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Sister on a Mission

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“I don’t care how you do it, just try and find out.”

So said my mother over the phone.

She had phoned saying she had a delicate matter to discuss, and wanted a favour.

This was the favour:

She was concerned that my little brother, Paul, might be gay, or at least unsure of his sexuality.

She had been concerned at some of the friends he was starting to hang around with, some of the clothes he had started to wear, and some of the things he had started to say.

She was wondering, since Paul and I used to be close – well certainly the closest of her five offspring – whether he could come and stay with me and my husband, Tim, during the February school break. Just for a week, during which time I could perhaps have a chat and find out what is going on in his head. Her words.

Talk, or whatever. Whatever you need to do. However you do it. Her words. I agreed, against my better judgement.

Some background:

I am twenty eight years old. Married to Tim, thirty, for four years. Live about ten miles from my parents and Paul. I have three older sisters. Paul is the youngest, and is ten years my junior. He was the surprise, the unexpected child. We’re not sure my parents planned to have anymore after me.

Anyway, as we were nearest in age we got on well as kids. While my sisters were out partying and meeting boys, I learned how to change nappies and bath babies. Again I lost interest by the time I was fourteen.

I work part time as a waitress at the cafe in our town’s university. Tim works full time in a bank. I like my job. My co-workers are fun and I have to admit to enjoying looking at some of the fit young students. Although Tim is my one and only, in every sense, I still enjoy looking!

Paul’s visit:

Paul arrived by bus on Sunday afternoon. Last saw him at Christmas, he seems well.

We used to be close but I must confess I don’t know him that well. We don’t talk much and usually when we do it’s at family gathering. I suppose I don’t get the chance to really talk to him. He always seems a bit quiet, pre occupied. A bit of a peripheral figure.

He settles in, we show him his room, and he quietly finds an armchair to make his base for the week. He reads a lot – something I didn’t know.

Sunday passes uneventfully, as does Monday. Tim and I go to work. Paul just hangs around at home. I come back from work about 2pm, and we just watch tv, or read.

Tim thinks all this is quite funny. When I told him mum’s request he just raised his eyebrows.

“That’s your mum all over,” he said wearily.

On Monday night we went to bed, leaving Paul downstairs watching tv.

I awoke about two hours later, just hearing the tv still on. I got up and crept downstairs. The tv was on, football showing, but Paul was asleep on the sofa.

I switched off the tv, shook him awake and led him to his bedroom.

Our house is compact, box shaped, two bedrooms and a small garden.

Downstairs you come in the front door, immediately left is a toilet. Through the small hall to an open plan kitchen, diner, living room and then French windows leading to the garden.

From the hall is a winding stircase up to the landing. A bathroom, a store cupboard and the two bedrooms.

Tuesday followed a similar pattern to Monday. I got home about 2pm. Paul was out, leaving a note saying he had gone for a walk to explore the neighbourhood. I was quite pleased that he wasn’t just sitting round all day, but making the effort to get out. I decided I must take him out for lunch one day. I didn’t start work till noon on Wednesday or Friday, and was off on Thursday.

I went upstairs to my bedroom. I removed my work uniform and went to have a shower.

Just as I came out the shower the doorbell rang. I wrapped a towel around myself and went downstairs. It was Paul.

“Sorry Becky, I forgot my key,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled. “It’s a good thing I was in though.”

I went back upstairs to dress.

When Tim came in we had dinner, then Tim asked Paul if he would like to come along to the pool club with him.

Great idea I thought. It would be good for them to bond a bit. Maybe Tim can get some damn clue to save me having to solve Mum’s ‘problem’. I have to admit I had almost forgotten the reason Paul was here. Even though he was still quiet I was enjoying him being here. I can’t explain it but I think he was enjoying it too. Mum can be quite domineering at times.

I just couldn’t see how I was going to tackle THE subject.

That night in bed I asked Tim if he had approached my mum’s topic.

“No,” he said abruptly. ” Poor lad, just needs to be left alone I reckon.”

“I do agree, but……”.

“I know I know, your mother won’t let it rest. What are you gonna do then?” asked Tim.

“I don’t know.”

“You could ask him outright.”

‘I’m not sure, that will probably piss him off.”

“What then? We both walk around in our underwear and see which one he goes for?” Typical Tim.

“Yeah right.”

“Why don’t big ass porno you go into his room naked one night and see if it gets him hard?”

“Thanks Tim! You’re not helping,” I complained.

” I don’t do incest.”

“What?” Tim asked sheepily.

At this point I should explain. About a year into my relationship with Tim, when it was becoming serious, he told me had a confession. I was very very worried what it could be. Rapist? Axe murderer?

He told me that he had fucked his sister. A lot. Before he met me. He wanted to tell me as he thought I could be the one, and he loved me. He wanted there to be no secrets. He thought I should know in case I ever found out later and was shocked, disgusted etc etc blah blah blah…..

Well of course I was mortified. Disgusted. But he explained it all and eventually I came to terms with it. Eventually.

I never really look at his sister, Kate, in the same way these days, but it’s not an issue.

I do worry a little, tiny bit if they’re alone together but he assures me it’s all in the past. The mistakes of youth.

Still……. I do have a very very very slight suspicion that they still do it. Occasionally. Very occasionally.


Tim and I dropped the subject of Paul, and ended up having a good fuck. Tim was on form tonight. I wonder if talking about me doing it with someone, even my brother, got him a bit more turned on?

Tim fell asleep but I couldn’t. I was worrying. I glanced at the clock. 12.45AM. I thought I sensed Paul was still up.

I crept downstairs. The tv was on, its flickering illuminating the hallway. At the bottom step I peered in to the living room. The tv was indeed on. There was a sex scene showing. My heart started to pound. I sensed that I was where I shouldn’t be. I knelt down and sneaked to the living room door. I could see Paul on the sofa. Well his head and bare shoulders. I moved in just a little more.

I could see Paul’s bare knees and the bottom half of his legs. He was moaning softly.

I think he’s having a wank.

If I could just move in a tiny bit more.

Oh….. He is having a wank.

What’s more, he’s about to come.

With a final moan and an impressively quick reach for his t shirt he came over the shirt.

I instinctively scuttled back to the hall and hid under the stairwell. Paul hurried past, still naked, to the downstairs toilet. His cock was going limp as he passed me but I got a very good close up. As soon as he shut the toilet door I quietly ran upstairs to my bed.

I lay in bed, naked as I normally do. I couldn’t sleep, I kept picturing his naked body and his cock, every time I closed my eyes. When I did finally fall asleep I slept till quite late for me the following morning. I just about recall Tim kissing me goodbye as he left for work.

When I awoke, I lay in bed thinking about Paul. Now here’s where it gets quite complicated. I’m quite an innocent girl at heart. As a teenager there was a few kisses, a couple of blow jobs that I didn’t really enjoy, and a few fondles. But until I met Tim that was it.

He’s the only man I’ve ever done it with. I’m a bit of a prude – I don’t really enjoy public displays of affection. I admit that Tim and I often walk around at home naked or nearly so, but with Paul here we had been very restrained.

But the sight of Paul last night seemed to be arousing something deep inside me. A kind of bravado, daring, and a hunger to be a bit naughty.

I texted Tim telling him what I had seen, and he jokingly replied that I should have burst in on him, that would answer the question there and then.

I told him that I may show off a bit more flesh than normal around the house today. What did he think? He replied that I should go for it, but not let things get out of hand, and to tell him all when he got home.


To start with I crept out of my room across to the bathroom, naked. I shut but didn’t lock the door, as I almost certainly would have done yesterday. I ran my bath and then relaxed in it for about ten minutes.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Paul coming out if his room and heading downstairs. I waited a few minutes then got out of the bath and dried myself. I wrapped the towel around my body and stood in front of the mirror. With a smile on my face I pulled the towel up so that most of my ass and my trimmed bush were visible.

I opened the bathroom door and stood still, thinking.

Should I do this or not.

Yesterday I would have said no but today…….

I took a very deep breath then headed to the top of the staircase.

If you go down those stairs there’s no turning back, I thought.

I walked down the stairs, and into the main room. I headed stright for the kitchen area where I would have my bottom half sheltered from view by the worktops.

Paul was on the sofa reading.

“Coffee?” I asked.

“Please,” he replied.

I made two cups of coffee. Normally I would carry both into the living room at the same time but big tits porno I was worried my towel my become untied so I brought Paul’s through. He didn’t look up from his book as I placed it on the small table in front of him, but he glanced at me as I stood up straight.

I sensed his eyes focussing on my ass as I walked back to the kitchen. I came back with my coffee, pretending to ignore the shocked look on his face as he saw my pussy.

I walked in front of him then sat in an armchair to his left, my heart pounding. Nervous yes but also excited. What was I doing?

I made small talk, telling him of my work hours that day and suggesting that we could all go for a drink that evening.

When we had both finished our coffee, I stood up, picked up the empty cups and strolled back towards the kitchen, again feeling that he would be staring at my ass.

I made some toast, but ate it in the kitchen, then washed up.

“Right I’m going to go and get ready for work” I said, walking out of the kitchen section and out of the room towards the stairs.

All day long I could think of nothing else except that Paul would have seen the bottom half of my body naked. On the bus on the way home I was thinking that this was becoming a game that I was really enjoying. I wanted more.

When I got home, Tim was already in, so I got changed. We went out for a curry and then to a bar for a few drinks. The boys talked football and James Bond. I sensed that we were all getting a bit drunk.

When we arrived home, Tim and I went to get changed for bed. Normally we both sleep naked but Tim put on a pair of shorts and t shirt, while I wore a night shirt that covered me to halfway between my knees and my ass.

Paul was sitting on an armchair, watching the tv, so Tim and I sat on the sofa.

As I said, we were all a bit drunk so after about ten minutes I started stroking Tim’s leg and kissing him. Such actions always led to one thing in our relationship – sex.

Tim responded, returning my kisses. His hand was soon on my leg, working up to my thigh. He slipped his hand under the shirt and began to stroke my stomach.

After a minute or two I began to unbutton my shirt. When I had undone all but the bottom two buttons, I lifted Tim’s face and guided his eyes to my shirt.

Both of us subtly looked over to Paul who was pretending to watch tv but I suspect was sneaking the odd peek at us.

To my slight disappointment, Tim shook his head and returned to kissing me. To counter this I opened my shirt wider so, next time he looked, Paul was sure to see my tits. I was feeling incredibly horny.

Finally Tim took me by the hand and pulled me upstairs, where we had the most amazing fuck.

After I still thought about Paul and was certain that he would be wanking.

I listened out for him going to bed, wanting to go downstairs and watch him again. So I was slightly saddened to hear him going to bed so soon.

I awoke on Thursday morning and tried to think of ways to expose myself to my brother again. I lay in bed and could hear him downstairs. I got up and once again went naked into the bathroom.

As I lay in the bath Paul called to me from the other side of the door.

“Becky, I’m going into town now. Explore some of the shops.Ok?”

“Oh ok,” I mumbled, slightly disappointed. “Do you want to meet for lunch? My treat.”

“Ok, text me when you’re in town then. See you.”

Before I could reply, he had zipped downstairs and out the front door.

We met up for lunch and he showed me a couple of his purchases. Some books. Then we strolled by the river, had some cakes at a cafe, then met Tim from work. It had been a lovely day, but somehow not what I expected. I think I was becoming obsessed. Not with a desire for my brother, just the idea of him seeing me naked.

I also couldn’t help thinking about the sight of his cock the other night. It was not as long as Tim’s, I thought, but looked thicker. I have no great experience in such things but the thought of comparing them was making me wet.

After a pleasant evening of dvds, dinner and a bottle of wine, Tim went up to bed about eleven pm. I went up with him and changed into a t shirt. Just a t shirt. It covered most but not all of my ass.

Tim looked at me, smirking. A knowing smirk.

“Are you going to follow my advice then? See how he reacts?” he asked.

“Maybe,” I said, coyly. If only he knew what Paul has already seen.

I went downstairs. Paul was sitting at one end of the sofa. I poured myself a glass of wine then sat at the other end of the sofa. Paul carried on watching the tv.

After about ten minutes I shifted round so my feet were up on the sofa, just touching him. I pretended to watch the tv, thinking, plotting.

Some time passed and I faked a yawn. I put my wine glass on the table and turned onto my side, my feet still touching Paul. Then I pretended to fall asleep.

Again I waited five minutes or so before shifting, curling up a bit more. As I did so, the cool air hitting blacked porno my ass and cunt lips told me all I needed to know – that they must be visible to Paul.

I continued to lie like this and a little while later, Paul got up. I heard him leave the room but the tv was still on so I guessed he would be back. While he was out the room I pulled my shirt up a bit more so I was more exposed.

I heard him come back into the room, and also heard something being placed on the table. With one eye I looked and saw his camera! No way, I thought. But I was even more excited, my heart thumping.

I waited a few moments before shifting again, still pretending to sleep. I moved onto my back more so my vagina would be even more visible.

Then I stretched one leg across Paul’s lap and the other dangling off the edge of the sofa. My cunt would be really visible now.

Then Paul moved slightly, reaching for his camera.

I heard it switch on with a barely audible beep. Then I heard the little beep as Paul about eight or nine photos. Cheeky bastard.

The next thing was even better. I felt him touching the base of my shirt. He was trying to uncover my tits, but without ‘waking’ me.

He seemed to lose his nerve and let my shirt back down again. I thought I would wait a minute or two then try and help him somehow.

I stretched out, moving my legs together off the side of the sofa and putting my arms behind my head. I knew the shirt was now exposing my belly button, and hoped Paul would have another go.

Instead he got up, turned off the tv and then the light and went upstairs.

Oh. Not what I expected. Damn!!

So I also went to bed.

Friday I had to work. One of my colleaques was off sick, so they phoned me and asked if I could work the whole day. We needed the money so I said yes. Paul was still asleep, so I left him a note. I hoped he wouldn’t mind, but I somehow think after the show I gave him last night he wouldn’t be complaining about our hospiltality.

Before I left the house I saw Paul’s camera, by the side of the sofa. I switched it on and pressed playback. Yes!!! Nine pictures, all from slightly different angles, of my naked vagina and ass. Result, he had seen them clearly, and what’s more they obviously fascinate him. Good boy. Dirty boy.

After a whole day at work I was too tired that evening and fell asleep on the sofa, this time fully clothed! Tim took me upstairs about ten thirty. He undressed me and helped me into bed.

I was awakened the next morning by Tim kissing me lightly as he set off to play golf with his friend. He had arranged this weeks ago and I knew that he wouldn’t be home till mid afternoon. I lay awake in bed, still naked, and thought about the week’s events.

As I thought about it I could hardly believe the way I had behaved, flaunting my body in front of my teenage brother.

Then a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I said, unsure.

“Cup of tea?” It was Paul, holding a mug and standing there in just a pair of boxer shorts.

“Oh fantastic!” I beamed.”Have you got one?”

He nodded.

“Join me,” I said, motioning to the bed.

He put my tea on the table next to me then went to fetch his mug.

He put it on the table next to Tim’s side of the bed, and climbed in.

“So have you enjoyed your week then?” I asked.

He said he had and would like to come back soon. I reminded him that mum would be round on Sunday to collect him.

He sat up to drink his tea, facing me. After a minute or two, I reached over for my cup. As I did so my breasts became exposed. I sat up with my tea and turned round to face Paul. I carried on talking, just sipping my drink, knowing that my tits were completely visible.

I could see him staring but I tried to act as if this situation was the most natural thing in the world.

He finished his tea, put the cup down and turned back to me. Gradually the conversation dried up and an awkward silence took over.

“Becky?” he said, nervously.


“Can I…..I mean is it ok if I touch them?” he gestured towards my tits.

“If you want……”

Cautiously he moved his right hand towards my chest. He touched my right nipple, very gently, almost expecting me to slap him away.

He stroked and prodded my right tit, before exploring the whole breast. Then he repeated this on my left breast.

“Have you never touched these before?” I asked, feeling more and more turned on.

He shook his head, doing the same when I asked if he’d been with a girl at all.

Then he leaned forward, kissing each tit in turn, then sucking them.

I put my hand under the covers and felt for his shorts. As expected his cock was rock solid. I slid my hand into his shorts and began to stroke him.

I pushed the covers down and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He continued to suck my nipples as my strokes became firmer on his young cock. It felt so good to be doing this.

Unfortunately, his inexperience soon told and he shot his load into my hand.

“Oh sorry,” he stammered.

“That’s ok,” I smiled at him. “We’ve got loads of time.”

And we did. All morning in fact. During which time I guided his face down to my cunt and let him lick me to my first orgasm of the day.

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