Mart 22, 2023

Hot Bi ‘n Trans Stories – 2. Fitting Room Fuc

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Hot Bi ‘n Trans Stories – 2. Fitting Room Fuc
Hot Bi and Trans Short Stories

2. A Fitting(-room fuck) I will Never Forget
These short stories are kinky-hot tales that fit in with The Prelude Stories and the My TV Sex Adventures. They are from a variety of time periods beginning, like this one in my teens and extending to ummm… probably last week or so. Enjoy and comment, particularly if you’ve had similar experiences!!!
The first story really sets the scene for this part – I recommend enjoying it before this one. Comment!!!

Twenty minutes after getting my first T-room blowjob from some mature guy in a Sear’s restroom in a Southern California mall, I found the friends from high school that I’d chauffeured to the mall for gas money. The two were just finishing up, said that they’d seen some girls from our rival school and wanted to go check them out.
I didn’t have any interest in that at all. I’d just cum in some guy’s mouth and was already getting horny for more. He’d been enormously talented and I wanted to not only have another blowjob from him, but I really wanted to give some head also. I was already obsessing about the new sex I’d discovered. I wanted more and chasing a few ditzy teenage cock-teases around the mall seemed like a waste of time compared to going back to the restroom.
So, I fibbed and said they were on their own and that I had to take care of household chores or I was “toast.” They understood and we parted with them promising to tell me about it tomorrow at high school.

I bee-lined back toward Sears. Along the way, I thought, Penny’s has a men’s room too, but I stuck with success. I went through Sears and passed the same hot Latina cosmetics sales-lady, this time she was re-stocking some lipstick, and turned away as if to advertise her really nice firm forty-ish ass. Again, in my inner monologue I realized she looked like a middle-school teacher I’d jacked off to many times and realized that was the source of my attraction. I slowed a bit to confirm my earlier appraisal that, based on her shape and attractiveness, she’d be a handful in bed and smiled as I made the leap that she would probably also be a talented ass-fuck. Her ass was very nice and provocative in the way that is somewhat exclusive to mature women in tight pencil skirts. I headed up to my new secret sex spot, wondering how many guys knew about this secret sex room.
Only about a half hour had elapsed since I’d cum and then left. I entered the first door and controlled myself to burst through the inner door at the end of the short hall too fast.
I came in and saw that, this time, the stalls were all open and there were two men at the three urinals. One guy in the middle and one guy at the wall. I noticed that the guy at the wall-side urinal seemed to be the same guy who’d sucked me off. Middle-aged, receding hairline, light olive complexion, and relatively fit. He seemed to be the sales-man guy who’d sucked me off earlier. He now had the polished look of a car salesman.
The man in the middle urinal was in his mid-twenties, probably Latino, and he quickly looked over his shoulder to examine me as I entered the restroom. Middle-urinal guy was dressed in the comfort-first manner of many Latinos in Southern California at the time, loose and flowing.
I went to the sink and feigned washing my hands as I looked at the two men in the mirror. They HAD to be playing before I walked in. Nobody uses the urinals like that, it’s a violation of the unspoken guy-rules. Well, if there was a place these rules were being broken it was in this So-Cal Sears. I washed my hands a long time and they didn’t move.
I kept watching as I shut off the water. When I did the middle-stall-blow-job-salesman finally looked over and realized, from my jeans and my white soled shoes I guess, that I had shot a hot load in his mouth a little while ago. He smiled with a wicked grin and licked the upper edge of the corner of his mouth. He then widened the smile and nodded, looking behind the other guy at the open urinal. This manner was easy for me to understand because I’d seen it in adult bookstores on several occasions and of course often when I was at the locker room of the YMCA.
Then, I played along and I realized that, he might be right, I should try and pee…or at least get closer to the action. I stepped over and stood at the urinal and pulled my sensitive and semi-hard cock from my pre-cum-damp pants. I stood between the stall I’d just gotten a blow-job in, now to my right, and the steel privacy dividers between the urinals, with the Latino guy inches from my left. The Latino guy seemed to stare straight ahead and appeared to do nothing, as if detached from the reality of the situation. I eased back a little as casually as possible and saw he was slowly hand-stroking himself and he had a seriously-hard, thick, seriously-big eight-and-a-half-inch brown cock that was shiny and wet. He was moving his own foreskin over his cockhead and just as I went to casually lean back into my urinal to be subtle, he stepped back a half step and pivoted himself toward the restroom blowjob king. I looked past and saw the salesman’s head descend onto the hard-brown cock and make it disappear in his mouth. Wow! The man was good, deepthroating a big boy like that without a single gag. Now that was talent!
In seconds the stoic Latino began to breath and moaned just a little as he whispered, in an embarrassed admission that he was cumming, “Uuhhh, jhyeahaesss…keep dat up daddy-bitch…I gonna cum…” His casino oyna hand came up, grabbed and held the older guy down, and he began vigorously fuck-pumping his cock into the older man’s mouth about ten or fifteen times. Then suddenly, he held it deep into the man’s throat and I heard a short gag as I knew the cum was spewing into his mouth. A few shutters and tremors later, the Latino released the salesman’s head and backed away. He turned without a look at me, and moved back and away to clean up. Inside about twenty seconds he was cleaned up and headed through the doors and away.
At the end urinal, the older car-salesman-toilet blow-job guy stood up, red and sweaty, licking his mouth and stroking himself off and into the urinal. He drooled out the guy’s cum a little and sucked it back in over and over until he leaned his head back, swallowed and began to shoot his decent 7-inches of cock into the urinal, the wall, and the floor. Half-way though his orgasm he leaned forward and held himself upright with a hand on the wall. He pulsed and trembled and as he finished as the outer door to the men’s room closed and the Latino guy was gone.
I found myself stroking full speed now and I wanted to cum too. The man looked over at me, now perspiring a little, he smiled seeing what I was doing and seemed astonished by my youth. He slowed his post-orgasm stroke, and then stopped as he replaced himself into his trousers. He leaned back to and then stepped to me to check out my cock and, still smiling, he went the sink and washed up, including rinsing out his mouth. All the while, I stood, facing the urinal, stroking and looking over my shoulder at him. I had no idea why or what I was doing but I was on fire. I considered asking him to finger-fuck my ass and let me lick his cum-covered dick clean…
He finished washing and stepped over. He got in close, squeezed my ass a bit and whispered into my ear, “Don’t waste it. Someone else will be along in a minute or two. Have a seat in the center stall and share it with them…” Then he turned and with a wet smile he seemed to say, “see you next time” as he waved and left through the restroom doors.

The salesman was right. By the time I sat on the toilet and began to notice all the pornographic graffiti mixed in with fairly regular things another guy did come in. He toe-flirted with me a few minutes and then, in a low voice, he said, “It’s no good like this, come to the urinal.”
He was a bigger, kind of rotund mature guy, but he had a nice mature hard 6-inch cock. This time, I was at the middle urinal and I bent to suck as he leaned back on the wall. I got to my knees just as we heard the door open and in seconds another guy came in and went to the far toilet stall.
I’d stood straight and was scared shitless. I had no idea how unnecessary my fright was at that point. As the guy seemed to do his business along in the stall, the older rotund guy, returned to leaning against the wall and pulled me back down onto his veiny cut hard dick. I sucked him deep and quietly. I was shortly rewarded with the heaving, breathy moans and nearly silent grunts of him cumming. He seemed a bit loud a few times, but I couldn’t do anything except finish him off with my young talented mouth. He was done in seconds, and, to my surprise he just zipped up, turned and left; no wash up.
I was a little panicked. I didn’t want to get caught. I went to the end sink next tot eh door and washed up, rinsing my mouth as well and prepared to leave.
As I did, the man from the stall emerged and looked me over as he stood, at the wall and only one sink away. He was acting well within the typical guy rules as he washed up. He took a long time and occasionally looked me over. We both washed for a longer than normal time, totally violating the guy rules and, I realized later, in essence making a pass at each other. On that first day though, I felt guilty as hell and must have appeared so, but I kept on washing and so did he.
Finally, he stopped washing, turned off the water and stood, proudly showing in the mirror an ample cock-tent in his pleated dockers. He went to the dryer and used it and I went to the towels and used them. I snuck an obvious look at his cock-tent and he caught me, and his mouth turned up in a faint subtle smile, the kind you have when your steak is nearly perfect and juicy.
He dropped a hand over his shaft, squeezed it briefly, and gave me the signal that he was here to play too. I looked up directly at him and noticed he was probably in his late 30’s, VERY neatly dressed, and well groomed. He wore a red sweater-vest and khaki pleated pants with shiny brown penny-loafers. He appeared looked like and turned out to be a menswear salesman. He was blonde haired with blue eyes, which like me, was becoming a rarity in that area of So Cal. He had a cruisy smile that widened as he looked me over. I smiled back and stoked my semi-hard cock through my pants in answer to his hands-on display. He rapidly stepped over and gripped my cock and felt out my ass. He aggressively leaned into me and I felt my back stop against the paper towel dispenser and trashcan.
“What are you into?” he asked quietly into my ear.
I felt his cock and felt and a deep urge to have him pump my young ass. I said, just as I had been taught and was becoming very comfortable with, “Everything, but I am mostly a bottom.”
He kissed my earlobe and whispered into my ear, and said, “Come to the menswear section on the top floor of Bloomingdale’s in 15 minutes.”
About kaçak casino ten minutes later I was on the top floor of the local Bloomingdale’s, a place I’d never been, and I was looking for my new friend. All I saw was a dark-haired light-black or mixed, very attractive sales lady. She was dressing a male manikin and didn’t notice me. Then, as I moved from shirts to the belts and tie section, my friend was behind me and held up a dark sweater and a pair of pants as if he’d been helping me and said, with a subtle nod and suggesting with his eyes for me to play along, “I’m glad you took the time to come back. Follow me back to the changing area and let’s see how you like these?” As he said this he nodded again and looked over my shoulder toward the woman and the manikin and then stepped past me to lead me into the men’s fitting area.
I followed and with each step my deep horny ache grew. Pre-sex adrenaline shot through me and I grabbed my hardening cock to adjust it in my pants so I could walk with ease. My new friend’s name was something starting with a “T”, but it wasn’t Ted. He was now wearing a sales nameplate that I did notice referred to him as the men’s wear manager. I followed him through an arch and then after a sharp left turn down a hall to the very last room. He opened the door for me, ushered me inside, hung the clothes inside and said in a business-like manner and volume, “I’ll be right back to see you…” he smiled as he looked me up and down. He then looked back the way we’d come, and saw we were alone and then leaned forward and lustfully and somewhat roughly groped me through my pants. Then he reached around and pushed his hand down my pants to touch my tight young butthole. He finished his sentence, “Yes, I will be right back with another size to…” He paused as he rimmed my hole and then smiled and withdrew his hand saying, “…To see…the best fit for you. Oh, you know, I will get another set of colors too…” Then, from the doorway he whispered, “Get naked and ready. I’ll be right back.” He closed the door and I was alone. I stripped naked except for my socks, and replaced my running shoes when I saw some loose pins on the floor. Plus, I suspected I would need some traction…or I hoped I would…
I heard my new blonde friend return and began to stoke myself to harden and give him the right impression. I waited a moment as he seemed to pause and then he quietly unlocked and opened my door. I stood and knew he was impressed. He beamed and stepped into the fitting room, hung the new clothes with one hand, and opened his fly with expert precision using his other hand.
He stood still a moment and looked my nude body over, leaned back and checked back the way he’d come from and then quietly stepped in with me, closing the door and reaching around my neck. He pulled us together and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my hungry mouth. He made a fucking motion and groped my ass and cock with his hands as I found my way to his ample prime white meat. He was totally hard and was a thicker-in-front cut cock that was also wet at the head. He broke the kiss and quietly said, “We have a few minutes. Suck my cock…Fuck you are fucking hot.”
He dropped his pants to the followed and I followed them down, dropping to my knees like I had grown to love over the past few years. I swallowed his odd-shaped cock whole, stopping at his base and then began a rigorous blowjob. I wanted his cum, but there was something more, perhaps bigger that I wanted too.
I was told often that I was “trained well” or “such a good whore” or “amazing” or tons of other compliments by the daddy-types in the secret circle of discreet playmates. I always took those opinions as nice, but somewhat biased because of the context- a young slutty boy-toy or gurlie-boi who was happy to perform on older nasty guys. Now, with this new friend, I had another chance to test my skills and see if I received the same compliments. I was constantly curious and saw this as a chance for some unbiased legitimate assessment of my skills. I thought I was hot, but I wanted to know how other felt.
I went down on him, and though at that point I was no “expert” on cock size, I knew he was about seven and a half meaty inches of hot cock. He was only slightly bigger than me, and he was nice and thick. His cockhead was shaped well to point itself into my hungry throat. I pushed my head down and slid him into my throat, paused, and relished it there, until I needed air.
He moaned and said, “Yesss, good fucking boy…yesss, fuuck.” I went down a few more times, half expecting him to blow in my mouth and then felt him bend forward, pinning my head between his stomach and his thighs with his cock deep in my mouth.
I felt his hands on my firm swimmer’s-bubble-butt ass cheeks and knew he was reaching over my compact and immature torso and then received exactly what I expected – he pulled my cheeks apart and fingered my young ass.
I moaned into his ample cock as he penetrated me in a soft femme-bitch-boy voice, “Olllmmmmmm.”
Then he pushed a second finger in and pumped forward into my mouth. His fingers were rough and stretched me and he knew I wasn’t ready for this. He pulled away for a second, reached to his pants pocket and pulled some lotion up, opening it as he rose. He took one hand and grabbed my head and throat-fucked me as he leaned forward again and penetrated me again, this time with about half of the lotion in the small tube. Over the duration of about twenty throat-pumps he finger-fucked canlı casino me in a matched rhythm, sliding more and more lotion into me each time. After the second or third finger-pump into me, I began pushing back into his lotion covered probe.
“Yess, fuck yes, what I tight little ass. That’s right back into it and get that hole ready for me…” he said as I fucked myself into his finger and suck-fucked his cock.
After about a minute and some smooth sliding of his cock in my mouth and his finger in me he said in a quiet determined somewhat managerial voice, “I want that hot little ass. Stand up, face the mirror. I’m gonna fuck you.”
I suck-stroked one more time and did as told, as I’d been trained to do, as I loved to do. I stood half-way up, turned and braced myself against the wall-mirror.
He added some lotion to his cock, stroked himself a few times and then reached around and wiped the excess lotion onto my hard cock. With his free hand he controlled my lower back and upper ass and, without warning, he easily penetrated my hot young ass.
Despite the finger-play, he was bigger than I was ready for. I really wasn’t ready – it hurt. But I needed to prove to myself I really was a hot good boy and pushed back into him. It hurt with white-hot pain and then he pumped back and forth once, and then again, and again, and then…and then it didn’t hurt at all…And then…it felt amazing. I stretched myself up and back and embraced his toned body with my slim, femme-boy swimmer’s figure. I pushed back into his cock and got him past my special g-spot prostate sex-button. He was pounding into the back of my cock and taking me toward ecstasy. “I want you to cum as I cum, stoke yourself, I am almost there…” he said.
I exhaled hard as he pumped into me and bucked my ass into his cock a few more times. Then I looked at him in the mirror and saw his sex-grimace as he pumped me hard. I knew he was going to flood my ass with cum any second.
I let go of the mirror with one hand and complied with his command. I grabbed my lotion-slicked cock and stroked myself in unison with his pumps. After only three pumps I was going to cum. I knew I would not let myself stop until he’d pleasured himself with my body, but I also knew his orgasm was coming quick too.
In a split second I realized that he was doing a quickie with me, like my boss at the restaurant, like the guys at the YMCA, like my swim coach, like the guys at the arcade who stopped in on the way home to their wives. It dawned on me that there was far more to the sex world than I imagined.
I snapped back to the rough fuck session I was in at that moment in Bloomingdale’s. Euphoria swept over me and I knew he was both popping me into an anal fag-boy orgasm and he was starting to cum up my tight young ass. He pumped hard and deep a few more times and then held himself in me with surprising silence. His cock shoved into my g-spot and I realized he was cumming. Then I felt my cock burst with throbbing shots of cum. My new friend pulled part-way out and then drove home the rest of his orgasm with a deliciously violent motion. Bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam.. he fucked me hard and deep and I shot all over the mirror for a time.
Then something rare happened. As my cock orgasm continued with decreasing force like ripples on a pond, my cock involuntarily went a bit limp and my insides began to throb. Now, more slimy clear cum that was milked from deep in me by his cock began to flow forming a long “salve-slime-line” that resembled a long line of snot form a runny nose. He was milking me and I doubt, since his eyes were still close and he was enjoying my ass, he even knew it.
Then as my cock and loins slowed their throbbing and my orgasm subsided, I snapped back to reality. I’d been told, or probably more accurately, commanded, that I wasn’t supposed to fuck bareback with anyone I didn’t trust to cum in my ass, which really meant anyone outside the secret circle. But lust took over and it happened. I let it go and knew I would lie about it if I was asked – I’d been ritualistically beaten twice and didn’t like it. I loved the rough sex afterwards, but wasn’t a fan of the “M” part of S/M.
I looked over my shoulder and accepted that he’d pumped me full of his cum and I could do nothing about it now. I looked down at the floor and saw that I’d shot all over the place. I smiled as a bead of sweat dripped down my cheek at the look of the mess and lustfully thought, “I bet he’s done a lot of people in here before…fuuuuck…”
No sooner had he dropped out of my ass and a loud ‘smack’ of some of his cum dropped on the floor, the saleslady called out saying she needed some help. He yelled back that he was with a customer and that he’d be out in a second.
He wiped himself off on some tissue paper left in the trash can, dressed himself in short order and smiled at me before saying, “You were great, tidy up, and take the elevator down to the ground level. Come see me again sometime.”
I did as told, passing him with a huge smile on my face on the way out.
He said, with a knowing grin, “I am sure more sizes will be in soon, come see me next Monday.”
I returned his grin with a freshly-fucked smile and nodded in agreement and headed out.
I walked toward my car through the mall and toward Sears. Then, my teenage loins grabbed hold of me again and screamed for more nasty sex. The guy I’d just left had been like an appetizer before a meal. I was now cock-hungry. By the time I got half-way though the mall, a familiar feeling deep in my ass and my crotch told me I had to go to the Sears restroom, but this time I knew I was going there to take care of my craving for cock.

Comment please! Story ideas too? – Only PM these to me instead…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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