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The Dare Ch. 03

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Matt knelt on the bed in front of Amanda as she continued to play with her sperm filled pussy. She reached out and grasped his young cock, pulling him towards her. With no hesitation she guided him into her. They groaned in unison as he sank his length into her pussy. The were staring into each others eyes, motionless except for Amanda’s hands running over Matt’s body as he leaned over her. She raised her head slightly and pulled him towards her face. They kissed deeply as Matt started to work his cock in and out of her cunt. They finally broke the kiss and Matt concentrated on fucking Amanda, his head bent to take her right nipple in his mouth as he pounded into her. She looked over at me and held out her hand. I took it in mine and she pulled me close to her. I lay down beside her, looking down her body as it shook with my brother’s jack-hammering, his ass almost a blur as he fucked her. I looked into her eyes and kissed her. Our lips met as she was having an orgasm and she moaned into my mouth. We broke the kiss and I whispered to her.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied.

I glanced down and saw my brother rise up enough for me to see his cock just before it disappeared back inside my fiancés pussy. I couldn’t help but feel a twang of jealousy: both my brother and my Dad had fucked my fiancé without a condom, something I had never done since she wasn’t on the pill. I thought maybe my Dad had had a vasectomy, I wasn’t sure. I knew my brother hadn’t.

Her eyes were closed, her tongue licking her lips as she seemed to cum again.

“Honey?” I asked quietly.

“Hmmm?” she responded.

“You’re sure you can’t get pregnant now right?” I inquired.

She didn’t answer; she just kept humping back at Matt’s cock.

My brother stopped sucking her tit and looked up at us. “Should I get a condom?” he asked us both as he realized what I had asked.

I just looked at Amanda, awaiting her response. Matt had slowed his fucking and began to withdraw his cock from Amanda’s pussy.

“No, don’t stop” said Amanda and tried to keep Matt from taking his cock out of her. He pulled out and fallen back onto the bed, his cock still standing straight up, glistening with my fiancés’ juices. Amanda climbed on top of him and sank onto his cock.

“Mmm” She moaned as she started to ride him, her hands on his chest as she moved her hips up and down his cock.

She hadn’t answered my question. Matt was young and seemed on the verge of cumming, his hands instinctively gripped Amanda’s hips and helped her slid up and down his fat cock.

“Hun?” I repeated. Amanda was looking at me over her shoulder her head tilted back, her eyes darted to her ass as she slammed down again, her head dropping forward. She looked at me again as she rode him. She had a wicked look on her face.

“Oh god.” She groaned. “Is it risky letting bahis firmaları your brother fuck me bareback? Yeah, it’s so nasty. Maybe he shouldn’t cum in me, maybe I’ll swallow this load. Fuck. I’m cumming…oh fuck.” I looked down and saw my brother’s cock thrusting into her as she came. I could imagine the feeling of her pussy contracting around his shaft, milking his cock.

“I’m gonna cum.” My brother groaned as Amanda rode his cock. He gave one more powerful thrust upwards and went rigid. Amanda pulled off his cock as he began spurting, she slid down him. Her body against his as his cock erupted all over her. She devoured his still shooting cock, taking his sperm in her mouth and swallowing what she could.

She was on all fours, her tits swaying as she sucked and licked my brother’s cock from base to tip, making sure to lap up every drop of his sperm. His pussy glistened with her juices along with my dad’s cum. My dad took a step towards her, then paused and looked at me. He cocked his head towards Amanda. “Go ahead.” I said as I stroked my cock. I was going to watch my fiancé getting spit-roasted.

“Should I get a condom?” asked my dad as he slid the tip of his cock up and down her slit.

“You haven’t had a vasectomy?” asked Amanda as she raised her head off Matt’s cock to look at my father.

“No.” dad replied. “Does it matter? You said you were safe this time of month.”

“Fuck.” Amanda said and dropped her head. I think she was having an orgasm. “I don’t know what day it is. Oh god has it been two weeks since my period?” She looked at me and smiled. “If I’m ovulating we know why I’m so horny. Grab some rubbers if you want, I wanna fuck more. She licked her lips as my dad slipped his cock forward slightly, head of his cock just penetrating her well lubricated pussy. She moaned and pushed back more. He sank into her easily. “Pull out if you feel it coming. That should be ok,” she looked back at me. “Right?”

“Yeah, ok. Just be sure to pull out.” I was hard as a rock and couldn’t wait to see her get finger-cuffed. I didn’t want to leave the room and miss anything, not even to get condoms.

“Ok” Said my dad, and slammed his cock into her cunt. He started slamming into her hard but with a slow steady rhythm.

“Fuck me hard daddy.” She said and dropped her head to my brother’s cock. She slobbered all over his pole as her tits bounced against his thighs. She was really making a mess of his dick, making it so wet it was dripping. My fiancé dropped her head and began licking his balls, taking them into her mouth as she stroked his soaking wet cock, then resumed her sword swallowing act as her fingers danced across his balls.

Amanda raised her head from my brother’s cock and pulled away from my dad. She slid up my brother’s body for and kissed him, as she guided his cock into her pussy, sinking all the way kaçak iddaa to the base. She leaned forwards, arching her back and looked over her shoulder. “Grab that.” She said nodding towards the vibrator packaging. Inside there was a small sample bottle of lube. “I want to try something.”

I squirted the lube onto her asshole, saving some for my dad. He moved forward and put the tip of his cock against her ass. My Dad slid his cock slowly into her, while I drizzled lube onto his shaft. Finally he was in. My dad held her hips as my brother held her waist and one hand was weighing a heavy breast. They started getting into a rhythm, thrusting into my fiancé as she thrust back. She collapsed onto my brother’s chest as she came, biting into his neck.

Matt was thrusting slowly in and out of her pussy. “Fuck, it feels like your pussy is trying to pull the cum out of me.”

“My pussy wants you to shoot your cum down it like you shot down my throat.” Moaned my fiancé in his ear, “Imagine how good it would feel to cum buried in my tight little cunt. You could fill my little box with sperm, make me all messy inside. Too bad it’s so risky.” She kissed him and ground down rubbing her clit the base of his cock. She was moving very little, but I knew what she was doing, clenching her pussy as she pulled up, milking his cock.

Amanda bent forward and kissed him again, moaning into his mouth. She kissed her way to his chest and sucked his nipples before burying her head in his neck as they fucked each other, my dad sliding in at out of her ass. Amanda was gasping with pleasure moaning and whispering “fuck me, fuck me” over and over.

Matt thrust upwards and moaned “I’m gonna cum.”

Amanda just cooed in delight moaning and kissing his neck but made no effort to pull off him as he came inside her. She turned her head, still lying on his chest, and looked at me, her eyes sparkling with lust and smiled, “Whoops.”

Suddenly, my dad gave a now familiar groan and started to cum.

“Oh fuck” Amanda gasped. “He’s cumming in my ass.”

As my dad slowed, Amanda rolled off of my brother and lay on her back, her legs spread. She ran her hands down her body, running through the streaks of cum that seemed to be all over her body. She reached down to her pussy and ass. “Look at the mess your brother and dad made.” She said as she played with the cum oozing out of her. I crawled into bed bedside her, our mouths meeting in a deep kiss. We fell asleep briefly. I woke and carried Amanda to bed, my brother wandering in to his own room.

“Are you ok with everything?” Amanda asked me as we were falling back to sleep.

“Yeah, except for…they didn’t use condoms.” I said. It scared me, I wasn’t sure I was ok with it, yet as soon as I said it my cock started to rise. Amanda noticed.

“Looks like you liked it. Does it turn you on more that kaçak bahis they fucked me bareback?”

My cock was fully hard. I couldn’t deny it. “Yeah, I guess.”

Amanda reached down and stroked my cock. She pulled herself closer to me, lining my cock up with her pussy. She pushed the head just inside as she stroked me. “Does it turn you on that they came in me?” My cock was sliding around in my brother and dad’s cum.

“I want to fuck you.” My cock was hard as a rock. I was thrusting involuntarily; I wouldn’t last long in her pussy.

“I’m pretty tired. Besides, if I take the morning after pill I don’t want to be destroying you’re little swimmers.” She giggled her hand spread the cum from her pussy all over my cock.

“If?” I groaned. What did she mean if?

She was playing with her pussy as she stroked my dick. She looked me in the eye as she said “Doesn’t it turn you on knowing that your dad or brother could knock me up?” Amanda had an orgasm of her own as I spurted all over her stomach and cunt.

We were passing out as I said “You are taking the pill right?” She had to. I was a little nervous. “Maybe you shouldn’t fuck them, at least not without protection, ok?”

“I guess.” Was her reply as we fell asleep.

Later that night I awoke to find Amanda not in bed with me. I left my room and peeked in my parent’s room. I saw the outline of my dad, fast asleep. I passed my brothers room. It was empty.

I heard noises from the living room and peered inside. My fiancé was sitting on the couch her legs spread playing with her pussy, while my brother stood above her jerk off over her face as suck licked his balls. Amanda surprised me by sticking her tongue into his ass, she licked all around as she reached up and stroked his cock.

She pushed him lower. “Fuck me.” She told him. He put his cock to her pussy and slid in all the way with one push. I thought she must still be slick from the loads that were already inside her. They started fucking each other. Their hands were exploring each others bodies as they kissed, their lips locked together as they fucked rhythmically on the couch. I could see my brother’s cock slid in and out of her pussy, her labia sliding around his shaft. His balls squishing as he pushed all the way inside of her. I wondered if he would pull out, or risk cumming inside of her again.

“Do you want me to cum on your tits?” my brother asked.

“If you want to,” replied my fiancé.

“Or your face.” he said.

“Wherever you want.” She replied seductively.

“What if I want to cum in your pussy again?” asked Matt.

“You’re such a nasty boy.” She replied as she began kissing him. She wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling him into her. He grinded into her pussy, going as deeply as he could with every thrust, “Cum in me,” my fiancé moaned into his ear, “but don’t tell your brother.”

My brother convulsed as he came inside her, pushing deeper with every thrust. He was empting everything he had into her and she was greedily accepting, her legs wrapped around his back pulling him in.

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