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Meeting Sister Francine Again

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Meeting Sister Francine Again
My 8th grade teacher was a brand new nun right out of college. Even though her nun’s habit covered her from head to toe I was infatuated with her. She was a cute short brunette with beautiful green eyes. I fantasized about her constantly. I jerked off twice a day thinking about her. I thought I was going to burn in hell for my impure thoughts.

Well I finished high school and I was very patriotic so at age s*******n I joined the Army and went to Vietnam. Combat made me very mature and wiser real quickly. After that experience I sometimes had a hard time coping with life. Well after I got out of the Army I wanted to study to be a NASA Engineer. I went to college where there were a lot of peace love dope types and I felt totally out of place in this new crazy word of d**gs, acid rock music and stupidity.

I knew I was mentally and physically different from the immature k**s in college. My service in Vietnam had really toughened me up physically and mentally. I was a man surrounded by a bunch of teenagers. But things were not all that bad, I reconnected with some high school buddies at college and I was partying and having a good time. We were invited to one of those typical 1960’s college parties. Beer in plastic cups, cheap wine, loud rock music and marijuana filled the air. I saw this really cute petite short brunette coughing from the marijuana smoke in the room. I went up to her and said “I hate marijuana smoke, let’s go outside in the fresh air”. She joined me outside and I found out her name was Fran and she was a Graduate Student in History which explained why she looked a little older that the young coed’s at the party. We went to my favorate Irish pub and we talked for several hours and really got along. She gave me her phone number and said maybe we’ll go out for some coffee some day. But I had this strange feeling I had seen her before?

Well the second semester started and I enrolled in an American History class. The first day I saw that Fran was assigned to lead a small discussion group that met once a week. One day some smart ass k** challenged her about corrupt Popes who had k**s with prostitutes. She got kind of upset and said “you’re totally wrong, I’m an ex-nun and I know church history backwards and forwards”. He yelled you’re wrong!!! The Army sergeant came out in me and I looked at this fucking wimp and said “knock it off asshole”. People took one look at me and knew I was somebody you did not want to fuck with. The room went silent. I apologized to her after class. Then we started going out for coffee, and then we went out on three or four dates. I really liked her and I knew she felt the same way. But still, there was this nagging feeling that I had met her long ago.

Well then things got serious between us. A week later I was at her apartment on her living room couch and we were making out like two teenagers. I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Fran had the most beautiful set of tits I had ever seen on a woman. They were perfectly shaped breasts with two red nickel sized nipples. She was naked from the waist up on her couch and I was fondling and kissing her passionately as I stimulated her breasts. Then my hand went down to her pussy and I began rubbing it even though güvenilir bahis siteleri she still had her jeans on. The funny thing though was here I was just kissing her and fondling her breasts and she reacted sexually like she was having an orgasm, moaning loudly every time my tongue touched her sensitive nipples.

I went to unbutton her jeans and she suddenly stood up, covered her upper body with her blouse and said Jim, you got to go now!!! I thought what the fuck did I do wrong!!! Well, we got dressed and when she said goodbye she kissed me passionately and held me close to her for several minutes. Then she asked “do you still want to see me”? She said call me after Mass tomorrow afternoon and we’ll talk.

As I was driving home it hit me. She said the word “Mass”. Fran was an an ex-nun and must be a strict Catholic. Tonight, I had awaked in her sexual desires she had suppressed for fifteen years. She probably was a virgin. But I sure had one other really big problem. I was falling in love with her. Well I decided to call Fran and I was as sympathetic to her situation. She said wanted to have sex with me but was scared of it due to her inexperience. I proposed that we start fresh and learn to make love together as a couple teaching each other along the way. I offered to take her out for a romantic dinner and then have a few drinks at O’Malley’s pub where we first met and then decide what we wanted to do next. I said I will let you decide what you want to do, it’s your call, and I can wait.

On Friday we had dinner together, and went to O’Malley’s as planned. Fran seemed relaxed and we went back to her place. The second I got there I knew she had decided to lose her virginity to me that night. The living room lights were not on and about six candles provided a romantic glow to the room. We sat on the couch and I took my time and began kissing her and softly caressing her body. Just like before she was a very passionate woman and our hands began to explore every part of our bodies. Then she suddenly stopped, and said “I’ll be right back”.

I waited patiently for a few minutes and she stepped out of her bed room in a long flowing white silk robe. She came up to me on the couch took my hand and she led me to her bedroom. Candles provided the only light in the room as I saw her in the dim light untying the waist belt of her robe and then letting her robe fall to the ground. She was totally naked and was absolutely beautiful. She got into bed naked and I couldn’t believe I would be making love to her. I joined her in bed and we explored each other’s naked bodies for the first time. She was hesitant to touch my hard cock at first, but soon she was rubbing it and stroking it with her soft warm hands. I kissed her breasts and my hand went down and I began massaging her pussy as we exchanged deep passionate kisses. Our sexual excitement grew by the moment. Then Fran said “Jim I love you” and I replied “Fran I love you”. Then she lay on her back on the bed and spread her legs inviting me to take her virginity.

Soon we began our first lovemaking experience. I slowly got on top of her and ran the head of my cock up and down her pussy so she would get used to a cock touching her body. Then I saw her beautiful pink vagina. tipobet My hand had made her so excited that her pussy was soaking wet. I softly pressed my cock slightly against her vagina. I thrust forward and my cockhead met resistance from her hymen and I pushed slightly harder as my cock broke her hymen and a man entered her for the first time. She flinched from the pain as my cock broke her maiden head and I proceeded to enter her. She grunted loudly as the head of my cock passed her vaginal opening. I pushed harder and only put about three inches of cock into her pussy. Fran said “it hurts, but keep going; I really want to do this”. I gave her another two inches and my cock stretched her even more. She moaned in agony as her pussy was being fucked for the first time. The further the head of my cock went into her pussy the more she moaned from the force of the entrance. I asked her “do you want to stop” and she said “no, my girlfriend told me it hurts the first time, but you will really grow to like it” and so will your lover.

I decided to just hold my dick steady right inside her so she could get used to having half of my cock inside her. I said don’t worry Fran “I’ll go slow” I very slowly eased my cock inside her. I felt my balls against her ass cheeks so I knew my cock was all the way inside her. Fran was panting from the pain and said “OK just let me get used to it and when I say “make love to me” you can go ahead and take me”.

My cock remained inside her but then I sensed her whole body was getting relaxed as her pussy was stretched open and she got more used to having a man inside her. Finally, Fran said “go ahead, make love to me” Sure enough; when I began moving my cock in and out of her pussy Fran was now softly moaning. I took it easy on her, but I knew it still hurt. For a few minutes I slowly moved my cock back and forth in her tight virgin pussy. Then all of a sudden she got very quiet and calm and I could tell she was beginning to feel OK with my cock inside her. She had an incredibly tight pussy and the sensations her pussy gave me were sensational. Here I was taking a girl’s virginity for the first time. I was surprised to hear my normally somewhat uptight girlfriend say these welcome words “Jim, fuck me, fuck me now”!!!

I went ahead and slowly and gently fucked Fran. My dick went in and out of her in nice even strokes. I began to withdraw about half of my cock and then gently slid it all the way back in. For me it was an incredible sexual experience, her pussy was so tight it felt like my cock was being massaged all over by the tight muscles in her vagina. Soon Fran began moaning softly and I could tell that she was moving her body back and forth and now we were both slowly fucking. Fran was beginning to enjoy this experience. With each stroke I withdrew more of my cock from her and then slid it slowly back inside her. Soon she was purring like a kitten as I fucked her sweet pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back and began thrusting her hips upward to meet my cock.

Then Fran whispered “that feels weird? The head of your cock is rubbing against something in my vagina, it felt incredible!!! I kept slowly moving my cockhead around inside her and began pushing upward until my cock was sliding tipobet güvenilir mi right over her clitoris. She said “stop, its right there, perfect, god that feels good”!!! Keep doing that, it really feels good when your cock head hits that area”. I could tell Fran really liked this new feeling. Then she commanded me to “stop and stay right there, just move your cock a little bit; I think you are directly hitting my spot with your dick”. I just moved my cock just a little bit back and forth, right over that spot”. I went real slow and I made sure the head of my cock was directly massaging the area near her clitoris.

Then all of a sudden Fran screamed “Oh my God!!!” Her whole body began to quiver as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. I could tell she was having her first orgasm and she had never felt this much pleasure in her life. Fran’s whole body stiffened as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her. She was moaning and squirming in the bed as she basked in the overwhelming pleasure of the moment. She moaned every time my cock would hit her in just the right place. She arched her whole body upwards as she had a second intense orgasm that swept through her body. Even though my dick was only moving little bit the sight of her spasming on the bed was an incredible turn on. She just lay there squirming and moaning as I fucked her.

Then Fran seemed to calm down. I forgot about pleasing her, I put my dick all the way in her tight virgin pussy and pushed my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. Then I felt the pleasure rising from my balls and up through my dick as I shot my load deep into her pussy. Then we both fell back on the bed exhausted. Then we calmed down. Fran said “wow I can feel your warm cum inside me”. We just lay together holding each other close totally exhausted from the intensity of this experience. She got out of bed and put on her robe and went to the bathroom to shower and wash the cum that was oozing out of her pussy. I looked at the bed sheet and I saw a small blood stain on the sheet from when I took her virginity.

She came back to bed with two glasses of wine and we relaxed and held each other close enjoying the moment. I got up and showered. We got up about an hour later and Fran said “I loved it, make love to me again”. So I gently fucked her again and she had another small orgasm. The intensity of this whole experience left me unable to cum again. We both fell into a deep sleep that only two new lovers could share.

Morning came and we were both lying in bed together naked after making love two times last night. Fran said, Jim, I’ll make some coffee and eggs and we’ll have breakfast. I got dressed and went into the kitchen and there was this beautiful women in her silk robe making me coffee. We sat down at the table and she casually asked “Hey Jim what time is it”? I said 11:45; she suddenly had a shocked look on her face and said “Oh my God I’ll miss Sunday Mass”!!!! I laughed and said “yeh Fran you are going to burn in hell forever for missing one Sunday Mass”.

Fran got really frustrated with me and said “you know Jim you were a smart ass in eighth grade and your still a smart ass now!!! She left the kitchen and came back with a photo album and put it on the table and opened it to a certain page. It was one of those 8×10 grade school class photos. Fran said “look at row three!!! I looked down at there was me sitting in a seat in the third row. I looked at the nun in the photo and thought “holy shit, I just fucked Sister Francine!!!

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