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John Takes The Cosmo Quiz

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My wife had a “girls day” planned with her two best friends, Marie and Shelly. I was in the den trying to get some work done when the phone rang. A few minutes later, my wife came in with a disappointed look on her face and explained that she had just been called to in to work for an emergency – “girls day” had just been cancelled. She told me she tried to call her friends to let them know, but they had already left the house, so she asked me to explain what happened and apologize on her behalf.

I went back to work, and in a little while the doorbell rang. I greeted Marie and Shelly, who were both clutching paper bags. “Sorry, girls, but Carol got called in to work. Looks like you’ll have to do “girls day” without her.”

“Oh, pooh,” Shelly said. “We were gonna have fun.”

“Yeah,” Marie piped in, “We’ve got wine and Cosmo and everything. There’s nothing better than getting drunk and taking the Cosmo quiz.”

A smile crossed Shelly’s lips as she said, “Hey, maybe John could take Carol’s place.”

“Now that’s an interesting thought,” Marie said “Feel like taking the Cosmo quiz?”

Now I really did want to get some work done, but spending a little time with these two gorgeous women was an intriguing idea.

“Sure,” I said, “As long as it’s not too personal.”

Marie and Shelly giggled at that and started pouring the wine.

“None for me,” I said, I’ve gotta get some work done later.”

But the girls were insistent.

“Aw, come on,” Shelly whined, “It’s won’t be as much fun without a few drinks.”

So now I had two gorgeous women begging me to drink with them. It began to look as though that work would just have to wait.

“Alright,” I said, “But make mine a beer.”

Smiles lit up both girls’ faces as Marie opened the fridge and grabbed me a cold one. The three of us proceeded to the living room, where Shelly started flipping through the pages of Cosmo.

“Oooh,” she squealed, “It’s a good one: “What does your lover really think about sex? John, you’ll have to answer the way you think Carol would.”

Shelly proceeded to read the questions, with all three of us in turn providing our answers, me guessing as to how my wife would respond. I felt a little embarrassed, but somewhat turned on by the personal nature of the questions. The quiz asked about romance, sexual activities, fantasies and physical attributes. It was this on last part when things started to get interesting.

“Which part of your body is your lover’s favorite?” Shelly asked.

“Hmmm,” Marie murmured as she thought it over. “I’d have to say my legs. Al always wants me to wear mini-skirts ‘cuz he says they show off my sexy legs.”

“I don’t think I have to tell you guys which part is Gary’s favorite.” Shelly said, thrusting out her generous chest.

“Yes you do!” Marie cried, “You have to tell us!”

“My boobs! Geez, what else? OK, John, you have to answer the way Carol would; not the way you would.”

“Well,” I said, thinking it over, “I think Carol would say that I am obsessed with her tight little ass.” “Her ass!” Marie cried.

“Oh come on,” Shelly laughed, “With a pair of tits like your wife has, you’re telling me you’re obsessed with her ass?”

It’s true that Carol’s breasts are quite large – even bigger than Shelly’s.

“I didn’t marry a pair of tits.” I explained, “Besides, I’ve always found small-breasted women to be more attractive.”

“I don’t believe you for a minute.” Shelly complained, “All guys like big tits. You mean to tell me that you’d prefer little boobies like…well like Marie’s to a big set like mine?”

“It’s not just the size,” I explained, “It’s firmness. Small-breasted women don’t suffer the ravages teach that-bitch porno of gravity like you bigger girls, so their boobs stay firmer.”

With that, Shelly stood up, and ordered Marie to stand beside her. “I think my boobs are plenty firm. I’d put them up against Marie’s little ones anytime. Now take a good look. Do honestly think that Marie’s boobs are firmer than mine?”

“I can’t really tell just from looking. I mean, Shelly, your breasts look wonderful, and I don’t mean to call you unattractive. I just think smaller breasts are more firm and sexy.”

“OK,” Shelly replied, “You can’t tell from looking. How about feeling the difference?”

“Are you asking me to feel you up?”

“Yeah. I want to prove to you that my boobs are every bit as firm as Marie’s.”

“Wouldn’t he have to feel mine too?” Marie asked.

“Sure,” Shelly replied, “If you’re up to the challenge.”

It must have been the wine. I had known these two women my whole life, and would never have imagined what was taking place could ever happen. Here were my wife’s two sexy friends – busty, blonde Shelly and the cute, little redheaded Marie asking me to feel their breasts! I was sure glad I decided to work from home today!

Shelly took the lead again. “OK, John, stand behind me. Now give them a nice feel, and take your time.”

I gingerly reached one hand down and touched the side of her breast, looking over at Marie to judge her reaction. Her wicked smile told me she was enjoying this game. The tightness in my groin told me that I was enjoying this game as well!

“Come on,” Shelly urged, “Do it like you mean it.”

With that, I grabbed both of Shelly’s generous breasts and gave them a good squeeze. They did indeed feel quite firm, and I thought I detected a stiffening nipple poking out from beneath her sweater.

“How do they feel?” Shelly asked as I continued caressing.

“Quite nice…very firm.”

“My turn, my turn!” Marie shouted, setting down her wineglass. I had to admit that I had always found my wife’s best friend to be incredibly sexy. She was short and petite, with luxurious auburn hair. Her friends kidded her about being “miss sweet and innocent,” but she had said some things to me that led me to believe she was quite the hottie in bed. I positioned myself behind her and slowly began to caress her pert little breasts. Marie’s nipples immediately jumped to attention, and I softly rubbed the palm of my hand over them as Marie quickly let out a breath.

“Geez, John,” Shelly said, “How long are you gonna stand there feeling her tits? Surely you can tell by now whose are firmer.”

I had a pretty good idea, but thought that this game should go on a little longer. “I’m still not sure. I mean, yours feel pretty firm, Shelly, but you know those Wonderbras can do…well, wonders.”

“I don’t need a Wonderbra!” Shelly cried indignantly.

The wicked smile returned to Marie’s face as she said, “Well, I think John needs proof, Shelly.”

A look of exasperation crossed Shelly’s face as she reached down and pulled her sweater above her head, revealing a lacey red bra. “Look at the tag. It’s not a Wonderbra. It’s a regular old Bali.” Marie and I both peered at the label to confirm the brand, but then Marie said, “It does have an underwire.”

“Of course it does. We bigger girls need them. And how do we know you’re not enhanced by wires, Marie?”

Marie immediately began unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a little black bra and inviting us to check for wires. Shelly and I inspected her bra closely to make sure that Marie wasn’t enhanced.

“Well, I guess there’s only one way to really settle it.” Shelly said, teamskeet porno reaching around behind her. “Marie, are you game?”

Shelly didn’t bother to wait for a response as she quickly undid the three clasps and yanked off her bra, fully exposing her breasts. They were large, and certainly not saggy, with prominent areolas and stiff nipples that protruded nearly half an inch. Her nipples weren’t the only thing protruding, as my cock was now rock-hard.

Marie had a confused look on her face as she stood there in her black bra, as if she thought perhaps this game had gone too far. “I don’t know guys…should we really be doing this?”

Shelly made no effort to cover her bounteous breasts. “You challenged me, Marie. I’m standing here with my tits exposed to settle this thing. Now it’s your turn.”

Marie gingerly reached her arms back and undid the clasps on her bra, allowing the straps to fall off her shoulders, but holding it in place to keep her breasts covered.

“We’re waiting” Shelly said impatiently. The look on Marie’s face grew more confused as she looked at Shelly standing there half nude. Then she turned and looked me straight in the eye, and that wicked smile returned to her face. I was drooling at the thought of finally seeing those perky little titties that I had fantasized about all these years, and Marie didn’t disappoint me as she slowly let her bra drop to expose a beautiful pair of breasts. Without clothing, they were even smaller than I thought they’d be, but perfectly shaped – like champagne glasses, with small, pink nipples pointing upward. The fair skin on Marie’s face turned bright red, but the smile never left her lips as continued to look straight at me.

“Alright,” Shelly said, “The proof is in the pudding. John, give these babies a squeeze.” I quickly obliged, cupping both of her breasts in my hands, being careful not to touch the erect nipples. Her breasts were indeed quite firm for a pair that large (the label on her bra indicated she was a 36-C), and the skin was quite soft as well.

I next turned to Marie with much anxiety and finally fulfilled a nearly life-long fantasy. I gently squeezed both of her cute little breasts, cupping them to see that they fit snugly in the palm of my hand.

“Geez, Marie,” Shelly said, “With little pups like that, maybe you should wear a Wonderbra.” She leaned over and picked Marie’s bra up of the floor. “34-A! You poor dear.”

“Hey, quit making fun of me. My husband says “more than a mouthful is a waste. And I think John likes them.”

I was still in heaven, fondling Marie’s breasts as she said this. “Alright, that’s enough fondling.” Shelly said, “It’s time for a verdict. Who has the firmest boobs?”

“Shelly,” I said, “Your breasts are beautiful. They have a wonderful shape, they’re firm and soft. But Marie has you beat on the firmness.”

“What?” Shelly cried, “Let me see.” She walked over to Marie and grabbed her breasts, which caused Marie to jump a little. “Wow,” Shari said, “They are firm. Here Marie, feel mine.” Shelly edged toward Marie, who began gently touching and squeezing Shelly’s breasts.

“Wow, yours are nice Shelly. I can’t believe how heavy they are. Marie continued to stroke Shelly’s breasts, slowly working a finger up toward her left nipple. With that, Shelly let out a soft moan, and Marie said, “And your nipples are soo big.” Marie now had a hold of both of Shelly’s nipples, rolling them with her thumb and forefinger. Shelly moaned a little louder this time, and began to squeeze Marie’s nipples in return.

“Marie, remember when you were breast-feeding Michael? I often wondered what it would be like to taste your milk.”

“Well, you can give tecavuz porno them a suck, but I don’t think you’ll get any milk!”

Shelly went down on her knees and took Marie’s right nipple in her mouth, still caressing the left with her hand.

“You know that question on the Cosmo quiz?” Marie asked, “About same-sex fantasies? I lied. Al asked me if I’d ever had sex with another woman, and I told him no – but I’ve thought about it!”

Shelly jumped up and laid a big wet kiss on Marie, and worked her fingers down to unbutton Marie’s pants. “So Have I. With you, Marie.” Shelly slowly slid Marie’s pants down to the floor, revealing a matching pair of black panties.

“Al and I have fantasized about a threesome. But I just don’t think I could lick another woman’s pussy. Yuck.”

“Will you let me lick your pussy?” Shelly was now tugging on Marie’s panties, slipping them down to her knees to show a copper-colored patch of fuzz between her legs. Marie was now beginning to lose it. “Oh, yes! Lick my pussy!” Marie sat down on the couch with her legs up in the air as Shelly kneeled between her legs. “Yes, stick your tongue in my pussy. Oooh, yes.”

This was more than I could handle, and I knew I had to get involved. I edged over to the kneeling Shelly, reached under and unbuttoned her skirt, sliding it down her legs, then reached for her panties. Shelly lifted one leg then the other to let me completely remove her skirt and panties. Shelly continued to lick Marie’s pussy as Marie began moaning and thrashing on the couch. I undid my belt buckle and unzipped my jeans, lowering them to the floor. Marie then looked at me – again with the wicked smile – and said, “Yeah, take off those shorts. Let me see your cock!” I looked Marie straight in the eye as I pulled down my briefs and let my dick spring free. With that, Marie began bucking and moaning in delirious pleasure. I walked back to where Shelly was still kneeling between Marie’s legs, and bent over to slide my cock in her drenched pussy. Shelly let out a muffled scream as my cock slid into her, but never stopped her furious pussy-licking.

“Pull it out.” Marie said, looking at me with that wild look in her eyes, “I want to see Shelly’s pussy juice all over your cock.” I did as instructed, sliding my dick out, glistening now with Shelly’s juices. “Come here,” Marie said, “I want to taste Shelly’s pussy juice.” I kneeled on the couch next to Marie, and she took me in her mouth, hungrily licking off all of Shelly’s juices. This sent me over the edge, and I exploded in orgasm, filling Marie’s mouth with hot cum. This must have sent Marie over the edge as well, as she came, bucking and thrashing with my cock still in her mouth muffling her screams as cum dripped down her chin.

Shelly finally looked up from her spot on the floor, her mouth dripping with Marie’s juices. “Not fair! Both you guys came – now it’s my turn.”

“Well, Shelly, I tasted your pussy on John’s cock. Now I want to taste it first-hand.” They then switched positions, with Shelly on the couch and Marie kneeling between her legs, hungrily tasting her first pussy.

Shelly looked at me and said, “This is still unfair. Marie had something to suck on when she came. Come here, John.”

“I don’t think I’ll give you much to suck on. You know, us guys can’t recover that fast.”

“Maybe I can help.” She said, taking my now limp cock in her mouth, licking off the few remaining drops of cum. Shelly proved to be excellent at blowjobs, and before long my dick had stiffened considerably. Shelly began thrusting her hips up toward Marie’s mouth, and soon came to a screaming orgasm.

We lay in the afterglow for a few minutes, all of us somewhat embarrassed by what just happened. Moments after we had shyly slid back into our clothes, I heard my wife’s car pulling in the drive. My pulse began to race, horrified by what she would have found had she returned just a few minutes earlier.

I hope she gets to have another “girls day” real soon.

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