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Kate’s Story Pt. 06: BIRTHDAY GIFT!

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I thought it was cute how Steve nervously stumbled back to his room. I was excited to tell Greg about my sexy early morning surprise. However, he didn’t give me the chance. I didn’t even have an opportunity to wipe off my chin when he approached me.

Greg reached to Steve’s semen, still dripping from my lip down my chin and scooped it up with a single finger, “what you aren’t sharing?” Then he went ahead and put his finger right in his mouth! I was stunned. Greg obviously not only knew I had just giving his friend a BJ, but he was very excited about it! And who would have guessed he wanted to try the cum? Greg’s smirk changed to a look of confusion, it must have suprised him to learn what a guy’s cum tastes like.

I giggled, “not quite what you expected?”

“It’s just kind of salty.”

Greg’s realization made me laugh more. “Um, yeah! What would you expect it to be like?”

“I don’t know, sweeter, I guess?” He replied.


Now Greg laughed at me. “Uh, of course. Who made that batch?”

Yet again his answer made me laugh and I told him, “well that ‘batch’ came from Steve.”

“Well, instead of gobbling up the entire next batch yourself maybe share with me next time. Who knows, maybe the other guys can do better.” Greg said, chuckling to himself.

“Um,” I knew Greg was excited about sharing me, but I wasn’t expecting this level of enthusiasm. “Really? You want me to like, share it after the boys have given it to me?”

“Sure?” Greg replied. “Anyway, what’s the plan for today?”

I shrugged, “I dunno. Why don’t we see what the boys think?”

Dean and JJ ambled out of their rooms. Greg suggested we shower and get dressed, but I figured why rush? I really enjoyed being naked around the boys! Dean sat down in the kitchen and I plopped down on his lap.

Dean proposed something, but for the life of me, I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. What I did focus on was Dean’s fingers dancing around and teasing my belly button. It sent shivers down my spine, knowing that were he to move his fingers just a few inches lower, he’d be touching my pussy. I leaned back into Dean and spread my legs, inviting Dean to touch me, right as JJ and my boyfriend watched.

But I was too horny to wait. I moved a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. Greg stared intently. His silence communicated his approval, but his eyes darting from my crotch to Dean’s hand communicated something different. He was wishing I had waited and let Dean finger me! Unfortunately, I already had myself going. I closed my eyes and drifted off until Steve came out and startled me! At this point, I just wanted to have Greg fuck me. I told the boys we’d be right back and dragged Greg to our room.

I got Greg naked and was happy to see his hard little penis! The idea of me with his friends always got him so turned on. I took it in my hand and asked, “You certainly enjoyed the show, but I bet you’re even more excited about what’s coming, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.” Greg responded immediately. I was excited to hear him confirm that he still wanted me to have sex with his friends as much as I did. I got one of his condoms on him, pushed him onto the bed, and started riding him.

Just to be sure, I asked Greg again if he wanted me to go all the way with his friends, “So tomorrow is our last full day here. Should we kick this into high gear?”

“Ye.. yes.” Greg answered. It was fun grinding my hips on my boyfriend, but as always, it wasn’t a very full feeling. I imagined what the boys would feel like inside of me, but I couldn’t fantasize for long. Greg came after only about a minute. So much for his condoms making him last longer, but at least I’d get satisfied from his friends soon. And Greg would enjoy every minute of it. I rolled onto my back and told him to finish me off, fantasizing about Greg’s friends the entire time.

When we were done, we stood up, and I looked down at Greg’s penis. Since he had just came, it was super shrunken down now. The condom had fallen off on its own and now his penis poked out like a tiny acorn. It was so cute! But looking at it also made me that much more excited to have sex with his larger friends.

Greg and I hurriedly showered and dressed. I wanted to get back out with the boys! I was glad they were all ready when we walked out of our room. “Alright boys, so let’s figure out what we’re going to do!” I said.

Unfortunately, the boys brought it to our attention that we were out of alcohol and someone would need to do a beer run. We picked straws to decide who’d leave, and Greg picked the short one! I don’t know how he did it, but I suspected he picked it on purpose to give me some alone time with the boys. I’d have to make sure not to disappoint him!

I gave Greg a kiss and Steve told him where to go. After he left, I figured moving out to the patio would help get things going. That’s where most of our fun had taken place so far after all!

“Who else wants to get some sun while we wait?” I asked the boys. I began peeling off my clothes istanbul travesti as I walked back, not waiting for what I was sure would be a positive answer. “Make sure one of you boys grabs the sunscreen!”

When I got outside, I turned around to see all the boys were already naked! There I was, my boyfriend had only just left a minute before and here I was completely naked with his friends! I lied down on a reclined patio chair and smiled. “I think I’ll need help to get that sunscreen on.”

They didn’t waste a moment. They squirted what seemed like half the bottle on my naked body, then three pairs of hands rubbed the sunscreen on my bare skin. Of course, they quickly found their way to my breasts and crotch, not that I minded. It was like a repeat of the other day, only this time they were even less shy with their hands and best of all, I had three big erect penises pointing right at me!

My breasts were massaged, nipples gently pinched, a hand slid under me and squeezed my butt. Whoever’s hand was playing with my clit must have felt how incredibly wet I was. I felt a finger slip into my vagina and I moaned loudly.

“Oh god.” I purred. With each noise of pleasure from my mouth the hands and fingers moved faster. After a couple minutes, I screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” My pussy gushed all over the hands between my legs.

“Alright boys, you’ve gotten me covered. Now we have to make sure none of you get sunburned.” I said, after recovering from my orgasm.

I grabbed the bottle and squirted the sunscreen into my hands. One by one I rubbed in on the chest of each of the boys, then moved to their backs, then arms, and finally legs. I was intentionally avoiding their genitals for as long as possible, just to tease them and turn them as much as I could.

I felt JJ’s penis first in my left hand and reached my right hand under Steve’s testicles. “Have to make sure you boys don’t get sunburned here.” I played with them, making sure I didn’t miss even the smallest bit of flesh. Moving one hand over to Dean and I thoroughly covered his genitals with sunscreen as well. I was having so much fun that, without thinking, I said, “you’re all so much bigger than my boyfriend.” They all glanced at each other and smiled. “Oops! That slipped, we can keep that between us, ok?” They all nodded.

I moved between the boys, giving full body massages to each one. Mostly focusing on their genitals. I loved having their sexy, masculine, and vulnerable bodies at my mercy. This went on for quite a while when my phone, which was on a nearby table, vibrated. I had a text from Greg.

Greg: Hey babe, am I missing anything?

That horny boy! He just couldn’t wait to hear I was playing with his friends. Figured I’d tease him a little.

Me: A few LONG things, actually 😉

Greg: Yeah, honestly it’s a bit longer than Steve lead me to believe. I tell ya, it’ll be his turn next time!

So Greg knew Steve had a big dick? Not only that, but he wanted to make sure that I paid attention to his friend’s big dicks too. This was so wild!

Kate: Oh it’s long alright. And don’t worry babe, everyone will get a turn! That is what you want, right?

Me: More than anything!

I loved how Greg continued to reassure me that his friends and I having a sexual relationship was exactly what wanted.

Just then, Steve’s phone rang. He sighed and answered. I stroked both Dean and JJ while Steve was talking.

“Ugh.. alright fine!” Steve hung up his phone and turned toward us. “Sorry, that’s my uncle. He wants me to take something he borrowed from a friend of his from the next town over back to him. He won’t take no for an answer and won’t wait.”

I was a little sad to see that big, beautiful penis disappear as Steve got dressed. At least I had two more amazing penises left to play with! Before he left, Steve said one last thing. “Just keep an eye on the weather. I know it’s sunny now, but it looks a little dark in the West.”

My attention returned to JJ and Dean. Their genitals were now slick with sunscreen. My hands moved easily as I caressed them. “I promise you’ll never burn here as long as I am around.” Of course, by now I was practically giving them handjobs.

“So, Dean tells me you asked him for some help the first night?” JJ asked.

“Jealous?” I asked, squeezing JJ’s thick cock harder while I stroked it.

JJ groaned, “I’m just saying if you ever need help…”

I smiled and spread my legs wide. JJ moved between my legs and went down on me. I pulled Dean by his penis so that he was close enough for me to blow him. I had to spit on it a couple times to get the sunscreen taste off of it. JJ struggled at first, just like Dean did. So I had to guide him a little as well. I loved blowing Dean while JJ ate my pussy. I’m sure Greg and Steve would be sorry they missed it!

Dean came before I did, but I wasn’t far behind. The boys switched positions. I thought I felt a drop or two of water, but it was still bright in the sky so I wasn’t too worried about travesti istanbul rain. It wasn’t until JJ came and I was sucking every last drop of cum from him that it started pouring rain!

It was still light out so I hadn’t expected it! But that darkness to the west had gotten much closer. “We’d better get inside!” JJ said.

We all ran, completely naked, back into the house. We laughed as we stood inside, completely drenched. Water dripped from the boys hanging penises. “I’ll grab some towels.” JJ said.

JJ returned with the towels. After drying off the boys retrieved some board shorts, but I decided to stay nude. Dean, JJ, and I just hung out, talking. It was fun having them casually checking out my naked body during conversation, but I started getting cold. I didn’t want to get dressed though, so I made a suggestion. “I’m getting chilly. You guys up for snuggling and a movie?”

“Alright,” Dean answered. “But you’re in the middle.”

We laughed and got a movie going. Just as we were getting comfy, we heard Steve’s voice. He was back! “What’s going under that blanket?” He asked.

“Nothing yet.” I replied seductively. Just then, a hand reached to my breast and pinched my nipple. I gasped in response, then laughed. “Correction, something is going on. I guess you’ll just have to take turns.”

Steve took a seat nearby. “Hope I didn’t miss too much?”

I shook my head. “Nope, we had to rush back in when the storm hit. Besides, tomorrow is your birthday right? I promise a special surprise. Where’s Greg by the way?”

“Yeah, how long can a beer run take?” JJ asked.

Steve chuckled, “yeah I forgot to mention you need to drive out of the county to buy alcohol. Greg should be back before the end of the movie though.”

Turns out Steve was right, JJ and Dean barely had time to play with my breasts when Greg came back. I jumped off the couch, allowing the blanket to fall to the floor. Greg almost fell over when I ran to him and hugged him.

“So, nothing happened other than you getting naked then?” Greg asked. My poor boyfriend was obviously disappointed his friends and I hadn’t been more adventurous sexually. Well, I wasn’t going to leave him disappointed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the best yet coming for you baby.” I whispered in his ear, then gently nibbled his earlobe for emphasis. I wanted to reassure him that I would have a lot more fun with his friends. “You excited?” I asked him quietly.

“More than anything.” Greg whispering back and squeezed my butt. What a kinky boy! I knew then my boyfriend wouldn’t be satisfied until all his friends had themselves deep inside of me.

We all grabbed a drink and returned to the movie. This time Steve beat Dean to the punch and he had to sit this round out. Steve and JJ were now to either side of me on the couch, I pulled the blanket up to our chins. Unfortunately, Greg probably didn’t have the clearest view, but I know for him just the knowledge I’m fooling around is a huge turn on.

Both boys snuggled in close to my naked body and both immediately moved their hands between my legs. It was like their hands had a mini battle over my vagina. I giggled. After a few seconds, JJ conceded and moved his hand to my chest. Steve slipped a finger inside my vagina. I let out a small moan. All three of us adjusted slightly. I’m sure Greg must have been so excited by now.

It was during this time I formulated my plan. Tomorrow would be our last full day and Steve’s birthday. That is when I would have sex with the boys. First Steve, since he’s the birthday boy, then both Dean and JJ.

Now I must acknowledge that this was the best movie night of my life. We hadn’t gone too far sexually, really, just the boys taking turns fingering me and playing with my breasts under the safety of the blanket. We also paid basically no attention to the movie. This was low key and casual sexual play while cuddling. Yes, it was turning me on and pleasurable, but it didn’t feel like raw sex stuff. It felt very intimate, erotic, and relaxing. It was easily one of the most sensual moments of my life.

After the movie we all said our good nights. I was incredibly turned on when Greg and I got back to our room. When I started playing with his little penis I asked, “do you think I was too much of a tease?” I knew I had really gotten the boys going under that blanket and felt bad I may have blue balled them.

Greg shook his head. “No, I like it babe. I feel like we’ve grown so much sexually.”

“You really think so?”

Greg began opening a condom. “Yeah, I mean look at how much happened on this trip. And it was all so fun. I can’t wait for more!”

I was so excited to hear Greg clearly spell out he was happy about and turned on that I had been fooling around with his friends. And he could barely contain his excitement for me to go further with them!

“In that case, I will see to it that we take this as far as we possibly can!” I assured Greg. I took the condom from his hand and rolled it on his little friend. He was istanbul travestileri even more excited the moment he was inside me he thrust harder and faster than he ever had. As if to make one more emphatic statement like, yes Kate please fuck my friends!

After Greg came in his condom, he got his mouth down on me. It was so quick that I’m sure he was fantasizing about when he’d finally get to go down on me after I had sex with his friends!

I had no trouble cumming and afterwards Greg and I embraced until we fell asleep.

Steve’s Birthday —-

Once again, I was the first one awake. This was our last full day and I wanted to make the most of it. I decided to make a final visit next door. Besides, that would give me some entertainment until the boys woke up. And just my luck, they were out on their patio again!

I hurried over and enjoyed seeing their faces light up when they saw me! “I see you guys recovered from your party?”

“Well, none of us were nearly as drunk as mister soft dick over here.” Jacob said, motioning toward Darrin. The friends all laughed at his expense, but to his credit, Darrin laughed along with them.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m never gonna live that down.” Darrin shook his head. “Give me a chance to redeem myself?”

“Well, it’s my friend’s birthday today, so it wouldn’t feel right letting someone else have sex with me first.” The guys looked disappointed. So I dropped my robe and said, “but I do have another idea.” I looked around at each of the guys. “It won’t work though if I’m the only one naked.”

The four of them stripped quickly. I lowered myself between them and began stroking and sucking their penises, moving from one to another. Within a couple minutes they were all rock hard. I wouldn’t say any of them were huge, at least average or slightly above though, which still made them all much larger than Greg.

Darrin started to cum while I was blowing him and I managed to swallow all of it. Jacob began cumming before Darrin was finished, I got my mouth on his penis as quickly as I could, but it wasn’t fast enough. About half his load ended up on my cheek and neck. Jake and Gabe blew their loads right after and I wasn’t able to contain any of that cum.

“Thanks for fun!” I told the guys as I stood up. They all thanked me too, then I hurried back to the lake house. The lower part of my face, my neck, and my chest were covered in cum. I was going to need to clean up a little bit when I got back!

The boys hadn’t woken yet. I couldn’t wake up Greg, so I jumped in the shower. Probably five minutes in Greg joined me. The sound of the shower must have woke him up! Sadly, I had already rinsed the cum off my face and chest. It was a shame, I know Greg would have been so excited to see it.

Greg kissed me and said. “Finishing off snacks without me again?”

Of course, I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, so Greg could still taste the neighbors’ cum. I still couldn’t believe this kinky side of him! “Don’t worry, I promise to share a lot with you by the end of the day.” That’s when I glanced down and saw my boyfriend’s erect little penis. I had seen so many these last few days that it really made him look even smaller in comparison. It was cute in its own little way. As a special treat, I crouched down and took him into my mouth.

I nearly giggled as my boyfriend’s little member easily fit in my mouth. It was effortless, especially compared to, well, every single other man I had in my mouth this week! The small size made it rather simple to get him off in record time. Since I was already clean by the time Greg had joined me, I decided to step out and let him finish his shower, but before I did I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said. “That’s just a preview for the day.”

I put on a cute outfit and left the room. Steve was up now and mixing some drinks in the kitchen. I walked up to him, took his face in my hands, and pulled him in for a deep kiss. There were butterflies in my tummy as our lips locked, it felt so intimate. “Happy birthday!” I told Steve after breaking our kiss.

“Wow, thanks for the birthday present.” Steve told me, smiling.

“Oh, trust me, mister.” I reached my hand down to Steve’s crotch and squeezed his large bulge. “Your birthday present will be a lot more fun than that. So, what are you working on?” I asked, motioning to the drinks.

“Oh, I figured that it’s my birthday. Might as well start partying early.” Steve replied.

“Great idea! I’ll make breakfast while you do that. French toast?” I asked. Steve nodded.

By the time Greg and the rest of the boys can out I had an enormous stack of French toast ready, along with some bacon. And Steve had several pitchers filled with mimosa. Perfect breakfast! Everyone dug in.

“So, Steve. What should we do for your big day?” Dean asked.

Steve shrugged. “Really, I’d just like to party. That’s why I got drinks ready right away.”

JJ and Dean glanced at each other. “We’d hope you’d say that.” JJ said pulling out a baggie of weed.

Everyone was excited, but I could hardly wait to give Steve the present Greg and I had planned for him. Which, of course, was my pussy! Greg looked my way, winked, then said to Steve, “Well, Kate and I have a surprise we think you’ll like too.” I guess Greg couldn’t wait either!

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