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I Dared My Wife to Blow Another Guy

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I Dared My Wife to Blow Another Guy
I Dared My Wife
Just by a simple dare, my 41 year old Felicity became a hot wife before my very eyes. Felicity was the type of woman who would never NEVER participate in a sexual dares game. She kept our sex life private among her friends and even acted a little too conservative in front of me sometimes, but our sex life was good. Nothing spectacular, but average for a couple married for 20 years. Still, I wanted more.The dare? I dared her to suck off another guy. It could be any guy she wanted, but for her safety, I insisted I be there. She looked at me as if I’d gone fucking crazy.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” I didn’t flinch. I asked her if she were afraid to accept the dare and that pretty much sealed the fact that she was going to do it. Why? Because even though Felicity wasn’t the type of person to do ANYTHING like that. she was also the type of person to never refuse a dare. In fact, in all her 41 years, she had never NOT accepted one. Obviously, the others weren’t anything of a sexual nature, but a dare is a dare, so I decided to feed into her obsession by making this one.

Her face turned red. It somewhere between anger and embarrassment. She wanted to refuse, but her perfect record of dare acceptance wouldn’t let her.

“Before I accept or reject this dare, I want details. What exactly do I have to do?” she asked, actually surprising the shit out of me.

The Dare

Ok, so here is the way I told her it should go.

We would find a guy and have him come over to the house. I would suddenly get a call from my boss and have to leave for an hour to do something at the office.  I would tell our guest I would be right back and insist that he stay. I would apologize for the inconvenience and leave. That’s when Felicity would make her move. I would come home, and my wife and our guest would obviously act like nothing had happened. Once the guy left for the evening, I would take Felicity upstairs and fuck her like crazy.

Then, (and not because I didn’t trust her), I told her I would be watching them do it, from the comfort of my car, parked down the street. We have surveillance cameras in the house and there are two in the living room, I would access the cameras from the app on my phone and watch the entire thing. If she didn’t go through with the dare, I would claim victory and remind her of her dare fail for the rest of her life. If she did go through with it, I would have to take her on a 14 day vacation to Hawaii. she had always wanted to go there.

Felicity Finds a Guy

Felicity called me at work the next day on her lunch break and told me she had found her dare participant. His name was Tommy and he worked in her building at the paper manufacturer where she had worked for the last 12 years. Tommy was a good-looking young man of 19 or 20 years old, who always checked out Felicity when she would on occasion, have to go to the receiving area to sign paperwork or whenTommy would come to the main office to have invoices signed. She admitted to me there was a mutual infatuation between them but, of course, neither of them had admitted it to the other.

Now, the only question that remained was, how to get Tommy over to the house without making it look too set up, or weird

I Gotta Move a Sofa

Felicity called me the next morning at work. She was so excited she was ready to scream.”Why are you so happy?” I asked.

“I’m going to perform my dare tonight at 7pm,” she answered proudly. “That will teach you not to dare the Dare Expert,” she laughed. “My friend, Tommy is coming over.”

“How did you manage that?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“I told him we needed help moving a sofa and he volunteered to help. Isn’t that nice?” she giggled.

“And what is he going to say when he gets here and doesn’t see a sofa that needs moving?

“We’ll tell him the sofa is in the basement and just when you guys are ready to go down to get the couch, your phone will ring. It will be me, posing as your boss, asking you to come to the office for an hour. Once you leave, I’ll blow Tommy and then text you when it’s safe to come back home. Then I start packing for Hawaii”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, feeling my erection growing inside my pants. “I’ll be home on time.”

“I thought you would be,” she laughed. “Are you certain you want this to happen? You have to be certain. There’s no going back after it’s done.”

“It’s still a dare,” I said.

“Then it’s on, Mike,” she said. “I’ll speak to you later.”

I smiled a horny smile, sitting there at my desk, my dick harder than a diamond.

Felicity Prepares for the Dare

I got home at 6pm, later than I wanted to and ran upstairs to take a shower. The light was on in the bedroom. I walked in and saw Felicity standing there in her robe, doing her makeup. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. I knew she’d be able to feel my erection on her ass, through the thin material of her robe.

“Someone is feeling excited,” she smiled, looking at my reflection in the mirror and backing that sweet güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ass of hers back in my direction.”I just can’t wait to see you follow through on your dare,” I said.

“Have you ever known me not to follow through on a dare?” she asked.

“There’s always a first time,” I laughed leaving the room so I could take my shower.

Tommy Arrives

The doorbell rang at 10 minutes before seven and Felicity was still doing her hair, so I ran down the stairs to answer the door. Standing there was Tommy. Felicity was right. He was a good looking guy. He was wearing a white t-shirt a pair of blue jeans and a pair of work boots. I shook his hand and invited him in.

“Nice to meet you, Tommy,” I said. “Felicity is upstairs. She’ll be down in a second.”

“Nice meeting you, too, Mike,” he said, looking around the living room. “Where’s that sofa?”

“It’s in the basement,” I said. It wasn’t really a lie, because there was a sofa in the basement. It was in my man cave and it was almost brand new. It certainly wasn’t coming up here. Felicity came down the stairs and looked so fucking sexy, I wanted to attack her right there in the living room while this Tommy guy watched. She was wearing her shorty terry cloth robe, make up, maxed out to full-on porn star mode, false eyelashes and bright green eye-shadow. AND those tall, stiletto black, suede heels that always looked so good on her.

“I’m sorry, for looking like such a sight, Tommy,” she said. “I’m going out with the girls later on and i’m in the middle of getting ready.”

“You look great,” Tommy said,”

Well, thanks, but, I’m far from ready. Mike are you going to move that thing now?”

“Yes,” I said, hoping Felicity would remember to text or call me, pretending to be my boss. “I was just going to bring Tommy down to the basement.””Oh, good,” she said, walking away. You guys take care of the sofa. I have to finish getting ready. Felicity began walking back upstairs and I took Tommy into the kitchen and opened the basement door. That’s when my phone alerted me to a text.”Who the hell is texting me now?” I asked myself in front of Tommy, as I looked at the fake text.

The Text from my Boss

“Tommy, I’m sorry,” I said. “That’s my boss. Apparently someone fucked something up at the office and I have to go and fix it. Can you hang out for awhile? Maybe watch TV In the living room? I’ll be back in an hour.”

“I can always come back another day,” Tommy said. “It’s not a problem.”

“Ordinarily, that would be ok, but I have to have that thing moved tonight. Can you please wait?”

“Um, sure, I guess so,” he said walking back into the living room.

I shouted for Felicity. She came to the top of the stairs, looking so hot and asked me what was wrong.I explained to her what was going on and that I would be back in an hour and told her that Tommy was going to hang back and watch some TV. I said my goodbyes and left the house. Now it was all up to Felicity, Tommy and of course, the surveillance cameras in the living room.

I got  in my car and drove down street pulling over and parking about 10 houses away. Then I sent Felicity a text and and told her everything was a go. She sent me back an emoji smiley face. Then I brought up the app for the home surveillance system and clicked on the living room cameras. Tommy was still there watching TV. After a few moments, Felicity walked in from the kitchen. She looked even hotter than she did earlier.

Felicity Completes the Dare

Felicity sat on the sofa, Extremely close to Tommy. Almost in his lap.

I finally remembered that the cameras had audio, so I cranked up the volume.

Felicity wasted no time. She came right out and said, “My husband will be gone for an hour. How about you fuck me?”

Fuck me? What the hell was she doing?” I asked myself. “It’s supposed to be a blowjob,” I said, staring into the phone.

They went back and forth, with Tommy saying he wanted to, but he was afraid I would kill him, or at the very least, break one of his limbs. She told him it was ok and at that point, began rubbing the crotch area of his pants, until he could no longer resist. They started to feverishly make out. Even though this scenario was not in the original script,  I was enjoying it tremendously. Was Felicity going to fuck this guy knowing I was down the street watching? Did she only say it as a joke and was only going to suck him off? I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t wait to see where the story went.Tommy stood up and dropped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and had the biggest cock I had ever seen in person. This made me temporarily wonder, (if only for a second), if she already knew he had a big one, or not. Maybe one of the girls in the office knew about it and told her. Maybe it was just a coincidence. I guess it didn’t matter at this point.

Felicity gives great head. That’s always been her special talent. She took that 9 incher into her mouth like she sucked him off everyday. He moaned and held on tightly to the hair on the very top of her perabet head and began pumping in and out of her mouth, also like he had done this to her a million times before. I couldn’t be concerned with jealousy at the moment. I was too horny to be jealous. I wish I could have whipped out my cock and masturbated right there in the car, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea. It would really suck being arrested for that. Besides, all the neighbors knew me and my car. All I would have needed was to have Mrs.Flanniglan come outside and knock on my window to say hello and find me pulling my cock in front of her house.

As Felicity sat on our sofa, deepening her claim on Tommy’s big dick, she took off that little robe she was wearing, so Tommy and I, could get a great view of her big tits. Tommy’s eyes were wide with excitement. He immediately made a move for her tits and I can’t say I don’t blame him.  Felicity loved her tits being handled, stroked and sucked on. She moaned as Tommy licked her nipples and moved his hand under her small robe, where I imagined a finger, (or two) disappearing inside her. I was so horny, I was out of my mind. This was supposed to be a blowjob and now Felicity was inviting this hung, co-worker of hers to do whatever he wanted.

I Was Completely Out of My Mind

I know I could have ended this immediately. All I had to do was drive back home and as soon as one of them heard my car, they would stop and quickly get dressed. Felicity knew I could stop it, too. Part of me thought she wanted  to see how far she could go before I drove back home and did stop it. Another part of me thought that she was trying to get back at me for giving the the dare to her in the first place. It didn’t matter at this point. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the tiny screen on my phone. I had to watch the whole thing play out. I couldn’t move. It was almost as if I were paralyzed and forced to watch, much like Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

I continued to watch this porn movie play out. Felicity was screaming as each pump from Tommy’s fingers plunged  inside of her. Her robe was now fully open revealing her buxom body to the surveillance cameras. I swear I was breathing just as heavy as Felicty, simply watching this spectacle unfold in front of me.Tommy pulled his fingers out of my wife’s dripping wet pussy and jammed them into her mouth, where she greedily licked them, even taking his fingers down her throat. Then Tommy stood up and said something that I couldn’t quite make out. Suddenly, Felicity was bent over the sofa, displaying her thick ass for Tommy’s (and my) pleasure.

This thing had gotten way out of hand. What was supposed to be a simple blowjob has turned into a full fledged adult film. Good thing I was recording everything, because otherwise, I’d think I’d been dreaming. What the fuck was Felicity doing?vI glanced at my watch and saw they had been at it about 35 minutes. In 25 more minutes, I would be expected to be home, so they’d have to be finishing up. wouldn’t they? My eyes quickly went back to the screen where Tommy was just entering her from behind. Once he was in, Felicity’s head went forward and I could see the pure look of lust I hadn’t seen on her face in many years. Then my attention was diverted by Tommy’s index finger entering her ass, at the same time as his dick went into her pussy. I was so hard, I thought I would just bust in my pants. The moans and dirty talk from both of them was simply taking me over the edge, but I knew I had to hold it in. I would get mine when I got home.

“Fuck me harder!” Felicity screamed. “Fuck me like the crazy slut I am, Tommy!”

Besides fucking her like a madman, Tommy was pouring on the dirty talk pretty heavy. He was saying things I wouldn’t say to a prostitute, I had just paid a $100 to be with. I won’t repeat it here, but I will tell you, it’s about as filthy as filthy can get. Her responses were just as filthy. I had never seen Felicity act like this before. I couldn’t understand why she was doing it.I had to endure another ten minutes of watching this fucking Tommy character rail my wife from behind before I was able to drive the block up the street and into my driveway.The screams coming from Felicity’s mouth were almost inhuman and certainly unintelligible. Then Tommy screamed out at the top of his lungs. “I’m coming, slut. Where do you want it?”

“In my pussy! Please cum inside my pussy!” Felicity screamed back at top volume. “Do it, Tommy! Do it now! I’m cumming!”

Tommy increased his speed and the slapping sounds of hitting my wife from behind drowned out all other sounds.

“Cum inside me!” she screamed. I knew Felicity very well, and I knew she wasn’t faking anything in this sex session. It’s almost as if that big-dicked Tommy had corrupted her in the 50 minutes they had been together.I stayed for the extra 90 seconds of Tommy unloading his spunk into my wife’s pussy, pump after never ending pump, until he fell on top of her as he finished.

The son-of-a-bitch still perabet giriş had his finger in his ass and slowly pulled it out, as they both helped each other up and began frantically cleaning up and dressing themselves before my return home.I started the car and pulled away from the curb. My hard on was raging inside of my jeans right now and I only hoped it didn’t show as I walked up the stairs to the front door and let myself in.

Felicity was gone and Tommy Huge Cock was sitting on the sofa, just like I left him an hour ago. I could smell some sort of pine scented spray. Felicity had sprayed the room to get rid of any signs of sex odors. More for Tommy’s benefit, than mine. I’m sure he was a little nervous, by the way he looked at me when I walked into the living room.

“Hi Mike, I waited so I could help you move the sofa, just like you asked, he said nervously, his voice shaking slightly.

“I think we’re gonna have to take a rain-check on that, Tommy,” I said. “I twisted my back at the office and don’t think I’ll be able to do it tonight. We can do it another time, if you still want to help.”

“Sure,” Tommy said, standing up from the sofa. “I’ll come over anytime.”

I bet you would you little bastard,” I said to myself.

“That works for me. I’ll let you know, Tommy. Thank you. By the way, have you seen Felicity?” ”

She said she was going upstairs to finish getting ready. That was about 30 minutes ago, Tommy replied.

“You fucking liar,” I said to myself as I walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Felicity Comes Clean

Felicity was laying on the bed naked. Her legs were spread wide open.”Are you ready for me, baby?” she asked. “I’m so fucking horny. Get over here and fuck me.”

“First, you’ve got some explaining to  do,” I said. “What’s the idea of fucking this guy? We both agreed it was going to be a blowjob.”

“I know, I know, but please fuck me, first. Then I’ll explain everything. I promise. Please,” she moaned.

That little bastard, who is still downstairs, already fucked you,” I said, almost whispering, so he wouldn’t hear me.”

“I know, but I’m so fucking horny and I know you must be, too, she moaned. “Just take sloppy seconds just this once. Do it for me?”

As I unbuckled my pants and walked over to the bed, knowing I was defeated, Felicity sent a text to Tommy, downstairs and told him that she and Mike had both decided to stay in and were turning in early. I heard the door shut, just another minute later. He was gone.

I ripped off my shirt and got on top of my whore of a wife and looked between her legs. Tommy’s DNA was all over the place. I stuck my cock in, which it did effortlessly due to Tommy lubing it up for me.I fucked her hard and we kissed hard as we fucked. At one point, I was fucking her, still kissing down the side of my neck and she asked me if I would mind if Tommy fucked her again. In front of me, this time.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself. One simple stupid bet and all of a sudden she’s got a river of Tommy’s nut shot into her baby-maker.

“I want him to cum inside me, while I suck your cock. Then after he is done inside of me, I want you up there cumming, too. It’s been a fantasy of mine now for awhile and I want it to happen. I need it to happen,” she said, breathing heavily, a sure sign she was about to cum. “Tell me you promise to do it and then we’ll cum together, right now. C’mon baby! Say it and cum deep inside of my pussy.”

“I promise! I promise!” I said loudly as I neared my orgasm inside her, “I promise!” I said a final time before releasing all my pent up frustration at allowing some 20 year old guy to fuck my wife and cum inside of her and then taking sloppy seconds after him. I released my load inside of Felicity as she screamed with delight. The harder she screamed, the harder I came. It was unfuckingbelieveable sex. Best sex I’d had since our honeymoon. I couldn’t believe it.

When we were done, we both lay on the bed breathing heavily.

“I’m guessing you enjoyed that?” she asked, kissing my neck,”

“I did,” I answered. “You know that. But, I didn’t enjoy how you conned me into getting me involved with your new boyfriend. Sloppy seconds, my ass!”

“Aww, c’mon! You promised!” she said, looking slightly disappointed. “I made you promise””I promised because I was horny. I admit it,” I said.

“So you lied?” she asked.

“I did, but so did you about this evening being just about a blowjob. You fucked that guy,” I said a little angrily.

“So it didn’t turn you on to watch us from your phone down the street?” She asked with a horny smile.

“Yes, it did, but I almost came home and put a stop to it,” I said, defensively.

“But, you didn’t,” she said. “That must have meant that you liked it just as much as I did.”

“What’s your point?” I asked, wondering where this conversation was headed

.”It’s just that I want you to fulfill a fantasy for me. That’s all. I have no interest in Tommy, other than sex.Turns out I have a date at the Tea Tree Motel with my wife and her new boyfriend on Saturday night. They had already made the date before I even arrived home.What the fuck was in for?

I sure as fuck hoped she wouldn’t want to take him to Hawaii with us. My faithful, conservative wife had turned into a hot wife and now, there was no going back. Be careful what you wish for.

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