Eylül 28, 2023

Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 09

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As the weekend drew to a close, Scott could not believe how his life had literally been transformed. Friday afternoon he had a steady girlfriend — albeit one built on a physical “Friends with Benefits” status versus one where either party was emotionally attached to the other — and tonight, he was virtually another man’s sex toy. In the span of three days, he had not just had sex with another man, he had been introduced to three-ways, taken to a leather club, given head to strangers in a bathroom, and had sex with eight gay men.

Perhaps more importantly, he knew there was nothing he would not do for “daddy.”

The next day at work, all he could do was think about all the sex he had this past weekend. Scott had taken a job at an engineering firm right out of college. Now, as he sat looking at his newest project, he realized he simply couldn’t focus. He pushed the files to the side of his desk and looked out the office window as the sun lit up the summer sky.

Knowing there was little chance he was going to get any serious work done, he grabbed his coat and told the secretary outside his door he was headed to a meeting and likely wouldn’t be back today. Instead, Scott raced home, put on his swim trunks and headed out for the pool. On the way, he texted Marc to see if he was available. The older man was a financial advisor and pretty much called the shots at his office. Hopefully, he too could call it an afternoon and come hang out by the pool and who knows — end up back at his apartment.

Scott wanted nothing more than to feel Marc’s long cock sliding into his hungry mouth, the warm head moving back and forth between his lips. But before he came, he would spread his legs and have daddy move between them. He loved being fucked hard, bred by daddy. Even now, his erect cock strained against his dress pants.

Within minutes he was changed, out the door, and basking in the hot sun. He checked his watch repeatedly and took a few dips in the cool water. He had the pool pretty much to himself as he swam laps trying to get his mind off the images of the cocks –daddy’s, John’s, Randy & Jim.

He pulled himself up and out of the pool collapsing on the toweled chaise lounge, the hot sun warming his body as the drops of water slowly evaporated on his skin. Scott didn’t know how long he had been dozing before a familiar voice woke him. “Blow off the afternoon?” Marc inquired.

“Just didn’t have it in me today. Besides I have all week to get a project done and it’s almost there,” Scott replied. “Not to mention all I could do was think about your cock all day,” he added as he twisted around and looked back at Marc who had taken up a position in the lounge chair beside him.

“I thought you’d be thinking of those lovely ladies from last night,” Marc scoffed. “Now that was some wild shit too,” Scott responded thinking about how Vicki, one of their hosts had tied up this young lady about his age to hooks in the ceiling, placed clamps on her nipples and beat her with a small whip — what he learned later was a flogger. “I’m not sure I’d want to experience that kind of shit…,” he explained. “It’s one thing to have you ram that big cock up my ass, but damn, she was beating that girl on her breasts, her pussy…that had to hurt.”

“You’d be surprised the pleasure it can bring in the right hands,” Mark informed him. “Vicki’s a fucking pro. There’s a fine line between pain and intense pleasure,” he added as he drew on a Michelob Ultra.

“Yea….” Scott looked over. “She whipped you like that?” he inquired.

“No…. not me but I’ve watched her with lots of women. Not sure I’ve ever seen her play with a guy. I know she has with Greg but that’s their private time together. Just women. But I might be able to have her make an exception for you,” he smiled.

“Uh uh,” Scott shot back. Not into the pain thing. But I wouldn’t mind sucking that cock of yours. Been thinking about it all day…” he trailed off as his cell rang out.

Scott picked up Apple IPhone, stared at the screen and then muted the ringer. Within minutes a chime notified him of a text.

“Office checking up on you?” Marc inquired. “No, that was Anna telling me she’s getting in town Wednesday. Wanted to know if I wanted to get together.”

“You should have answered it. Told her you were a fucking queer now. Bet she’d love that,” Marc snickered. Scott just looked at him.

“You are going to have to tell her,” Marc looked over. “I told you. No more pussy for you boy,” he said matter of factly. “Truth is, even if it wasn’t about me — you’re into cock now. That shit about ‘I can be bi….’ Yea, right. I watched you fucking that boy last night. On your knees sucking those cocks in a bathroom down at the club. You’re way past queer boy. You’re owned by cock.” Marc pause, drew on his beer, then looking directly in his eyes, “You know that…don’t you?”

Scott turned looking the opposite way….”yea,” he said softly.

It was a couple of days later when Scott istanbul travesti had to come to grips with the fact as he walked over to Anna’s. She had called to tell him she was home. Anna, a stewardess, had been away for almost a week and had no idea Scott had discovered something about himself, something he himself had never known. He was drawn to cock in a way he could have never imagined. It burned inside of him.

Anna met him at the door of her apartment. Her soft ashen blonde hair falling on her shoulders. She was wearing a yellow tube top that encased her gorgeous full breasts and smelled so sweet. He had nearly forgotten the scent of her perfume but it all flooded back.

“Hey baby, I missed you,” she beamed, a bright smile which showcased the two dimples which formed on her cheeks. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek as he almost brushed past. How was he going to tell her? How does one go about saying, ‘hey, I missed you too but I’m gay…’

He asked about her week, her flights…but really he was stalling. Trying to think about what he was going to say. He heard her voice in the background but his mind was racing. Anna sat beside on him on the couch. She was barefoot and pulled her legs up on the couch, tucking them under her tight round ass. He looked over to see her pretty toes, painted pink. Her tone tanned legs….fuck!

Scott stood up. He looked at her… it had to be now. “Anna, you know we always said we’d be honest with each other…and from the start you said you didn’t want to get serious. I mean all this was just us…being friends. Enjoying each other’s company. Well, I met somebody. I mean, I didn’t plan it, but I met someone…” he trailed off. Scott didn’t know where to go with it. So, he just stopped.

Anna stared for what seemed to be an eternity. Then came the response. “Okay. Yes, that’s what we said. Is it someone I know? Do I know her?” she asked. “Her,” he thought. “He simply shot back, “I’m not sure you know them,” emphasizing them.

“Have you been seeing them long?” she asked. “I mean… it’s only been a few

days…” she reasoned.

Scott’s mind was scrambling. He didn’t want to explain. He didn’t want to dig in deeper. Just move on he thought. “I know it’s quick, but I care too much about you and don’t want to hurt you. I wanted to be up front. I remember how you said you felt with your ex. So, I just wanted to tell you. Listen… maybe its best I leave. We can chat later.”

Scott saw tears in Anna’s eyes. They said they were not going to be serious but he knew they were… but he also knew there was no way she’d understand what was happening with him now. His own heart felt heavy. “Look, I’m gonna’ split. I’ll call you.”

He turned and walked out. The walk back to his apartment seemed forever. He thought he was in love with Beth — the girl he dated in college. But this was different. He hadn’t planned to feel so strongly about Anna. But he did.

Weeks rolled by and each day seemed to ease the pain. He had said he would call but he didn’t. If he ignored the pain, dismissed the thought, it would be easier. He buried himself in his work by day and often went to the club with Marc at night. He really enjoyed dressing for the club and even ordered leather goods online. He had his own wardrobe now — halter, vest, boots, and a variety of leather jocks.

He liked to show off his hard cut body. He liked the feels he got as he walked thru the bar. He loved having a burly daddy copping a feel, squeezing his cock and nuts. He often saw Jim and Randy and had met a few other guys, some of which he went home with when they asked. Marc not only had no issue with him leaving with a stranger, he encouraged it.

Things took a turn tho at the 4th of July party at the apartment. Since the afternoon he and Anna split, she had made herself scarce. It made it easier that she didn’t seem to go to the pool anymore. Frankly, Scott had not seen her since that afternoon at her apartment. But that evening changed everything. Scott was perhaps four or five vodkas in, his arm around Marc, laughing, when he turned… and there she was.

“So…so he’s the someone??? Really? It’s not another woman? It’s the guy from the pool?” Anna asked sternly. Scott didn’t have a response. He simply stared back. She was looking for an explanation…something. He merely looked at her unable to find any words.

Anna turned and walked away. Scott was beyond thunderstruck. “Well, that was awkward, Marc smirked. “I thought you told her about us… about you,” he added”

“I… I told her, well, she thought it was another woman,” he uttered. “Apparently,” Marc shot back. “Well, she knows the fuck now…” he reasoned. “Hey, cheer up dude. It’s over. Let’s go back to my place. You can fuck daddy,” Marc smiled.

Scott tossed the remnants of his drink into the boxwoods. The two men walked back to Marc’s and Marc, good to his word gave Scott a blowjob then mounted his young lover. It was a great istanbul travestileri fuck. It was always a great fuck. But his thoughts were somewhere else.

The next day, arriving home from the office, Scott received a text from Marc. “Cmon’ over after dinner. Love to see you.” Scott woofed down a sandwich, took a shower taking special care to shave around his genitals. He figured tonight he’d make up for the lackluster performance from the night before.

He was accustomed to walking on in Marc’s apartment as if his own. Shutting the door behind him, he went ahead and removed the t-shirt he was wearing, slipping off his shoes, he padded into the den in just some satin gym shorts. Then stopping dead in his tracks at the scene in front of him. Sitting on the couch with Marc was Anna.

“Come on in. We have a guest,” his host informed him as he raised his wine glass taking a sip. “What the fuck!” Scott uttered. “What the fuck is she doing here?” he said again as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, I had just pulled up, checking my mail when this little thing caught me in the parking lot. We started chatting…she had a ton of questions…and well, here we are,” explained Marc.

“Look,” Anna started. She gauged her thoughts and then, slowly began…

“Everything’s cool. I’m not here to make trouble,” trailing off. Anna looked at Marc who looked back at her….and then they both sort of laughed at the same time. It became extremely apparent to Scott that Marc and Anna had been drinking wine for some time.

“Anna here is cool. We sort of talked things out… didn’t we,” he asked. “We did,” she replied and then snickered. “Actually it’s not funny…not really… but I understand. I get it…” she went on.

“So, you were telling me about that party…Keep going. Anna was just telling me about a party she went to a few months ago,” Marc said facing Scott. “Sounds like fun, keep going,” he urged her.

“Well, one of the attendants. He’s the gay guy I was telling you about. Well he invited Rhonda and I…” Anna stopped, thought, and then realized Marc had no idea about Rhonda. “Rhonda’s like my best friend. We fly together a lot. Anyway, he invited us to a party there at the hotel we were staying at….nice place,” she added. “Well, we’d been there for a while when Rhonda came running over telling me about the guy in the bedroom giving out blowjobs…. To guys! Well, I went in there and sure enough, there’s this guy on the bed and he’s like going down on two of them with some guy taking his trousers off,” Anna shared.

“What did you think about that?” Marc asked as his sipped his wine. “Hey, Scott, would you be a gentlemen and retrieve another Cab? This one’s gonners,” Marc smirked holding up the empty bottle of cabernet.

Scott walked over to the cabinet and selected an Aperture Cellars Cab. Opening it he walked back in, pouring himself a glass, resigned to the fact, Anna was going nowhere. Besides, he was interested in her story himself.

Anna collected herself for a few moments, “Truthfully… I was pretty turned on. I had never seen anything like that before. My ex used to watch porn…” Anna looked up Marc, “My ex-husband,” she further clarified. “He’d watch all these sex videos. They would have girls going down on girls and stuff…but never guys,” Anna paused. “I’d watch it with him sometimes…but I never saw anything like that,” she pressed.

Scott was hanging on her words. The two had never watched porn together. He didn’t think she’d be in for that. Now he sort of regretted that missed opportunity.

“So, you liked watching the guys,” Marc pressed. “Well, Rhonda was in there in a flash and said we had to go. But yea, I was getting turned on watching,” Anna reasoned.

“Would you like to watch Scott? Scott loves to suck cock,” Marc inquired. “Wait a minute…” Scott shot back.

“As a matter of fact, you’re a bit overdressed aren’t you,” Marc chastised. “No Marc, not in front of her…” Scott started.

“It’s not like it’s something she hasn’t seen. Go ahead boy, take them off,” Marc pressed looking down at Scott and his satin shorts. “Please,” Scott employed to no avail.

Anna was looking straight at Scott. “I want you to,” She added. “Go ahead, I want to see what this is all about… what you two do together,” she implored.

Scott’s mind was about to explode. Daddy requesting him to undress and go down on him. His former girlfriend…there in the room…and egging him on.

“Do it!” Marc barked, “Now!”

Scott put down his wine glass, and deftly put the thumbs in the waist of his shorts, pulling them down. He had not worn a jock or underwear so his freshly shorn cock and balls soon came into view drawing a gasp from Anna. “You shaved… You’re shaved down there,” she cooed.

“Yea, I insisted on that,” Marc smiled looking at her. “You don’t mind do you,” he asked as he too slipped of his shorts. Unlike Scott he had on bikini underwear which he quickly pulled down travesti istanbul and off his legs exposing his smooth cock and balls as well.

Anna’s eyes grew wide taking in Marc’s endowment, larger than Scott’s with the balls that hung proudly. “Get down there boy and show her what you love to do,” Marc instructed.

Scott was more than embarrassed and the heat filled his red cheeks. He closed his eyes as he knelt down taking the warm cock in his hand. Even with his eyes shut he could feel Anna’s stare. He knew she was watching everything he did. As horrified as he was, he also felt a surge of excitement. His hands shook but at the same time, he felt the heat throughout his body. The warmth of daddy’s cock as it moved between his lips, the familiar swelling that filled his mouth.

“Oh my God… he’s doing it…he’s really doing it. Holy fuck…”Anna exclaimed as Scott moved up and down on daddy’s cock. “I’ve never seen anything like that… You really are…fuck,” Anna kept on.

“You like that Anna? That turn you on sweetie,” Marc cooed.

“Fuck yea!” Anna shot back. “That’s sooo fucking hot. He’s really sucking your dick.

He’s really doing it,” she said almost in disbelief.

“He loves cock. He loves swallowing my load… loves it even more when I fuck his tight ass. Not just me… he gets it from other guys. He’s a regular slut now,” Marc intoned.

“Holy fuck. Look at that!” Anna said softly. Scott was past being embarrassed. He was in to it now. His lips surrounding the shaft, moving up and down as he held the erect member to his face. Taking his mouth off to catch his breath, a quick lick around the head, and then back impaled… up and down he went, slurping madly.

Anna had not even been aware that her own hand was lightly moving up and down on her crotch. But Marc noticed. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the pretty blonde.

Why don’t you join us Anna? You look like you want to play. Why don’t you take those off… play with your pussy? It’s okay. We’re all friends here…” Marc encouraged.

Anna looked up at him. Perhaps a thought…just for a second before she reached up and pulled at the shorts she was wearing. She had already removed her shoes long before Scott arrived. “Go ahead, all of it,” Marc instructed. Anna was seemingly in a trance…no thoughts as she slipped off the shirt and then unhooked her bra letting her beautiful breasts spill out.

Marc might have been gay but he was struck by her beauty. She had a small patch of sandy blond hair neatly trimmed over her pussy. Her tanned toned legs capped off by small but pretty feet with her manicured burgundy painted toes. But it was the breasts — at least 36c, full, round and capped off with two dark pointed nipples that drew his attention.

Anna spread her legs and let her fingers enter her canal, already wet and glistening as she took in the sight of her former lover sucking madly on Marc’s erect member. His dick coated with Scott’s saliva, running down his smooth balls as Scott slurped away at the member. Scott himself was unconsciously sliding his own right hand up and down on his penis, engorged, busting.

“Tell me what you’re thinking Anna. Tell me…” Marc said softly. His eyes focused on the young girl who sat transfixed, her fingers pushing into her wet pussy making sloshing sounds of their own.

“That’s so fucking hot… so sexy,” Anna moaned. “I’ve never seen anything like that…nothing,” she added.

“You remember what you said to Scott that afternoon. The afternoon we met??? You were flying out that day??? Do you remember what you said to him???” he asked.

“No,” Anna replied. “What are you talking about,” she asked as she kept up the assault on her own cunt.

“Just before you left, you turned and looked back at Scott and told him…watch out for your queer buddy over there…he’s got the hots for you… You remember telling him that?” Marc reminded her.

Anna pushed her fingers in deeply, pushing, sliding as she looked into Marc’s eyes.

Scott never missing a beat, continued to bob up and down on the hard cock.

“It was easy Anna. It was so fucking easy. You actually put the thought in his head. You – Anna. I just let desire takes its course. He wanted it so bad after that. But it was you who set it all in motion….” Marc sneered.

Anna slid down further in the couch. She felt a wave come over her. The heat from her pussy to her breasts, clamping her legs together, Anna came once… and she came again…hard.

As she rubbed now gently on her clit, she looked at Marc. “You do have a gorgeous cock. It’s so large, so sexy.”

Marc took note, then in almost a fluid thought… “Would you like to join him Anna? Would you like to take your place beside him?”

It wasn’t something Marc planned. It sort of just happened but he watched as Anna sat up. She looked at Marc and then replied “Yes… yes I would.”

Anna slid off the couch and knelt beside her former boyfriend. Scott had heard more than saw the exchange but felt her beside him. He let his mouth slide off daddy’s cock and he held it dutifully in place as Anna moved her left hand to the cock…held it briefly before she lowered her head, wrapping her soft pink lips around the shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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