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Me My Wife And My Best Friend– Part 2

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Me My Wife And My Best Friend– Part 2

It was around 9 pm. I & Samir were waiting for Neha to join us for dinner near swimming pool under deemed lights.Sounds of sea waves were very loud & wind was blowing at monstrous speed. Overall it was a very pleasant atmosphere. Samir was smiling mischievously as he was still rerunning all the scenarios from the afternoon.

He said to me,

“Pratik,you know it was my quite a taboo fantasy to have sex with your wife in front of you.I knew it that she would definitely be better than any porn star in the bed.I am looking ahead tonight to drill during our first threesome.”

I replied,

“You today’s performance deserves A plus rating, though I think you were little soft to her.I want you to get even wilder with her.Lets make her scream tonight”

We both laughed & as we ordered our drinks we were stunned by the sheer sight of what we were seeing. Neha was approaching to us in the most sluttiest possible way.She was wearing her favorite black hot pant along with Samir’s full sleeves white shirt.She had unbuttoned couple of his shirts button from the top so that her black colored bra along with some boob curves were clearly visible from a distant range.Her long legs along with bare thighs managed to raise the temperature of whole atmosphere.Her black high heel sandal made her look like a 6 foot tall lady.

She was not wearing any make up & I must admit she looks adorably cute without makeup.She had ponied her long hairs with the help of white rubber band.She was trying her level best to get the attention of all the males around the pool.The way she was flaunting her assets she did really manage to lift many eyebrows.She was really looking like a Turkish beauty with her long black ponied hairs were shining under deemed lights.

Samir to me,

“Man,your wife must really be a sex god in her last life.She is looking fucking awesome.Look at those butt & boobs. Look at the way they are moving up & down.Look at her hairs. I am definitely gonna remove that hair band.Watch me doing that!”

Then we headed to our table for dinner. Samir wanted to seat near Neha & he sat besides her while I was seating in front of them. Samir was trying to find an excuse to touch my wife. He moved closer to her & held her both hands in his left hand & he started stared her eyes closely simultaneously he removed the rubber band from her hairs. The heavy winds made her hairs cover her face & he went on to tuck her hairs behind her ear revealing her face again.He then moved all the hairs to her left side exposing the back side of her neck.

The sight of my best friend touching my wife’s hairs so romantically turned me on & I had bulge in my pants. Samir’s dick was erect & it was clearly visible.I was excited & jealous to the core.We ordered our food while Samir also asked the waiter to bring 4-5 pieces of ice cubes.I knew it, he was going to do something to do something really naughty. Samir thanked waiter for the ice cubes and asked him to bring food as early as possible.

I got curious about this ice thing, I knew Samir’s devilish mind was cooking something very naughty but what he did with those ice cubes was way beyond my wildest fantasies.

Samir grabbed Neha & moved her closer to him & held her so firmly that she was unable to move an inch.He picked one ice cube & moved his hand under the table & he started rubbing Neha’s bare thighs with that ice cube. Neha was simply shocked by what she was witnessing.She was moaning very silently as there were many people having dinner around the pool.She was trying her level best to stop Samir from doing that but her all the attempts were frugal in front his raw power.All she could did was to silently experience what he was doing to her without making any noise.He then slowly started moving the ice cube on her other thigh.Neha was enjoying the ice show as she had closed her eyes & she was whispering slowly,

“Samir please be gentle there are people around us and they may notice what you are doing”

Samir responded by moving ice cubes even more vigoursly & She started moaning a bit loudly.She was finding it very difficult to control. Samir continued this till ice melted.He then moved her hairs to backside covering her bare backside of neck.He took another piece of ice & then started rubbing the back of her neck.Her long thick balck hairs covered his hand and nobody could see what he was doing.

It looked as if he was just placing his hand on her shoulder.But Samir knew exactly what he was doing there.The cold touch of ice cubes on her bare back side of neck made Neha even more hornier.Now she was finding it very diffficult to hide her feelings. Samir was rubbing the ice cube in quite an erotic way & my wife was enjoying the whole new experience with closed eyes.She let him did what he wanted to as she had no option but to enjoy it this contineud till our food order arrived.

What a pleasent site It was.My best friend turning my wife on in the most sultriest possible way.I could see Neha enjoyed it alot as her closed eyes & soft moans signaled that she was loving every second of it. Her heart beat was so high that I could see her boobs moving up & down.She was so excited that her hands were shivering & she was finding it difficult to hold a spoon throughout the dinner.

I had never seen Samir doing such things to any of his previous girlfriends.May be the beauty of my wife had woken up inner monster in him & he was finding new ways to keep her happy & bahis siteleri horny. I enjoyed the ice show as much as wife.Samir made sure that she would give us quite a horny welcome when we head back to our room.

After we finished our dinner,I looked at them notoriously saying,


As we were heading towards our hotel room.I took a bottle of champagne with us. Samir & Neha looked confused a bit but I know what exactly I had in my mind.

As we entered our bedroom,Neha was feeling so horny that she closed the door from inside & She yelled at us,

“It is my time to dominate you both now.Get into bed & Lie down.Now quickly do as your master says.”

We were too horny & we followed her instructions & lied down next to each other in the bed.She then got on top of me & started removing my cloths.As she was removing my shirt buttons, Samir removed her white shirt & black hot pants & threw it on the table.She then removed our pants revealing our 7 inches cock.My wife Neha was in her Bra & panty & she was playing with mine & my best friends dick.She started jerking our cocks so hard that we had to calm her down.

We then got in control of her & we made her lie in the bed.I slowly removed her bra exposing her big boobs & erect nipples while at the same time samir removed her panty. Neha knew what was coming & her eyes showed that she was excited.I got on top of her & I sat on her naval area & started fondling her boobs squeezing her nipples in between simultaneously Samir placed his head between her legs & he started eating her out.

He inserted his 2 fingers in her pussy while his tongue was dancing on her pussy.I asked her to grab her boobs which she did and then placed my dick in between the boob gap & I started moving my dick back and fourth such that the tip of my dick was reaching the tip of her toungue. Her tougue felt really nice on the tip of my penis simultaneously Samir was busy doing his job and my wifes pussy was leaking juices like never before.Samir was enjoying everybit of her salty precum as his toungue danced on her pussy.

Then I grabbed the bottle of champange and again got it the same position as earlier while Samir was still licking her pussy.I opened the bottle & I asked samir to keep eating her out.I held the her chin and poured the champange in my wifes mouth,on her face & I poured the champange on her boobs such that it travelled from her boobs to her naval area and then onto her pussy and then straight into Samir’s mouth.

Samir looked at me in devilish mood & asked me pour some more champagne on her boobs.I poured the whole bottle on her boob & Samir drank all the champagne flowing down on Neha’s pussy. Basicallly it was a mixture of her salty precum & champange.He kept eating her out and my wife Neha could not take it anymore & she had orgasm of her life.I had never seen leaking cum like this before may .It was like watching a creampie porn films.

He said to me,

“This is the best possible way to drink the champagne.

I have never tasted such sweet & salty champagne before.”

My wife was in shock of her life as she was still getting used to all these things like ice cube show & champagne drinking on her pussy.She was startled by what we were trying with her.

Samir then lifted her like a sack of cotton & took in front of mirror & he made her sit on her knees .He then asked me to come closer to them & my wife Neha knew what was to be done next.

She held my dick in right hand while she held samir’s dick in her left hand.She then spat on our dicks a couple of times & said,

“my spit & your precum looks yummy combination. Let me test that”

I held her hairs & started moving my cock deep inside her mouth.she was simultaneously fondling Samir’s balls & both of us were moaning out.My dick is so thick that it choked her and she was helpless to give any emotion.I held her hairs firmly started ramming my cock as deep as possible. Samir started fondling her boobs as she was stroking his dick.this continued till my precum was dripping down her chin onto her neck.

Now It was Samir’s turn to ram his dick inside her.He grabbed her head & kissed her passionately & whispered slowly in her ears,

“Time to test my cum…!!!!”

He then held her hairs & started ramming his dick deep inside her mouth and choked her for next 5 minutes. He was ramming her so hard that Neha was taken aback.He was ramming her throat simultaneously she was fondling my balls.

My best friend choking my wife with his thick dick was a really very lovely sight.My wife had closed her eyes as she had submitted herself to him and she was patiently enjoying what we were doing to her. Samirs precum was dripping down on her lips, chin ,throat then to boobs.

We were ramming her mouth so hard that we did not give her any chance to moan and Samir could not control and he blew his loads inside her mouth.She swallowed every drop of it.seeing this I was even more turned on then I grabbed her hairs & I jerked off onto her face.We were so horny that we let out 15 20 big loads of cum and Neha had to handle the force of it. Her face was totally covered in my warm cum.

I grabbed her hairs and made her stand in front of mirror and told samir that,

“Samir, Its time to clean this pornstar in the shower.

Lets do it together again.”

and we all three headed towards shower…After cumming on her face, We decided to clean Neha up in the shower so Samir grabbed her hairs and was escorting Neha to bathroom but again bahis şirketleri some naughty idea popped up in his mind and he asked Neha to clean herself up. Neha went to bathroom to clean herself up.

In the meantime,

Samir to me,

“Dude, Lets make the atmosphere even more erotic! What say? ”

I nodded affirmatively and Samir dressed up himself and he asked us to come to his room for the next session tomorrow in the morning and he left for his room.

Then me and Neha both of us were feeling way too exhausted and we went asleep with thoughts of Samir making love to my wife Neha still rewinding in my mind.

Next day Samir showed up at our room in the early morning and we headed for the breakfast, Neha was wearing light blue coloured top and navy blue 3/4th with her hairs tucked up with the help of a hair clip and she was looking cutie pie as usual with a baby pink colored sunglasses covering her eyes.

As we headed towards hotel restaurant for the breakfast, Neha held Samir’s hand and Samir started with his usual tricks. They were walking around 10-15 yards ahead of me.I was busy watching them get cozy with each other. On the way Samir kissed her on cheeks couple of times, whispered many naughty things, tried touching her hairs, her butt and her bare backneck many times.

The sight of my best friend doing PDA with my wife so early in the morning made me jealous a bit even though I was enjoying the show. As we entered the restaurant, I saw many eyes glued on both of them as they were busy with their naughty antiques and Public Display of Affection (PDA).

Samir realized that many people were staring directly at both of them, So to make feel even more jealous he held her closely and removed her hair clip and now Neha wit her long khule baal was looking even hotter and he went onto kiss her on the cheeks.Neha was amazed by his romantic skills and she was blushing and smiling. Smile on her face is always a pleasant sight.

Then we quietly had our breakfast and then

Neha to Samir,
“So Mr.fuckbuddy, What is the plan for today?”

Samir to Neha,
“Well, the arrangements have already been made! Please go to my room and wear the cloths I have kept on the bed for you only. Call us when you are ready!”

After hearing his words Neha planted a gentle good bye kiss on Samir’s chin and she left for the his room gesturing good bye to me.

Me to Samir,
“Dude, today I want you to fuck her hard,make her scream and make her crave for you.”

Samir looked at me and said,

“Thats the plan baby, watch out for my arrangements!”

We headed to Samir’s hotel room after I got a call from Neha.

As we entered the room, what I saw thrilled me to the core. the arrangements and the ambience made me believe that it was going to be a very long day ahead.

All the curtains were closed; the room had rose petals everywhere on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa, on the table. Candles were lit up in every corner of the room.

Neha was standing near the bed wearing a white bathrobe.

Neha with khule hairs and white bathrobe was looking damn sexy. The candle light falling on her bathrobe made her curves look even more attractive.

Me to Samir,
“Dude, I am gonna watch you enjoy her. Ambience is perfect”

Samir to me,
“Wait up, This is just a beginning my friend. Have a look at the arrangements in the bathroom!”

After saying this Samir went close to Neha passionately held her face with his both hands and started kissing her lips. He kept on kissing her passionately and a good five minutes of Kissing, He then grabbed her hairs up and took her to the bathroom.

Arrangements in the bathroom were even better. Scented candles were lit up in every corner and a big rectangular Jacuzzi tub was filled with water with rose petals all over floating on it.

As we entered the bathroom,

Samir to me,

Samir grabbed a chair from the room and placed it near the bathroom entrance and made me sit on the chair. Neha was standing some 5 yards in front of me.

Samir went close to her and started slowly moving his hand through her hairs. Neha had closed her eyes as she was enjoying the touch of his husband’s best friend. one must admit, any man will be turned on to the core seeing some other guy playing with his wife’s hairs. In this case, it was my best friend who was playing with my wife’s hairs and even she was enjoying it.

Samir started planting kisses on her face and moved his hands down the wardrobe and placed his hands on the belt on the wardrobe. He then slowly started to remove the knot of the belt and after removing the knot, he pulled the belt out exposing bare boobs and pussy of my wife. Samir then made her stand 2 feet in front of me. She was facing me and I could see the thrill and excitation in her eyes. I thanked god for giving such a hot wife.

Samir got behind her and removed her bathrobe slowly slowly. Now my wife was standing fully naked in front of me.Her hairs were shining as the deemed lights from the candles were falling on her Khule hairs. Her big boobs with erect nipples and wet vagina were inviting Samir to feast on it.

Neha was finding it hard to control now. She went close to Samir and started undressing him. She slowly removed his tshirt and threw it on me. Then she got onto her knees and moved her hands all over his boner which was quietly visible through his trousers. Neha slowly pulled down the zip of his pants and started kissing his both thighs.

Samir was already moaning..

Samir to me,
“How can a girl illegal bahis be so sultry. Man she will make me cum without even touching my dick.”

Samir placed his both hands on her head grabbing her long hairs in the process. Neha then went onto to remove Samir’s underpant and started fondling his balls with left hand and simultaneously stroking his dick with her right hand.

Seeing my nude wife undressing my best friend and massaging his dick really turned me on. I thought about joining them but both of them were so busy with each other I decided to enjoy the show. Neha had reached peek horny state and I knew it would be difficult for Samir to handle her now.

Neha slowly started teasing Samir by putting tip of her tongue on Samir’s tip of dick. It sent chills down her spine and his 7 inches member was saluting my wife’s actions.

Samir then lifted Neha up and took her inside the Jacuzzi tub. He then rested his back on the walls on pool and asked Neha to ride on his shaft. Neha obeyed him and got on top of him. She then slowly started inserting his erect penis in her Vagina.

As soon as his dick was inside her Vagina she let out a a loud moan AAAHHHH and then Neha held his hands and placed them on her hips. She then placed her hands on his shoulder and started riding his cock.

Samir slowly started moving his hips up and down in the tub. She was riding him as if she was enjoying the horse riding. Her boobs were moving up and down as Samir started moving his hips up and down. He then grabbed her boobs and started pressing them very hard and piching her nipples in between.

Neha was screaming very loudly,

Aaaahhh …. aaaahhh …
Ohhh my gooddd …..

Such a nice feeling it was for me. My wife riding on the cock on my best friend in a jukuzzie full of rose petals.My friend best enjoying my wife’s nude sexy body making her scream and enjoying her big boobs and butt. Samir had literally spiced up our sex life to the very peak level.

As my wife was riding Samir, he was splashing water all over her which made her hairs wet and her wet hairs turned him even more horny. Neha was riding on him since past 4-5 minutes and now Samir was fiercely moving his hips up and down. He was about to cum and Neha wanted to enjoy the show..

She splashed water on him a couple of times and yelled at him,

“Fucker, don’t cum so early! Lets make this threesome!”

Neha then held Samir’s dick and got out of the tub and headed towards me with water still dripping on ther floor all over from her body. Her wet hairs made her look even more sexy.She came towards me and undressed me wildly. Me and Samir both were thrilled to see sultry side of my wife.

After wildly undressing me, she asked me to sit on the chair again and she started giving me blowjob then asked Samir to fuck her from behind in doggy style.

Oh my goodness…my cutie wife was enjoying two dicks at a time. One in her mouth and another in her pussy. I was in 7th heaven. It was the sight I was imagining since I got married to her. It was my dream to enjoy the sexy naked body of my wife together with my best friend.

Neha was teasing my shaft by licking it with tip of her tongue while Samir had ponied her wet hairs with his right hand and his left hand was wrapped around her hips. He was in perfect position to drill her.

He slowly inserted his dick in her vagina and started ramming her. He started moving his hips back and forth again which made her moan again. My wife started dancing her tongue on my dick while simultaneously my best best friend was drilling her from behind.

Suddenly Neha started sucking my dick in full throttle. I placed my hands on her wet hairs.

Samir to me,
“Dude, I am about to cum! Do you want me cum inside her?”

Me to Samir,
“Hell YES!”

After hearing my words, Samir spanked her ass hard and held her hips with both of his hands and started battering Neha with full force…

Neha was feeling the heat of his full force and she could not control and started moaning loudly again…


Ohhh my gooddd…

I was seeing my wife getting doggie fucked by my best friend and it must have been a dream view of many husbands who have hot wives, To see your beautiful wife pleasing your best friends is definitely the ultimate fantasy.

After 30-40 seconds, he cummed inside her blowing all his loads in her wet pussy.

Neha to me,

“Hubby, its time for you to drill me ANALLY!

Samir, You get on this chair now let me clean your shaft.

Let me that cum”

Hearing her words we got excited again and Me and Samir switched our positions. Neha started cleaning his dick with the help of her tongue as Samir placed his hands in her wet hairs while I held her hips with my both hands and I inserted my dick in her Anal. I started ramming her as she was cleaning his dick. As I was inserting in Anal she was in extreme pain.

Samir was enjoying her tongue and I kept her fucking for another 2 -3 minutes. I was about to cum but I did not want to cum inside her so I removed my penis from her Anal and I made Neha to sit on her knees while me & Samir were standing in front of her. I placed my left hand in hairs while Samir placed his right hand in her hairs.Neha took my dick in her mouth simultaneously stroking Samir’s shaft.

After couple of minutes later I blew my load deep inside her mouth… She swallowed some of it and spat the remaining on Samir’s dick.

Now even Samir was ready to shoot his load for the second time and as she was stroking his dick wildly he could not control and shot his loads all over her face and body. It was the most unforgettable moment as I was watching my and my best friends cum on my wife. It was slowly dripping down from her lips to chin and then falling onto boobs.


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