Aralık 4, 2023

Mature Love Pt. 13

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A story about a couple who’s love life is hampered by the husband’s impotency.

A scare with the covid virus caused us to curtail our activities to our home.

Our new toys are a central part of most of our sex. Nick enjoys seeing my butt stretched to the max when I use our larger dildoes.

I spice up the stretching with scenarios I think he would like to imagine.

“Oh, yeah, baby, stretch my ass with that big thick black cock. Give it all to me.” (It seems we talk more and more about interracial sex. I’m sure Nick would love for me to find a black bull to use me. (Maybe, we’ll see.)

Nick wanted to do something special last weekend and tasked me to find where we could go to ‘play a game.’ We had used the bar scene and had success, used a run to get something late at a convenience store, and Kent, but I wanted to show him a different side of me.

I dated a guy who would take me to another city for games we wanted. I wanted to tell Nick what to expect so he could decide if he would feel left out.

After dinner, we sat with drinks one evening when I broached the subject with him. “Baby, I think I know how we can have some fun this weekend,” I told him. “Would you like to see me get picked up knowing I’m going to have sex?”

“Hell, yes, Tell me more.” The gleam in his eyes proved I had his attention.

“Let’s go to Louisville to a hotel, and I think I have a scenario you like. We can check in, go to dinner and return to the hotel for drinks in their bar. I can dress a little too naughty, sit alone at the bar and see if anyone would approach me. You will be in the bar, watching from a distance as I become your lover/slut. Do you think you would enjoy that?”

“Hell, yes. Call and get reservations at a hotel where we can stay. Gawd, seeing you in that situation would be unbelievable. Do you think it would happen?”

“Sweetie, I’ll do everything I can for you, and you know that. I would do anything to see my lover happy.”

He took off work early on Friday so we could get to Louisville before dark. I had made reservations at a hotel not too far from Churchill Downs. From a previous stay, I knew the lobby and bar arrangement perfectly.

At the hotel, I changed into a black sweater and skirt and my black 4″ heels. No undergarments, and I wanted my breasts to move freely under my top.

I reapplied my makeup as Nick watched me. “Damn, your beautiful. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have found my perfect mate at this time of my life. I only wish we could have met earlier.”

“Honey, I feel the same way.” Then I turned to strike a pose and added, “Would you do this shy, innocent pastor’s wife?”

“Immediately. and leave you begging for redemption,” Nick responded. I told him I would use the idea of waiting for my husband, who was attending a meeting and in town for a ministerial meeting, and I would be the flustrated wife who wanted more than attending teas and almanbahis choir practice.

After returning from dinner, I suggested Nick go down to the bar and call me on my cell.

The call came minutes later. “Honey, there’s a nice crowd. There is a livestock show at the Fairgrounds, and several are in town for that.”

“Several men”?, I asked.

“It looks like over half, at least. Are you sure you want to do this? I would be pleased to have you to myself.” Nick said.

“Honey, I want to do this. Not just for you but for myself. I need to see I’m still desirable and can be the lover you want me to be. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Walking into the lounge, I was lucky to spot a stool at the bar. I shimmied between others and caught an older man’s eyes glued to my boobs. I thought I saw him nudge another man to show him his find.

The crowd was more than I had anticipated but large enough to conceal my play. I got a glass of wine and began to seek out Nick. He had a seat on several stools from me. I smiled and winked.

I hoped he would be proud of me.

A couple at the bar at the far end parallel to me. The lady was dressed in a low-cut top and doing all she could to allow all the men to see her boobs. I at least assumed it was a couple until the guy I thought she was with moved away. She was a ‘groupie’ with the farmers and seemed three sheets in the wind.

The skirt was uncomfortable sitting on the stool, and I either had to pull it up to my thighs or stand. Seeing a guy watching me, he smiled in approval, and I said, “this skirt is too tight.”

He stepped back a couple of steps as I pulled the garment up several inches on my thighs.

I sat on the stool he had offered me. I turned in his direction and slowly opened my legs.

“Much better. I can finally move again. I hope I’m not too bold.”

“Not at all.” He introduced himself as Ernie, from Kansas, and in town for the livestock show. “

Smiling, I produced my hand and announced, “I’m Joy, in town for my husband’s minister’s meeting. I’m bored to death.”

Catching him looking at my nipples showing through my sweater, I slipped my fingers down to the button and toyed with it. Opening another button, I said, “I seem more uninhibited since marrying the ‘Rev’ and more outgoing. Do you think I’m exposing too much of my breasts?”

I looked at the area where Nick was and smiled. He smiled back and mouthed the words, ‘I love you.’ I winked to agree with him.

“Ernie, do you think I’m too brash when I tell you I want to suck your cock?” His eyes widened as he took in my comment.

“Well, I would like you to do that too. Can we go up to your room?” Ernie asked.

“I don’t know when my husband is coming back. Let me go into the hall and call him. Maybe I can judge his return.” I replied.

I walked into the lobby area and called Nick. “Honey, I’m going to take him up to our almanbahis giriş room. I’m going to tell him we don’t have much time, so I can only blow him. OK?”

“I like the idea. Is there any way I can watch?” he said excitedly.

“Yes, I’d make it work. Go on up to the room and step into the shower. Don’t come out to watch until you hear me say, ‘that’s a nice cock’. Then you can come to the door and see me sucking him. Understand?” I instructed him.

“I’m leaving now,” Nick said.

I waited in the lobby until I saw him enter the elevator. I wanted him to see me being his slut.

Re-entering the lounge, I sat on the stool and told Ernie the excellent news. ” He’s going to be leaving the church in a few minutes, and it will take a half hour to get here. If we hurry, we can pull it off.”

I reached out and grasped his cock through his pants. Smiling, I told him I wanted a big load of sperm down my throat. I wanted him to think about what was about to happen. I caught him looking at my lips. Naughty boy!

We walked to the elevator, and you could feel the sexual tension build. Once on the floor, I hurried to my room and opened the door. I glanced at the bathroom and saw the open door and the lights off. Perfect.

Ernie stood next to the bed, anxious. I brought him to the other side of the bed and turned him away from the view of the bathroom.

“Honey, I want that cock now.” I pulled the sweater over my head and raised my skirt to show my bare pubes. ” Drop your pants and underwear.”

Ernie did as instructed. I rubbed my boobs against him, and he immediately raised his hand to massage each. I reached down, took his penis in my hand, and signaled Nick, saying, “oh, that’s a nice cock”.

I saw Nick looking around the edge with Ernie’s back to the bathroom door.

I slipped to my knees and slightly turned Ernie so it would be difficult for him to look over his shoulder. Nick moved a little to get a clear view of his slut wife holding another man’s tool.

I stroked Ernie’s penis. Looking up, I saw his eyes glued to mine. “You like watching as I give you a blow job? I want you not to miss a minute as I do. Here’s goes.”

I moved forward and ran my tongue over the head and then down the shaft of the stiff cock. I kept my eyes on his. “Like that?” I asked.

“Gawd, yes.” was Ernie’s reply.

I began taking his penis in my mouth and bobbing back and forth. His eyes never left mine.

I slipped more of him in my mouth and surprised him by taking all its lengths before stopping.

I heard Ernie groan. Not yet, stud. I pulled back and allowed his rod to bounce off my chin. “Like that? My husband says I suck cock like a whore.” I laughed. “Maybe I do.”

I quickly shifted my eyes and saw Nick watching. Watch me, baby. And listen, it’s going to get better.

“I wish we had time to screw. I would love this in me. Do you like anal sex?”

I almanbahis giriş felt Ernie’s cock jump in response to the idea of screwing my ass.

“Oh, is that a yes? I love to have a big cock like yours in my butt. Riding me for all its worth.”

Continuing to look at Ernie’s eyes, I started feeding him into my mouth again. Watching his eyes, I let him slip to the back of my throat. I bobbed again, taking all he had.

With his tiny cock in his hand, I imagined Nick jerking away. Yea, baby, watch your wife; your slut works her magic.

I glanced at my watch and mumbled, “oh, shit” I began to work more quickly on Enie’s rod. I could see he was getting close. I slid the cock out of my mouth and leaned back. “Shoot it on my tits. Give it to me like I’m a whore”.

My encouragement caused a brutal blast of sperm to hit my chin. “Yea, shoot it on me. I leaned forward so he couldn’t miss my face. The second squirt hit me on my eyes, nose, and lips, I opened my mouth to catch it.

I grasped his balls and squeezed. “I love it! I love being a nasty wife. YEA!”

I picked up my sweater and began to clean Ernie. It will be kept to remember the night. I soon had him clean enough for him to pull his pants up.

“Sorry, honey, but you’ve got to leave. He’ll be here any minute. I wish we could do more. Maybe next time”.

Ernie hurriedly stuffed his shirt into his pants and headed to the door.

Teasing him, I asked, “What, no kiss?” I knew my sperm-covered face was not what he wanted to kiss.

Once the door closed, Nick was immediately out of the bathroom. I was standing there in just my cum spattered skirt.

“Well, how did I do?” I queried.

Nick leaned forward and licked the sperm off my mouth. I grasped his sperm-covered penis as he did.

I stepped back to allow him to see the sperm on my face and body.

‘You looked like you enjoyed the fun. I like the look of you covered like that. Maybe next time he can fuck your ass as you wanted.”

I knelt and began to lick Nick’s cock and his groin area. His sperm was everywhere. I wish I could do more, but it’s what it is.

I laid back on the bed, and we talked as the cum dried. I urged Nick to take a photo with his cell to remember the night.

After a slew of shots, I began to finger my clit. Nick wanted to do it for me, but I wanted him to watch and listen.

“Nick, I loved tonight. Knowing you were able to watch and hear me made it perfect. As I seduced the guy, I wanted you to see me and hear my dialog. I knew you were watching, so I tried to be naughty. I don’t need to ‘act’ like a slut or whore. I want to show you I can be your nasty wife.

Don’t ever think any suggestion is out of line. I’ll do anything you ask. I mean that.”

I rubbed his cock as I brought myself to a climax.

I got up to shower. Nick insisted on washing the sperm off me, and it was like he was ‘doing his duty.’ Anytime he wants a repeat of the evening, oh, yea.

We cuddled until I fell asleep.

Tomorrow would be a rehashing of the night.

I liked the idea. Playing with Nick’s limp cock as he drove us home. Cleaning his penis as I do.

I love our marriage.

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