Şubat 27, 2024

Hot Thoughts

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Hot Thoughts
Sometimes you see a photo of a man and you want to have sex with someone who looks like that. I respond to some gentle porn more strongly than fashion photos, but that’s not my point or my question. Suppose you imagine having sex with that man, what kind of sex would it be?

Or sometimes you see a man and you want to have sex with him.

There’s a correlation, for me, between what I want to do with my sex partner and the partner’s build and look. Rarely do I want to fuck a strongly muscled man, but it would be nice to be taken by one. Too strongly muscled and I’m not interested, unless (s)he’s a femboy, then I want to be fucked in a girly way.

Sure younger bodies usually are nicer. But among those real people I’ve thought of having sex with, there are two nearly seventy, and a few in the decade prior. I’m partial to slender bodies, long legs and narrow hips. Butts which are a muscled extension of the leg, flowing smoothly from the groin to the spine. I prefer natural to shaved; the prickles and smells are part of the experience. I respond to beautiful openings in the ass. Some are holes, some are slits, some are bright pink, others more muted. I love it when they pulse. The taste and texture of the crack, the musk of the opening, I can get lost there for a long time, my mouth and tongue working. More than once I’ve been embarrassed with a request to get on with the fucking.

The thin ones I want to fuck. But getting there can be much fun. Good kissers are special. If your cock is going to explode in my canlı kaçak bahis mouth or my ass, I need to know and savour your spit in my mouth, down my throat, on my face. I love to undress my lover, especially the first time when all is new. I love to kiss and lick and suck his while body: the acrid musk of his pits, the enticing smell of his groin, the funky taste of his toes.

Do your analingus right and he will be begging you. Most importantly through his body. His hole does not resist your tongue; the beautiful bud has opened and is ready for its seed. If you’re good, his body is beginning to undulate, his hands are on your head trying to force more of you into him. O for an 8 inch tongue! If my lover wants to welcome and receive my tongue, his legs and cock up, that’s fine. The holy hole is most exposed and vulnerable. Myself I prefer ass up on his knees, my hands parting his cheeks, those hard muscles pressing against me as his need for seed grows. My tongue technique is conventional, but with gusto and lust: loving the crack, loving the hole, tonguing the hole. And then the voice: luxurious moans of pleasure at first, building to the gasps as his bud opens, then to the short sobs and whimpers of desperate need. And then the words: “O … GOD … PLEASE, NOW”. He is ready for fucking and seeding.

I love to take the thin ones from the rear; they’re lying face down, legs spread, the treasure visible. I don’t like to slam my lover, except maybe at the end. My entries are careful, listening to his breath, perabet giriş his moans. The really tight ones take a little time. I find that withdrawing and starting again works well; eventually the ass wants to be fucked and the passage opens up, the body relaxes. With his permission I might bury my teeth in his neck. Sometimes when I’ve done that, his lips buck in return and I’m into him farther than ever.

My favourite for orgasm is face to face. If I’m moving inside of him, and he looks at me a certain way, I move down to his face for a passionate kiss. There’s a connection between my hungry mouth and orgasm central. Usually the right kiss will set me off, which my regular lovers know and use to good effect.

I do love to bottom. One of my favourite ways to be entered is on my side, with my lover spooning. I can feel his hardness on my crack. He moves slowly, building my desire. When he aims and enters I am ready, the pleasure far outweighs any pain. Fucking that way is usually slow and gentle, at least at the start. I make an exception for the very large cocks that come along from time to time. If I know I’m going to be fucked by, say, a 10 incher I get ready the day before with plugs and I practice with a dildo. Even then I prefer to be on top of him, and ease it in that way. I prefer partial penetration, then withdrawal, then penetration again, and probably withdrawal. Each subsequent entry is less painful and then, like magic, my passage says it’s ready and I can slide the whole in with waves tipobet of pleasure as it goes deeper and deeper. Then I like to take him lying on my stomach, feel his body hard against mine, the sensation of his pubic hair scratching. I’m not a fan of being pounded, but some solid stokes are welcome. With both average and large cocks I like him to come to orgasm, and perhaps mine to happen too, with him on top, me on my back, legs spread, my eyes watching his face as he builds, wishing for his desperate kisses, holding him as he spends himself in me.

For me, a gay face in orgasm is a piece of art, a joy, something to be cherished. Yay for the big ones: eyes bugging, mouth open in rictus, tongue out, spit, saliva and snot all over. Head jerking. Just hearing some of those moans or gasps is enough to make me hard; I know that this guy is exploding, I want to be there making it happen.

If a cum slut is someone who celebrates cum in the ass, in the mouth, on the face, on the stomach, on the back, wherever, then I guess I’m one. So lovers who pour floods of cum are very special. I’m no connoisseur, but I know some of the types, and relish them all. Spurts are best for me when they’re up my ass, because they’re often accompanied by a sharp thrust of the hips: deeper! But floods are good both ass and mouth: in both there’s leaking; both are full.

So those are some reflections on seeing a photo of a hot man. I wonder how many persons or images you see in a day that you’d like to have sex with. Can you make your decision when they’re in business attire? And it’s a bit more difficult in winter, though some of those ski outfits are enticing. Maybe because I like a very particular type, I don’t see many. But not many are needed when you have an active imagination.

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