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Jane Revisited

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Jane Revisited
I’ve lived in London now for years, but I return to Adelaide regularly for work. In 2018, I was back there for longer than expected. I wondered if Jane still had the same number so I texted her and asked if she wanted to meet for a coffee. She replied within the hour, and we agreed to meet the next day.

Now, I admit, there is a certain fetish; wondering how a woman you fucked years ago, now looks. I was really curious. I was 54 at that time, and Jane would be about to turn 64. (We had been 32 and 52 last time) I hadn’t seen “Plain Jane” for over 10 years. We met at a cafe on Hutt Street. It was a nice sunny day so I took a table outside, and waited. When she arrived, I didn’t realise it was her. All I saw was a woman with MASSIVE tits!

She spoke to the waiter inside, and he pointed her in my direction, so she came outside. My hair is grey and I didn’t have the white beard last time she saw me, so it’s completely forgivable that we didn’t recognise eachother under the circumstances.

Given that Jane was 39 when I met her, and now 25 years older, I have to say Jane looked like Jane (except for massive tits). She had a few wrinkles; yes; but she was still going to the gym, as she always had, and could still wear short skirts without embarrassment. Like most older women now, she dyed her hair so she wasn’t grey like me, and for the most part, she looked like Plain Jane, except for the massive tits.

She didn’t mention them straight away. That’s Jane; she plays with you. We talked about my life in London and her life in Adelaide; she was single again after a ten year relationship. She drank coffee and I switched to beers. She finally said “Have you noticed any difference?” I said “Certainly! Loads güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of pubs have closed, and office blocks are now apartments, and the traffic is ridiculous!” She’d kicked her shoe off, and under the table, her toes now stroked my groin. “What else?”

I didn’t say anything but looked at her chest.

She had shacked up with a guy with plenty of money. Unlike me, he hadn’t been fascinated with her small breasts, and paid for bigger ones. Much bigger ones. “I wanted C cups, and he wanted D cups” she said. “You might find it depressing, but I struggle to suck my nipples now.” I was a little depressed, but still fascinated!

“It didn’t work out. We split up a couple of months ago. It was amicable, and I kept these.”

I started with “So…” and Jane said “Lets get a cab, and I’ll answer your questions”. I paid the bill.

When I pulled her skirt up, her white thighs had far less cellulite than you would expect on a 64 year old woman. When I peeled her panties to one side, she had a bald snatch. “I’m on Tinder, and they say nowadays you have to have a Barbie vagina and do anal. I’m never going to take it up the wrong way, but I met halfway.” She was hairy but neatly trimmed last time I sucked her smoo.

She seemed a little disappointed that I was paying so much attention downstairs, but to be honest, I was really turned on by how good she looked, and I have to admit, I’d never sucked a bald snatch before that day last year!

I stood up, and she removed her dress. Her bra was enormous!

“When I first got them done, I was really ashamed” she said. “They looked like those American pornstar tits. They stuck straight out, and looked ridiculous. I was 55 years old for chrisitsake! perabet They just looked like rubber, but the doctor assured me they would settle down eventually. I stopped wearing a bra; partly because it wasn’t necessary, and partly because I wanted them to sag. B** said I was turning into a slut by going braless. I said there was no way people could know; and do you remember my nipples? I couldn’t hide them when I had small tits, but now I could, so I taped them up, and went around braless.” (My cock was pretty stiff by now)

“Do you want to see them?” I was still fully clothed. I got my cock out and started stroking.

She was wearing a black bra. Last time I had seen those puppies, they were always in a green bra. Jane had never really had a cleavage before. Now, she had these two enormous mounds meeting in the middle and inviting a thick cumload. Yes, they pointed forwards stupidly, but I was pleasantly surprised when she reached round the back and undid the clasp; they dropped about an inch and a half.

She made the most of it. She was teasing. She even kept her arms where they were, and stepped forward bending down, to lick the clear liquid from the end of my cock. Then she did the money shot!

While still bending down; lips near my cock, she ripped her bar off and stood up.

Have you ever seen the pornstar Joephine James? She had a boob job when she was younger but is now older and the huge boobs look natural. That is what Jane looks like.

Jane threw her bra aside and stood up, They swayed from side to side. Her 1 inch nipples that I loved so much still stood up proud, and unlike Josephine James, Jane still had really small areolie on great big tits! Josephine James has dinner perabet giriş plates.

I stood looking at Jane; all five and a half feet of her; medium build and good figure, with these huge pendulous breasts, with ridiculous nipples sticking out. She never lost her nipples!

I fucked her shaven smoo all afternoon. I shot a couple of loads inside, but I was reminded of the pleasure of years ago, and had to pull out and spurt on her face and her now impressive mammary area! Seeing the more impressive spurts going into her fringe just turned me on even more! How could I ever have called her “Plain Jane”?

Jane was/is going through menopause. She said she would need to recover a bit from the punishment downstairs, and it was sore, but she still wanted to meet, and still wanted to please me. I got my cock sucked off so many times in the next few days, buy a big titted old lady, and it’s the best fun I’ve ever had. Then there were the tit fucks..

Remember how I said in earlier days, her tits were a bit too small to “titfuck”? This is no longer a problem! Jane has plenty of tits to fuck! By the time I’d finished pumping her snatch, and blowing loads in her mouth, my cum was getting a bit thin. You know how it starts to go clear and watery after a few good times? Well, by then, Jane was just lying on her back; exausted, and saying “Fuck my tits”. My now watery cum was just squirting eveywhere. I’d pinch those ridiculous nipples while fucking those massive mounds of white flesh, and my cum wasn’t even landing in her face any more, but hitting the curtains

I’m back in London again, but the last time we met, at the same cafe in Hutt Street, Jane made us move to a different table; a small round table. She took off her jacket to reveal a low cut top, and when she leaned forward on the table, her tits looked like they were ready to let go. She tugged me off under the table while I watched those delicious mounds, even though I didn’t quite see a hint of nipple!

I’m sure this will be continued…

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