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Kelly’s Cuppa

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The text jumps between the two POV quite a lot so have put an indication of where the new POV starts. This is purely fictional so any comparison with real people, companies or locations is purely coincidental. First submission so please provide me with feedback.


Kelly was running late, as usual. Why did the kids choose the day they’d overslept to pour their Coco Pops down their uniforms? Running about like a hyperactive humming bird meant they managed to leave the house just ten minutes later than they usually did so there was still the smallest chance they may make it to the school gates on time.

Kelly’s mind wandered as they rushed along the pavement, wasn’t she supposed to be on deck of millionaire’s yacht, anchored just off a Caribbean island and not rushing through the Scottish drizzle?

She was much younger than the majority of the other mums dropping their bratty offspring at the local primary school as she had met her ex when they were at school. She still had a cracking figure and knew if she had the time and money to go to the salons like the other yummy mummies that she would blow them out of the water but that wasn’t for her. Plus, she’d rather spend the money on her kids rather than to try and turn the heads of the few male teachers. She was smaller than average at around 5″1, had long dark hair, a wicked smile and impressive 34D boobs. It was, however, her eyes that were the most striking aspect of Kelly’s appearance. Anyone who came across her would get lost in those strikingly hazel eyes that seemed to glisten when she smiled.

The bell rang as she dropped her older child, giving a quick kiss and straightening the tie that had somehow unravelled in the march from home. She then turned round to head towards the child minder for the younger one, just as the rain started to get heavier. Oh the joys of life!

M: Across the other side of town, just pulling into the train station sat Matthew, reading the Financial Times and sipping from his large Starbucks americano. He was dressed in his sharpest designer suit because today was the day he was going to impress his ruthless boss and bring him back the opportunity of a lifetime.

Out of the blue, he had been contacted by a company that was on its knees. The management must have been buffoons because the idea sounded too good to be true. A scheme to change greenhouse gases back into liquified petroleum gas. He knew that it would have been a bunch of scientists who were trying to play in the big, bad business world but even they should’ve been able to make it work.

All the information hehad a chance to run off in the office before he jumped on the train from Manchester, was an address, a set of financials (which looked like they had never been near an accountant) and a contact name. Not even a phone number. This was not like him to be so disorganised but he was getting desperate. All of his leads of the past 6 months had ended in dead ends. He knew unless something extraordinary turned up soon, he would be looking for a new job. The flat that he already couldn’t really afford and all the rest of his expensive habits would have to go and he wouldn’t give those up without a fight.

The train finally stopped and unloaded all of its passengers onto the platform. The crowd of zombie-like commuters, marching towards the barriers. Matthew had no time to wait and so slalomed his way through the crowd and sprinted to the barrier. He was through and headed to the taxi rank and jumped into the first cab. “McDonald industrial estate” he barked at the driver and they were off.

K: “Right Kelly, one down, one to go” she muttered to herself as she pushed the buggy along the side of the busy road towards the childminder’s. Drop her younger child off and she would be free to continue her relentless job search. It was tough after 6 years out of the job market when you had very little experience to begin with. Companies could pay an 18 year old who had the same experience much less than her as a 25 year old. She knew if something didn’t come up soon, the childminder would be a luxury that couldn’t continue, despite the reassurances from the job centre.

She had just lifted her head to the rain when she noticed a taxi pull up about 100 metres up the pavement and a dazzling man step out. He was tall, broad, muscular and with a shock of blond hair, stylishly cut. He was looking all around, checking his phone, looking at some papers in his hand and looking thoroughly annoyed with life. She continued to walk towards him, hoping she looked at least presentable.

M: Where the hell was this place? Why had he not even checked that he wasn’t being escort buca led on a wild goose chase. What an amateurish mistake to make. He frantically typed into his phone to try to bring up everything he could on Morphis Gas Limited, just to make sure he wasn’t going to be the butt of some elaborate office joke. No, they’re definitely real, but where were they?

He spun around to be confronted by a mum pushing a buggy, walking straight towards him. He flagged down the lady and started talking far too quickly, different strains of thought converging in his mouth. “Do you know where the McDonald Industrial Estate is?” “Where is Granville Drive?” “Ever heard of Morphis Gas?” “Know a Richard Mercer?” All uttered without pausing to hear an answer to the previous question. The lady looked up at him in puzzlement and then smiled which put Matthew at ease at once somehow. He was so on edge but suddenly his rushing this morning became a distant memory.

She started answering all of his questions in turn, keeping very calm and with a gorgeously light Scottish accent. “You are standing on just off Granville Drive on the edge of the McDonald Industrial Estate. Afraid I’ve not heard of that company before but there is a Richard Mercer whose son is in my kid’s year at school.”

Matthew almost jumped. Actually physically jumped. “Thank you, thank you.” He went to shake her hand but before he knew it was hugging it and then set off in the direction she had pointed, practically skipping. He got to the building that looked most promising but there was a to let sign already in the car park and the place was deserted. He needed to find out what had happened to this company so he headed back onto the main road and ran in the direction the lady had been going, finally seeing her in the distance.

K: Kelly had said her good byes and was heading out of the gate of her childminder’s house when the pink, panting and sweaty businessman from before stood in front of her. “Hello?” She asked incredulously.

“Hi, yeah,” panted the businessman, “wait a sec…, can’t run in these shoes” the man finally managed to get his breathing into a normal rhythm, “You said you knew Richard Mercer, can you introduce me to him?” He looked at her with deep blue puppy dog eyes that would make any woman melt.

“Well I said I knew of him, I don’t know him personally or anything. I might be able to speak to him after school but I don’t even know you.” At that the man straightened himself and reached into his pocket to produce a business card that read “Matthew Samson, Assets Manager, Fortus Private Equity” This time he did reach out a hand and Kelly shook it accordingly. He was ridiculously good looking and she had always had a thing for a man in a suit but she wasn’t going to go all gooey over this stranger.

“Can I buy you a tea or something as thanks?” The “perfect” stranger enquired in his middle class English accent. Hopeful eyes following her every movement.

“Um, sure” she murmured back, “There’s a lovely cafe near the school.”

M: This might not be the total dead end that it looked like 20 minutes previously but it was still the longest of long shots. He hailed a passing taxi for the two of them and they sat in silence as the taxi weaved its way through more residential streets and finally stopped outside a new looking artisan cafe. The place seemed to be emptying of the mummy brigade who had finished their post school drop-off cappacinos.

Matthew opened the door and he followed his last hope into the cafe. They sat down at a table need the back and the waitress came to get their order, another americano for him and normal tea with milk and two sugars for the lady. What an idiot, he never even asked her for her name! In all the rush he must’ve looked like a right arrogant twat.

“I never caught your name” he tentatively mentioned. She didn’t seem to mind too much and responded with “Kelly” and a smile. For the first time he was actually able to look at her and was awestruck with what he saw. Gorgeously long hair, frizzed up a little due to the weather, a cute, cheeky smile and those eyes. He actually did a double take on those.

The waitress arrived back with the drinks and set them down on the table. “So how long have you lived in this area?” He asked, his small talk needing a lot of work.

She responded ‘”My whole life. Was going to go away for uni but ended up sticking around. Where is it you’re from?”

Matthew realised he had been mainly watching Kelly’s mouth move rather than listening to what she had said and having just heard a glimpse of what was spoken responded, “Manchester, although buca escort bayan I grew up near Leicester and went to uni at Cambridge.” He had hoped this might have impressed her but she didn’t seem to show it at all. “And what time does school close?” he continued.

Kelly chuckled, a sweet little laugh, “Not for another 5 hours or so. You’ve got a while to wait.”

Matthew checked his watch and sighed deeply. “Don’t you mean we’ve got a while to wait?” He had never been one of those guys who would flirt with a girl by just being a dick but perhaps of the absurdity of the situation or being so far from his base, he thought it might be fun.

K: Was that his attempt at flirting she wondered as she heard his last question? It would fun to sit in a cafe with a hot man all day but what was the likelihood of that actually happening? She took another sip of her sweet tea and contemplated how she could respond? She was enjoying the undivided attention he was bestowing on her, even though it was for his job.

“Yeah I wish. Unlike you, I have some actual “work” to do.” She even did the air quotes with her fingers. God you’re such a dork she thought. At least the businessman played the “I’m so hurt” card as he looked back at her with a pout and then a chuckle.

“Yeah well these hands haven’t seen much hard labour, although soft hands do come in handy when it comes to certain other things.” Now it was Matthew’s turn to want to sink into his seat. What kind of a line was that? He was surprised to see Kelly chuckle and not just walk out on him. She then bit her lip a bit, was this actually working? He found himself getting aroused and his head kept telling him to be more professional but his body was egging him on further. He moved his leg under the table so it was pressed firmly against Kelly’s and bit his lip back. “So if you need to do work, I can easily meet you here later, or you can extend that famous Scottish hospitality…” he trailed off suggestively.

Kelly was in about thirty minds, let alone two. As soon as she had felt his leg on hers, her whole body had yearned for just one thing but she couldn’t, could she? This felt like a very bad idea, she hardly knew this man, she had only ever been with one man and hadn’t been with him for 6 months after he walked out. Now she was considering, inviting this hunk into her home, her sanctuary. Before she could stop herself, she had responded with “Sure, let’s go” and had already started walking towards the door.

Matthew looked in amazement, then realising what was happening, through down a tenner and rushed to leave the cafe behind her. He caught up with her on the street and walked beside her. She looked so determined, he wasn’t sure what to say. “Erm, is it far?” He ventured.

“Nope just around the corner but please excuse the mess.” She murmured back.

They walked along a row of tidy houses, probably built between the wars and with a real community feel.

Suddenly Kelly walked down a pat and Matthew had to brake to avoid walking past. She was so focused, it was rather intimidating. Kelly fumbled with the lock and then walked through the front door. Matthew followed her in then had a quick scan around the ground floor, nicely furnished but with toys everywhere. Pretty much as he expected. Kelly turned around and asked if he wanted another coffee. “I’ve only got instant I’m afraid.” She again bit her lip as she looked up and down at this perfect specimen inside her house.

Matthew couldn’t resist any longer, his cock was already hardening against his suit and seeing her bite her lip send shockwaves through him. He purposefully approached Kelly. “No I don’t want a coffee, I just want you.”

Kelly grinned and added, “Thank fuck because I don’t have any.”

They were suddenly in each other’s arms, locking lips and kissing deeply. With Matthew being over a foot taller, it was awkward at first but Matthew picked Kelly up in his arms and pinned her against the wall. Kelly let out a moan and Matthew teasingly bit her lip.

Kelly had her legs wrapped around Matthew’s waist and could feel his hard cock already pushing against her. He felt massive, was this guy real? She was getting so wet already. She hadn’t realsed how much she was missing sex, or maybe it was just this guy.

Matthew started to kiss her neck now and she was able to take in all the sensations rushing through her body. All her nerve endings felt on fire. She started to pull his tie off and unbutton his shirt, his body felt as hard as granite. She took off his suit jacket and shirt to reveal his top half. Obviously he had abs of steel and buca escort impressive pecs but she hadn’t expected the tribal tattoo that covered the left hand side of his chest.

Matthew was now sucking and biting Kelly’s neck, his cock straining hard in his suit trousers. He needed this, it was no longer just a desire. He was practically ripping at Kelly’s clothes, he wanted to see her incredible body so badly. He took her top over her head and unclasped the bra expertly, still pinning her to the wall. Her boobs were magnificent and the nipples were so hard that they looked like they were begging for attention. He wanted to give them his full focus so put Kelly back down on the floor and asked, “Can we take this to the bedroom?”

Kelly grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs and through the first door to where a double bed, still unmade, lay in the middle of a small room. Kelly lay back in the middle of the bed and quickly removed her joggers and panties. Matthew watched her every move, standing silently. He then very slowly undid his belt and dropped his trousers and briefs.

Kelly’s eyes almost popped out of her head at the monster between his legs. At least 9 inches and so thick. Matthew was also licking his lips at the perfect body on the bed in front of him. He leant on the bed then crawled up so that he was above Kelly and gently kissed her. Kelly moaned as their tongues met but if she was wanting a long sensuous kiss she was disappointed as Matthew quickly broke it off to kiss down her body.

He started sucking her left nipple and just as the pleasure was building inside Kelly, he bit down hard on it which made Kelly’s whole body tighten. She had definitely not been expecting that but it was such a turn on. Matthew repeated the move on the other nipple although the shock was not as great. His hands had already begun to explore her pussy, a thumb rubbing her clit as his fingers gently ran up and down her wet lips.

Kelly was squirming under his touch and now only wanted one thing. She reached out for his cock but he kept pulling it out of her reach. “Not yet” he ordered. She just had to lay back, not the worst position to be in! Matthew kissed down her belly and started sucking on her clit. Kelly grasped his head, her fingers running through his hair. Matthew flicked his tongue from side to side and then sucked hard. A first finger slid into her pussy closely followed by a second. Kelly gripped his hair tight and moaned loud enough that her neighbours would surely hear. Matthew was intoxicated by the smell and taste of Kelly’s pussy and could’ve kept up his licking for hours but his cock had other ideas.

He reluctantly lifted his head out from between Kelly’s legs and held out a hand to her. She immediately responded and he pulled her off the bed and walked them to the left hand wall of the room. “Thought we could go back to what we were doing downstairs.” Matthew whispered. He picked her up in his arms again and their lips locked, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. With no clothing to restrict them, Matthew’s cock was now pushing against Kelly’s lips, sending intense waves of ecstasy through her. Matthew slowly lowered her down and thrust up and his tip slid into her. Kelly broke free of the kiss as the she needed to scream out. He was so big and it was stretching her more than she had ever before, and it kept on coming!

Matthew was so turned on, seeing what he was doing to Kelly. He pushed further inside until his whole cock was in. He could already feel an orgasm building. What was the girl doing to him? He had always prided himself in being able to satisfy a woman’s every need but if he wasn’t careful he would blow his load early. He started to pump in and out but the sensations that flowed through him were off the scale. His breathing was already quickening, sweat building on his brow and torso. He bit down hard on Kelly’s ear lobe to try to focus his scrambled brain.

Kelly was in a similar way, moaning, panting, her eyes struggling to focus as Matthew’s monster fucked her harder and harder. She dug her nails into his back and squeezed her legs tightly around him, trying to pull him ever deeper into her.

Both Matthew and Kelly’s breathing quickened and the moans and grunts they were making grew louder and more coarse. They both sensed the other was ready and stopped themselves from holding back any longer, not that there was much option. Matthew halted his biting and looked into those amazing Hazel eyes as his cock throbbed and his orgasm hit. Kelly stared back, her pupils dilating as he felt Matthew shoot deep inside her, her own orgasm hitting like a runaway train. Kelly’s pussy clamping hard onto Matthew’s cock. Matthew moaned animalistically as Kelly let out a broken scream.

In the haze, Matthew managed to carry them both back onto Kelly’s bed and they both collapsed onto it, Matthew still inside Kelly.

Further chapters to follow…

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