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Jail Break

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As Matt stepped out of his friend’s jeep, he grinned and looked around. He hadn’t been to this camp site since he was a kid so it felt rejuvenating to be back. The sun was out and shining, the lake was clear, and the volleyball court was perfect. However, Judd, the owner of the jeep, was the best moment disrupter. He ran up and slapped Matt on the back before saying “Dude! We’re done with school! I can’t wait for the girls to get here.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “Is that all you think about? Besides, I thought you had a girlfriend.”

Judd flexed his muscles and cocked an eyebrow. “I do. But the party can’t start without them.”

A few minutes later a Mercedes Benz pulled up with the windows rolled down and the song “School’s Out For Summer” blaring through the speakers. It was the girls. High fives and occasional hugs were passed around as Matt saw familiar faces. But when the driver emerged, his eyes were glued to her. Her auburn hair was a smooth waterfall down to the middle of her back and her eyes were an electrifying green. And her body-it was enough to knock over any man. Large, proportional breasts were barely concealed by her tiny blue tank top and the daisy dukes hugged her hips like a second skin. Legs that went on for miles finished off the look. Matt felt like he was staring at a model from some fashion magazine. If she was staying all weekend, using self-control was going to be damn near impossible. Judd noticed his staring. “Matt, your jaw is on the ground.”

Matt blushed but didn’t take his eyes off the girl. “I can’t help it. She’s probably the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”

Judd laughed louder this time. “You could say that again. Trixi sure did fill out since middle school.”

Matt felt like someone had punched him in the gut. After a minute of recovering he looked over at Judd. “Trixi? From Malcolm Middle School?”

“Yeah, that’s her. You two must have lost contact in high school.”

“How do you still know her?”

He grinned. “I’m dating her older sister Shana.”

At that moment Trixi ran up to Judd and gave him a quick hug. “Hey Judd, I’m sorry my sis couldn’t come this weekend, Hooters was too busy to let her off.”

Judd nodded. “It’s alright. She and I are going out Monday night.”

Trixi nodded then turned her head over to her car. “I’m going to go help unpack. See ya later.”

She then ran off causing Matt’s eyes to be drawn to her butt. This was going to be a long weekend. “I wonder if she remembers me.”

“Well, I guess we’ll find out.”

After about an hour of setting up, their trip was ready. Well, it probably wasn’t a full hour but it felt like it to Matt. He kept stopping his task to watch Trixi float around helping everyone. At some point, she chugged from a water bottle and when the water trailed down her neck, it was all he could do to look away. Finally, when he was about to snap, it was time for beach volleyball. The court consisted of sand and a net. Matt looked over at Judd and said “You brought the grill right?”

“Hell yeah! Grilled meat is the best.”

“Then you get to cook dinner tonight.”

Cheers sounded from everyone in agreement causing Judd to sulk. “Fuck you Matt! You’re cooking tomorrow.”

Matt laughed as he set up the grill but was cut short when Trixi began stripping off her clothes to reveal a very tight, black bikini. Her skin was tanned like a goddess. As she put her long hair up into a ponytail, her eyes locked with Matt’s. “Getting an eyeful?”

Matt blushed and stuttered out “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare…”

Trixi giggled until when recognition flashed across her face. “It can’t be…Matt? Matt Salem?”

He looked away before returning the glance with nervous eyes. “Yes?”

She grinned and threw her arms around him. Matt almost fell from the force but managed to hug back. Her body felt warm in his arms. “Judd didn’t tell me you were coming!”

“Yeah well he likes to mess with people. I didn’t know you were coming either.”

The hug lasted a little longer before she moved away. Matt immediately missed the warmth. “So are you happy school’s out?”

Trixi grinned and he noticed perfect teeth. “So happy! All of high school’s drama is done.”

Before they could say anything else, a guy from Trixi’s side called out “are you two going to talk all night or actually play?”

Trixi whispered “we’ll catch up later” then ran off to her spot. All Matt could think was ‘thank God I’m wearing jeans.’ Within a few minutes a heated game commenced and the ball was flying everywhere. For most of the game, Matt’s team held the lead until Trixi spiked the ball. After that Matt tried to keep his head in the game but Trixi was probably the best player he’d ever seen. He had to use all his self-control not to slam his lips onto hers. While her actual playing was epic, the bikini top did nothing to hide the bouncing of her chest. However, Matt didn’t try anything. Knowing her, she probably had a boyfriend back home. Five minutes later Trixi’s team won. She cheered, hugged the girls, and gave the guys high fives. Matt’s team was just looking at him bangbross porno like he’d lost his mind and Trixi noticed. “Don’t tell me you’re a sore loser.”

“No it’s just I’m not used to losing. You’re the first person to beat me in two years.”

Trixi smirked. “Never underestimate the power of a Crenshaw.”

After that statement she winked and sauntered off to talk to one of the other girls until Judd signaled dinner. Matt calmed down; thinking food would take his mind off this vixen. He was wrong. “Hey Judd, what’s with all these burgers and one bratwurst?”

“It’s for Trixi; Said she preferred something long over round.”

Matt internally groaned before grabbing his burger. As if nature was against him, Trixi sat next to him with a brat piled high with veggies. What she did next was enough to piss off all the girls and make all the guys stare. She ran her tongue along the length of the meat, licking off the veggies. Her friends rolled their eyes as if this was a normal occurrence. Matt bit his lip and asked “Trixi, what are you doing?”

“Oh sorry, I just love doing this. It’s too hard to eat with all the veggies on there.”

Matt sighed and began eating. It was going to be cold showers every night this weekend it looked like. Her voice broke his train of thought. “So how have you been Matt? It’s been what, three years since we’ve seen each other?”

“About that yeah… I’ve been good, even better now that school is out.”

“Are you going to college?”

“Medical school in the fall.”

Trixi eyes widened as a smile played on her lips. “A doctor eh? Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve always found doctors to be quite sexy.”

Matt smiled back while forcing down a blush. “So what about you?”

She took another bite of her bratwurst before replying “College in the fall for the automotive department.”

Matt almost chocked on his burger. “Automotive?”

Trixi laughed. “Shocking, I know. Growing up, our car would break down a lot but rather than take it in all the time, I would help my dad fix it. It developed an addiction. I love taking a car apart, putting it back together, and hearing it purr.”

Matt sat back in his seat and studied Trixi. “You must be the perfect girlfriend.”

Trixi’s eyes grew sad but she smiled. “Thanks but I’ve never actually had a boyfriend. All guys want from me is one night in bed and they’re gone.”

Matt was shocked and had the urge to hug her. Instead, he grabbed her hand and said “I’m sorry.”

She shrugged before standing. “I’ll find the right guy eventually. Thanks for the concern though.”

She then went away to throw away her plate leaving Matt to ponder. He hoped she found a good guy because she deserved it. Judd chose that exact moment to but in. “Hey man I saw you with Trixi. Making your move already huh?”

“I’m not making any moves. She’s into guys that tan instead of burn and can talk without stuttering.”

“I was just asking. Besides, you’re a good guy. Just talk to her.”

Realizing Judd wasn’t going to give up, Matt replied “Alright, I’ll get to know her better. But that’s it.”

He grinned until Trixi said “hey everyone, how about some after dinner entertainment?”

Everyone looked her way to find that she had changed and had set up her iPod dock. Matt’s body felt like it was about to explode with the outfit she was wearing. Stretched tight against her breasts was a leather, lace up bustier and a pair of leather booty shorts barely covered her toned butt. Traveling halfway up her thigh was a pair of stiletto leather boots. Matt’s eyes went up and down over her body before settling again on her face. Beads of sweat broke out on his face while his heart almost pounded out of his chest. The urge to screw her was so powerful he had to take a deep breath to clear his mind. Nothing else in the world mattered until the guy next to him, Derik, spoke up. “Oh man Crystal looks so hot right now.”

Matt hadn’t even noticed until now that Crystal was standing next to Trixi wearing a leather mini dress with matching boots. He was right, she did look good. Trixi began her introduction. “Well, to start from the beginning, I heard this song while hanging out with my sister, Shana. I began dancing and she gave me some pointers so now it’s a full routine. Hope you all like it. And a big round of applause please for Crystal, I couldn’t do this routine without you.”

Crystal rolled her eyes at the compliment but she smiled when everyone clapped. Matt was genuinely excited until the song came on. It was Dirty Dancer by Enrique Iglesias and Usher. The girls began swaying their hips simultaneously. They were rocking their bodies to the beat, dropping low, bending back, and moving in a way that had Matt wondering how he’d get through the whole dance. Crystal was making direct eye contact with Derik while Trixi was looking at the entire audience. Her gaze, however, lingered on Matt long enough to make him twitch. Right now, she had him at the palm of her hands and had no idea. As best as they could in the grass, they spun, sped up, and when the song slowed down, so did bangbus porno they. Eventually, they sensually worked their whole body, captivating the audience. By the time the song ended, everyone was so impressed that they were screaming, cheering, and clapping. Matt was speechless but managed to clap. However, Derik and Crystal were in their own little world. “Hey Trixi, is it alright if I borrow Crystal for a while?”

Trixi laughed. “Go for it dude.”

The couple ran off towards the cabins, disappearing through a door. Trixi then turned to Matt. “So, what did you think?”

“That was the best dance routine I’ve ever seen. You looked amazing.”

Matt blushed after saying that but Trixi grinned. “Thanks, I’ve been working on it for a while. Looks like Crystal got an added bonus.”

Once again, within a few minutes their conversation was interrupted. This time, by the

sound of splashing water. Trixi turned to the lake and grinned. “I’m going to go change

back into my bikini. Just give me a second.”

She ran off towards the bathroom leaving Matt time to recover. His swim trunks were on

under his jeans so he didn’t need to change. After a few minutes, he stripped and jumped

into the water, hoping it would hide the effect that dance had on him. Wearing the same

black bikini, Trixi jumped in next to Matt. “Ah, the water feels great.”

Before Matt could reply, her iPod began blaring Animals by Nickelback. Her eyes lit up.

“I forgot I had this song on there but I’m glad it played. It’s one of my favorites.”

“Of course it is…” Matt muttered. Hearing this song and seeing Trixi wet was

not helping anything. He tried to have fun with everyone, occasionally starting a splash

war but there was no denying it. He wanted Trixi more than he’d ever wanted anyone.

As the night went on, the temperature dropped and everyone’s energy seemed to be

leaving them. Trixi yawned and turned to Matt. “I’m going to go up to bed. Are you


Matt wanted nothing more than to walk her up to her cabin but being a guy and wearing

swim trunks wasn’t a good combination. “No, I think I’ll stay in for a little while. It’s

a nice night.”

Trixi walked out of the water giving him a nice view. “Suit yourself. Just don’t freeze.”

As Matt watched her disappear into the darkness, he knew one thing was certain. He was

going to go insane before Sunday came.

The next morning, Matt awoke to someone shaking him. Groaning, he tried to roll away but the arm didn’t stop. He opened his eyes to the sight of Judd staring down at him. “Well good morning sleeping beauty. Are you going to sleep all day or come down and join us?”

Matt sighed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Ten. And your breakfast is getting cold.”

Matt opened his eyes wider at the shock. Normally he didn’t sleep late when he was with friends but the night before hadn’t given him much sleep. After finally falling to sleep, his dreams were filled with nothing but Trixi. Realizing Judd was still in the room, Matt sat up. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be down.”

Judd just shook his head while chuckling. “That’s the problem about women. They give you hell and we want more.”

Matt looked up to glare but found an empty doorway. Clearing his mind, he made his way to the bathroom after getting dressed. Five minutes later, he joined his group at the picnic table. He was warmly greeted by everyone-except Trixi. “About time you got up. I thought you were going to miss the dodge ball tournament.”

Taking a bite of his eggs, Matt inquired “What tournament?”

“Oh well since you lost so terribly at the volleyball game we decided to see how you did at dodge ball.”

“I did not lose that terribly but dodge ball sounds pretty good. Just be prepared to have your butt kicked.”

Her eyes twinkled as if she knew something he didn’t. He was captivated but focused on his food. Trixi, however, was determined to make that as difficult as possible. “So why did you sleep so late?”

“I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I was tired this morning.”

“Why couldn’t you sleep last night?”

Matt looked up to see her smirking at him. “You are so nosy. Why do you even need to know?”

Trixi laughed. “Just messing with you Matt. I thought I was going to be the last one up, I never sleep at night.”

“Just what are you doing at night then?”

“Now who’s nosy?”

“Touché…so what are the rest of your summer plans after this weekend?”

“I’m actually going to start working at Hooters with my sister. She talked to the boss and was able to get me in which is great because I need money for college.”

“You don’t look very thrilled about that.”

“No I’m excited to be working there I’m just skeptical about Shana’s methods of getting me in…she had quite the thing going with the boss before she met Judd.”

“Oh…well, a job’s a job. Besides, I think you’d be good at Hooters.”

Trixi smirked. “Cause I have the rack of a porn star beurette tour porno right?”

Without realizing it, Matt’s eyes were drawn to her chest. Blushing a beat red, he snapped his eyes back up to her face, then darted them back down to his plate. “N-No I didn’t mean that! Y-you’re just good with people.”

Trixi laughed and playfully smacked his arm. “I’m kidding Matt. Seriously, you need to lighten up. I’m not sensitive like most girls.”

Luckily, before Matt had to stick his foot farther into his mouth, the dodge ball game was ready to begin. After a few minutes, two of the guys came back from the storage shed, carrying a bag of dodge balls. However, as teams were formed, Trixi sat down in the grass on the outside of the line. Crystal, standing on Derik’s side, asked “Trixi, you aren’t playing?”

“Nah, dodge ball isn’t really my thing. Besides, you guys need someone to yell “jail break”. Unless someone else wants to do it.”

No one said anything which caused Trixi to laugh. “Thought so. Don’t worry; I’ll have a lot more fun doing this.”

Matt felt bad that she had to sacrifice herself but would soon learn why Trixi liked watching. For a solid ten minutes, the balls made no contact with anyone until finally Derik was out. Followed by Judd, Crystal, and her friend April. Soon the outline was becoming full and only a few people were left actually playing. And the people out were feeling impatient. “Come on Trixi you always do this! Just let us back in already.”

Trixi laughed and simply shook her head. Judd rolled his eyes before turning to Matt. “This is how she has her fun. Makes everyone that’s out suffer for as long as she wants then sends us back in when we’re least expecting it…Maybe you could talk her into not being a bitch this time.”

“First off, she’s not a bitch. Second, how could I help? She’s stubborn as hell.”

Judd, being the most impatient out of the group, pushed Matt towards Trixi, hoping to have him talk to the girl. But, Matt tripped over a rock and fell on top of Trixi, his lips landing onto hers. For what felt like a full minute, neither of them moved, too shocked to do anything. Finally Matt jumped off her as if she was on fire and began stuttering out an apology. “I-I’m so sorry T-Trixi. That was a-all Judd’s fault-“

Trixi, trying very hard to hide her blushing face, interrupted Matt’s speech by yelling “jail break!”

The group cheered and ran back into the game but Matt seemed to be rooted to the spot. Trixi nodded toward the field. “Look just…don’t mention this again ok? Your team needs you.”

Matt slowly nodded and ran back to his side of the line. Any concentration needed for dodge ball was sucked out of him leaving him a sitting duck. Anytime he got out Trixi wouldn’t look at him, but assured that she wasn’t mad. However, Matt felt ready to beat Judd to a living pulp. For the rest of the game, Trixi was quick to yell jail break and everyone loved it. Judd was having the time of his life, seeming to have forgotten what he did. By the time lunch came, the group was exhausted but cheering. “That was the best game of dodge ball ever!” Crystal yelled. “I think I’m getting better.”

Derik hugged her and replied “you looked good out there.”

Matt, seeing Judd was alone, ran over to him. “What the hell is your problem? You’re lucky Trixi didn’t rip my nuts off!”

“Look man it was an accident. She said she wasn’t mad and if you’re so damn scared, why don’t you talk to her? I got to go make lunch.”

He headed off toward the grill leaving Trixi room to sidle up to Matt. “Hey, don’t bite his head off.”

“I should for what he pulled. I’m sorry that happened.”

“For the last time, I’m not mad. Judd pulls pranks on Shana all the time and if she can put up with him, so can I. I mean, yes, I was shocked but it’s not like you were purposely trying to kiss me.”

Matt laughed but couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. Sure, it wasn’t a real kiss but her lips had been soft, supple, and sweet making him want more. However, if he didn’t change the subject now, he was going to have to throw himself into the lake. “So how come you didn’t play? From what I hear, you’re great at sports.”

She smiled causing Matt’s stomach to do a flip flop. “You’d think so but I actually suck at dodge ball but I don’t want to be picked on so I rarely admit it. The only way out is to be jail break.”

Matt nodded. “I suppose that makes sense. You’re a pretty good jail break girl though.”

As soon as he said that Matt wanted to kick himself. ‘Way to be an idiot…’ he thought. Trixi just giggled while looking at him. “You’re a nice guy Matt. I’m glad we found each other again.”

Matt wanted to say he was glad he found her but Judd signaled lunch causing Trixi to run off toward the food. Lunch was pretty eventful, most of the time everyone watched Crystal and Derik practically make love in the middle of the field. It was as if they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Watching them together wasn’t helping Matt in the slightest either. Somehow, he lost himself in a daydream where Trixi and he were the ones on the field. He was kissing her, making her go wild under his touch. Her body spread out under his, squirming with want. Just before the fantasy became really heated, Judd broke his thought by yelling “Hey! Either cut it out or get a room!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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