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James’ return on Saturday

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James’ return on Saturday
James’ return on Saturday.

Saturday morning waking up, I was rather anxious to see James again after a good previous nights visit. My pussy was wet from the moment I woke up and I decided the only way to relax was gonna be to jump into a hot bath. It was just after 8 as I was running the bath for myself when James called. He was already at work and planning his day as he also asked me if we still on for this afternoon. ” I cant wait to have you on my bed again, as I woke up extremely wet and horny this morning thinking about seeing you again.”
“Best you behave and remain wet and horny for me to pleasure that horny little pussy of yours.”
” oh I cant wait for that,” I replied and then james told me that he plans to be by me just after 1pm and the phone call ended.
The call got me more excited and as taking off my pajama pants to hop into the bath I could smell that I was wet and horny.

Laying relaxing in the bath calm me down a little, my hard nipples became soft, my mind eased a little as I relaxed. Then I sat up and soaped up the sponge and as I started washing my body, my hands moving over my boobs, my mind started imagining James in the bath with me. My nipples immediately erected, as I got horny once again and soon I found myself with my right hand between my legs rubbing up and down my wet horny pussy as I lay in the bath. My legs tensed up as my body started to quiver, I rubbed my pussy harder as I reached climax and moaned, “oh fuck James yes,” as I imagined that it was his cock fucking me as I orgasmed. After I orgasmed, I slowly calmed down a bit. I got out the bath, dried off and headed to the kitchen in my gown where I had something to eat. After breakfast I relaxed reading a book on my bed, and before I knew it, it was midday and just an hour before my lover was gonna arrive to pleasure.

I got up and went to my cupboard, I took out a blue dress with a built in bra to make it easy for James to remove my clothing. I went commando under the dress, and then decided to put some make up on to look pretty for my lover. The outfit was finished off by me wearing high hills for him which could possibly make me taller than him. Walking to the kitchen, as the anxiety kick in, I could feel my pussy getting wet and I couldn’t wait for James to arrive. Ding dong, the time arrived just after 1pm and I opened up.
” you look sexy”, james commented as he walked in through the door. Closing it behind him I then replied, ” I thought güvenilir bahis siteleri I’d dress up for you,” and James immediately replied, ” oh for me,?”
” yes hun, just for you.”
“I’m thrilled, thank you,” and he then walk up to me. He placed both his hands onto my ass and pulled me into him as he asked, ” so what exactly would you like today sexy.”
As I looked into his eyes smiling, I replied, ” a number of good orgasms”
He smiled and then asked as started lifting up my dress to have a feel of my bare ass,” no undies?”
I smiled, and then answered, ” didn’t want to waste time getting to sit on your face!!” And I then took his hand and led him to my room where I pushed him onto the bed.

I moved over him, my dress covering his face as I lowered my wet horny pussy down onto his face. My body quivered as I felt his tounge, between my pussy lips as he started to eat me. I moved my hips back and forth as he licked and sucked my pussy lips and clit. I then fell down onto the bed, laying on my back and James quickly found his way under my dress to continue pleasuring my wet pussy with his mouth and tongue. “Oh fuck yes James,” I moaned as he brought me to climax, my legs tensing around his head as I orgasmed while he ate my pussy. After I finished orgasming james stood up and took my hand to pull me up. Turning me around to stand behind me, he then lifted my dress, removing it off my body to free my boobs. His right hand between my legs, his middle finger on my clit, his left hand around my throat, as I felt his breath on my ear and neck as he asked me, ” how do you want to be treated?”

“Anyway you want to treat me,” I replied. Very well, he replied as he started rubbing my enlarged horny clit, causing my knees to weaken, before saying to me, ” I want to make you cum multiple times.” Yes that sounds amazing I replied and James started rubbing my clit harder, while gently choking me. My breathing became faster with the lack of air, and just as I started reaching climax, James said as you finish your orgasm you need to drop to your knees and suck my cock before regaining your breath. I nodded as he choked me a little harder, and rubbed my pussy faster, my knees buckled as I moaned “God yes oh fuck yes” my body all tensed up as I orgasmed for a second time. As James let go of me I dropped to my knees, he quickly let out his cock which I took into my mouth and as I started sucking him while being almost breathless he said, ” right now my horny perabet giriş little bitch, I want you to choke on my hard cock.” Not having any choice at this moment in the matter, i felt James hands on the back of my head and he slowly force his cock into my throat until I started to gag on it. He held me there for a few seconds before pulling out and lifting me up. He then asked is this what you wanted, I smiled at him as I replied this and more. And he then pushed me to bed. He removed his shirt and then stood in front of me. He spread my legs and guided his hard cock into my wet pussy and started fucking me hard and rough back and forth making me moan from the rough pleasure.

His cock slammed deep in my pussy, pleasuring me, he look and stared at my face as I moaned and I could see the joy in his face as he pleasured me. He then pulled out and quickly turned me onto my hands and knees, shoved his cock back into my pussy, grabbing onto my hips and pounded deep hard and rough back and forth in and out of me. As I moaned louder, reaching climax again my pussy tighten around his hard cock as my body tensed up. “Yes james fuck me harder, fuck yes,” I scream as I orgasmed and after I finished cumming James spanked both my ass cheeks and then asked if he can cum in my pussy again? How far are you from cumming I asked and he replied not far off. I quickly moved forward, his cock sliding out my wet pussy and I then laid him on his back on the bed. ” I want to see your face when you cum,” I said as I mounted his hard cock and started riding him hard back and forth. He smile as he placed his hands on my hips helping move my body back and forth. I watched as his head pushed back and body arched up. I felt his cock slide deeper up into my pussy, his eyes closed as he groan while I road his cock back and forth as his warm cum erupted out his hard cock deep into my wet pussy. I slowed down and road him back slowly back and forth as he cummed, milking every last drop off cum out his cock while looking down as his face.

His eyes opened and he smiled at me as he sat up. Wrapping his arms around me, our lips met and we exchanged a deep kiss while having his cock deep inside me. Once our lips aparted, James commented, “that was great, wish I could fuck you everyday as you are real great.” I smile and then replied asking, ” doesn’t your fiance give you this.?”
“She does occasionally, but think we have sex a bit to often for he to desire hard rough sex perabet güvenilir mi with many orgasms.” He replied.
He then laid back and while his cock still inside me with his hot cum slowly making it’s way out my pussy I asked the awkward question, ” Do you at all feel bad, sleeping with me, while being engaged to her?”
” yes I definitely do, but there is no way I’m gonna pass up, sleeping and pleasuring, whenever I get the chance, as I’ve always liked you and thought you were sexy as hell. It’s just unfortunately that my family as well as my fiance’s family are close otherwise I would leave her for you.” He replied.
” no definitely dont end your engagement with cause of me, I think it will be better if you and I just stay friends the way we are so that we dont ever lose each other.” I replied and James then replied agreeing with what I said before saying, ” I’m so glad we have this awesome friendship where we can talk about anything while my cock is hard and deep in your sexy wet pussy.”
I smiled back at him, as started slowly moving my hips back and forth on his cock which remained hard inside my cum filled pussy and then said to my best friend, ” I’m happy to be your naughty girl, who you can come and pleasure when needed.”

He smiled at me and then rolled us over to be on top in missionary positions and said,” now I’m gonna fuck you and watch your facial expressions as you orgasmed and while I fill your pussy with more of my cum.” And he then drove his cock hard deep and rough back and forth in and out of my pussy, “oh fuck yes Harder James,” I moaned as my lover pounded deep and hard in and out of my wet cum filled horny pussy. My legs spread up in the air as he fucked me hard and rough, my moans got louder as I closed my eyes as I climaxed. My pussy tighten around his cock as he gave me another quivering orgasm. After I finished cumming, James fucked me harder and harder, ” I’m gonna fill you up with my cum”, he said as he looked down at me. “Yes James, give me your hot cum baby,” I replied as I looked into his face. The look of force and empowerment mixed with delight and happiness was on yes and then he groaned as he collapsed ontop of me, pushing his cock deep inside my pussy as he releasing his hot thick cum into my pussy again. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding him deep in me, enjoying every minute of the pleasure my best friend had just given me.

He soon pull his cock out of my cum drenched pussy and laid next to me as we chatted a bit before getting up. He got dressed as I went to wipe myself in the bathroom. There after I got dressed and we then made our way to the kitchen where we enjoyed each other’s company over a drink before James had to go, which ended a passionate rough friendship sex.

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