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Hiking Ch. 1

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“I’m tired,” I said as I continued up the winding trail. It has been a long climb to reach this point. My map indicated that I was a less then a mile away from the river. Taking a swig from my water bottle I realized that I better hope I was less then a mile away as my bottle was now empty. It is amazing how much water one can drink when your body is active. I continued onward.

In the distance I could hear the gurgling of water as it ran over rocks. A little while later, spreading the foliage with my hands I could see the river, or to be more precise the mountain stream. The sound of the water reminded me of all the water I had drank and that I had not urinated in a long time. Standing now at the bank I unzipped my pants, pushed aside the material of my jockey shorts and withdrew “Lucifer,” as my last girl friend had called my penis. It seemed that I had a way of making Janet do things that she considered dirty and liking it, and I guess it was easier for her to call my penis Lucifer then to call me the devil. At the thought of some of those things Janet and I did Lucifer started to stir, and gently stoking the hardening length I remember just how much fun we did have.

Waking from those wonderful thoughts I looked a Lucifer and told him, “not now Lucifer we have other things to do.” Thinking about work I was able to relieve some of the pressure of my prostate and was able to start peeing. From a small weak stream to a ragging torrent my water gained force and I started to see just how far I could pee. Pulling Lucifer upwards I gained a nice arch that reach almost 7 feet before hitting the stream. “Not bad,” I say out loud.

“I can pee farther,” I hear a woman’s voice say.

Looking down stream I see this woman. She appears to be in her thirties. Dark and bursa escort long hair flowing in the breeze, she is standing with her hands on her hips and smiling at me.

“Prove it,” I say.

“Well, I have to take off my shorts to prove it, and it is not fair that you would still have on your pants,” she informs me.

I accept the challenge and tell her, “I agree to take off as much as you do. But I want to be beside you so I can see just how far you can pee.”

She replied, “Come on over big boy. By the way, did I hear you call your dick Lucifer?”

At the sound of his name I looked down and realized that Lucifer was flopping in the breeze as I crossed the stream. Coming up in front of this woman I tell her that she heard correct.

Reaching down with her right hand she grabs Lucifer and making shaking motions with her arm and says, “Nice meeting you Lucifer. I do hope that you can live up to your name.”

“Well,” I say, “I thought you had a challenge for us?

Releasing Lucifer, she starts removing her sweater. Looking at me as I look at her. I watch as her breasts are revealed as she is not wearing a bra. The cool wind is making her nipples hard. Lucifer is impressed and he too starts to get harder.

She tells me, “Off with you clothes big boy as I’m not standing here stark naked by myself.”

I smile and say, “You got it.” And I begin to remove my clothes. I have a little problem getting Lucifer untangled from my jockey shorts.

She smiles as she watches me gently pulling Lucifer from his opening in my shorts. As I stand naked in front of her she starts to undo the belt on her shorts. With her shoulders pulled back, she unsnaps her shorts and slowly pulls her zipper down. Then using both hands she pushes her shorts down to her bursa escort bayan ankles. With her hand on my shoulder she lifts first one leg and then another to remove her shorts. Now standing in only her light blue cotton bikinis she looks at me and says, “You won’t mind helping me remove these will you?”

With a jerk of its’ head Lucifer informs me to get on my knees and do as the lady requests. On my knees directly in front of her I reach out with my hands on each side of her hips and feel the cotton material of her underwear. Hooking my fingers in her panties I slowly pull them down. The silky feel of her skin, the womanly smell and the unveiling flesh causes my breath to increase. I see her dark pubic hair and then the crotch of her panties are caught in the junction of her legs. I continue to pull her panties downward but they stop unable to go further. Leaning forward I grasp her pubic hair with my teeth and pull. She whelps and then laughs as she spreads her legs freeing her panties. With her hands on my head she raises one leg and then the other, and now she is totally naked.

With her left hand on my head she raises her right leg and places it on my left shoulder exposing her sex to my eyes. With the fingers of her right hand she pulls her outer vaginal lips apart exposing her clitoris, inner lips, urethra and the opening of her vagina. I can see the wetness of her desire, feel the heat, and smell the smell of her. I stick out my tongue and bringing my head forward I taste her. She moans aloud. Using both hands she brings my head closer to her pressing my nose into her pubic mound.

I explore and taste. I have lost myself in the wonders of this strange woman. Using the tip of my tongue I guide her clitoris into my mouth. Using my teeth I capture this escort bursa proud piece of her sex and begin to move my tongue over its’ sensitive head. Using both of my hands I grab her ass and pull her even tighter against my face. Faster I beat my tongue against her clitoris. Her breathing comes in ragged gasps. Her body trembles against my face. With a screech she comes. Her foot falls off my shoulder. If my hands were not grasping her ass she would have fallen on the ground.

“Hmmmm,” I moan as I drink in her sweet nectar as her body continues to shake and tremble against my face. Releasing her from my embrace she sinks to her knees until we are face to face. She leans forward and licks her wetness from my face. Then we kiss. Lucifer is twitching between her legs wanting to introduce himself to her sex.

I break the kiss and tell her, “Didn’t we have some sort of competition going on?”

She pulls back and smiles. Nodding her head in affirmation she says, “Yes. I think we do. You guys with that little piece of meat between your legs think that you can pee farther than women. I want you to know that it is not the length of the hose that matters but it is the force of the flow that counts.”

I look at her and say, “Ya, that is coming from a person who sits down to pee.”

Getting up from her knees she stands towards the stream. Parting her legs, she places both of her hands on her outer lips and pulls her sex apart exposing her urethra. With a little adjustment she shoots out a stream that goes at least 10 feet! I whistle in amazement. I have never seen anything like this before. She smiles and continues until till her bladder is empty.

Turning to me she ask, “What do you think?”

What could I say but, “I believe!”

“Did we have a bet on this competition,” she asked?

“No we didn’t,” I replied, “but I’m open to ideas.”

“Well big boy why don’t you crawl over here to where I am and lets see what I can come up with,” she orders.

To Be Continued…

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