Nisan 24, 2024

Locker Room Fantasy

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The gym is nearly deserted this time of night. I was delayed at the office and debated about just heading home but I have some steam to work off. I make my way through the front doors, sign in and begin unbuttoning my blouse as I walk down the hall toward the change rooms. I am about to turn into the ladies area when I hear a loud moan coming from the men’s side. I pause briefly trying to discern if it’s from pleasure or pain. It comes again, only this time I hear multiple voices. For a moment I can’t believe what I am hearing…two men? Moaning?

I move closer to the entrance, walking so that my high heels don’t signal my intrusion. Curious, I wait and listen, hoping no one will see me standing here. My heart rate accelerates slightly at the idea of hearing two men together. When the noise comes again, it is followed by a crashing locker and a loud grunt. Without thinking, I am moving slowly into the men’s change room to peek around the corner. When all I can see are rows of empty lockers, I continue inside, past the first row. As I am tip-towing my way towards the back, I hear another crash. This time it’s coming from the lockers right on the other side of me. I stop and lean my ear towards them.

“You feel that…”

My heart stop in my chest and I hold my breath. I know I should leave, but my legs are frozen in place.

“That’s my cock against yours…and you’re just as HARD and HOT as I am for you!”

“Get the fuck off me-“

Another slam into the locker. “Not until you admit you want this.”


The sound of wet kissing follows and my knees go weak. I battle with myself silently, wanting so badly to be able to watch what is going on. I lose it when I hear another moan. It’s full of desperation and in the next heartbeat I am moving to the end of the row to peer around the corner. What I see sends a shudder through my body.

Two men, one slightly smaller than the other are pressed up against the lockers, staring eye to eye. The smaller man is in control, pushing his body into the other man’s. His hand is wrapped around the man’s neck forcing it back into the lockers. Their breathing is coming fast and furious as their eyes drill into each other. The sexual tension is palpable and I can’t help the moisture that seeps from my cunt.

“So what if I want you…its NEVER gonna fucking happen!”

“Never is a long time for someone who has been eye-fucking me for the last three god damn months in here!” Taking his hand from the larger man’s hip, he wedges it between their bodies and yanks the other man’s shorts down, palming his large, stiff cock and forcing a grunt from him. For a brief moment, his eyes close and he pushes his hips forward.

My body responds intensely to the heated scene before me; a secret fantasy of mine come to life. They are beautiful and wild in their embrace and in that moment I have never seen anything more perfect.

Suddenly the bigger man’s eyes are open and he is pushing with his whole body to try and shake the other man off him. “I’m not a FAG like you!” he chokes out; more a question than an insult.

Unphased, the aggressive one nods. “So you can’t want both? Need both?” He punctuates the last word with another shove against the locker and begins kissing his neck, sucking and biting on the sensitive skin. “Want you to forget it all and just FEEL how HOT this thing between us is. I’m gonna make you burn baby…just close your eyes and pretend I’m a girl.”

My excitement grows as I watch the smaller man kiss down the other’s bare chest, stopping to lick and bite at his tiny nipples and then further down until his mouth is hovering just above the head of his leaking cock. I can almost feel his breath as though it’s against my own phantom cock.

It’s in that moment that the man on his knees shifts bahis firmaları his eyes slightly in my direction. My heart lunges in my chest as his eyes hold mine for a brief moment before he parts his lips and sinks down over the straining cock in front of him.

Confused at being caught but not kicked out, my excitement triples. I wonder for a second if maybe he didn’t really see me. I move further around the corner hoping to conceal myself better. Only in the next moment his eyes find me again but this time they stay locked on mine, making a big show of sliding that glistening cock in and out of his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard. I bite my lip to stop from moaning, so turned on at the idea that he wants me to watch what he is doing to this man.

“Stop…please…oh god…I can’t-“

I watch as the other man stares down at the scene laid out at his feet, clearly tormented and aroused beyond anything he has ever experienced. His hands are clenched into tight fists at his side like he is trying to resist grabbing a handful of hair and taking control of the pace. It kills me that I cannot see his face very well.

“Yes…you can!” The man on the floor breaks eyes contact with me and grabs the other man’s hands, forcing them on either side of his head. “Show me how fast and deep you need it!”

“Ahhh…FUCK!” Kicking into motion his hands sink deep in the man’s hair kneeling before him. His hips begin pistoning forward, forcing him to swallow his entire cock, groaning as the other man not only takes him into his throat but begins moaning around him, begging for more with his eyes.

Suddenly I realize my hands are at the opening of my blouse, unknowingly searching out bare skin. My entire body is wound tight, on fire with the need to touch myself. I discreetly squeeze my thighs together hoping to relieve some of the pressure in my cunt. I almost moan out loud when his eyes find me again, dark and sexy with desire. He knows I am excited by watching them and this only turns me on even more.

A moment later he is pulling away and standing up, hands at the waist band of his own shorts. Pulling the front down, he hooks it under his balls and begins stroking up and down his swollen length. “Mmm…yeah…my cock is so fucking hard for you. Bet you want to touch it.”

“No.” The bigger man is shaking his head but his eyes never once stray from the cock before him. “It’s not right…feels wrong.”

Purposefully fucking into his fist in slow punctuated thrusts, the smaller man continues to stroke his impressive cock, rubbing his thumb over the plump head. “What if there was a woman here with us right now…would that put you at ease?” The man asks in a slow, seductive tone.

My pussy clenches as his words and my heart nearly bursts from my chest. Was I about to be pulled out of my fantasy and thrown into the middle of it? A million explicit images flash before me as I am frozen in place…waiting for his answer.

“Maybe…might be less…weird,” the man sags back against the locker, clearly frustrated. “Fuck…I don’t know!” I can hear in his voice how close he is to orgasm and suddenly I want him to say yes in the worst way.

“Well…I think you may get your wish.” The man’s eyes are on me again, this time he does not try and hide the fact that he notices me. “Come here,” he beckons me with a wicked smile on his face.

I hesitate for a split second but then the other man’s eyes are on me too and I watch as realization dawns that I have been silently watching the whole time. A flash of surprise crosses his face, quickly followed by desire and suddenly my decision is made. I unlocked my legs and cross the room, my heels clicking loudly against the tile until I am standing between them.

“What’s your name lovely?”

“Jane,” I whisper.

He kaçak iddaa nods, “I’m Ryan and this is…” he looks at the other man.


“Think you can help us out here Jane?” Without waiting for my reply, Ryan is stripping out of his shorts and t-shirt. The look he gives me tells me that I am in control.

I swallow hard and try and find my voice. Looking up at Mitch, I slide my hand into my blouse and cup my breast, hardening the nipple beneath the fabric. “Take of your shorts,” I instruct him. There is a brief hesitation and then he does as I tell him, relaxing noticeably now that I have taken control. I walk up to him and kiss him gently on the cheek. Close to his ear I whisper, “Do you want him?”

I know he is staring directly at Ryan as he whispers “yes.”

“Do you want to know what his cock feels like in your hand?” I hedge further, unable to keep the arousal from my voice.

I feel him nod against my cheek and I pull back slightly. “Touch him then.” I take his hand and together we stroke up the length of his hard, needy cock.

Ryan groans in our tight grasp. “Fuck, yeah!” he chokes out.

“How does he feel?” I ask.

Mitch closes his eyes, licking his lips. “Hot…slick…throbbing.”

I pull my hand away and watch as he continues to stroke him off. “Do you want to taste him?”

Again he nods his head, his mouth already parting.

“Get on your knees then.”

He follows my instructions. In front of him Ryan’s cock twitches in anticipation, the tip is shinny and wet with this precum.

“Now drag your tongue across the slit and taste him,” I whisper, nearly dying at the sight before me.

Leaning forward, he does exactly as he’s told, groaning at the taste of the salty cum. Without waiting for further instruction, he sinks down taking the entire length to the back of his throat. Gagging, he backs off and begins to bob his head in tight shallow strokes.

“Yes…that’s it Mitch…suck my fucking cock!” the Ryan shouts out. “She’s so turned on by watching your lips stretched tight around me she’s about to cum without even laying a finger on her pussy. Think maybe we can make her cum just by watching you fuck my ass?”

I sink my teeth into my lower lip to stop from moaning out loud at his suggestion.

Mitch pulls his mouth from Ryan’s cock and looks up at me, his eyes dark with desire. “Does that turn you on?”

“Yes!” I nearly cry out, so close to the edge I can barely see straight. I can think of nothing hotter than watching the two of them fuck.

Getting up off of the ground, Mitch grabs hold of Ryan’s arms and spins him around to face the lockers. “Spread your legs…and show me that tight hole I’ve been dreaming about,” he whispers seductively.

Seeing the transition in him nearly undoes me. No longer holding back his desire, he is in full control.

I watch riveted as Ryan braces his face against the lockers and reaching back with one hand, grabs his full ass cheek and pulls it open, exposing a tight pink hole waxed bare. I can feel the moisture between my thighs begin to run down my legs and I know the slightest friction will make me cum.

“We’ve got a problem here,” Ryan says. “No lube…and as HOT as I am right now, I don’t really want to be fucked dry.”

A naughty thought comes to me and before I can stop myself I say, “I’m…wet.”

Both men turn to look at me, shocked by my suggestion. A moment later, their eyes meet. The moment is tense and hot between them and then suddenly Mitch nods. “If the lady is willing,” he turns to smile at me.

Too far gone to stop now, I nod my head.

A moment later, he is pressed up against me and his mouth brushes against mine. It’s hot and takes like cock. I feel his hand sliding up my thigh under my leather kaçak bahis skirt, not stopping until his fingers reach my swollen, wet folds. He groans realizing that I am bare beneath my skirt. When he begins sliding his finger around I almost lose it.

“Nah uh…no coming yet Jane.” Another kiss against my lips and then he pulls away, bringing his two glistening fingers to the other man’s ass. Without hesitating, he begins to work his fingers inside the tight ring of muscle, causing the other man to moan at the penetration. I am riveted at the sight my own cunt’s juice being smeared inside another man’s ass.

“Christ man…it so fucking HOT and TIGHT in here!”

Spreading his legs wider, Ryan says, “Fuck your fingers in deep…get my ass nice and ready for your big cock!”

Mitch and I both groan at the sight of his fingers disappearing deep inside the other man’s hole. I watch him fuck them in a few more times before he pulls out. “Can’t wait to get my cock inside you.”

“Fuck my tight hole now…only let her watch close up as you work it in.”

I am on my knees a moment later, my face inches away from his hole, shiny with my arousal.

Spitting on his hand, Mitch rubs the wetness over his cock and lines it up against his ring, pushing firmly against the tight pucker. I watch as his big cock slowly disappears inside Ryan’s ass and can’t stop myself as I reach under my skirt and find my wet cunt with my fingers. Once he is fully inside, he begins to pull out slowly and then thrusts in deep, rattling the lockers.

“Uhhh! Fuck!” The look on the smaller Ryan’s face is one of shear bliss; his cock making wet smacking noises against his stomach with each thrust. Both men are grunting now, fucking hard and fast as their lust consumes them.

“Uhh…yeah…fuck me…harder!!”

Watching their wild rutting so close to my face, I push my fingers into my wet, swollen cunt and slide my fingers in deep, pushing my palm hard against my clit. “Yessss!! Oh god..fuck yes!!” I gasp. Driving my fingers in repeatedly I work my hips faster, hovering on the edge.

Changing his angle, Mitch fucks in deep, grunting, “Fucking take it!”

Crying out, Ryan arches his hips to take him deeper. “Yeah baby…right the fuck there…own my fucking pussy…uhhh!”

The sight balls slapping against Ryan’s ass and the smell of sweat and sex consumes me, pushing me over the edge and I cum with a scream, vaguely aware of the wet warm spray of moisture between my legs.

“Oh fuck..look at her squirting for us!!” Mitch shouts out, looking down at me. Pulling his dark eyes from mine he lunges forward and drives his cock to the the hilt. “Shit…I’m cumming!” he groans, slamming into Ryan’s stretched hole repeatedly.

“Fucking unload in me!!”

“God…uhhhh…YES!!” Mitch shudders, pulling the smaller man into him, his lips breathing hard right next to his ear. “You want to cum?”

I watch Ryan try to work his ass back on Mitch’s softening cock. “Need it so bad…”

I can see his straining, untouched cock leaking cum in front of me. It makes my mouth water.

There is a hunger in Mitch’s eyes as he looks at me and we share the same thought. I smile back at him and open my mouth. Turning towards me, he grasps Ryan’s cock and begins stroking it over my tongue. I moan at the sweet taste.

“Not sure if you like girls but you’re going to cum in her mouth so I can taste you on her.”

“Ohh fuckkk…” Ryan’s body goes taught as his release explodes from him.

All three of us groan as Ryan’s cum spurts against my tongue and lips. Before I can lick it off both men are on their knees in front of me and their mouths are on mine sucking and licking and sharing all that thick, earthy taste. Minutes later we break from the kiss and look at each other.

There is a connection between. A mutual desire that I never thought I would find. I want more.

Still breathless from my orgasm I smile at both men. “That boys…was the best workout of my life.”

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