Nisan 24, 2024

Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 02

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To say that I was looking forward to next Saturday would be an understatement! After almost twenty years of marriage, I got to experience anal sex for the first time. Oh, not with my wife, Liz, but our friend Lori. And Liz had finally agreed that she’d try it with me, but the price of that was that I had to feel what she’d feel, and that meant getting butt fucked by Lori’s husband, Rich. I sure wasn’t mentally prepared for that, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, and I was pretty much enjoying it by the end . . . so to speak.

If Lori liked it and I liked it, then there was no reason to think that I was pressuring my wife into something terrible. Lori got butt fucked on a fairly regular basis, so she was used to it, but my ass was a virgin until last Saturday, and I tolerated it pretty well. Of course, I was drunk . . . .

And there was a double bonus for me: Lori was going to teach Liz how to deep throat, something my wife never could do. Still, I wasn’t prepared for that when I got home from work on Thursday, and there was Rich, sitting naked on the couch, with both girls on their knees, and Lori giving Liz some pointers, while Liz had Rich’s cock in her mouth. Liz was sucking him fairly good, and it looked like she managed to get all the way down a couple of times, before Rich stiffened up and grunted and blew his load right into her mouth. Liz had heard me come in, and then did her famous move from a successful blow job: she stood up, walked over to me, and kissed me deeply, with Rich’s canlı bahis cum still in her mouth. She always did this when she gave me a blow job, but this was only the second time I had another man’s cum pushed into my mouth, the last time when she did it after blowing Rich last Saturday. I didn’t have any choice but to swallow the part of the load she gave me.

Then Lori kissed me as well, saying, “Hey, Liz has been making great progress on learning to deep throat,” and all three of them had shit-eating grins on their faces. “I guess that you’re next!”

Man, what a great chance. I was kind of dirty from work, and took about as fast a shower as was humanly possible, before coming out into the living room naked. Rich and Lori and Liz were still naked, and Liz came up to me and said, “Sit down; now I get to practice on you.” She had an absolutely huge smile on her face, and I know that I did, too.

So, I sat down on the couch, and both Lori and Liz got on their knees to continue my wife’s lesson; Rich just sat over in the recliner, watching the scene unfold, and lazily stroking his dick. Lori took my cock in hand, and started slowly licking the head, while Liz reached over and tongued my shaft. “Remember,” Lori said, “you’ve got to get his cock well lubricated.” Then she started taking my boner in, slowly. She got to just about her gag point, took in a breath, and then started further down, using a swallowing motion just as she got my cock head right to that point. Once she had me balls deep, she’d pull back a bit, bahis siteleri and then go further down. I was in heaven with this.

Then Lori pulled off, and Liz took my cock in her hand, and put her head down. She did the same thing – Lori was a great cocksucking teacher – and, as she got me to her gag point, just swallowed like she would eating a hamburger. I had never read about this technique, but it worked for Lori, and it worked for Liz as well, because she got me in down to the base. I could tell that she was still having trouble with it, because most of the blow job wasn’t a deep throat, but she was a trooper, and would take my cock deep about every twenty or thirty seconds.

She must have been enjoying herself, because she was sopping wet. How did I know? Because while she was sucking me, Rich got out of the recliner, got on his knees behind her, and shoved his cock into her pussy in one quick motion. Now that she was getting spit-roasted, Liz was making gurgling noises around my dick, as she wasn’t in complete control anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore, and blew my load into her mouth. She was too busy getting fucked by Rich to give me her usual cum-laden kiss, but I was enjoying as she kept sucking me while getting fucked.

Then Lori came back from the kitchen, and she had a bottle of cooking oil in her hand. My cock was already rising again, watching Rich fuck my wife from behind, as Lori poured some oil into her hand and then rubbed it on my cock. She got on her knees on the couch, with her elbows bahis şirketleri on the back, and I shoved my oiled, mostly ready cock into her pussy. A few strokes to get myself all the way hard, and then Lori reached back, pulled my dick out of her puss and aimed it right at her brown eye. I pushed in firmly, and Lori, who was used to fairly regular anal, opened up to take my cock with no hesitation.

Good Lord, this was good. Rich and I had both blown our loads once, so we were good for the long haul now, and he was really giving it to Liz, and she was coming and coming and coming. After about ten minutes, Liz was just worn out, and Lori said, “Damn, I’m hot. I want to get doubled!” So Rich laid down on the floor, and Lori got on top of her husband, and guided him into her pussy. Riding him easily, she looked around at me and told me, “Get back in my ass!”

I’d never been involved in a double penetration before, and it took us a minute or so to get in position and coordinated, but then we found our rhythm and started moving together. With a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass, Lori was just plain on fire, yelling and screaming and coming and coming and coming. It was so wild that Rich and I were both pounding like madmen, and an orgasm I figured was a while away started to boil up in my balls; with a guttural yell, I shot my load, and that was all it took to send Rich over the edge as well. After tensing there rigid for a few seconds, we all kind of collapsed in a heap.

At that point, Liz was the only one back in her right mind; she brought in some fresh towels so that we could all clean up. “I might have promised to try it up the butt on Saturday,” she said with a huge smile, “but don’t plan on doubling me up the first time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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