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Rachel’s Daddy Ch. 02

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Under a moonless night, Rachel treaded water in the stormy sea. Naked and cold, she was lost. Terrified, she could only think of the sharks circling beneath her. Their large smooth bodies rubbed against her legs, toying with her as they silently passed. Alone and unable to protect herself, she tried not to panic and provoke the predators. Looking in every direction, she caught brief glimpses of their sinister shapes in the milky liquid darkness.

Rachel was frightened by these demons when she saw them, however, when she couldn’t see the dark shadows, she was frightened the most. She felt terror rise in her throat and could only wait for her demise. Finally, a shark stopped in front of her and lifted it’s head from the water; its open mouth exposing endless rows of lethal teeth. A soulless black eye stared at her but nothing happened. Finally, as the shark slipped back into the water, it whispered in a New Orleans accent, “Even though you looked damn good in your sister’s dress, was it really worth screwing your daddy?”

The words forced open Rachel’s eyes. The eerie dream vanished but she remained bathed in dread and darkness while she tried to bury her guilt. Rachel knew what caused the bad dream. Her daddy had seduced her in the pool house earlier that night. Bothered by her guilt, she tried to forget the pleasurable memory of her daddy’s large hands probing her body and his cock pumping deep inside her. Without moving, she looked around her dark bedroom and focused on the clock’s bright red numbers complaining it was 2am. She didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Across the dark room, Rachel heard Anna, her selfish half sister, get out of her bed to go to the bathroom. Anna was only wearing a little white thong so she slipped a long white nightgown over her unseasonally tanned body. Rachel caught herself admiring Anna’s figure. Anna never worried about what she ate but still had the figure of a model. Toned. Slim yet curvy. Rachel hated her.

Next, Anna quietly put on her robe and slippers. She didn’t notice Rachel was awake as she tiptoed across the room and slipped out the bedroom door.

At first, Rachel was puzzled why Anna needed to bundle up just to go across the hall. Anna’s actions gnawed at her, in particular, since Rachel knew she couldn’t go back to sleep. Curious where her bitchy half-sister was going, she got up and secretly followed Anna.

Peeking out the bedroom door, Rachel’s suspicions were confirmed when she noticed the bathroom was empty. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Anna silently creeping downstairs into the dark house. Barefoot, Rachel closely followed her half-sister but then lost Anna in the darkness of the lower level. Anna had disappeared.

Sneaking around, Rachel noticed the door to the garage was slightly ajar because the garage light was on. Moving closer to the door, the quiet darkness of the house gave Rachel the perfect opportunity to peek into the garage without being detected. Rachel was puzzled. Why would her sister be in the garage, alone, at this time of night? What was she hiding?

With a slight nudge, the door cracked open enough for Rachel to see her stepsister slip into the back seat of her daddy’s Mercedes coupe. Fortunately, the raised doorway gave Rachel a good downward view into the luxurious car.

Looking closer, Rachel was surprised that her daddy was already in the back seat of the car and Rachel realized he must have been waiting for Anna. Rachel was puzzled. She realized their meeting place was comfortable with plenty of leg room and soft brown leather upholstery but a bit odd.

Anna knelt on the passenger side of the back seat, facing her daddy and was obviously angry. She screamed at him and aimlessly slapped at her daddy, who brushed off her attack with ease. Anna yelled at him, “You’re a god-damned mother fucker.”

Rachel smiled as Anna’s anger was broadcasted through the open sunroof. Also, Rachel could clearly see Anna and her daddy because they were illuminated by the car’s interior dome light. Still wanting to be her daddy’s favorite, Rachel could barely hide her glee at Anna’s tantrum.

As Anna slapped at her daddy, she screamed, “Daddy, I hate you. You made me look like a fucking idiot tonight by giving Rachel my dress. You’re an asshole.”

Visibly upset and shaking, Anna continued to unload her verbal and physical assault on her daddy without waiting for him to reply. He was relaxed and serene; however, his dismissive demeanor and condescending smile only irritated Anna more. She just got angrier while he remained calm.

He tried to sooth Anna, “Don’t say such things, baby. I’m going to miss you while I’m away in Miami.”

“Why would you give that bitch my new dress, daddy? I’m so pissed at you.” Exasperated and out of breath, Anna spun around on the back seat so she was no longer facing her daddy. She crossed her arms and continued complaining but her venom had dissipated. In almost a whimper, she said, “Daddy, bursa escort how could you? You made me look like a fool in front of Rachel.”

Her daddy soothed his wounded daughter, “I’m sorry, baby. Rachel really wanted that dress. In the past, I have given you so much and that dress meant nothing to you. Rachel has almost nothing. How could I say no? Don’t worry, the dress will be easy to replace.”

Anna continued whining, “No it won’t. You don’t understand. It is the principal of the matter and Rachel thinks she won.”

Her daddy slid forward on the roomy back seat and slipped his arms around Anna to hug her from behind. He pulled her back towards him so she was straddled between his legs while leaning against his chest. He calmly continued, “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll replace the dress with something much more expensive and…”

Surprised by the possibility of a generous gift, Anna interrupted him with a half smile, “Yes, like what?”

Meanwhile, Rachel noticed her daddy’s hand drop to Anna’s tiny waist and slowly started to untie the belt on her robe as he continued, “…I’ll get you something in a small blue box while I’m away. I am going to get something very special for my special girl.”

Oddly, instead slapping his hand, Anna moved her arms to allow her daddy to fumble with the robe’s belt but she continued questioning him, “Really? Are we really talking about Tiffany’s?”

As he nodded in agreement, her daddy finished untying the knot and gradually opened the robe just far enough to get a peek at Anna’s sexy nightgown with its plunging neckline. Rachel was shocked that her daddy was slowly undressing Anna and Anna was letting him do it. Not wanting to admit what was happening between them; Rachel’s mind reeled while trying to think of an innocent reason for Anna and her daddy to be meeting alone in the garage late at night.

Rachel watched as her daddy opened Anna’s robe a little more as he whispered into her ear, “Yes, baby. I’ll get you something very special from Tiffany’s to make up for the loss of the dress.”

The front of Anna’s robe was now open far enough to fully reveal Anna’s delicate white lace nightie. A tight tanned body wrapped in virgin white. It clung to her small chest and waist but then fell into a long full skirt with a slit up the front. Rachel realized it was one of those cheap, clingy outfits made with almost transparent fabric.

Rachel had never seen Anna wear it before now and Rachel’s first thought was that the nightie was not appropriate for a daughter to wear in front of her daddy. Instead, it was an outfit a whore would wear for her customer.

The nightie hugged Anna’s petite frame and was transparent enough for Anna’s dark raspberry gumdrop nipples to be clearly seen through the lacy material. Before tonight, Rachel had noticed that Anna’s nipples were perpetually hard and tonight, the nightie did nothing to hide them. Similarly, Rachel could even see Anna’s tiny matching thong through the fabric.

The nightie’s narrow leg slit extended to just below Anna’s crotch and displayed her long, supple limbs. Offsetting the leg slit, the nightie’s neckline plunged and exposed a significant portion of her small milky white breasts. Anna’s little nipples threatened to spill out because her womanly curves were on full display.

Rachel was disappointed. Even though Anna had smaller breasts than Rachel’s, Anna’s breasts looked very sexy in the nightie. Pert. Attentive. Her mounds beckoned a man to touch them and even fondle them. Rachel hated Anna for wearing such a whorish outfit in front of their daddy. However, Rachel realized she hated her daddy even more for looking so hungrily at Anna.

Her daddy couldn’t stop staring down at Anna’s little breasts barely concealed in lace. He leaned down, pressed his lips against Anna’s neck and never took his eyes off her mounds. He slowly kissed his way down to the base of Anna’s neck as he slipped the robe off Anna’s delicate shoulders. Between kisses, he promised, “I’ll make sure you love it and, by the way, I love your new nightie. Very sexy.”

Rachel felt sick in her stomach knowing where this was leading. Yet Rachel was frozen, unable to move as her daddy and her half-sister snuggled in the back seat. Anna whispered, “Daddy, I bought his nightie especially for you as a going away present. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I think so but I want to see it better. Let me help you.”

Rachel watched as her daddy removed Anna’s robe as she slipped her arms out of the robe’s sleeves and then like a cat, Anna settled back against her daddy. In this position, he had better view of her gown clinging to her body as she stretched out her long legs across the tan leather backseat.

Checking Anna out, her daddy whispered, “You look so hot in your new nightie. So damn sexy.”

Next, Anna stretched her long legs so the leg slit widened far enough to show a hint of her thong covered crotch. Anna bursa escort bayan cooed as her daddy reached down and hooked his finger into the top of the slit. Playfully, she purred, “What are you doing daddy?”

Without a word, he slowly pulled the nightie higher up her legs. As her daddy pulled the fabric over her thighs, Anna said, “Daddy, I want some real jewelry, not some dumb Tiffany key chain.”

Her daddy continued working the clingy nightgown higher over Anna’s thighs as he kissed her neck. He whispered into her ear, “How about a diamond for your belly button?”

Anna smiled and lifted her hips off the car seat. Please with her cooperation, her daddy pulled the nightie all the way up to her waist so her little matching white thong was on full display. Rachel knew her father was looking down at Anna’s tiny waist, flat stomach and round hips. Why wouldn’t he? She was tanned and fit. Appreciating the view, he ran his finger tip around Anna’s belly button stud. He whispered, “Yes, a diamond would look very nice right here.”

Anna excitedly replied, “Will you really get me a diamond, daddy? Will it be a big one?”

He whispered into Anna’s ear as he stared down at his daughter’s lace encased pussy, “Of course I’ll buy you a real nice diamond but you can’t tell anybody where you got it. I don’t want to make anyone else jealous. But I want to show you that I am going to miss you while I’m gone, baby. It’s been so long since I have been able to spend some time with you, alone. I need my special time with you.”

With those words, her daddy reached down and ran the palm of his hand across Anna’s soft tummy, caressing it. He let his hand drift lower. In response, Anna spread her legs and placed one foot on the floorboard while raising her other knee and placing it against the back of the seat. Anna was clearly cooperating and Rachel hated Anna for being such a whore.

Anna’s bottom half was naked except for the thin, sleazy panties. Anna’s prominent pubic mound captured his attention. Her pussy, tightly wrapped in the little white thong, was fully displayed for her daddy. The thong clung so tightly that it pressed between her pussy lips and every crevice was clearly displayed. Rachel was shocked and furious that her sister had displayed her pussy so wantonly.

Sensuously, her daddy continued to run his hand in an ever growing circle across her flat little tummy and he kept getting closer to Anna’s pubic mound. Anna started moving her hips in a slow, rhythmic undulation in an almost unconscious reaction to her daddy’s hand approaching her panties.

Teasingly, Anna whispered up to him, “Daddy, what are you going to miss about me?”

Rachel was transfixed on her daddy’s hand approaching Anna’s panties. She watched in horror as her daddy slipped his fingers inside Anna’s panties. Hoping for some kind of resistance from Anna, Rachel was disappointed that she didn’t fight or object. Anna just purred like a cat in heat. Now, Rachel could see how Anna had stolen her daddy.

Her daddy’s fingers slipped deeper into his daughter’s panties and Anna’s mouth opened farther when his finger found her button. Meanwhile, she closed her eyes while rolling her head from side to side. With a low moan, Anna responded by spreading her legs a little more and started pressing her hips against her daddy’s hand. Anna released a sensuous moan, “Oh yes, daddy.”

Then, her daddy slipped his entire hand down the front of Anna’s panties as he said, “I missed your little pussy, baby. I miss how wet you become and how hard your clit gets when you are excited. I see you must have really missed your daddy because you are so fucking wet. My car seat is going to get soaked.”

Rachel hated his words but couldn’t stop watching.

He started caressing Anna’s pussy lips and running his finger tips over her clit. As Anna’s hips matched the pace of her daddy’s hand inside her panties, she cooed, “I’m sorry I was such a bitch, daddy. I thought you forgot about me. Ever since Rachel started living with us, you stopped visiting me late at night. It was like you lost interest in me.”

Anna continued, “I became so horny without you, daddy. I couldn’t use the vibrator you bought me because Rachel would notice. To make matters worse, tonight you kept teasing me by slipping your hand up my dress and fondling me when no one was looking. You were so bad, daddy. You just made me so horny so I asked you to meet me here.”

Rachel wanted to scream, “He wasn’t paying attention to you because he was interested in someone else. The asshole wanted to get inside my panties, first. He was seducing me.” Rachel couldn’t believe that her daddy had felt up Anna after having fucked Rachel in the pool house earlier that night. Rachel was furious at her dad but she remained silent.

Her daddy slipped his other hand inside Anna’s plunging neckline and cupped Anna’s little tits in his palm. He whispered, “I love your hard nipples. You look so sexy.” Meanwhile, escort bursa his other hand seemed to slip farther inside Anna’s panties. Rachel could tell her daddy’s fingers were now deep inside Anna’s pussy, exploring her, pleasing her.

Before long, Anna let out another loud gasp and fluttered her eye lids as her daddy explained, “What else could I do? You were being so bad because you weren’t wearing panties under your dress. Were you? And you kept flashing me, teasing me. You are such a bad girl, Anna. I just had to touch you and fondle you. I loved sneaking a feel of your beautiful, tight ass. I am going to take care of you now, baby.”

Her daddy’s eyes got darker. His voice got lower and sexier, “Are you daddy’s little slut?”

Anna purred back, “Yes, daddy. I’m your little slut. I’ll do what ever you want me to do.”

His words excited Anna even more. She rotated her hips and pumped her pussy harder against his fingers. Her daddy was able to keep up with her the frantic pace. He continued whispering to Anna, “God baby, your clit is as hard as an anvil and as swollen as my thumb. I love how hard and big your clit gets when I touch you. When your clit quivers, it feels so good under my finger. So wet and juicy.”

Rachel snapped out of her shock and silently closed the door. Unable to believe what she was witnessing, Rachel slumped against the adjoining wall and wanted to scream. She wanted to wake everyone in the house to let everyone know what was happening under their very noses, but Rachel caught herself. She was just as guilty. Her daddy had done the same thing to her earlier that night so couldn’t do anything without risking exposure. Regardless, Rachel wanted revenge. She had a thought, half of a plan.

Rachel got her cell phone from her purse on the kitchen counter. They never even noticed as Rachel slipped her cell phone out the door and started taking pictures of Anna and her daddy. Rachel wanted evidence of her daddy’s hand inside Anna panties.

Anna’s legs were spread as far as possible and her cheap little white panties, now soaked and stretched, couldn’t hide her daddy’s hand as he finger fucked her pussy. In and out. Each stroke building on the last. While Rachel was gone, her daddy had freed both of Anna’s breasts and he had one of Anna’s tight little nipples pinched between his fingers. He rolled Anna’s nipples between his finger tips as he tugged on them.

Rachel winced as she realized that Anna’s nipple was stretched far enough to be painful but Anna seemed to be enjoying it. Anna’s eyes were closed and she rocked her head from side to side. “Oh daddy, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop.”

Anna’s ass was bouncing on the seat as she tried to force her daddy’s fingers deeper into her pussy. Even from this distance, Rachel could hear how wet Anna was when her daddy’s fingers slapped against her pussy. Trying to keep her daddy’s attention on the right spot, Anna placed her small, delicate hand over her daddy’s larger hand and tried to keep his sausage fingers inside her pussy. Anna’s rhythm finally broke and she chaotically started pounding her hips against her daddy’s hand.

With her head arched backwards and swaying from side to side, her body starting to twitch. Anna moaned, “Oh god, I’m cuming, daddy.”

Her lithe body started to convulse as the orgasm swept her away. Anna finished cuming and collapsed on top of her daddy but he kept fondling her. After a moment, he whispered, “I want you to suck me, baby. I have missed those full lush lips wrapped around my cock.”

Energized by his words, Anna rolled over and got down on her knees in front of her daddy. Anna looked up at her daddy as she unbuckled his belt. She teasingly said, “If Rachel wasn’t around, I could give you a BJ whenever you like. We wouldn’t have to hide in the garage. Instead, you could be in my bed. But now that we have a chance, I am going to swallow all of your salty cum, daddy.”

Rachel flinched when she realized what Anna was hinting at to her daddy. Rachel knew that Anna was trying to get rid of her.

Anna started to undress her daddy. Fumbling, she unbuttoned her daddy’s pants and carefully unzipped him without snagging it on his massive bulge. Anna slipped her daddy’s pants down his legs. Finally, Anna pulled her daddy’s cock out of his plaid boxers. Rachel gasped.

Just like Rachel remembered, her daddy’s cock was enormous and Anna could barely hold it in her petite hand. Anna immediately slipped her daddy’s cock between her lush lips and sucked it deep into her mouth. Slowly, her red lips slipped down his shaft. Rachel was surprised by how much of his cock slid down her sister’s throat without hesitation. With another jolt of jealousy, Rachel realized Anna must have a lot of experience.

Her daddy moaned, “That’s so good. Keeping sucking your daddy’s cock, baby.”

He grasped a hand full of Anna’s black hair and held her head still as he tried to get more of his cock into her mouth. Anna relaxed her throat and was able to slide more of his shaft between her full red lips. She started to rock while her daddy guided her head up and down on his cock. Her daddy said, “I love how you suck my cock, baby. You were born to be my little cock sucker.”

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she was the first lady, yet some debate within Judaism has additionally given that place to Lilith. On March 6, 2021, Eve released a 20th anniversary re-release of her album Scorpion with 4 new remixes. On June 16, 2021, Eve and Trina battled within the webcast sequence Verzuz. Up and operating in seconds, Eve equipment are Apple HomeKit-enabled for effortless communication with other accessories.
    The Eve app brings the linked house to a model new level – for a unified consumer expertise across the ecosystem. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and helps us to forestall bots from accessing EVE Online. My converged resolution allows mobile and office-based telephones to freely interact and talk. My integrated app makes it straightforward to run every little thing from your mobile phone. Don’t fear my house is the cloud, so your voice will at all times be heard.
    That same year, she was featured on The Roots’ single “You Got Me”, in addition to Missy Elliott’s “Hot Boyz”, the latter of which peaked throughout the high ten of the Billboard Hot a hundred. In March 2010, Eve was featured on the official remix of Ludacris’ song “My Chick Bad”. In November 2010, Eve carried out a rap on Australian singer Guy Sebastian’s single “Who’s That Girl”, which reached primary on the ARIA Singles Chart and has been licensed 4× Platinum. In December 2010, Eve was featured on Alicia Keys’ song “Speechless”, which charted at number 71 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in early 2011. In March 2011, Eve was featured on Swizz Beatz’ song “Everyday (Coolin’)”, the first promotional single from his upcoming album Haute Living. In April 2011, she appeared on Jill Scott’s song “Shame” from her album The Light of the Sun.
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    She portrayed Amaya in Lifetime’s romantic comedy television film With This Ring alongside Jill Scott and Regina Hall. The album was renamed twice from “Here I Am” to “Flirt” to “Lip Lock”. After Eve left Interscope Records and signed with EMI, Lip Lock was expected to be launched in 2011, nevertheless it was delayed again.

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