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Her Hunger Ch. 02

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Lisette closed the restroom door behind her, walked to the elevator, pressed the button, and waited. She had less than one minute to get back to her desk. She looked up at the display panel and saw that the elevator had left the ground level, but appeared to be stopping on every floor. I don’t have time for this. I can’t be late again. Lisette looked down at her watch and saw that she had less than thirty seconds remaining before her break was over. She kicked off her shoes and sprinted for the stairs. She ran down a flight of stairs, burst from the stairwell at full speed, and made it to her desk a second before the office manager, Ms. Hayes, turned the corner and approached from the opposite end of the hallway. No one in the fourth floor office pod witnessed her last-second sprint.

That was too close.

“Ms. Berenger, you’re looking rather flushed,” Ms. Hayes remarked. “Are you feeling well?”

Lisette started to say ‘yes’, but then she realized this was her best chance to get out of the office and take care of her needs.

“I might be coming down with something,” Lisette answered. “My heart is racing and I’m having difficulty breathing. I think I need to lie down. If Mr. Stewart were here, I would ask him if I could leave. But he isn’t due back until after lunch.”

“Do you have any sick days remaining?” Ms. Hayes asked.

“All of them. I haven’t missed a single day this year.”

“Then why don’t you go home? I’ll get someone else to cover this afternoon for you.”

“Thank you. I think that would be best.”

Lisette turned off her computer, tidied up her desk, and headed for the elevator. As soon as the doors closed behind her, she felt a wave of desire cascading from her pussy. She knew she had to find some cock. She just hoped that she would make it home before the hunger overwhelmed her.

Lisette had no idea what she would do once she got home. She had an assortment of dildos and vibrators in her apartment, but no living, breathing, cum-spewing cock would be waiting for her. Maybe if I go to the pool, I might get lucky. I have a new bikini….

The elevator door opened and she stepped out — onto the fifth floor again. In her haste to leave the building, she walked into the ‘up’ elevator when she should have waited for the ‘down’ car to arrive. To make matters worse, the doors closed behind her and the box descended before she could correct her mistake.

The wave of desire that was once gnawing at her senses had become a full-blown hunger demanding immediate attention. She realized that she would never make it home. She couldn’t think clearly. I can’t be here. I have already clocked out for the day.

Lisette heard footsteps approaching. She ducked into the restroom– the same restroom she had just fled less than ten minutes earlier.

* * *

The second incident was even worse than the first.

Lisette’s parents were not happy with her when she took a year off from school and stayed with her Aunt in Texas, instead of enrolling at State U as planned. They were even less thrilled when she applied to out-of-state schools, eventually enrolling a year later in a college over a thousand miles from home. Lisette invented excuses to justify her change of plans. The truth of the matter, however, was that she wanted to be as far as possible from anyone who knew her. She wanted a fresh start where there was no possibility of running into anyone who heard about what had happened in Room 432.

She entered school a year behind her contemporaries, but Lisette found that she fit in rather easily. She made new friends in her dorm, excelled in her classes, went to parties and had a successful first year away from home. The year off seemed to improve her focus, and she endeavored to justify the out-of-state tuition expense. The biggest problem she encountered was the change of climate– the winter was much colder than she expected. But once she learned to allot an additional half hour for putting on and taking off extra clothing, she adapted rather well.

Lisette originally planned to move into an apartment for her second year of college, but she had so much fun in the dorm during her first year– and found it so much easier than dealing with landlords, rent, utilities, grocery shopping and cooking– that she and her roommate elected to stay in the dorm for their sophomore year also. Lisette and Kat– her parents named her ‘Ekaterina’– applied for a double room in the East Quad dormitory, which was located a little further from Central Campus, but only minutes from the football stadium and the campus recreational facilities. The location was ideal, as it provided maximum accessibility to the campus activities the two coeds planned to enjoy in the coming year.

Unfortunately, the East Quad dormitory was located on opposite side of campus from the fraternity and sorority houses. As a result, Lisette and Kat had to walk clear across campus to the fraternity Halloween party they escort decided to attend after receiving VIP passes from a senior boy in Lisette’s calculus class. Before heading out to the party, the girls felt obligated to first make a brief appearance at the dorm party on the floor below theirs. The girls– both dressed as sexy nurses– descended one flight of stairs; entered the party at one end of the hallway; stopped at the first room offering alcohol; teased some boys until they were offered a drink; downed a cup of spiked punch; moved to the next room for another drink; and proceeded in that manner until they reached the end of the hallway. They hopped on the elevator and left the party, nicely buzzed in under thirty minutes.

It was another thirty minute walk to the fraternity house, and the girls were both stumbling in the crisp night air as they made their way through a campus populated with zombies, vampires, rock stars, pirates, politicians, sexy schoolgirls, cross dressers, and other costumes that defied easy explanation. By the time they reached the fraternity house with their VIP invitations in hand, they were both feeling a little chilled and winded from the walk. Lisette’s ever present nipples were even more rigid than usual and poking noticeably through her costume, while Kat’s generous cleavage was flushed from the rigorous walk.

Once inside the house, Lisette went in search of the boy who had invited her. Brad, however, was nowhere to be found. Someone saw him heading upstairs with a blonde in a schoolgirl costume, and someone else saw him leave with a brunette and a redhead, both of whom were dressed as vampires. Either way, Lisette stopped looking for him and instead concentrated on meeting someone new. She and Kat waded through the crowd to the dance floor, parking themselves a few feet from the band. Within minutes a tall, athletic-looking guy in a basketball uniform and a slightly shorter–but very distinguished looking, possibly Mediterranean–guy in a doctor costume approached them. The two guys offered the girls drinks, and the four of them drank and danced for the next hour and a half.

Shortly after midnight, Kat and Allen left to go buy more vodka, while Glen offered to give Lisette a tour of the house. The party was contained mostly in the larger rooms downstairs and on the front porch, but there were smaller parties taking place in many of the residential rooms on the second floor. Glen led Lisette through the second floor hallway, which was crowded with people spilling out of the residential rooms. She smelled marijuana smoke escaping from some of the rooms, and she heard sounds that resembled sex coming from other rooms.

Glen directed Lisette to the staircase and escorted her to the third floor. That floor was quieter, and there were no people milling in the hallway. All of the doors were closed, but the smell of marijuana was still present, and so were the rutting sounds of sex. Glen explained that the fraternity officers were housed on this floor, and it was off-limits to the rest of the party. He led her to a door at the end of the hallway marked ‘President’ in gold letters, unlocked the door, and guided her into the room.

“You’re the …” Lisette started to ask.

“Yes,” Glen answered, cutting her off. “Until the end of the year, at least.”

Glen’s room was only slightly larger than the other rooms Lisette peeked into while touring the rest of the house, but it was much roomier due to the fact that there was only one queen-sized bed in the room. The president was the only fraternity member who enjoyed a single room. All the other rooms had two beds, two dressers, two desks, and two chairs. Glen’s room had only one set of furniture. It also had a bar, a refrigerator, and a large-screen TV.

“Wow, this room is great,” Lisette remarked.

“It’s the main reason that I ran for president,” Glen joked. “Can I fix you a drink?”

Before Lisette could answer, Glen hopped behind the bar and began filling glasses with ice, then poured alcohol from various bottles into a cocktail mixer, shook the drinks, and poured the concoction into the ice-filled glasses. He handed one glass to Lisette, and raised the other.

“To modern medicine,” Glen toasted, apparently referring to their coordinating costumes.

“To modern medicine,” Lisette echoed, then sipped from her drink. “Ooo, that’s good. What is it?”

“It’s a frosty whisper. It’s my own creation. Do you like it?”

“It’s very tasty. I can hardly taste the alcohol.”

“Finish what you have in your glass, and I’ll pour you another.”

Lisette tipped her glass and chugged the remaining contents. Glen topped her glass, and then raised his in the air.

“To naughty nurses,” Glen toasted.

“And dirty doctors,” Lisette added.

Glen watched Lisette finish her drink, then stepped toward her. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her close, and lowered his face to hers. Lisette molded her torso against his firm body, returning the kiss with enthusiasm. Glen set his drink on the bar, reached for Lisette’s glass, and set it on the bar also. With both hands free, he reached behind Lisette, pulled her zipper down, and dropped her costume to the floor. Glen was delighted to find that Lisette was wearing nothing beneath her costume, but a little disappointed when he reached for a breast and found only a nipple.

While Glen was removing her clothes, Lisette set to work on removing his. She pulled his lab coat off his shoulders, then untied his scrub pants and pulled them to the floor. Glen had to turn his attention from Lisette in order to finish removing the lab coat and take off his scrub shirt. The two raced to the bed, losing their shoes and socks in the process.

Lisette lay back on the bed with her legs closed. Glen straddled her body, rubbing his hard cock on her thighs while pushing his tongue into her mouth. Lisette responded to his probing tongue by sending her own past Glen’s teeth, while caressing his cock with her thighs. She was already horny enough to fuck, but she wanted to make sure that Glen was hot enough for her. After several minutes of kissing, Lisette pushed Glen’s face downward. Glen got the message. He sucked on Lisette’s neck until she started to moan, then worked his way down her chest to her nipples.

Glen had never been interested in busty girls, but he more or less took for granted the idea that all women had at least a mouthful of tit concealed beneath their blouses. Undressing Lisette dispelled him of that notion. Nonetheless, experience told him that he would have to get Lisette so hot that she lost all control before she would shed her inhibitions to the point of willingly doing what he craved more than anything.

Glen kissed her nipple, sucked it between his teeth, and gently closed his mouth on the thick nub. Lisette responded immediately, letting out a long moan that filled the otherwise noiseless room. Encouraged by the response, Glen reached for her right nipple and pinched with the same pressure that his teeth were providing to the left. Lisette moaned again, both longer and louder than the first time. She dug her nails into Glen’s back and rubbed her crotch against his torso, signaling her approval of his amorous technique.

Now in his final year of college, Glen had lured many girls into bed during his college career. One thing he learned over that span was that alcohol and cocaine could get him into a girl’s panties one time, but it took a good performance on his part to bring her back for an encore. He was only a freshman when a senior explained to him the importance of eating pussy. He learned from his many conquests that since all women were different, it was necessary that he master a variety of oral techniques and use whichever one provided the best response when his face was buried between a woman’s thighs. It wasn’t until his senior year, however, that Glen understood the importance of pace and timing.

That knowledge guided Glen’s actions. Even though Lisette was giving him clear signals to proceed, Glen knew that she was not yet ready for the surprise he was holding in abeyance. He continued pinching and sucking Lisette’s nipples, alternating his mouth and fingers from one side to the other. Lisette moaned over and over, writhing beneath Glen’s hard body, and feeling his stiff cock pressed against her thigh. She opened her legs, inviting him to fuck her. Glen continued to focus his attention on her nipples, which in his estimation were the most sensitive nubs he had ever tasted.

“Fuck me, Glen.”

“Not yet, sexy,” Glen replied, lifting his head.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I’m probably not like any other guys you may know,” Glen answered. “I like to take my time when I have a beautiful, sexy woman in my bed.”

“If you wait too much longer, I may go find another bed.”

“I don’t think so.”

Glen kissed his way down Lisette’s firm body, admiring her flat stomach as his face descended lower and lower. He lingered at her navel, but past experience told him that women did not care for a prolonged visit, so after a few licks and a quick kiss, he resumed his descent.

The fraternity president paused when his lips reached Lisette’s bikini line. Lisette attempted to push his head downward, but Glen resisted. He was not timid; rather, he was intent on prolonging Lisette’s anticipation. Glen licked and kissed all around her faint tan line, thankful that she was fully shaved. He then kissed the very top edge of her slit.

“Oh my god,” Lissette screamed, “lick me, dammit!”

At that moment, Glen knew he had her. He parted her pussy lips and inhaled her aroma. He extended his tongue and licked Lisette from her asshole to the top of her slit. A puddle of juice was pooled in her vagina. He tasted the sweet yet pungent juice and marveled at how much she had already produced, without any penetration or stimulation of her clit. He licked up and down her slit, applying maximum pressure when he was licking her hole, and avoiding her clit altogether.

“Mmmmmm, yes, that’s better,” Lisette cooed. “Keep licking me like that.”

Lisette ran her fingers through Glen’s hair– not to direct his motions–but rather, because she could not stop moving beneath his skilled tongue. She felt as though every nerve ending on her entire body was tingling. She had not been this turned on since…that night that she tried not to think about. She pushed her hips into Glen’s face and humped him, desperate to cum.

Glen noticed the urgency of Lisette’s responses. He sucked her lips into his mouth. Lisette responded with a long, loud moan. He heard her start to pant, and he knew that he had her just where he wanted her to be. He gave her two more long licks, then moved to her clit. As soon as his tongue touched her seed, Lisette exploded.

“Yes! Mmmmmmmm! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Yes! Mmmmmm!”

Glen flicked his tongue back and forth over Lisette’s clit. Her moaning grew louder as her orgasm intensified. He counted two, then three, then four peaks. Then he backed off.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t stop. I’m not done cumming.”

“Don’t worry, you’re going to cum as much as you want tonight. But now it’s my turn.”

“Do you promise?”


“Alright. Let’s trade places.”

Those were the precise words that Glen wanted to hear. He sat up with his back against the headboard. Lisette crawled between his legs, took his erect cock in one hand, and lowered her face to his crotch. She rocked back and forth, with her ass in the air and her face buried in Glen’s groin. The smell of his aroused manhood excited her senses, causing another wave of pleasure to rush over her body. She lowered her mouth to Glen’s cock and swallowed him all the way to his balls.

Glen was used to having his dick sucked, but no girl had ever deep throated him so easily. He was beginning to develop a new appreciation for his latest conquest.

Lisette bobbed her head up and down on Glen’s lap, enjoying the feel of his thick shaft stretching her mouth. The taste and aroma of his manhood was turning her on so much that she reached between her legs to find her clit. She intended to return all the pleasure that Glen provided to her, but she could not leave her pussy idle. She did not realize it at the time, but her desire was already beginning to consume her.

Glen placed his hands on Lisette’s shoulders. His natural inclination was to grab her by the hair and guide her, but Lisette was already doing such a good job that he did not want to interfere with her technique.

Lisette bobbed her head faster and faster. She wanted to feel Glen’s thick shaft filling her pussy, but she was driven by conflicting needs. She felt a narcissistic need to demonstrate her talent and prove to Glen that she was far sexier than the other girls who had accompanied him to his bed. She also hungered for his seed. Lisette already knew that she was a skilled fellatrix, but she had always been indifferent to the taste of sperm. At that moment, however, she wanted nothing more than to swallow every drop of semen that she could suck from Glen’s balls.

Glen felt his orgasm approaching. He did not realize that he was thrusting his hips upward in a pumping motion. All he knew was that he wanted to cum, and it was not going to be much longer until he did. The talented girl sucking his cock was about to receive the biggest load of sperm he had ever produced.

Glen jerked his hips upward, then curled his toes and locked his legs in full extension. He felt a torrent of cum surging from his balls to his cock, then exploding into Lisette’s mouth.

Lisette felt the first blast splash against the back of her throat. She felt Glen’s hand on the back of her head, pushing her face downward. She felt his cum trickle down her throat as another blast surged to replace it. She flicked her clit, driven by a need to make herself cum at the same moment that she felt Glen reach his climax.

She then felt something wet on her ass. The sensation traveled down the crack and past her asshole. She felt the warm wetness on her slit. She felt her nerves tingle, and then the orgasmic wave washed over her.

By the time Lisette swallowed Glen’s entire load, she had reached one climax and was well on her way to a second. As the second wave started to crest, she felt a slender finger probing her vagina. She buried her face in Glen’s thigh and moaned. She felt a second finger penetrate her asshole, and she exploded again. As she was coming down from the second orgasm, she realized that the wet sensation in her slit was a tongue. There was someone else in the room.

Lisette turned her head and saw a woman kneeling behind her on the bed. She jumped up–confused and angry– but still tingling from the last orgasm.

“Who…” she asked between gasps of breath, “is the lesbian?”

“Lisette, this is Courtney,” Glen answered. “Courtney, you are already familiar with Lisette.”

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