Temmuz 14, 2024

I Love You Josh

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Note: This is my first published work on this site. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. And this isn’t a “wam bam thank you ma’am” kind of story, so anyone looking for an orgasm with in the first few lines will be disappointed.



“I love you Josh.” She said breathing into his ear.

The hot breath took his mind elsewhere. And the fact that she was nibbling on his ear lobe didn’t help matters either. Josh began sliding his hand over her body instinctually. Her smooth skin took him further from reality. Guided only by his urges, he pressed her close to his body. A slight moan escaped her mouth before it was covered by his. Their lips danced together, fighting to take the lead. Each kiss signaled for another and yet another. Her mouth pulled away for a moment and then latched on to his bottom lip. A grunt formed in Josh’s throat as he took her by the wrists and pushed her into the nearest available wall. He took both of her wrists in one hand and used his other to cup the jaw of his lady. Josh looked deeply into her eyes, as if to say something, but was cut short due to her lack of patience. She jumped on to Josh, wrapping arm and leg alike around his body. She leaned down and began to suck on his neck shortly and ended with a bite. He threw his neck to the side allowing her more access to his neck.

Walking toward his bed, he tossed her on it and quickly threw himself on top of her. On his knees, she slid her hands up and took his shirt off. The sight of half his body threw her into frenzy. She sat up and grabbed his head and pulled it into hers. Amidst her force, Josh was at work running his right hand up his woman’s back to undo the clasp that was keeping the top of her body caged. Freeing the hook proved simple work for him and he pulled away from her need to pull her tank top up and over her head, only to be discarded immediately. Seeing his woman like this sent blood rushing to his member, gradually getting harder and harder.

He pushed her down on the pillow directly behind her, legs spread begging for Josh to be between them. Josh kissed her passionately and nudged her head up with his nose, gaining easier access to her neck. Each kiss was placed with a specific duty; to push her closer to the edge. He made his way to her right shoulder and sucked it gently. Her fingers clawed at his back to show how much she was enduring. The pain blended with the pleasure perfectly. While Josh was flicking his tongue across her collar bone, she lifted her head and lightly sucked on Josh’s ear lobe. A groan was uttered and then he froze and moaned due to the bite on his ear lobe. But she didn’t stop there. Her tongue moved like a snake, probing and exploring every part and crevice. Shivers were sent down Josh’s spine in waves, goose bumps appeared involuntarily. Josh was so entranced by her; he didn’t notice his pants loosening and slowly being pulled down. The fabric sliding across his hard member brought him back to reality and he stood up to finish the job properly.

Seeing his naked state made her stand along with him to press her body against his. Feeling his skin against hers was driving her crazy. She felt his breathing deepen in the crook of her neck, his smell filling her mind with desire. His hands traveled down to undo the button of her jeans, sliding the zipper down. Josh wrapped his hands around the waist of her jeans and pulled them down, taking her underwear with them.

She tried to kiss him, but was denied abruptly. mobil porno Josh bobbed his head away from her advances; a sinister smile came across his face. He pushed her back on the bed immediately and jumped on top of her throwing her hands back above her head. She could barely move. Her next plan of attack was to wrap her legs around Josh. But it was too late; she felt cold steel around her wrists.

Her first reaction was to try and lift her arms free, but it was useless. A deep, maniacal laugh from Josh was all she heard before she could no longer see. She squirmed around for a brief moment and then realized she was alone. She turned her head left and right as if to look for him. Just before panic took over, she felt his familiar hot breath on her shoulder. Distress melted away as she absorbed any attention sent in her direction. The hot breath felt so good on her skin. Her tense muscles loosened.

Josh made his was down her body, breathing her in, making sure she knew he was there. Once he made it to her thigh, he began kissing and flicking his tongue lightly across her smooth skin. It tasted amazing to him. The more Josh licked, the more of her Josh wanted to taste. Soon it wasn’t light flicking; it was all out dragging of his tongue across her inner leg. The taste of her skin sent him into a primal state. He began sucking and biting, guided by her moans and the constant grinding of her hips.

She could barely contain herself and belief escaped her. The only thing she could do was concentrate on the stimulation Josh was giving her. The feeling was heightened due to her lack of sight, her inability to move her arms. Her hips were gyrating towards his pleasuring tongue, wanting him, needing him to reach her slit. Reason disappeared.

With his hands around her waist, gripping her luscious hips, Josh took a long, deliberate lick tasting her juices. He let out a loud groan, and something snapped. Nothing mattered anymore other than making her moan, make her body writhe in pleasure, to push her to the edge and then off, to places she’s never been before.

His tongue was amazing. It seemed to know exactly where to go to make her breathing deepen. He started slow, licking from the bottom to the top of her slit, spreading it open to expose more pleasurable areas. Once he felt her clit harden, his efforts were more focused. It started with slow flicks that sent wave after wave of madness her way. She was reaching her limit already and he had only begun. Each flick of his tongue signaled for a short gasp of air, building her anticipation more. She was at the mercy of his tongue, waiting for him add pressure and intensity. Josh moved his tongue in every direction, nodding his head left and right, suckling her clit into his mouth, groaning at the idea of knowing that he was making her feel this way.

She lost it. Every sensation had never felt this intense before. There was no holding back her involuntary moans, getting louder and louder. Her legs wrapped around his head as he tasted her pleasure. Her anticipation was at its peak and he wasn’t stopping. She was hardly breathing when her hips rose off the bed. Her moans were short and sporadic when she thrust her hips into the bed, pulling Josh away. Her entire body exploded with warmth starting from her head quickly moving to her toes.

When she thought it was over, she felt two of his fingers enter her forcefully. She moaned immediately and arched her back. She felt him sliding in and out fast and hard, rubbing her clit at the same mofos porno time. She had never floated so high before. “Don’t stop Josh!” She screamed. Josh’s arm was extremely fatigued, but this comment renewed his vigor. He moved his hand in and out of her with reckless abandon. Her hips rose again, but Josh caught her and kept her up there with his left arm. Josh felt her clench around his fingers nearly pushing him out. She screamed as she experienced her own personal supernova. Every muscle in her body tightened as she kept moaning his name.

Josh quickly undid the cuffs from her wrists and ripped the blindfold off her eyes. She jumped up and covered his mouth before he could say anything. She took him within her hand and started to slide up and down it slowly. Josh stopped kissing and closed his eyes, enjoying what was being done to him. The woman in front of him wrapped her lips around the tongue that just made her burst with pleasure and sucked it in and out of her mouth. Then she sucked hard and pulled him to his feet, off the bed and fell to her knees.

A sly grin came across her face as she began to kiss him gently all over his member. She gave a special comedic smooch to the freckle on the left side of it. They shared a brief laugh, adding wonder to Josh’s mind as to what she was going to do next.

She shocked him by going lower than usual, as not to neglect the other half of his sex. Her light licks and suckling made his legs go stiff, knees locked. While she moved up and down, all his thoughts were focused on her slow movements, wishing, wanting, needing her to increase her tempo. Feeling him grow in her mouth made her want to bring it to the next level, but she knew better. Prolonging his finish was a twisted game she enjoyed playing. Controlling him felt even better knowing what she had been through earlier.

Josh tensed his muscles systematically while taking deep breaths to push his own threshold. His time bomb was building faster and faster as she continued to push him deeper within. Her tongue flicked from the base to the top of his shaft before she took him back within again. Her hand fit perfectly around her man’s erect penis. She used her hand to take him deeper inside as well as not to neglect the rest of his manhood. On her journey back to the head, she dragged her teeth up the shaft and head slowly and lightly. Josh’s neck and knees went weak as the both moaned in unison.

Josh’s breathing was becoming ragged. She recognized this behavior and increased her pace even more. Deep and shallow breaths intertwined with moans of pleasure. His mind raced as he felt his grip on reality slipping. “Fuck, don’t stop.” Josh said.

She knew what to do when she heard that. Her hand and mouth worked together in perfect unison, creating a vortex of pleasure around his manhood to finish what she started. His screams were like music to her ears.

Josh exploded in ecstasy and she was there to absorb every last drop. His mind was reeling in moment she created for him. His knees buckled because she didn’t have the intention of stopping, then she felt Josh grab her arm. When he regained his balance, Josh pulled her up and kissed her passionately, slowly and purposefully. He pulled away, pressed his warm, damp body against hers and whispered…

“I love you too, Kara.”

He finally said it. By the look in her eyes, Josh knew that she genuinely felt the same way. Her eyes looked so beautiful; they said so much without her having to voice it. As they shared another intimate naughty america porno kiss, Kara dragged her finger nails up the back of Josh’s neck to the top of his head. Josh grabbed her ass and forcefully pressed their bodies together.

The warmth of him always took her breath away. She knew the things that turned him on and wanted more. She knew they had both experienced so much but she needed more. So when she dragged her nails down her lover’s back, and felt his hardness slowly growing between her legs, she gave into her carnal need.

“I want you inside of me.” Kara said while playing with his ear with her tongue.

Josh pulled away from her and looked right into her eyes. A sly smile appeared on his face as he kissed her again, quickly and sharp, pushing her with his lips. Then again, turning her around in the process and she fell on to the bed. Josh moved on top of Kara slowly sliding his body up hers, situating himself between her legs.

Kara could hardly stand the pace he was taking. With her legs spread, she reached down and moved him to the entrance of her very wet pussy. She ached to have him inside of her. She slowly guided him in, waiting for herself to get use to the intrusion. She felt him thrust slightly, pressing ever further inside. Then he pulled back slowly, and pushed more himself inside. She couldn’t resist gasping as he finally pressed his entire length into her.

The warm, wet, tightness around his dick always surprised him. Nothing compared to that moment when he was completely inside of his other half. He nearly pulled himself out, then thrust himself back in as fast as he could. Kara’s eyes went wide, and then shut as she wrapped her legs around him. He took note of her leg placement and began to speed up his tempo.

The slapping of his pelvis against hers sent her over the edge. “Fuck me, Josh” she said between labored breaths and moans. She looked down her body to see Josh’s dick sliding in and out of her faster and harder. Kara arched her back, moaning louder and louder for him to keep going.

All thoughts were focused on fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. All that mattered to him was that she came hard; to fulfill her immediate need. Josh grabbed both her legs from behind him and pressed her knees to her chest. She grabbed them instantly as he began to thrust deeper and harder than before. Her moans grew louder, her breathing more intense.

“Fuck that pussy!” She screamed at him. “Don’t fucking stop!”

Josh wedged his left arm down on her hip to prevent her from trying to push back on his rock hard dick. Once he was sure she wasn’t going to move, he put all his effort into making her cum. Thrusting violently with everything he had, he felt his own orgasm approaching.

“I’m gunna cum.” Josh told his lover.

Hearing this, pushed her over the edge, she didn’t care about anything at all.

“Yeah baby, cum inside of me.”

She felt his whole body tense up all at once. Hers did as well.

“AHH… FUCK!” He screamed, holding back nothing.

“OH MY GOD, YES!” She screamed, wrapping her legs around him once again to keep him inside of her.

The explosion of cum inside of her sent her into another orgasm as Josh slowed his movement. “Fuck” was the only word he could muster as his whole body shook with the intensity of it all. He could barely breathe it felt so good.

There was nothing but a sense of floating euphoria that replaced reality. They were caught up in this place that had no time, no setting, no up, no down. The world had stopped and allowed them to bask in the warmth of each other. And just as soon as they arrived at this marvelous place, reality began to slowly slip back around them once again.

“I love you, Josh.”

“I love you too, Kara”

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