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Masters Touch

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Federal officer Gord Masters had the night off, his first bit of free time since arriving at his new posting. He decided to check out the Legion. As in most small towns the American Legion was a favourite gathering place for federal officers and government officials. The atmosphere was friendly and restricted membership kept troublemakers out.

As soon as he entered Masters decided he’d made a good choice. He spotted three Conservation Service uniforms, a male he’d met earlier named Floyd and two females. One was Heidi the horny older blonde whom he’d chatted up on the government wharf, but sweetening the pot was a hot redhead. Masters took a fancy to her, admiring the swell of her bust in contrast with her slim waist, but most of all was the lure of her sexy blue eyes. Floyd was married and probably not pursuing either woman so this would be a slam dunk, he headed for their table. Floyd waved him over. “Hey bud, come on over and join us. Tell us some more tall tales about Juneau.”

Masters considered himself an excellent judge of women, particularly adept at reading feminine body language. Heidi perked up flashing him a brilliant smile, but it was what he saw in the redhead that was most distracting. She was wary but at the same time checking him out. Masters caught her stealthy glances at his muscular frame, accentuated by slacks and a tight polo shirt. Mustn’t rush, his dark brown eyes sought out her brilliant baby blues and he switched on the charm. Since coming of age, he’d developed an almost hypnotic appeal with women; his mother told him that he had it, whatever ‘it’ was. Her sister knew, and didn’t hesitate to help polish his developing technique during his seventeenth year, when she minded him and his younger siblings while the parents were away for a week, but that is another story.

“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Gord Masters, new in town.”

“Rochelle Potter. I guess you figured out I’m a Conservation Officer, I mean, uh…seeing as I’m in uniform,” she replied, offering Masters her hand.

“Well, I can see they kept the best for last. Holding out on me, were you, Floyd?”

He took her hand and without breaking eye contact drew it to his lips and placed a kiss on her fingertips. The others laughed as the color in her cheeks rose. Masters took an empty chair and squeezed between the two women. “I like to keep my back to the wall and an eye on the dance floor. May I buy a round for everyone?” The rest eagerly accepted but Rochelle hesitated.

“Thank you, but I really don’t think I should have any more.” She said, “I’m feeling a bit light headed and have to work early shift tomorrow.”

“Just one, you’re not going to hurt my feelings?” Masters gave her a beguiling smile while resting his thigh against hers under the table. The others accused her of being a party pooper, so Rochelle relented. The next hour passed quickly as Masters kept cracking increasingly-suggestive jokes and shooting glances at Rochelle. Meanwhile, Heidi got quite loud, flirting aggressively in competition with Rochelle for Master’s attention. Oh this is good, thought Masters. The blonde’s a sure fire bet, one way or another you’re going to get laid tonight. He squirmed as Heidi’s hand came to rest on his knee. Within five minutes she was making cookies in his crotch. Shortly afterwards Rochelle placed her finger tips on his other knee and eased them down his thigh until she met Heidi at the base.

With a jolt, Rochelle excused herself to use the washroom and made a move to get up from the table, stumbling as she did so. Hmm, thought Masters, she isn’t a hardened drinker, would probably be a cheap date. Have to keep that in mind for later but now, this little lady with her hand on me is ready to pop.

“Heidi, could I tempt you onto the dance floor?” She practically leapt at him and soon she and Masters were slow dancing while her fingers were down the front of his pants, corkscrewing around his rapidly expanding organ.

“So my dear I see a diamond on your wedding finger…what would your husband think about your wandering hand?”

“Hubby has been on arctic patrol for three months and I just learned last week that his ship has been delayed in heavy ice for at least another couple of weeks. A girl can only take so much.” She leaned in and fed Masters a hot tongue. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him now, will it?”

Heidi and Masters were now shuffling a slow dance in the darkest shadows. His hands were all over her body while she groaned and stroked his length.

“Hey, you two, mind if we cut in?”

Floyd deftly inserted himself and whirled Heidi away before she had much of a chance to object. Rochelle stood there for a moment watching. Masters was about to object, then focused on her wondering if she’d set his up. Rochelle moved closer and took him by the hand, tugging him back into the brightly illuminated area.

Masters looked into her eyes and saw lust. The woman was a bit tipsy but definitely interested in more than a dance. He felt bahis firmaları her hand stroking his back and drew her warm body close crushing her tits against his chest. She sighed and drew in a deep breath.

“You know she’s married, don’t you.”

“Yes the lady informed me…”

“Well that can lead to complications, especially in a small town. This isn’t Juneau,” she said, “I’m not married, no complications.”

They held gazes as he began to maneuver them back into the dark secluded fringe of the dance floor. To hell with Heidi and her husband; this redhead is ready he thought and he stepped back pulling Rochelle with him. As her legs opened to follow his body he slid his knee between hers. Now he was able to press his loaded cock against her. He could feel her heat through their several layers of clothing. Masters began a grinding routine that normally destroyed any lingering resolve his female partners might have. They shuddered across the floor slowly back to the shadows as his stiffness massaged her.

“You are an exceedingly sexy woman, Rochelle. I have a weakness for red hair; is it natural?” He nuzzled her neck whispering in her ear. Rochelle gave an involuntary shiver, her breath quickened. The tip of his tongue teased her ear as he murmured, “Maybe you’d like to …show me?”

His suggestion prompted a low growl from her throat, “Hmm maybe sometime,” and she didn’t resist when his lips found hers. Then he broke off the kiss and drew her closer, placing his chin against the crook of her neck. He blew warm breath gently down her open necked uniform shirt, while his fingers, which had been tracing lazy circles in the small of her back, slid into the rear pockets of her cargo pants. They moved deeper into the shadows dancing slowly to the music. Rochelle began to pull away, and then she melted. She didn’t object when his right hand unfastened the front clasp and belt. Masters watched the pulse on her neck racing as she strained on tiptoes while both his hands explored the hot flesh of her buttocks.

“Enough!” She pulled away and collected herself. “Things are moving much too fast, Mister. Just cool your jets.”

“I’m sorry, I thought…”

“Well, you thought wrong,” she gave him a sultry look, “at least for now. This isn’t the time or the place. What did I say about small towns?” Rochelle quickly fastened her uniform and headed back to the table where Floyd and Heidi sat in apparent strained silence.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said to the pair. They got up without argument, leaving Masters standing on the edge of the dance floor. Masters followed a bit bewildered at this turn of events.

“Come on, Rochelle, we’ll give you a lift,” Said Floyd as he and Heidi stood outside beside his truck.

She paused, glanced back at the building for a moment and then hitched her purse onto her shoulder. “No, it’s a nice night and I need the exercise to clear my head. It isn’t far, I think I’ll walk. Thanks, anyway.”

As she stood watching Floyd’s truck pull away Masters approached and gave her a gentle touch on her upper forearms. She turned to look up into his eyes.

“Sorry for being forward back there,” he said, “I had no right to assume anything. Would you at least allow me to escort you home? My car is just over there.”

“No thanks I want to walk, it isn’t far and it’s such a nice night.”

“Very well then, we’ll walk. It is a nice night, full of possibilities.” Rochelle crossed her arms and started off. Master fell in step beside her, his hand resting lightly in the small of her back. He leaned over and spoke softly in to her ear.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me you know; I’m an officer of the law.” He reached over and picked up a long straw of dead grass from the road side and placed it in his mouth. They walked in silence for a moment.

“I meant what I said back there, I find you to be an incredibly attractive woman.” His hand slid up her back until he grasped the nape of her neck. Then he took the straw out of his mouth and leaned in planting a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Can’t we be friends?” Rochelle stiffened but offered no resistance as he drew her into a peck on the cheek then a more passionate kiss. She suddenly clung to Masters athletic form, returning his kiss fiercely, grinding herself into his warm body. When they broke for air she spoke in a voice that betrayed her eagerness.

“Let’s leave this for now, prying eyes are everywhere. My place isn’t far.” She melted into his side, fitting snugly into his armpit, her hand in his back pocket. His roamed about caressing her shapely rear end.

At her door she fumbled in her purse for her key while he placed his hands on her hips and drew her close. He could feel the warmth; the scent of her arousal excited the hell out of him. Once behind closed doors he took her hips and spun her around to face him then lifted her easily off the ground to his level, placing his mouth on hers. She wrapped her legs around him, her arms around his neck and returned kaçak iddaa a delicious passionate kiss. Then she drew back and put the palm of her hand against his mouth.

“Not so fast lover, I want his to last…for a while. I have some wine in the cupboard and you can select some music while I go fetch it.” She slid down, unfastened her pinned up hair, and bent over to untie her boots. He grabbed her and pulled her ass into him, slowly grinding his hardness between her globes. Rochelle kicked off her last boot and wriggled free.

“Naughty boy, you just have to be patient now let mama go.” She pulled away and walked away into the kitchen, exaggerating the sway in her walk.

Masters thumbed through her collection. Leonard Cohen he thought …the old wizard of seduction would be a perfect conduit to her hot body. Masters loaded the CD.

“Good choice.” She said as she padded back in to the room, holding up the wine in one hand like a trophy and the glasses in the other. “I love the sultry tones of Cohen, makes me horny.” She gave Masters a come hither look. The next hour was a slow strip tease as first their belts, then one article of clothing then another fell away while they danced, sipped wine, and each other’s kisses. Her large natural breasts were bare, exposed to his caress and slow torture, her nipples were rigid as he bent to lick and flick them. The wetness at the junction of her thighs was creating a dark stain on her green cargos scenting the room. His cock pulsed with lust, but another urgent call interrupted their passion.

“Excuse me; I have to visit the ladies room.” She pushed him away and quickly went to the bathroom. Moments later, when she stepped out, all was dark, or it would have been except that two candles flickered, one in the living room, the other beckoning on the nightstand just inside the open door to Rochelle’s bedroom. Soon, an empty wine bottle was witness to the shadows of Rochelle and Masters dancing slowly to the words of Where Is My Gypsy Wife Tonight. Most of their clothing now lay in a tangle on the floor. Master’s fingers entwined Rochelle’s long hair as he pulled her face upwards in a prolonged, passionate kiss. Soft, intimate sounds encouraged him as he resumed fondling her breasts, working her into frenzy. As he knelt before her he freed the last vestiges of uniform and slid away lacy fabric, exposing the bare skin of her parted thighs. Her thatch of red hair glistened; pink lips quivering readiness. Masters buried his tongue into the moistness and gradually circled her clit, before sucking it gently between his teeth. She trembled, her knees weak, threatening to buckle. With a groan she threw a leg over his shoulder and pulled his face in, grinding her heel against his back as an orgasm rippled up her spine. Rochelle sucked air greedily then leaned away, moving her hands from his back to his strong chest. She gazed down into his eyes, her palms lingered, caressing the muscles and murmured for him to stand up. Slowly her fingers worked his belt and zipper. As she sank to her knees, drawing his slacks with her, she liberated the confined object of her lust.

Rochelle gave a groan as his thickness and length sprung into full view. She rested her cheek against its rigid veined side and flicked the smooth tip lightly with her tongue, before circling its ruddy head with her lips. She began a teasing descent on him rising and falling as she struggled with its girth. Meanwhile her hands traced up the back of his legs, meeting on firm muscle. With one hand she lightly tickled the hairs on his balls. With the other she circled his girth. After a few glorious moments Masters bent over and pulled her to a standing position. His right hand slid up between her thighs ending with his fingers cupping her bottom and his thumb squishing inside. He stood up, easily lifting her off the floor, bringing her sensitive nipples once again to his mouth. He began to suck them alternatively. Meanwhile, his thumb twirled, teasing her clit and G spot. She arched her back and wriggled her legs into a locked position around his waist. Rochelle grunted as she reared her head back, hooking one arm around his neck, encouraging his hungry mouth. With her free hand she leant over backwards and down, grasped his cock, stroking it, calling out his name.

They shuffled over to her bedroom, she opened her eyes and he nodded to the bedside where he had positioned her tilting mirror. They could see their reflection bathed in flickering candle light. This brought on a second abrupt orgasm, squeezing her legs around his waist and tugging on his cock. They had reached the bed and he laid her down, quickly joining her, covering her with his muscular frame. In an instant he was inside. Feeling his fullness, Rochelle hissed as he began stroking. She closed her eyes.

“No! Look at me, let me see your beautiful eyes and follow my lead.” He held her loosely, sliding in and backing off. Rochelle began to meet his thrusts and only when he pulled her close and pushed deeper did she kaçak bahis realize that he had been holding off.

“My God, just how big are you? Fuck me baby, do it now!”

Once he was fully inside she began to move in response. Faster, and in closer harmony, they merged into one being, urging each other with a burning intensity. The CD finished in the living room and the silence was soon replaced with a creaking bedspring and the wet, animal sounds of sex. She broke his gaze and for an instant peeked over to the mirror. His eyes joined hers as they watched their bodies rise and fall. Rochelle dug her fingers into the back of his strong arms and focused on his cock as it glistened, sliding in and out of her wetness with an increasing frenzy. Masters closed his eyes fighting the urge to come. Her noises became increasingly desperate and in this manner they arrived, Masters first then shortly afterwards, Rochelle with a muted howl of pleasure.

Afterwards she curled in his arms and fell asleep. He remembered that she had to work early shift and saw it was after two. He slipped from the bed, dressed quietly. Before tip-toing out of her apartment he wrote his address and phone number on a sheet of paper, taped it on her mirror and pulled the lock behind him.


Masters enjoyed the cool night air as he walked the couple of blocks back to the Legion and his car. That was one hell of a pleasant couple of hours he thought to himself. His cock twitched at some of the images in the mental rewind. When he got back to his car, she was leaning against it, waiting.

“I hope you have some energy left over stud,” said Heidi, “I have big plans for you. I don’t have to work tomorrow so ours won’t be a wham bam thank you mam.”

“How did you know I’d be back?” Asked Masters.

“I know my friend; she has this thing about duty and responsibility. I knew she’d screw your ass then kick you out”. She shifted hips resting a hand on his arm. Her lips were slightly parted and the tip of her tongue moved slowly across the slit. “Ready for a longer slow fuck? All night and tomorrow.”

Masters cock jumped. Heidi was a bit older, he guessed mid-forties but the package was tight and he looked forward to unwrapping it. He hit the button on his key fob.

“Hop in; I assume we’re going to my place?”

“You got that right stud. I can’t afford to be seen with your car parked in my driveway…not tonight or any time.”

The drive was quick as Masters worked the car’s stick shift, while Heidi worked his. Master’s balls were fully loaded by the time they got to his apartment door. Masters didn’t think that Heidi could shed her clothes faster if they had been on fire. She was naked on her knees fishing into his pants before he had the time to lock the door. Then he saw why: was wearing only a light dress, much sexier than the uniform he’d seen earlier at the Legion, and a pair of sandals. This woman wasn’t the slightest bit shy, knew what she wanted, and wasn’t bad for an older woman. Her tits sagged a little and her tummy a bit soft, but her sex was shaved and there was a cute little butterfly tattoo just above her navel. She had nipple rings and clit bling of some sort. He’d give it a closer look in a minute. Right now she had his cock, balls deep in her throat. Something that rarely happened; usually most women couldn’t accommodate him. He grabbed a hand full of hair and slowly pulled her off.

“Hey, babe slow down… we got all night I think you said. How about a night cap? There’s a beer in the fridge, help yourself while I go to the can.” She looked up at him with pure lust oozing from her brown eyes, then stood up and planted a heavy kiss on his lips.

“Ok stud but don’t be too long, my motor’s running.” With that she turned, and padded towards the kitchen. As he watched the globes of Heidi’s ass cut figure eights he couldn’t help but see a tattoo on the small of her back. In gothic script it said ‘Registered Male only’ there was a descending arrow centered under the script.

Masters splashed water on his face then reached for a Cialis. Normally He didn’t need the supplement, but occasionally to accommodate a pair of ladies, he would take one. For good measure, he greased up and stroked his member to rock hardness then slipped on a cock ring. This would keep him hard until the little pill took over. From his bedroom he heard music. Heidi had found the audio visual; I wonder what she’ll select. He glanced in the mirror gave himself a wink and strode off to the bedroom.

Heidi lay seductively draped over his liberator sex furniture.

“You are a very naughty boy, oh! And I see you come prepared for some long hard riding. I won’t let you take the ring off until I’m ready. My poor pussy has been neglected and is in desperate need of some manly stroking.” She lowered her voice, “Then there’s little rosebud, we can’t neglect her can we.” She held up a bottle of lubricant Masters kept handy in his bedside table.

Masters saw what was on the video screen. A recording he’d made with the Swenson twins back in Juneau. One of his favorites, the sisters were very vocal and he liked that. He bet Heidi was also a screamer. He hoped the neighbours wouldn’t mind.

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