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Kitchen Table Fuck

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Lake had come in the back. Straight into the kitchen without knocking like it hadn’t been two years. She stopped inside the doorframe, hands behind her, easing the creaky screen door to a close without a slap.

“I’m so pissed off at you I could smash every dish you’ve got.”

“That’s one way to say hello,” Mace replied cautiously.

He was standing at the counter in a pair of jeans and a T shirt – no shoes. She’d picked the hottest night of the year. He’d been pouring bourbon in a glass but stopped when he heard the door.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“You already are. Want a drink?”

“Yeah. Maybe that’d be good.”

“You’re not gonna pitch the glass, are you?”

“I’m not gonna pitch the glass.”

He nodded as if he believed her. Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn’t, but he got another glass down from the cabinet. He poured into the empty one while she stepped over to the counter and leaned against it. She looked at him sideways. He turned away and got some ice out of the freezer. He dropped a cube into one of the glasses. She picked up the one with the ice and sipped.

Still facing the counter, left hand resting on the edge, he took a light pull off his own and tried to keep his eyes off her.

Tried, anyway.

“You got highlights.”

“Since about a year now.”



There was a spate of silence filled with mutual whiskey sipping. She finger brushed hair behind her ear. In a tight, dark blue T shirt and jeans, she had exactly the same, compact profusion of curves Mace had always known. The shirt turned her heavy breasts into a statement of offhand excess. Taking a sidelong glance at the vicious stretch of her V neck under their weight, he lifted his eyes to her face before she caught him gazing, only to realize she already had.

He watched her mouth, hoping she’d say something soon so he could watch her lips move. It was something he’d done back then, before Juna came along. Her mouth had this way of moving around words as if she were kissing them out into the air. Her tongue would move behind them and he would watch until he was hypnotized. He didn’t know what to say next, but he needed to see that wet, agile muscle in motion again.

Remember it, Mace, remember it, he thought.

“Two years.”

“Not quite.”

“Whatever. Might as well be ten,” he said. “Why now?”

She paused. Took a breath. Lifted her glass to her mouth and took a long, slow pull, leaning her head back as she drained it, exposing her throat, pushing her collarbones out. Mace’s lips remembered the satin brush of that skin like a house remembers a fire.

“Because,” she finally replied, setting the glass on the counter between them, “this is the first time since you married my proper, overachieving sister that she’s let you out of her sight. Not that I should blame her, I suppose, what with me being the black sheep whore of Babylon and so forth.”

Mace couldn’t help smiling. “That’ll be the day.”

“How do you know? You haven’t seen me in two years.”

“Not quite.” He tilted the bottle into her glass again. “More ice?”

She shook her head. “Too much ice and my nipples’ll get hard.”

He topped off his own glass. “Who’d know, with those bulletproof bras you wear?”

“At least you remember my tits.”

“Pretty impossible to forget. But I remember everything, Lake. Everything.”


“How’s that?”

“That your memory would be so sharp. Not quite two years, and not so much as an email or text message. You’d think I just dropped off the face of the Earth.”

“You did.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it might’ve had something to do with marrying my sister.”

Mace took a long, cautious pull on his drink. Then he topped it off again. Buying time. He let his breath out slowly, still losing the battle against taking those sidelong glances at her face, the sloping profile of her body.

“Why are we having this conversation?” he finally asked.

“Honestly…I don’t know. Not exactly. But what did you think was going to happen? I mean…did you think we were all just going to live happily ever after?”

Mace felt the hair at the base of his skull prickle. He steadied both hands on the counter and took a deep breath.

“So this is how it’s gonna be? Just show up like this and get right down to it?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. She moved to face him, balling her small fists on the flair of her hips. Her breathing was pronounced, forcing her magnanimous breasts into a distracting see-saw sway. There were shadows of injury in her eyes as they narrowed on him. “This is how it’s gonna be.”

“Okay,” he said, measuring his calm, knocking back the rest of his drink and then refilling it. “So you take off and I figure maybe almost happy is as good as it’s ever gonna be. So yeah. Juna was there. Steady. She was the right thing to do. And I figure sooner or later I’d quit pretending it wasn’t about her reminding me of you, and she’d be able to quit pretending not to notice. bahis firmaları So whatever you came here for…”

He turned to face her, too, as if they were squaring off, but he looked at her face and ran out of gas. Ran out of whatever had been making his bones shudder. She became that pair of melting chocolate eyes that had paralyzed him from the start. Heaving breasts and damp lips that had never left his soul in peace. And her laugh…the way she’d throw back her head and expose her throat.

“…whatever,” he finally trailed off, deflated.

“Yeah, well I just stopped by to give you something.” She was practically vibrating, beginning to look like she could spit fire.

“There’s always the post office.”

“This is more of a special delivery item.”

Then she cocked back her arm and punched him square in the chest. After, she looked as shocked as he felt. A look of remorse crossed her face while his surprise turned to disbelief, and then to something he couldn’t name. Anger mixed with heartbreak and the kind of love that walks you all the way to the river.

Mace hastily grabbed the sides of Lake’s V neck and pulled at the material until it started to rip. He pulled it open until she was standing there in the sleeves with her ripe, breath-tossed breasts straining at a pale lavender bra. She was looking back at him with that level of disbelief that almost came off as amused. He was every bit stunned by his actions as she, but everything thickening the air between them started to morph into remembrance. As he watched her eyes narrow and glaze, he knew she had to be thinking of it, too.

“So…it’s like that, is it?” Her voice turned husky and her head tilted as she regarded him.

He’d seen that look before, remembering it as clearly as if it had been yesterday. It was taunt and invitation rolled into one, and it made him angry to see it now. Heartbreak and the hunger for payback swarmed in his chest. The need to taste and smell her skin was just as deep as his desire to make her feel sorry.

Without taking his eyes off hers, he reached to fumble open the egg carton he’d left out on the counter. He extracted an egg and held it just above her breasts while he crushed it in his hand, letting the viscous fluid drip over his fingers and onto her chest. He flung the pieces of shell at the sink and rubbed the raw yolk into her skin, over the upper curves of her breasts. She stood and took his gesture almost stoically, except for the hitch and deepening of her breath.

“You just fucking disappeared,” he said, reaching for another egg. “And you’re just going to do the same thing all over again.”

He rubbed more egg over her chest, until her skin was slick and glistening. Then he slid his hand inside one of her bra cups, squeezing the dense, heavy flesh with egg coated fingers.


Her nipple was growing hard under his palm. He reached for another egg with the other hand and just squashed it onto her chest underneath her collarbone. The hand under the bra cup slipped out and smeared the fresh egg down onto the other breast, sliding under the other cup of her bra. Bits of shell were sticking to her skin, slightly scratchy under his hand.

“I suppose you think that one time we had together was enough to flip my brain over permanently,” he told her, his face just shy of breaking into a sneer.


The other nipple was thickening now, too, and he slipped his hands free and pushed the ruined T shirt over her shoulders. Once the sleeves cleared her hands, the shirt fell to the floor around her feet. He pulled the bra straps down, pulling the cups off her breasts. He fondled and kneaded them with both hands, steadily keeping his eyes on hers.

“And you probably think I don’t remember what it was like trying to look at you like this…faces inches apart…trying to keep my eyes on both of yours at the same time…”

“Mace…” She squirmed her hands behind her and flipped open her bra straps. Stained with raw egg, it slipped down her arms and landed on the T shirt.

“…but not being able to because our faces were too close together…and your breath was like this tide of whispers washing across my mouth…”


His fingers sank deeply into the meat of her breasts.

“…or maybe you thought you could just walk in here and slay me with a look…”

He caught her swollen nipples and squeezed. Then again, harder.


She reached blindly for his crotch, keeping her eyes on his face while her hand cupped over the swelling shape of his cock, her palm dancing. He cracked another egg over her chest and smeared her skin, lacquering her nipples, his hands sliding freely until they reached the waist of her jeans.

Her hand urged his cock to keep growing. He closed his eyes and remembered the way her touch had felt before, but the memory quickly shattered into fine shards of nothingness.

She was touching him now. There had been no time apart. No crossed signals or misunderstanding. Yesterday kaçak iddaa and today merged. He opened the top of her jeans while she pushed up on his shirt. She lifted as he raised his arms and he tossed it away. He set his hands on her bare torso and looked at her body, exactly as he remembered her, there and alive. He slid his hands over her breasts again, filling his palms with their dense weight. Kneading. Slippery with raw egg.

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” she said, leaning forward to rub her yolk wet mounds against his body.

“Even if they’re true?” He pulled his hands away to feel the full press of her breasts against his body.

She was there. Right there. Where he never imagined her being again. He wanted to throw his arms around her and weep into her hair, but her hands were fumbling at the top of pants. The breath in her throat tasted like the minutes before it rains.

He brought his hands to her neck, angling her face upward. Her hand snuck into his open pants and caressed his aching cock through his briefs. Her fingers traced the shape of his hard shaft and then gripped.

A moment of total paralysis came over everything as he stared at her lips – half moist – half parted to let the air in and out that kept lifting her breasts. In the moment, everything was still but her swaying nipples and hand fumbling into his briefs, curling around the girth of his aching cock.

He brought his lips to hers, just a brush of one soft, damp mouth against another.

“Breathe.” Shape of the word on his lips speaking it against hers. “Just. Breathe.”

Her lips opened wider and her breath rushed into his mouth while her grip tightened around his cock. He inhaled her and felt everything collapse. His tongue rode into the cavern of her mouth. She leaned into the kiss and gave him the storm he needed to taste.

She started pushing his pants and briefs downward while he clawed at the front of her jeans to get them open, pushing them down past her hips. They separated into a shuffle of pushing everything off and came back up to face each other naked.

Mace kissed her again, pulling her body against him and filling his hands with the taut spheres of her ass. Suddenly he pulled up from the kiss and raised his hand to spank one side.

“You have no right to be angry with me,” he growled.

She looked indignant, but her eyes glazed over with a smoky cast. “You’re so full of shit.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah.”

He gripped a handful of her hair and led her to the table, bending her over and reaching back toward the counter for another egg. Cradling the egg in his palm, he swung and cracked it over her ass, splats of raw yolk splashing out around his hand.

Lake’s breathing went husky and Mace kept smacking eggs onto her ass until they were gone and her cheeks and legs were dripping. He clutched her bare shoulder and ran his hands over her ass and thighs, smearing her skin. When his fingers reached the swollen lips of her pussy she was sodden with egg and the heavy flow of her own nectar. He massaged her slit and ground his cock against her hip, dragging his finger upward along the crease between her cheeks.

He massaged her rim with the pad of his thumb, smearing her slick, and watched her body begin to rock with heaves of breath. The heaves grew deeper when he slid his fingers against her flushed slit at the same time.

“If anyone has call to be angry it’s me,” he told her, applying more pressure with his thumb while the ends of two fingers explored the very mouth of her pussy. “You took all this away from me. All this…raw, nasty elegance. You subtracted you from the equation of my life.”

“You married my fucking sister,” she whimpered, her cheek pressed against the table.

He pushed his fingers deeper, pulling his thumb aside as he leaned down to lick up all that raw egg from her rim. He took his time, treating her ass like something he was entitled to, laying a wet, smacking kiss on her rosebud just before rising back up to his full height.

“Denial is a form of punishment,” he told her. “And I think you came here to punish me, but I won’t have it.” He pushed his fingers deeper and swatted her egg coated ass with his free hand. “Let’s be perfectly clear. The only one getting punished here tonight is the arrogantly beautiful trespasser who just walked into my house like she belongs here. And she’s getting punished with pure, fucking excess. Do you understand?”

Lake whimpered in syllables that sounded vaguely affirmative as Mace slid his straightened fingers in and out of her slick core. He swatted an ass cheek once more with his free hand. Pale scarlet handprints were beginning to appear across the fine, smooth skin of her ass.

“Can’t you speak like a normal human being? Fucking tell me you understand.”

“I understand.”

The syllables sounded spat, like something he’d have to wipe up off the table later on. Keeping a steady glide with his fingers in her pussy, Mace briefly wondered if he should tell her Juna wasn’t coming back. He wondered if she already kaçak bahis knew. Maybe that was why she’d suddenly appeared now, after all this time.

He didn’t want to think about Juna. She’d been a beautiful error in judgment. So, he supposed, had he.

Pulling his soaked fingers from Lake’s pussy, he strode to the other end of the table, letting his hard cock bob within inches of her face. He brought his pussy lacquered fingers to his shaft and smeared his flesh with her dew, mixing her up with his own precum as he lathered his cock with his hand.

He watched her eyes as he stroked himself. “This is what you do to me, Lake. What you’ve always done to me.”

There was a barely perceptible movement in her eyes as she followed the seesaw rock of his hand. He was close enough to her face to feel her breath on the head. He wondered if she felt half the desperation in the core of every cell that he felt. Did it feel like there was a stone in her throat turning to liquid and melting down into her body, dripping over her heart? Was everything she knew or felt of him poised on the moment?

He moved his cock to her parting lips and pushed it just inside. Her lips closed while her eyes angled up toward his face, closing just in the moment he could see what was there. Her tongue rolled and she began to suck. It was as if he could feel her hot, wet mouth everywhere on his body at once.

With a deep, desperate breath, he began to rock his cockshaft in and out of her beautiful mouth while reaching for her ass. His hand slid downward between her cheeks to reclaim the heat flushed lips of her pussy. When he fingered her slash she moaned around his cock, rolling her hips against the table.

He could almost delude himself into believing he was giving it to her. Feeding her. Filling her with long strokes of his shaft just shy of her throat. But the truth was that it was the other way around. He was throbbing for her with a need that was turning his bones to liquid.

Mace began to strain against his body’s urge to explode and pour cum down her throat. He finally pulled away. She opened her eyes and looked at him again.

“Don’t you want to cum in my mouth?” She quickly chewed her bottom lip and arched against the slipping glide of his fingers over her pussy.

“Yes. I do.” He moved away and stood behind her, lifting her legs off the floor, urging her further onto the table to roll onto her back. He held her legs up and open just under the crook of her knees. “But I’m not going to. Just yet.”

He leaned over and ran his tongue slowly up the furrow of her exposed slit, dragging over her lips and pulling the sweet tang of her nectar into his mouth. His tongue slid up and over her clit. His lips and taste buds ignited with the sense memory of her taste and he wanted more. He licked her again as if he could burn the memory of her flavor into the synapses within his tongue.

“Mace,” she moaned weakly. “I’m so…fucking…pissed…at you.”


He drove his tongue inside her, swiping as far as he could reach into her opening, sliding a finger inside along with his tongue. Soon he was lapping and sucking hungrily at her swollen clit while his finger took her hole with a driving, upward curl. She slapped his shoulder blades with her feet, and he finally pulled his wet finger free of her pussy and pressed the tip against her asshole. Slight pressure. Taunting her. Slightly more pressure.

He rose up again and watched her face while he carefully slid his finger fully into her ass and held it there. Her eyes hooded over. She was looking at his face as if there were some sign of what was coming next. With the other hand, he slid another finger into her pussy, and instead of fucking her with it, he held it inside to feel her inner core.

The way she gnawed at her bottom lip and clutched at her breasts made his cock pulse hard. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep from plunging his shaft deep inside her, but he kept her ass plugged full with his unmoving finger while the other massaged at the honey coated inner surfaces of her body.

“This would’ve been our house,” he told her with the slightest movement of his finger in her ass. Then, gently, he started to massage both her channels at the same time. “Should’ve been.”


“We should’ve eaten hundreds of dinners together on this table by now. Talking total bullshit about whatever day it was.” His fingers began a counterpoint motion, slight movement out, slight movement in. “But all you have to feed me here is your pussy and ass.”


“But I guess it’ll just have to do. And later, after you do your famous disappearing act, we can both pretend it’s enough.”

She was pulling hard on her thickened nipples. Her spine arched once in tandem with a deep, moaning growl and her body flattened against the table again.

Juna wasn’t coming back, and she was the reason. They’d never spoken about it. All the time Mace spent staring a thousand yards into the ozone had been discussion enough. Lake had stained his heart. They’d tried, Juna and he, but they had come to learn that when you engage futility long enough, you reach a point where you either embrace the emptiness or cut your losses and bolt.

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