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Manipulating Jenny Ch. 13

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Jenny, the hot office 18 year-old teaser with the Playboy centrefold body simply enjoys turning men on, especially when she’s out of reach and they can’t touch. She’s lost count of the number of guys from 20 years of age to the seniors — who she’s sure would pull their dick thinking about what they’d like to do if they got her alone behind closed doors.

But this spicy exhibitionist is very selective and gets her kicks out of acting innocent in front of a stranger provided it’s a safe situation. She prefers to end up with a business professional in his consulting room for added challenge to make him uneasy about his ethics and so the tease can take longer. She uses the excuse it’s a professional visit. She’s about to arrive for her appointment with the hypnotherapist.

The only time she’ll break tradition in her flirtatious exhibitionist sex play is if it’s an attractive enough older man such as an upcoming opportunity with the father of her sex therapist’s receptionist Alison, also 18. Older men are real fun as a receptive turn-on for her because she figures the older they are the longer they’ve craved for the sight and feel of a firm young body in next-to-nothing underwear or less. Besides, they’re more experienced and at her young age she can pretend to be innocent and even naive for added eroticism.

It’s a going to be a busy and even sexier two weeks ahead for the buxom 38-22-34 inch ‘ hour glass’ figure teenager with her hypnotherapist visit first up, then just days later her new friend, Alison, the receptionist for tberapist Dr Felicity Feelgood, has secured an appointment on her behalf with the bi oriented consultant so Jenny can talk her into putting her on the fucking machine Alison discovered that the doctor has hidden in a private area of her large consulting rooms. Jenny’s excuse for that visit is that she’s frustrated for vaginal orgasm as the men in her life just don’t last long enough to satisfy her. She really just wants to compare the marvel of a machine to the method of a macho man. That’s her all over, a tight teasing teenager but with the sexy Latina looks of a sensuously savage hot fucker. And if Dr Felicity gets fresh with her, she can handle that too (upcoming chapter 14).

After that she joins the receptive receptionist Alison at the Prague styled underground hardcore fully dressed females only male stripper disco dance party where sexy chicks can shamelessly act out their dirty fantasies. Jenny and Alison won’t have to be acting though.

After that episode she’s visiting Alison’s house to sunbake nude with her for some titillating and calamitous clitoral type fun involving a long denied daddy, and the week later she’s taking Alison to the clit piercer for an erotic erogenous experience. It’s a sexy life in the fast lane for a tenacious teen that’s not tied to tradition. Poor girl, this author doesn’t give her much rest so he blames the Lit readers for keeping him at the keyboard.

Right now Jenny’s driving her gleaming Beamer — a gift from her randy filthy rich boss Raymond – to see the new in town hypnotherapist purportedly about her exhibitionist excesses, and him being a stranger to her area it makes him more interesting. She can use that excuse she’s got a problem just for the opportunity to tie him in knots as she turns him on but deny him his dalliance. Ironically, the man she rings happens to be called Dr JG Dalliance. How convenient, she thinks, with a name like that it ought to be interesting She’s explained over the phone to him her that a sex therapist she saw recently suggested hypnotherapy could possibly help after he could do nothing but conclude she was very healthy with a very high libido but had a rather pronounced fetish for flashing. Can he moderate her “me me” meanderings?

The 44 year-old Dr Dalliance, now looking forward to her coming into his consulting rooms, is delighted to help and can’t believe his luck moving to this part of the country after coming from another state. Since he arrived and set up shingle just 14 days ago four of his first seven patients are no older than 21, all females. Alice 21, then the ponytail next door neighbour Sheena 18, and not to forget, the retired company secretary he saw a week ago who brought his brat schoolgirl niece in earlier today over her bad behavioural attitude because even her own mother doesn’t know what to do.

She was a real handful, giving him a hard time unbeknown to her uncle as he sat beside the brat talking to the hypnotherapist while the precocious smarty pants kept rolling her tongue around her lips at him to put him off listening to what her uncle was trying to say. Still, he got through the session, hypnotised the little know-all so successfully she’s been trusted to turn up in a week’s time to continue her treatment. His job is to make her have more respect for her elders and he knows how best to do it. However, this already sullied Sally will use her guile to get on top of his efforts to put her in her place. She’s a real little smart arse. (Readers şerifali escort diary this saucy encounters to run re Dr Dalliance in ‘Alice Manipulated’ Ch11 series, two episodes away about Sept 10).

So what a welcome relief it is for him to know juicy Jenny is on her way for her appointment. She’s a problem of another kind though because she’s got no intention of taking too much notice of the hypnotherapist either, but for different reasons. Unlike the soon-to-see-again young saucy Sally, Jenny’s not going to be nasty in how she speaks to him; well not too much anyway. However, the mind games are on and it will be more fun than messing for medals at the Beijing Olympics. Her strong willpower won’t allow her to be hypnotised. He doesn’t know that and he doesn’t know the kind of control games she likes to play with men to churn them up inside. She’ll pretend she’s hypnotised if need be, and make the consultation a big prick teasing experience to goad him into going ga ga over her sexiness.

This is what turns her on the most, pretending to be naive and innocent yet dressing in a most provocative way to make any man’s head turn and send his mind spinning. She likes to control the man’s mind and since Dr Dalliance is a man using hypnosis the challenge is irresistible.

She’s wearing red six-inch high heel shoes which makes her long shapely legs look even sexier in the white pleated micro mini skirt that’s only just comes two inches below the top of her legs standing up and set off by her new micro bikini red underwear of the kind designed for nudist beaches with its thin strip of material barely covering the clitoris but once worn, pulls into the vagina below her clit. Her opaque white cotton blouse accentuates her half cup red silk lace bra that promotes an eye catching cleavage and allows her two-inch high pointed puffy nipples to sit up and outwards against the blouse. Miss Universe eat your heart out. Jenny’s a joy to behold. Right down to her matching red painted fingernail polish and red lip gloss, her white skirt, white blouse and contrasting jet black long pony tail she’s is poetry in motion with her gentle sway.

He smiles broadly when he sets eyes on her for the first time, inviting her to take a seat in his expansive consulting room. “What seems to be the problem young lady,” he asks.

“Like I said on the phone, my boss, my father, my friends, my sex therapist all seem to think I’m an exhibitionist and that I need help because I don’t seem to be able to help myself.”

This impresses him immediately and he feels at home with her problem in an instant as he’s always on the lookout for a sexy encounter he can easily cover up through hypnotism. The beautiful looking 18 year-old is a stunning sight with such long shapely legs in her complementary micro short skirt. Jenny sits facing him well knowing he’s fixed on her thighs as much as looking into her eyes as they talk. It all seems too easy for him. Jenny will make it hard for him though.

“Why do you do it, flaunt yourself when you are already an obviously very attractive young lady?” he asks to get her talking. “After all, I can imagine a young women who’s not so pretty in the face but has a smashing figure can be excused for drawing attention to her better assets but you have it all top to toe so what’s going on in your mind?”

“Been doing it for ages,” she replies. “Like I told the sex therapist, when I was a cheeky kid growing up I lost my mom very early in my life and literally threw myself at my stepfather craving for that extra affection I wanted. He never remarried and was only married to mom for just less than a year before she died so he became my sole focus in life over the past ten years.

“Of course while I was being naughty all the time driving him nuts he was the perfect gentleman as they say, a good stand-in father who waited until I turned 18 not very long ago before he had sex with me.”

Her sudden admission surprises, and somewhat excites him. “He’s had intercourse with you, his daughter?”

“I just said that didn’t I? I turned 18 that day so it was my best birthday present. Ha! So being a man I suppose you thought it was earlier; well not with him,” she says with a tinge of well practiced sarcasm in her voice. “He’s my stepfather anyway, not my real father Ronald who was really nice to me too, but he let me down bad by shooting through with a woman where he worked and he never came back. Funny though, I still think of him about when it was good because he taught me how to handle myself. My stepfather though is my Mister Magic; he presses all the right buttons in me including the one….you know where. Oh I waited for so long for it again.

“Just the same young lady, the very fact you put him under so much pressure seems to fit with the assessment you tell me the sex therapists gave about you. You appear to be a hot looking prick teaser going through life having fun but still clamouring for attention and extra affection. That’s suadiye escort why you come here dressed the way you are.”

His words are so close to home it annoys her so she snaps back. “Well you sure don’t mind taking a good look, you haven’t kept your eyes off my thighs since I sat down. Lucky for you I’m dressed this way; it must make your day. Anyway as far as me chasing after my stepfather it wasn’t for sex like I bet you think, it was just to see if his cock was bigger.”

“What do you mean, bigger? Bigger than what?”

“Well I’d only ever seen one before hadn’t I so I wanted to see if my stepfather’s was bigger. All chicks get curious about the size of the thing that helped bring them into the world and I was no different with my real daddy. I knew how big his was and I got was curious about the size of my step daddy’s. My real father Ronald is past history now but he does ring me up sometimes to see how I turned out but he never says where he’s calling from. He says one day he’ll surprise me, but he’ll never get back in the door while my stepfather is around. Jenny doesn’t know it yet but they agree to meet in a hotel lobby for a friendly one-off reunion after he calls her again in a month’s time.

Dr Dalliance is trying to figure out where Jenny is coming from right now.”Okay then about size comparisons, that seems important to you and your exhibitionist ways so what did you find out?”

“Well basically one was as good as the other in different ways. My step daddy’s is maybe an inch longer just over eight inches but daddy Ron well his was thicker, or wider however you say it.”

“It’s called girth,” he suggests.

“Okay whatever,” she shrugs. “I guess I take after my mom, you should have seen her, better than me now even, I just take after her; daddy says I’m her replica in looks and attitude. So Jenny likes more of, not less of if you know what I mean. I mean, heck, what do I mean? I mean it’s about a man’s masculinity. Do I have to spell it out for you? Seeing a man’s cock standing up and feeling how hard it is and what it can do is pretty special. Does that make sense now?”

“Not really but it doesn’t matter as long as you know what you’re talking about.” He’s more interested in getting her undressed somehow than her yabbering about days long gone by, but he also wants to keep her in a sexy frame of mind and she seems keen to talk sexy, no doubt, he’s sure, to agitate him in her look but don’t touch power play with men.

“Well Jenny in any case I can see your situation is something I come across in my work, it’s called father fixation. Your daddy can’t do anything wrong, can he?”

“Which one? I had two you know? I suppose you mean my stepfather. “That’s right, he can’t, he’s the most lovable man in the world to me and I sure won’t be leaving home early to shack up with some immature young guy just to look modern when I can share home and my bed with a real man so don’t go making assertions that he’s put it into me earlier than I make out because that’s not so.”

“Of course Jenny, I must take your word for it but naturally you’d say that anyway. Was it the cuddle or the cock you felt you were missing out on?”

“Now what would you think doctor? What a silly question,” she snaps lightly to bring him down. “Of course it was his cock. It’s an important part of intercourse, of course, and in my last three years at high school I got sick and tired of class mates at school bragging to me how they could get it and they were dogs to look at even if they did have good bodies. I was the prettiest girl in my classes and with the best figure I might add but no sex. It didn’t seem right that the best looking chicks miss out because guys assume they’ve got a steady and instead they go for the chicks that are more likely to give them sex to say they have someone.”

“Hmm, I can understand your frustration in that case, but you wouldn’t be on your own that is for sure. So it had to be daddy then if the boys thought you were untouchable. Was there anything special about him to make you so ambitious you had to hound him?”

“Oh, just everything. But he was — and still is — a beautiful man, he really loves me and brought me up just perfect on his own after my mom died in an accident if yuou can call a drunk driver an accident. But like I told you he never laid a finger, let alone a hand on me and I wanted him to. He kept saying not yet, not yet, not yet. I just wanted to lie beside him and cuddle him and feel his muscles and feel nice and cosy with him so close but no way. I was so disappointed all that time.”

He just smiles, trying to imagine it. “Jenny in your teens it’s all so romantic and girls think that way but he was right. Just being so close to you would stimulate him and he knew that so he preserved the peace as a nice way to put it.”

“You sound like you’re on his side against me,” she retorts with a bit of bite in her voice. How would you know, you weren’t there to be my judge.”

“No ümraniye escort dear but he knew best. Yes, like it or not father knows best.”

“But I would have been satisfied just to hold it, not even to do anything. Well, I’ll take that back, I came right out one day and asked him to give me a facial and he thought I meant him paying for me to go to a beauty parlour and chided me for wasting money when I was already quite pretty with flawless complexion and that’s when I told him my complexion’s good because I had facials before he married mom.

“Well, did he go off at me, the first time I saw him get angry. I was told to go to my room and get back to my studies but I wanted to think he was just jealous.”

“Jenny that’s quite remarkable but just remember father knows best.”

“Sure doc, but just remember I had two fathers and there’s the difference. Anyway you’re supposed to be helping me, where’s this hypnotherapy thing you’re supposed to be doing instead of trying to look up my skirt all the time. Don’t think I haven’t noticed; a girl always knows when someone’s checking them out.”

“I’ll ignore that young lady but for your information I have these kinds of talks with my clients to get background on their concerns so when they are under hypnosis I can put questions to them, based on that background and usually get a much more accurate answer than I’m likely to get otherwise.

“For example, what single thing can you nominate that made you so determined to get around your stepfather if you could?

“Ha, that’s an easy one. I’ve already told you that. See, again you’re not listening to me, you’re looking at me instead, your eyes don’t seem to miss a thing every time I cross my legs. I hope you’re enjoying it because that’s as close as it gets. As I said, I wanted to see how big he was down there and compare them. If you were a chick you’d k now why. Goodness me, my mom was so sexy and I had her genes in me. My real father, I called him daddy Ron and he called me Smoochie, explained things to me the best he could but not when mom was there because they often used to argue

“I’m just rapt in my new father, my stepfather. Now he really made mom happy and gave her great orgasms until the day she died.”

“How did you know that?”

“Because I’d sneak out of my bedroom at night and get outside their bedroom door in the dark listening to them making love and taking notice of how mom cried out like she was way over the moon. I knew he must have been doing something right and I’d creep back to my room and rub my clit wishing I was in bed with him. I did it lots of times.

“All I can say you were very lucky you didn’t get caught.”

“You can say that again,” she replies.

“All I can say you were very lucky you didn’t get caught,” he repeats. This time Jenny laughs and he feels he’s cutting through the ice a bit. “

“I suppose you could say that. Of course I had no idea of what he was actually doing except to know it must have been good. Then one night when I was on my hands and knees listening to them huffing and puffing and mom wailing I heard her cry out real excitedly for him to put it on her face, give me a facial she shouted. That’s the only time I knew anything what was really happening. I felt good for her knowing she’d like it.”

Now he’s thoroughly turned on and keen to get the show on the road, to get her out of her raunchy clothes so he can feast on her showpiece beauty. Jenny can see his erection sticking out because like him, she’s been taking a bo-peep as well. She likes to know her teasing game is working.

She’s come dressed to make him forget his professional ethics and chooses her words deliberately to tantalise him. Everything she says to him is aimed at making him want her so she can use her female guile to deny him and have him tied up in knots emotionally. Woman power and it works. .Just to add heat she lets her legs relax a bit more so he can see her between her upper thighs with the shortest mini skirt riding high at the tops of her legs, now exposing the sexy red coloured micro bikini that, from where he sits, resembles nothing but a vertical piece of red material coming down the centre of her pussy, her fat labia majora lips completely bare and smooth and ever so inviting. It’s killing him to have a good long look but she cuts him off at the pass every time. His cock aches.

“Am I boring you doctor with little naughty details or are you enjoying them? I think you’re enjoying this little talk about sex and the single girl. Is this one way of getting your kicks?”

“Of course not; don’t be insulting. In my field of work one has to know these things to know how to deal with the person’s problem. Of course it requires a very frank discussion, after all it’s perfectly private.”

“Oh I’m sure it is if only the walls had ears,” she teases. “Do you find me attractive, doctor?” she asks with an innocent voice that catches him off guard as she switches one leg over the other. “Both my daddies found me irresistible, especially when I’d get around at home in just my underwear.” She’s looking at the size of the bulge in his pants and it suddenly occurs to her that this guy, all 40-odd years of him, might have a big dick. She’s a real sucker for big cocks.

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