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His Fantasy

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His naked body quivered atop the satin sheets. Arms raised above him in handcuffs, he was not at liberty to do anything to warm himself. The black silk blindfold, which he was unaware matched the sheets perfectly, lent an air of suspense that even being shackled and naked could not fully reach.

The bed gave way near his feet; someone had sat down to his right.

“Baby? Is that you?”

“Did I tell you that you could speak? I didn’t give you permission, did I?” Before he could make another mistake, a finger touched his lips. He shook his head from side to side. “Good boy. Now, you only need to endure one punishment… for now.”

Cold fingers slid their way down his chest and stomach. He sucked in his abs reflexively to shy away from the cold touch. The fingers disappeared, only to arrive back seconds later on his mostly flaccid member. Swiftly, almost cruelly, a ring was placed at the base of his cock.

“Now you’re mine, darling. You can’t come until I tell you that you can. And believe me, you will be begging me to let you before this night is over. Remember that, dear Roger. You are mine, and will do exactly as I tell you. If you’re very good, I have a little surprise for you. But you have to be very, very good for me. Can you do that?”

Roger answered with a nod. The ring was becoming tighter as Baby’s speech progressed. He couldn’t remember the last time he became aroused so quickly. Baby had remembered his fantasy of being dominated by a woman. Hopefully she would also remember that he didn’t want to lose total control, and still wanted to act every bit the rutting male in the end.

He could feel Baby coming closer to the head of the bed. Soon, her legs were straddling his raised arms. He could smell her sweetness directly above him. God, he wanted to reach with his tongue and find her clit, tease it and bring her to climax over and over. But as much as he wanted that, the thrill was that it was her call, not his. The blindfold and handcuffs attested to that.

“You want this, don’t you, darling?” Baby dropped herself an inch lower, letting her silky smooth pussy lips dance across his mouth. “You can’t wait to lick this cunt. Say it. Say you want to lick my cunt.”

“I want to lick your cunt.” He felt her shiver as his lips moved across hers. “Please, let me lick your sweet cunt.”

Roger felt her twist around. “My, you must be telling the truth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so rock hard, darling. Maybe if you do a good job of licking my cunt, I’ll even let you watch me fuck you. Would you like that, dear Roger? Would you like to watch me fuck you after you lick my cunt?”

Listening to Baby talk so dirty made his rock hard dick spasm with delight. He nodded quickly, making his nose and mouth rub vigorously over Baby’s most sensitive areas. She gasped with delight and nearly pulled away from him. Instead, she dropped down on his mouth with very little control.

“Now, darling. Eat this pussy like you mean it. You’ve got five minutes to make me come, or you won’t get your surprise later.”

Before she was even finished with her threat, Roger had stuck his tongue out as far as it would go. Deep into her moist folds, he began spelling out the alphabet with the fierceness of a man whose life depended on getting to Z in less than 30 seconds. He wished his hands weren’t tied above him so that he could hold her still, but that was just one more thing that made all of this so incredibly alluring. He had no control; he couldn’t fall back on his usual habits. Time to learn new tricks.

Baby was moaning uncontrollably. She could barely keep herself upright and concentrate on the wonderful sensations that were coursing through her body. She nearly collapsed forwards as she grabbed a hold of the headboard. Then she shrieked with pleasure as Roger took the opportunity to suck her firm clit into his awaiting mouth. Pulling and teasing her with just the right amount of teeth, it was mere moments before the first strings of orgasm were plucked.

“Don’t stop, dear, don’t stop! Oh yeah, oh god don’t let go!” Baby flung herself backwards, her body bending to reach Roger’s. Her clit was pulled with it, and Roger sucked and tugged to keep a hold of it. By the sound of Baby’s screams, and the way her nails were digging into his sides, he had either succeeded in getting her to come, or had seriously hurt her. Not wanting to get in trouble either way, he relaxed his hold on her clit slightly, causing her to gasp at the change.

Gasping was good. He tongued her button slowly, lifting his head slightly to make it easier. Judging by the way that Baby’s fingers once again dug into his side, she was still enjoying herself. And since she hadn’t told him to let go yet, he continued. Faster.

“Oh,” she whimpered as her love slave brought her close to her peak again. “Yeah, tongue my clit. Keep going. Don’t stop until I come again. Don’t stop ’til I come!”

It didn’t take long for Roger to bring her to orgasm again. Once he felt her body go rigid atop him, then felt kuşadası escort her rake her fingers across his burning flesh, he knew he had her. One more quick lick for good measure, and he dropped his head back down.

Baby, meanwhile, was trying to catch her breath. “Not bad, darling. Twice in under two minutes. I think you broke your own record on that one.” She rolled off his stomach slowly, careful to avoid hitting the precious merchandise beneath her head. “You definitely earned both your reward and your surprise. Reward first, I think. This blindfold can come off for now while you watch me fuck you.”

Roger obediently lifted his head for her to untie the blindfold. He wondered briefly what she meant by “for now.” As she untied the blindfold, she once again straddled him. This time was a little lower, and he could feel her moist pussy sliding across his abs. Instead of sucking them in against the coldness of her fingers, he tried to push out his stomach to press against her when he knew she was vulnerable and sensitive.

“Naughty boy,” she gasped as she removed the black silk. “Now I really must forbid you to come. Remember that, darling, no orgasm for you.” She punctuated each word with a drag of her nails down his neck and pecks. Immediately after she was done saying so, she plunged her warm, wet pussy onto his cock.

“Very naughty boy,” she cried as she pumped herself up and down his pole. “I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. Once I’m done, the blindfold goes back on, and I’m leaving you here.” Her words came farther and farther apart. She was gasping to get air between the breakneck pace she had set for herself. “Leaving, you, here, alone!”

As hard as it was to believe, Baby had worked herself up to another incredible orgasm already. The fast and deep pace she had set left her quaking as her body jerked uncontrollably atop Roger once more. Her nails dug into his chest, her back bowed, and her head was thrown backwards as she cried out in ecstasy. She continued moving up and down, much slower now, as she tried to give her body a slight break before her next climax.

Roger was enjoying seeing Baby sitting there, riding him like a racehorse. Her tits jiggled as she bounced on his cock, and he again wished his hands were free. How he wished he could grab those delicious tits and sink his fingers into them like she was sinking her nails into him. He struggled to get his wrists free, and even the senseless struggle made everything more intense and sexual.

Not like having Baby riding his cock like a fiend wasn’t sexual.

“One more orgasm, darling. I just love feeling your hard dick inside me right now. One more orgasm, then you’re here alone in the dark again.”

Baby leaned over and nibbled Roger’s neck. His artery was throbbing, and she bit down on either side of it savagely. Roger hissed and bucked his hips in an attempt to throw her off of him. She moaned as he pushed even deeper and hooked her ankles underneath him, not letting him go back down. She did let go of his neck slowly, and began to bounce up and down in this slightly different position.

“Be a good boy and let momma come,” she whispered in his ear before trailing her tongue over it. Roger shivered at the wonderful sensation, and lifted his hips again, driving himself even deeper into her awaiting cunt.

“Again,” she pleaded, and he did as he was asked. “Again! Again!” Roger would thrust up, she would bring herself down, impaling herself on his rigid cock again and again. “Ahhh!” Roger thrust once more, deeper and harder and felt her quake above him. Baby collapsed onto his chest, unwrapping her legs from his and spreading herself out.

“Not that I’ve had enough of you, darling, but I really think its time we got this blindfold back on you. I have to get your surprise.” Once more, he obediently lifted his head as she tied the silk around him. She nibbled lightly on his neck where she had so recently brutalized him. “I’m leaving you alone, now. Don’t worry, it won’t be for too long.”

The bed shifted slightly as Baby got off of it. Roger wondered briefly how long it would take for her to get this surprise that she continued to hint at. He heard her leave the room. Seconds later, he tried jumping out of bed as he felt a tongue caress his still-hard dick. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to call out Baby’s name and hear her angry voice yell at him or wait and see if she had tricked him into thinking she had left and was going to give him a world-class blow job as his surprise. He had to risk it.


“Shh,” a whisper came from near his cock. “Don’t let her hear you speak.”

That was not Baby’s voice.

But it was definitely a woman’s.

Baby had brought another woman in for him to play with.

If it was at all possible, his cock got even harder at that thought.

“Mmmm,” the new woman moaned as she continued licking his dick. “I love cock.”

“Roger,” Baby’s voice came from somewhere near the doorway. “I see you’ve met Cami.” Baby kuşadası escort bayan sat back down on the bed on the opposite side of where he now new Cami was. “Roger, say hello to our guest. Don’t be rude, darling.”

“He, hello, Cami.” It was difficult to think straight. Baby said she was leaving him alone, and instead he got yet another fantasy fulfilled – two women in one bed with him. And this one, it seemed, was very good at sucking cock.

“Very good, Roger. Now, Cami is here to help me out. I want to see how good you are at following directions. Remember I said you couldn’t come? That still holds true, darling. Here, let me take that pesky blindfold off so you can see our guest.”

Cami was almost the exact opposite of Baby. Baby was petite. Maybe five feet, skinny in an athletic way, and had gorgeous bright red hair. Cami was five feet eight, curvy in all of the right places with a light tan and dark brown hair. He couldn’t get a good look at her face since it was going up and down his dick, but he could wait. Roger’s had lolled back as Cami began using her tongue around the tip of his cock as she still had him mostly in her mouth. Skill, Cami had skill.

“Now, Cami, don’t hog it all.” Baby admonished the other woman playfully. Cami pulled back slowly, and Roger lifted his head to see what was happening. “Let’s share, shall we?”

Ever so slowly, the two women began to lick up and down his dick, Cami on the left, Baby on the right. Two tongues circled around and around his hard cock, and he could tell where they met on the sides. Then, he nearly had to do a double take to make sure he was seeing things right, the two locked lips around his tip and began french kissing. A low moan escaped his throat as he watched them.

“Baby, I think he likes watching us kiss.” Cami said in a stage whisper. “Do you think he would like watching us do other things?”

“Let’s see, shall we? Dear Roger, please sit up. I know it will be a little difficult with your hands shackled behind you, but try. There you go. Now Cami and I have more room to play. Come here, Cami.”

Cami crawled over to Baby, her tits swaying gently under her. Baby pulled her onto her knees and pulled her head back by her hair. Looking directly at Roger, Baby grabbed one of Cami’s breasts with her other hand, and then brutalized her mouth with a savage kiss. Cami whimpered demurely into Baby’s mouth, keeping her hands at her sides in submission. Soon, Baby had Cami bent backwards, and her hand went from grabbing her breast to plunging in between her legs.

“See how she begs for it, darling? Cami wants me to finger fuck her, doesn’t she? Doesn’t she?” Baby asked again as she pulled on her hair again.

“Yes, Baby. Please finger fuck me.”

“Good girl. Now, look at Roger while I make you come. Let him see how much you’re enjoying yourself.” Baby inserted first one, and then another finger into Cami’s already wet pussy. “You love getting finger fucked by me, don’t you?”

Three fingers were dancing inside Cami now, and Roger could see everything that Baby did. He was so hard, so ready to come, but the cock ring and his promise to Baby stopped him. He honestly didn’t know which was stopping him more than the other. But god, he wished he could jerk off right now. Cami’s panting, Baby’s aggression, both of their naked bodies writhing mere inches away, all worked him up into a frenzy.

Baby unwound her hand from Cami’s hair, trailing it down her neck and cupping her tit instead. She lowered her mouth to the other, sucking the pert nipple into her mouth. Cami closed her eyes and savored every feeling that she could. The fingers dancing inside her, the hand squeezing her left tit, the mouth nibbling impatiently on the right. Who could forget the man tied to the bed watching everything?

When Baby pushed the fourth finger into her cunt, stars exploded inside Cami’s head. She arched her back and pulled her own hair as an orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced tore through her body. She didn’t scream like Baby had earlier; instead she stopped breathing completely, as if the orgasm was so intense that her body forgot how to breathe.

After Cami settled down, Baby lifted her head and smiled. She pulled out her fingers and crawled over to Roger. “Lick them, darling. Taste her sweet juices.” Roger obediently sucked all four fingers into his mouth, one by one. Baby was right, they were very sweet juices indeed.

“I have an idea. Roger, darling, why don’t you sit back a little, there, like that. Cami, come forward. You’re going to lick my clit while Roger fucks me. You won’t mind, will you darling?”

Both Cami and Roger said no very quickly. Baby smiled. “Excellent. Roger, I’m going to need a little help here.” Baby tucked her legs beneath her and sat backwards on his cock. He thrust his hips forward to help her find the best angle. “Oh, good, darling. Good. Cami? Come lick momma’s clit for her. Come suck me hard.”

Baby rocked back and forth on Roger’s dick. He helped escort kuşadası as best as he could with her weight on his hips, and was rewarded with her bending her head backwards for a kiss. He caught her moan as she felt Cami latch on to her throbbing clit. He let out a moan of his own as he felt Cami thrust two fingers inside Baby’s pussy and begin to play with his cock. It was almost too much to bear. If he weren’t wearing the cock ring, he would have shot a load of hot come right then and there. Instead, he felt Baby’s pussy tighten around him as she was pulled over the brink again.

But Cami wasn’t letting up. As soon as Baby stopped pulsating from the one orgasm, Cami dug even more fingers in and began assaulting her clit again. Roger and Baby had stopped moving, letting Cami take them both to the brink of insanity. Then she pushed them off.

“Enough,” croaked Baby, nearly jumping off of Roger’s dick. “Enough! Let me catch my breath. Cami, could you fuck Roger for me? Roger, don’t even think about coming until I tell you to.”

Cami pushed Roger down so he was again lying on his back. Then, with infinite slowness, she eased her pussy down until she sheathed his cock entirely. She sighed as she felt her lips close around the base of his cock, and slowly slid down to lay on his chest. Cami’s arms went over her head to snake up his, as if she were reaching for his hands to hold on to. Since she was just too small for that, she slowly caressed her way down and held on to the backs of his shoulders instead. Then, and only then, did she begin to slide up and down his shaft.

Slowly, every so slowly, she began building up her orgasm. Each stroke she took sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body. Each ripple grew and surpassed the one before it. The tempo quickened as her heart beat did. Roger heard her breath start to catch in her throat and felt her legs start to go rigid. One hard stroke later and she all but fell on top of him with release.

It was amazing to him that these women had such different ways of achieving orgasm, two totally unique ways of expressing themselves in times of such unadulterated passion. One fast, demanding and loud, the other slow, rhythmic and, dare he say it, dangerously quiet.

During Cami’s outing, Baby was lying on her side watching the pair interact. She had a smile playing across her face, and as Roger looked over at her, he could tell she was thinking something wicked.

She climbed on top of Roger’s legs, settling herself behind Cami. Then, even though she was the smaller of the two, she picked Cami up like a rag doll and pulled her close to her own chest. Wrapping one arm around Cami’s waist and the other around her neck like a vice, she commanded Roger to “fuck her like you fuck me.”

Since Roger had been having almost the exact same thought, he also smiled. As Baby picked both her and Cami’s weight up off of him, Roger pulled in his legs and began pounding his cock deep and hard into Cami’s tight pussy. Cami fought to get away, but Baby’s arms were like steel bars across her. Baby began tightening her hold around Cami’s neck, relieving her of oxygen like she would normally do herself during orgasms.

The harder and faster Roger went, the tighter and tighter Baby held on. Soon, they could both feel Cami quaking with desire. Her arms, up until this point lying still beside her, went up to clasp on to Baby’s wrist near her throat. Her back bowed until it looked like she would bend so far back that Baby would be lying down between Roger’s legs. Roger pushed into her once, twice, three times more and sent her over the edge. A high-pitched whimper escaped from her throat as she clamped her thighs together around Roger’s cock.

Turn off the oven, this goose is cooked.

Baby rolled them both off of Roger’s sweaty, naked body. She loosened her hold on Cami’s waist, and was stroking her hair and back with the other hand. “Shh, Cami. Shh, wasn’t that wonderful? Roger is so good at that, isn’t he? Yes, shh, you’ll be fine.” Roger could faintly hear Cami whimpering still. He smiled. He was betting Cami had never let a guy fuck her that good before. Or if she had, it probably wasn’t with another woman trying to choke the life out of her at the same time. That was probably the best orgasm she had ever had.

Cami calmed down quick enough, and turned over in Baby’s arms to give her a deep kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered. “You knew exactly what I wanted.” Then she crawled over to Roger and kissed him just as deeply. He drew out the kiss as long as he could, savoring the way she took possession of his mouth one second, then let him ravage hers the next. “And thank you,” she smiled as she drew away. “That was absolutely incredible.”

Roger longed to tell her to wait until he was uncuffed and could really release himself on her, but dared not ruin Baby’s careful plans by speaking out of turn. He just smiled and nodded instead.

Baby came around behind Cami once more. “Roger’s been such a good boy. Let’s say we let him go and allow him to release some of that pent up energy I’m sure he has.” Cami nodded enthusiastically. She crawled over him and undid his left arm while Baby undid the right. “Darling,” Baby whispered in his ear. “It’s your turn. Now we’re your playthings. Use us any way you like. Isn’t that right, Cami?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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