on it. I could feel every little bit of her incredibly wet hole, and it seemed there were a thousand small tongues licking my cock as it penetrated her.

She raised the rest of the gown up over her head and those two big tits were suddenly swaying in front of my eyes. I rubbed my face in them, licked them, lifted them with my hands, placed them on my shoulders and finally sucked the nipples; hard. Most of my previous partners preferred a very gentle lover, but I knew that Samantha liked it a little rough and she reacted with a cry as I sucked hard on her nipples. Meanwhile she was working away at my cock, using her pussy muscles to massage and suck on it, telling me to wait for it, don’t move it, let her fuck it. I could feel her starting to cum, her body twisting and jerking a bit out of control. Finally, just as I was about to lose it and she was still trembling she gasped out, “now…fuck me hard now!” And I did, ramming it up her from my sitting position like an attack gun on warship. I almost passed out as I came.

We had met online, on one of those personals websites. It all started out with emails really, no online chats, just relating stories kaçak casino and fantasies about sex. We were very similar in our turn-ons and we eventually began to chat online. For a while there had been no exchange of pictures; Samantha preferring to get to know me first; but we were easily erotic with each other. We would start to exchange naughty photos, never with faces and naughtiness in the same photo though. Then photos and online chat turned into web cam meetings, and then mutual masturbation. We enjoyed how much we enjoyed each other and our bodies craved more.

Every online meeting was a production for Samantha, always well groomed, beautiful robes or negligees, lace bra’s and panties, perfect lighting, the works. And as the heat rose in our chats, there was always a strip tease, she never just ripped her clothes off; always a little bit at a time. I waited each time for her to lift one tit and then the other out of whichever bra she was wearing while her fingers played and teased the areoles and nipples. Each meeting was a heart stopping erotic build up to cumming. I must have creamed the web camera five times.

Then her hubby began to appear on occasion, confirming I suppose, that he was fine with it all. He would just lean into the cam and say hello, kiss Samantha on the cheek and fade off. He apparently was no longer interested in sex for unknown (to me) reasons, and I never asked; but he did allow Samantha latitude in her life to play as she saw fit.

Our plan to meet was confirmed, and I was also ready to assist in providing her with her fantasy, a threesome with two men to please her. Actually it was quite easy to arrange, as the man was my friend and business partner Mike, with whom I often traveled. Mike and I had previously had threesomes with his ex-wife years ago, and we had also shared a lady one recent night. My only provision was that the threesome aspect of it would only use up one night of my time with her.

After another shower we dressed for dinner. I told her that she would soon meet the third in our threesome and that she would have the opportunity to accept or turn down his participation. She had seen photos of him but really needed to meet him one on one before deciding. I could tell that she was very excited. She dressed like a dream as I expected. We were going to dine at a fine exclusive restaurant and she wore a flared cocktail dress, sheer thigh high stockings and garter belt, half bra lifts and no panties. I almost came just watching her dress and she loved it.

Mike was waiting for us in the vestibule of the restaurant and it was easy to see that they were both impressed with each other. There would be no cancellation of the threesome this night. I had arranged for a discreet booth with enough room to sit three side by side. Samantha slipped elegantly into place between the two of us. She was radiant and relaxed and her hands were busy touching each of us in that special manner women have to let you know they are thinking about your cock while touching only your arm or shoulder. After cocktails and after we had ordered our meal, Samantha began her story about her sexual re-awakening and how she came to be with the two of us this particular night. It was one of the most erotic stories I had ever heard and by the end of it, there would be little time left to finish our meal; all three of us were thinking about hours of hot sex.

Samantha’s husband had lost interest in sex, but he suggested that she take on a lover, with the caveat that he met him first. At first she was reluctant, almost disgusted by the thought of it in fact; but the more she thought about it, the more curious and aroused she became. It had been many years since she had a man lust after her, want her, and the thought of it began to arouse senses in her that had not been felt in a long time. She worked from home and she would find herself masturbating in the middle of the day to the thought of another man showing interest in her, fully desirous of her…and the thoughts increased over time until she finally approached her husband one evening and told him that she had been thinking about it and wanted to explore this more.

Apparently her husband had been thinking about it more as well, and he promptly replied that he could arrange for a nice man he knew to meet her with the idea of seducing her, and allowing him to watch of course. She was taken aback a bit by how prompt and well thought out his reply was. She had not been with anyone since she married her husband, although she had a very active sex life in the years prior. She hadn’t had sex in so long that she found herself rarely thinking about it anymore. casino oyna But just the thoughts of this over the preceding weeks had aroused her numerous times, enough to cum throughout the days, and it had awakened something in her. She agreed to meet the man, although she had nervous trepidation.

The next afternoon her husband shared that they would be having a “visitor” at 7pm, and asked her to prepare herself in a revealing negligee with a sexy lace bra and panties and high heels. She was very excited, and sort of felt like a whore, as if she was doing this for money. She chuckled to herself as she had secretly fantasized of being a hooker and now she could live that fantasy. She would never remotely consider that in real life, of course, but just the thought of being desired by men and having lots of good sex aroused and intrigued her. She laughed to herself as she put the finishing touches of bright red lipstick on.

The meeting was to take place in their house and she settled down on the couch shortly before 7pm. Her husband shared that he just got off the phone with “him” and the man would be arriving any minute. She was nervous, but excited at the same time. The doorbell rang and introductions were made. Jonathan, as she learned was his name, was a tall athletic looking man about 40 years old or so. He had a nice smile and easy manner about him, and had a look of surprised pleasure when he saw her. She stood to meet him and instead of grabbing her he took her hand and raised it to his lips, very much impressing her. He sat on the couch next to her, and they talked and laughed as her husband sat in an oversized love seat and occasionally chimed in.

After several glasses of wine and pleasant conversation, she made a bold move. She was attracted to this gentleman, and wanted to take things to the next level. Somewhat nervously, she leaned towards him and they passionately kissed. His hand fondled her breast and she was hot in an instant, slipping her tongue between his lips at the feel of his hands. She felt warm and flushed, and her pussy began to tingle in a way that it hadn’t in what seemed like forever. At that moment all she could think about was this man deep inside of her.

Her heightened senses were all over the place when she faintly heard her husband suggest they all go upstairs to the bedroom. He didn’t need to ask twice – she grabbed Jonathan’s hand and practically pulled him to the bedroom.

Once there, he smoothly untied her negligee and pulled it off of her. They both stood up and he turned her away from him and she was now facing her husband, whose eyes were round and glazed. Jonathan unhooked her bra and her ample tits tumbled out, then his hands slowly pushed her panties down. She stepped out of the panties as one of his hands found a tit and the other slipped down to rub her swollen clit, his mouth on her neck, his hard cock pressing against the crease of her butt. Any doubts she had about getting fucked on this night had completely disappeared. She was ready for it now, she couldn’t wait for this to happen; she wanted that cock in her and she turned towards him. She undid his belt and zipper and pushed his shorts down half way. She rubbed his cock through his jockey shorts as he stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. As he pulled his shorts down her hand grabbed his cock, big and long and hard. They came together as one, with her big tits squashed against his sinewy chest, their bodies slapped together, and his cock sliding between her legs as their mouths were glued together with tongues lashing. She fell back on the bed, high heels still on the floor with legs spread. She glanced over at her husband, now sitting on the edge of his chair but looking like he would soon be coming to get a closer look.

Jonathan stood between her legs, his rock hard cock sticking straight at her as he lifted her ass up with one hand and used his other to rub the big knob of his cock on her very wet pussy. Their eyes locked on each other as he began to slide it into her, gradually leaning over her until he was totally inside of her. He stalled a bit, allowing her to adjust to the size and angle of his cock, and then a few slow strokes as they both moaned at the delicious feel of it all. She loved it, that feeling of a hard cock in her, stroking and lighting her forgotten fire. He stayed propped up on his extended arms, no doubt providing her husband a better of view of his cock plundering her. She could vaguely make out the form standing just to one side of Jonathan, but she could not have cared less. Jonathan stepped up the speed and force of his thrusts; her tits were bouncing wildly while canlı casino siteleri her hands were on his butt pulling him in deeper. She wanted to feel his hot cum inside her…it had been so long since she had felt that sensation, and her entire body began to shake and vibrate as her own orgasm began in anticipation of his. He fell on her as he exploded inside her, her legs swinging around his back digging her heels into him and holding his cock inside of her. A pause and then he began to slow fuck her, both of them enjoying the last delicious strokes as he began to shrink. She looked over his shoulder at her husband; his eyes still wild. But then her husband smiled at her and said, “I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

There was no question in her mind that she had. Her and Jonathan lay there for a while touching and kissing and then entered the bathroom for a shower together. At this point her husband had left the two of them to complete their session on their own. A delightful slow shower followed by a mutual toweling off and then back to bed for an hour or so of touching and oral sex finished off by an intense fuck.

That night had changed her life and she realized that there was still much pleasure available in the world that she had been missing out on in her marriage. Over time, she took on a couple of more lovers to satisfy her insatiable desires, all with her husband’s approval. Her husband was not capable of satisfying her erotic needs but allowed her to pursue them when she felt she had to.

“I have chosen my partners carefully and that is how I ended up here with two great guys who are going to fuck me silly tonight,” Samantha shared with us.

Dinner was nearly over by the time Samantha had told her story. She had aroused both of us, in addition to herself, with the tale and we were anxious to begin ravishing her. She was once again very aggressive in the cab, sitting between the two of us, her legs spread, and we each had a hand up under her skirt, fingers meeting in her wet slit. She alternated kissing one of us then the other and the ride back to our hotel seemed like it lasted only seconds. Another cab driver had enjoyed an eyeful of my beautiful mistress.

Once in the room however, she was the director once again and in control of the performance. She asked us to wait until she changed into another gorgeous night gown, fixed her hair and face and re-entered the room. She asked us to strip down while she did, and told us that she wanted both of us in bed with her. We stood at the end of the bed with very stiff erections as she settled in, her eyes intent while she examined our cocks, enjoying the wild desire she could see in our eyes. She was excited as she held a breast in one hand, and her fingers played with her pussy lips with the other, working herself into a wet, frothy mess. Mike crawled up between her legs and began to kiss and lick around the inside of her legs and finally lowered his face down into her wet pussy with his open mouth and wild tongue. Samantha groaned as I knelt beside her head and fed my cock into her mouth as my fingers pinched and pulled her nipples. She loved having that done to her, and the look of ecstasy on her face showed it.

Mike pulled up to his knees and lifted her ass up and put his throbbing cock up her and began to fuck her fast and hard. Samantha’s story and obvious lust for sex finally got to him and he took it out now on her pussy, as she continued to suck on my cock. Mike came very quickly and I motioned to him that I needed to fuck her now. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and exchanged places with Mike. She was still twitching from being fucked by Mike and I was in her quickly, stroking and squeezing her ass cheeks in my hands as I thrust ever deeper. She started to cum and arched her back upwards as Mike’s cock slipped out of her mouth. This brought me to an explosion inside her and I grabbed hold of her thrusting body.

Samantha’s demeanor changed and she became submissive in a fashion, as if ready to surrender to anything we wanted to do to her. And that night we did it all; doggie, titty fucking, double entry; we used her for our pleasure as she did the same to us. She was in another world, it was so difficult to believe that this otherwise elegant and imperious woman could surrender herself to the total pleasure of rogue sex. But she did and it was Mike and I who had to take a few breaks while she was in a state of total readiness for anything we wanted to inflict on her. Her body was sticky with cum everywhere but there were no stops for baths or showers. Late that night I said goodbye to Mike. I wanted her for my own for the last day or so of our time together.

The next morning I awoke as she came out of the bathroom having just enjoyed a long hot bath, looking great and smelling better. She was back in control and I was only too happy to be an actor in her play.

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