Mayıs 29, 2024

Her Newest Tart

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She opens the chest at the side of the bed and rummages through the various restraints, eventually deciding on four leather cuffs and a set of chains with clips that perfectly fitted him to the four poster, stretched fully out.

“hop up then, tart” she said, and watched him trying to decide how best to comply, “today would be nice,” he started to climb onto the bed, she shoved him roughly onto his back, buckling the cuffs onto him, one to each arm, one to each leg, and chaining him to all four corners of the bed so harshly that he could barely breathe, let alone move. Next she returned to the chest and selected a leather, fur-lined blindfold, which she securely placed around his head, making sure he could see nothing.

She left the room, allowing the door to close loudly behind her, leaving him in the knowledge that he was alone, naked and helpless.

Instinctively he turned his head towards the door, though he knew he would see nothing. The wait was agonising, though it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes. When the door clicked, his whole body tensed painfully, tremors of fear and excitement shooting through every fibre of him.

Her ability to be cat-like, silently moving across the room, always shocked him a little, and today was no different, no sooner than the door had closed she seemed to be upon him, he felt her soft breath on his chest, then her pursed lips gently touched to his nipple, he held his breath, unsure what to expect, and as her lips parted, a cold radiated out over his chest…she had an ice cube in her mouth, and it was startlingly cold. He gasped.

She dragged the quickly-melting ice across his chest to the other nipple then allowed it to drop to the centre of his chest to melt into a cold little puddle, meanwhile selecting another ice cube from her glass and smiling to herself, she had never used ice cubes with this one, her newest tart.

She had plans for this next ice cube. It was going to claim new territory.

He felt the next ice cube drawn along the inside of his thigh, along with her fingernails, but had no idea where it was headed. Perhaps if he had he would have had more reservations, but he was relaxing slightly, though his senses were in overdrive. The ice cube slid lower on his thigh, then she drew it over the lower part of his buttock, almost as low as the bed, and as he realised, he started to struggle. And there was no way he was squirming out of it, not with him being as tied up as he was. She pushed the cube against the tight ring of his arse and slowly forced it to disappear completely.

He shivered, not entirely sure what to make of what had happened, on the one hand he had never had anything up there before, or any intention to have anything up there, but on the other…well kuşadası escort it HAD felt good, though cold…

She clawed ice cube number three out of the glass, and rubbed it in circles on his belly, melting it to nothing and watching the cold water run off either side of his belly and down through his pubic hair.

She stood up and looked at him, it was clear from his breathing that he was thinking something (not to mention feeling everything) new. One more cube, and he gasped as this one was unceremoniously (and unexpectedly) popped up his arse.

He heard her rummaging around in her chest, and what sounded like a chain clinking. She roughly pulled his chin down and shoved a large ball gag into his mouth, tying it tightly behind his head. The chains on his ankle cuffs were loosened from the bedposts. He barely had time to bend his legs when she connected them with a solid pole holding them 50cm apart. Next she ran a chain under the bed and connected that to either ankle cuff so that his legs were bent double and almost leaning on his chest. He felt vulnerable, exposed and a little worried about what he thought might be coming next.

She looked down on him on the bed and smiled, stepping into her strap on. She rubbed a little lube onto her cock and squeezed a little more onto her finger. Climbing onto the end of the bed and settling herself between his legs she rubbed the lube on her finger onto his arsehole, he tensed, clearly having apprehensions about having anything up his arse. She would soon sort that out for him. She slowly and deliberately started to slide her cock into his tight, little virgin arse. He gasped and moaned at the pain of his arse being stretched for the first time.

She laughed, “Relax boy, you’re only making it more painful for yourself tensing like that.”

By now she had it in almost to the hilt, and he was ready to scream. He relaxed as she pulled out almost completely, and as she pushed back in, he found that she was right, it hurt much less when he was relaxed. He soon found that not only was it bearable, but he was starting to enjoy it.

She pulled her cock almost completely out of him, and, having taken a slow pace to start him off with, shoved in much faster than he’d had so far. He screamed with pain and longing through the ball gag which stretched his jaw painfully, wanting more, his cock by now throbbing. His breathing was even more strained, in time with each thrust, and he was clearly enjoying it.

She looked down at his rock hard cock and stopped thrusting, lodged deep in his arse. She ran her fingers over the smooth, tight skin of it, it was bright and shiny with lust, and oozing pre-cum. It jumped up at her touch. She smiled to herself, this probably wasn’t kuşadası escort bayan the reaction he thought he’d have to her cock in his arse. He shivered. She dipped her fingers in the small puddle of pre-cum he had oozed onto the top of his belly and ran them over the head of his cock. She liked the feel of a smooth, hard cock, so she lingered over it, running her fingers over every inch of the skin of it.

She took it into her hand fully and started moving her cock in his arse again, starting off slowly but quickly upping the pace until she was fucking him hard. He groaned through the gag, feeling an orgasm building inside him.

“And don’t you even think about it” she said, seeing how close he was getting. She always trained them to come on command; this one would be no different and he was just starting to get the hang of it. He groaned again, clearly having to concentrate on holding back, knowing that disobeying her would make his life misery for the next week, if not longer. She could be very harsh when she wanted to be; he had learned that already.

She pulled her cock from his arse and replaced it with a huge butt plug before loosening everything attached to his ankle cuffs and chaining him back to his original spread position on the bed, one foot in each corner.

By this point she was pretty horny, so she selected a small vibrator, sat between his legs and switched it on, running it back and forth over her clit.

He could hear the buzz and only imagine how magnificent she would look masturbating; he had never been allowed to watch her, always being sent out of the room or blindfolded first. He strained against his bonds in the hope of a glimpse under his blindfold, or a touch, even the slightest brush of his leg against her. All he succeeded in doing was wiggling the butt plug inside his arse and shuddering in the pleasure of it.

“Be a good boy and stay still and quiet until I’m ready to use you,” she said, sarcastically. He froze immediately, bar one last shudder as he inadvertently squeezed his arse around the enormous butt plug. Suddenly he felt he was breathing too loudly, his heart beat too loudly and every time he breathed the slight movement it caused in his body might be too much for her to consider using his wretched body.

As he lay there so pitifully conscious of his own body, his senses over-heightened and overwhelmed with the feel and movement and noise and smell of himself, he didn’t notice what she was doing until she matter-of-factly grabbed his cock and started rolling a condom over it. He thought it a shame she insisted on using them, but as she had told him, no dirty seed from a tart like him was making its way to HER womb.

As he was thinking this, she straddled escort kuşadası him with a warning not to blow his load until she told him to. She then proceeded to use his cock to rub against her g-spot whilst she continued to use the mini vibrator against her clit. When she came she put her hand on the centre of his chest, leaning on him in the heat of the moment almost painfully and she shuddered her way through an immense orgasm. He felt honoured that she was using him like this, and strained himself to hold back. Perhaps now she would let him?

She sat there a moment, quiet but for her heavy breathing, then, having caught her breath, fired up the vibrator again. He was in heaven; in pain, hard as a rock, unable to come, but she was on him, and she was starting to use him for a second time, what a lucky tart he was.

Her second orgasm was much like the first but better, he ended up as out of breath as she did as she leaned on his chest harder than before, and she even rewarded him with a kiss on his lower lip (if only he hadn’t the ball gag painfully distorting his jaw, he thought, would she have kissed me properly then?).

She got up and left the room, leaving his cock straining inside the condom. He heard the shower running in the bathroom next door and couldn’t help but imagine her sudding her body. He couldn’t do anything but squeeze his arse around the butt plug and shudder slightly, odd that something that he thought repulsed him so much this morning should be his only salvation now. He heard the shower turn off and a short while later she came back in the room. He froze. He listened to her moving around the room; a cupboard door was closed, the stool at her dresser scraped along the floor…he never saw her looking anything less than immaculate.

She removed his blindfold. She was stood in front of him in a full length Japanese style dress, high at the neck with no sleeves, her long, ebony hair brushed neatly and pulled over one shoulder so that it fell freely over her breast. She looked perfect.

She untied every one of his bonds, leaving him in just the gag, butt plug still lodged in his arse.

“I’m going to watch you,” she said, sitting gracefully on the side of the bed, he looked confused. She took his hand and placed it on his cock.

He realised what she wanted, and eagerly obliged. He felt his orgasm building up inside him, he was about to…


He stopped.

“Condom off”

He peeled it off, and started again. It was too much to hold in and he exploded, getting his own, hot cum all up his chest, on his neck and some even went as far as his face. She smiled.

“Now go clean yourself up, and make sure you wash the gag and butt plug well, don’t go leaving a mess in my shower either.”

He struggled to get up, his muscles complaining at having been so tightly restrained, and wobbled to the shower. The hot water stung him where the restraints had rubbed him raw, and he noticed for the first time that his arse had torn and bled slightly. But he had loved it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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