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Making a Movie

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Making a Movie
Part one
Part Two
Part Three
Part four

Part five
(Please note the people mentioned in this story are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. This story contains explicit
sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s by continuing
reading you confirm you are over 18.)
No person or organisation has the right to copy this story to any other site

Saturday, the studios were closed for the weekend and unless there was something special on it was the same every weekend. I had been given a set of keys because of the work I was doing at home. I gently tapped on Jennifer’s door and when she opened it asked her if she had thought about my proposition. She told me she would but only if I let her best friend come with her. That wasn’t a problem for me her best friend was as good looking as Jen and about the same shape.

“She has to keep it a secret, okay”

“Well I’m not going to tell anyone am I and I don’t want you showing anyone else the pics you take. Or it’s no deal!”

She was adamant but it would give me the upper hand once I had taken some. Jen went and rang her friend, Valerie and after a short discussion she said she would meet us there. Mum aske where we were going and would we back for dinner to which we both said no and left shouting goodbye over our shoulders. At the studio entrance Valerie was already there waiting but told us she had just arrived. The two lasses started to chat as we went in to a very quiet studio. Jen explained she was going to try and pose for some practice shots but if Val didn’t want to that was okay. Val also said no one has to see canlı bahis şirketleri them and she would want them destroyed before they left. She wanted me to undress also so we were all the same. I have to admit I was a little taken aback at this but figured you never knew what might happen.

I locked the outside doors after we entered and we went into the number two studio I had already set it up on the Friday before I left and John had left his digital camera to use. I set up the lights switching them on and told the two girls that we would try and copy one of the sets in the magazine. They both nodded, as the first few pages were of clothed women took up the poses there were pictured in. With Val complaining she wasn’t sure she could do it.
I went to my locker and brought back some booze and gave them a couple of fingers each, this seemed to relax Val quite quickly. The heating had warmed the place up and watching them get into the positions the girls in the magazine where was quite a turn on for me. We turned the next page and one of the girls had started to undress the other. Val kept going back to her drink and having a swig while Jen just undid the buttons on her blouse allowing Val to remove it.

Jen was wearing a lilac bra which held her tits like it was a pair of hands and even though she was my sister it had me horny already as she reached forward and copying the magazine kissed Val sensuously on the lips. As for Val, she was right into it. All the time my camera was clicking away.

I watched hungrily as I saw Jens hand slide between the two of them and feel Val’s breasts. Then after a little while moved to the buttons of Val’s blouse and peeled it from her. She was wearing a very sexy white lace bra which without me seeing Jen undid it and peeled from her. Her young breasts were like molehills topped with little pink nubs which was her nipples and were as hard süperbahis as I was. Jen wasted no time in kissing down her neck to Val’s nipples, sucking them into her mouth and I could hear her tongue swirling around them. A long with Val’s moans.

They turned the page and one of these women was just in her panties. As Jen seemed to be the one in control, she unfastened her friends’ skirts waist band leaving her standing in just her thin white thong. The damp patch let me see her young pussy lips through them. Jen told me she wouldn’t go any further unless I dropped my clothes too. Resting the camera down I stripped my shirt and trousers off leaving me in just a pair of undershorts with a hard pole in them. Jen told me to keep turning the page when I wanted them to move on and I agreed.

Val went straight back to kissing Jen and then Jens bra fell to the floor I got the picture just as it left her breasts and also as Val started to suck on Jens nipples. It was no good my cock was raging to be touched so pulling the tripod into position and with a wide angled lens let the camera go into movie mode. I changed the flash drive and using a new one set it away. The two girls hadn’t stopped and Val already had Jen’s skirt off leaving her in a lilac thong to match her discarded bra. Jen’s head was tilted backward as she moaned for Val to keep going. Val had her fingers inside my sisters pussy and was ramming two or maybe three deep inside her watching me stroke my cock.
I wasn’t sure I could stop myself from coming but the faster I did it the faster Val was finger fucking Jen till she suddenly shouted,

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Gawd Yes I’m cumming!”

Val kept finger fucking her till she grabbed Val’s wrist and pulled her fingers from her pussy. My precum was trickling over my cockhead as Jen pulled Val towards me. Her fingers now deep inside Val and as for Val she was fucking them as hard süperbahis güvenilir mi as she could. Once she got Val close enough, she told Val to wank me till I came. Val nervously reached out her hand and started to stroke me slowly at first but as Jen sped up finger fucking her so she sped up the wank. It was fantastic feeling her young hand really working my cock and just as I started to cum so she yelled,

“Oh, gawd yeerrsss I’m cumming!”

She shot her juices over my legs as though she was peeing. My shots of cum spurted out over her legs then the little bit that was left ran out over her hand. We seemed to standstill huddled together like a group of penguins for ages till Jen broke away followed by Val still holding her hand that was covered in my sperm. I went back to the camera to check what space was left on the flash card and found it almost full. Placing a new card into my camera I went to join the girls. They were touching my juices with their tongues, tentatively at first then lapping it off Val’s hand. I gave them a bath robe each and pulling on mine made us all a cup of coffee.

Val asked if I could take an ordinary picture of her and Jen for her home and perhaps a portrait of her for her mum. Using the empty card, I told them to get dressed and how I wanted them for the normal shots then running them through the computer picked the best ones to print. Showing the two girls the printed pictures, they cowed and took a copy each to keep. Either they had forgot about all the sexy pictures I had taken or were busy chatting about where they would go but they never mentioned them. Putting everything back in its place I switched off the lights and locking up left the building.

Outside Jen said we want to see the movie you made! Perhaps even get a copy of it for later. Saying okay I left the two girls to go their way while I went home to see the footy on TV. Time seemed to have passed very quickly.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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