Temmuz 17, 2024

I Need You

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This is my first erotic story, I appreciate any feedback and comments! I want to become a great writer, if you enjoyed this story please stay tuned, I will b submitting more!


I’m at the kitchen table eating and my head turns as you enter. I’ve been horny all day and seeing you waltz in silences one need while replacing it with another. Decision made, I guzzle the last of my beer, stand up and stride across the room to you. A questioning look comes up on your face but no words need to be spoken.

Without breaking a step, I pick you up in my arms, carry you a few more paces and press you up against the wall. You give a surprised gasp as my mouth finds yours and my hands find your breasts. Groping, squeezing, twisting, pulling. Your buttons go flying as I rip open your shirt. Your legs wrap around me as I grind my hardness into you. I take a second to drink you in. Hair dishelved, glasses askew, lucious breasts heaving with wanton lust.

Then I dive into you. My mouth trails kisses and nibbles from the side of your lips, across your cheek, down the nape of your neck and settles somewhere slightly north of your collarbone.

I hear appreciative murmurs and giggles as my teeth and lips play tug of war with your skin. My hands are busy as well. I haven’t taken off your bra yet, it’s been too much fun having my way with your bountiful chest. My hands alternate between palming and squeezing. I pull on your nipples through the fabric and you let out a moan from beneath a tussled mane of hair. That’s when I lift you off the wall, tug your body up to get you to unlock your legs from around me, and flip you around and press you face first against the wall. As I nuzzle into your neck, the first words you hear from me rumble from deep within my chest.

“I need to be inside you” I growl.

I pull up masaj porno your skirt with my hands…I feel you shiver in anticipation…


I rub my hand in a slow circle, on the red palm print.


I hear you gasp in pleasure.


“Mmmm” You moan.

“Who owns you?” I demand, in a firm voice.


I trail one of my hands up your back, as your ribcage expands and contracts rapidly. My fingertips glide along the curve of your spine. Once I get to the nape of your neck, I gather your hair in my hand. I yank back and you give a surprised yelp of pain.



I lean in close, rasping into your ear “It looks like I have to remind you.”

My zipper comes down, shortly followed by my pants. As you hear them tumble at my feet you feel my throbbing cock slide between your rosy red cheeks. I bend my head down and start kissing your neck, as I saw my cock in and out of your buttcheeks. Our sweat is mixing together and both of us are panting like animals in heat. I grab my cock, push it down and start running it through the grooves of your pussy lips. Your juices coat my cock as I let go of your hair and place that hand on the wall next to your head. Your forehead touches the wall the same time you feel my head slip in.

Slowly it eases in.

Then out again, as you sigh.

Once more, a little deeper, then out.

That sigh turns into a sigh of frustration as you feel it leave your walls for the second time.


As you reel from the shock of getting slapped, I ram my cock in. No warning steals the breath out of your throat. You go up on your toes then slide back to your heels as I pull out almost completely out of you.


Starting with short, powerful thrusts, I start building a rhythm with meet suck and fuck porno you.

“Have you been a naughty girl?” I murmur, as my hips power forward and back.


“You ready to get teased, slut?” I growl.

I slow, and then stop my rhythm. You realize what I meant about teasing as I pull out. I lean in close to your ear again, my hot breath blowing over your earlobe as our bodies are pressed against eachother.

“You have been a naughty girl. Naughty girls only get to orgasm after they have been punished. You can’t cream until I let you” I pant hoarsely, as I continue to pound into your gushing pussy.

“Unh” is all you can respond with as I slide my meat back into you.

These are slow, long thrusts. The kind that have the paintings on the wall shaking, paint chips flaking off the walls in concert with our fucking. I spread your arms out against the wall as I take you this way. Your head hangs down and your glasses are dangling off your ears.





Four loud, hard smacks to your butt.

Your glasses fall to the floor. You moan out loud, I slam back into you. This time I press you as tight as I can against the wall and wrap my arms around you. I start sawing my cock in and out, quick thrusts. One long pull out, then deep drill in. Then I stand back and walk back two steps as you collapse to the ground, ass up in the air. You’re groggy, dazed and horny out of your mind. I yank up on your hair as I slap you again.

“You. dirty. bitch.” I bark.

Each word is a slap.

“I own you. I’m going to use all of your holes for my pleasure.” The words, intense with passion, flow out of my mouth like lava spewing from a volcano.

I let go of your hair as your head drops forward. milf porno I use that hand to jam two fingers into your cunt. I start corkscrewing them in and out of your pussy as the slaps rain down.

One cheek, then the other.



I feel your pussy leaking, I can hear your moans, see you quivering so I know you are close. I slide my fingers out.

“If you want my cock, then clean my fingers.” I grumble, as I present them to your mouth.

“Yes sir!” you quickly reply.

As you clean them I position myself behind you. I let my heavy meat fall on your butt. I drag it back with my hips, our bodies are so sweaty that it makes a line drip back. I let it fall down to your pussy lips, the thick mushroom head starts to spear your inner cavern. I grunt as I slide into you. I grab your shoulders and starting a steady, heavy pounding. You start moaning again, and as I admire your beautiful body my eyes travel down to that marvelous ass of yours. My hands, of their own accord, slide to your hips. No more teasing now. We both need it. Like two animals we just start fucking without abandon.

“Fuck my little wet pussy!” you scream, as the passion builds.

All that echoes in the room are the sounds of flesh, grunting and moaning.

“Yes. That’s what I want, that tight little wet pussy.” I pant.


“Give it to me.” you moan.

Our tempo picks up. You start moaning at a higher pitch as I feel the cum boiling in my balls. Your pussy muscles go into velvety contractions around my cock. As I feel your liquid cream coat my cock, my mushroom head erupts. I bellow out to the world as I unload into you.Your ass presses back to accept all my seed as we both are heaving.

Once we both catch our breath, you collapse to the ground. I struggle at first, but get up to my feet on shaky legs. I lean down, and grab a fistful of your hair.

“We’re not even close to done, whore. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t think straight.” I bellow, as I start to drag you by your hair, towards the bedroom.

The night is just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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