Şubat 21, 2024

Gone From Virgin To Slutty

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Now you know how erotic your sweet ass can be. I don’t think I have see you so relaxed, nor smile so much as you have in the last 3 weeks. I am so happy you were please. Soon you will have one more of your secret thoughts brought to life.

Sometimes I see a look in your eyes that tells me you have secret thoughts, secret desires. I know you baby. I know you more than you think. I sit here remembering some of the things we used to talk about on line before we met. I remember what room I met you in. I think about some of the things you’d mention or hinted at. Soon you’ll see I have not forgotten.

Sitting down at the computer, all these thoughts race thru my mind as I go online to check the hotmail. You’ve not seen this email account, its secret. Opening the emails and sending each a reply along with my phone number, making it easier to plan out the details. Damn baby, I can’t wait. Going off line quickly and start getting ready.

Not quiet a hour later the phone rings, and more details are planned. I make a few notes and hang up, but quickly pick the phone back up and make a few calls before you come over. My hand moves down over my clit and I sit and day dream of you and of MY Sweet Ass.

Hearing you pull into the drive, I get up and open the door. My baby looks tense , I think as you climb out of the truck. Stepping out and wrapping my arms around your neck hugging you close. “Am so glad your here Baby” I tell you quickly and pull you inside. Your grin melts me. My hands slide under your shirt pushing it up. I lean up sliding my tongue over each nipple and push your shirt over your head. Your hand caressing my neck and back as your nipples harden .

Sucking your hard little nipple into my mouth. Damn you can do things to my body without even trying. “I can’t wait for you to rest. I want you now” I whisper as my my hands reach for your jeans. Your eyes smile as you reply, “take what’s yours”. You grin and cross your hands behind your neck. Your trademark stance when your in that playful mood.

Sliding your jeans over your hips. Pulling your cock out of your boxers, quickly pulling it into my mouth. Sucking it completely into my throat feeling it grow harder. My hands pushing your boxers over your hips. Pulling your cock in and out of my mouth as you step out of the boxers.

My hands cupping your balls squeezing them lightly. I love how full your balls seem. The way they draw up and my fingertips dance over them. Letting your cock loose sliding my tongue down under your balls. Lapping at them before my tongue slides under them and back up, sucking them as I did your cock, completely taking them into my mouth. Oh my! Your soft moans vibrate thru me. I close my legs quickly as my clit tingles. Standing up quickly, looking purposely into your eyes. You know my thoughts, I know you do. “Turn around baby, I want the sweetest part” I tell you as my hands gently nudge your hip. As your turn, I wrap my arms around you, caressing you. Moving my hands down your chest, over your tummy and around.

Looking down at your sweet ass. ” Oh I Love your ass baby. I love how you react when I touch you here” My fingers Sliding between your cheeks as I try to express my feelings. Your body jumps as my fingers dance over your tightness , you moan softly. My hands gently spreading your cheeks apart.

” Bend over baby” Not waiting for you to get comfortable, I thrust my tongue into your tight ass, “My Ass, I have taken ownership of it “. I inform you as my tongue forcing into your tightness. “Oh Yes Baby” Your ass is so tight” I brag as it’s tightening, resisting my tongue. Pulling my tongue out and thrusting it back in deeply.

Reaching back you grasping my head, trying to guide my tongue. You want that sweet ass tongue fucked . You want it as much as I do. You know how I love how moan as my tongue slides into your sweet ass. How I love to have you wiggling trying to get my tongue to dance and wiggle inside you. Slapping my hand flat on both cheeks, red marks slowly showing on half of each cheeks. Causing your whole body to jump. You grunt out a deep moan ,a moan which can do so much to my mind. Grabbing your hips and pulling you back onto my tongue as I thrust my tongue into your sweet ass.

Reaching escort around you, grasping your cock, holding it in my fist as my tongue slides in and out of your tight ass. Feeling your ass relaxing as you push back onto my tongue. My thumb rubbing over the wet head of your cock. I pull my tongue out quickly. “Your my slut,my ass slut “I whisper in to your ear. I bite your ear lobe sharply. “You’ll find out tonight just how much of a slut you can be”.

Grazing my tongue down your spine, I spread kisses and licks over each cheek. “Your little bubble butt makes me crazy” my voice full of lust. Moving my tongue down over your tight ball , circling them then lift them with my tongue calmly. My slow moving tongue does not match my thoughts as I thrust two fingers into your sweet tight ass, completely burying them in one motion. Holding them deeply planted in your tight ass “Oh yes baby; That it! Moan for me” Needing no further encouragement you shove your ass back wildly onto my finger as I push them further into you. Moaning myself now, my clit throbbing, I grown out a word harshly. “Mine” From the first time my tongue neared it ,it was to be mine. Suckling on your balls hard now. You moan louder and pull forward before your hips jerk, thrusting your slutty ass back once more. Getting your voice you plead for me to fuck *my Ass*.

Pulling my fingers out as quickly as they entered, I turn and walk away. Your moans stopping abruptly as you look back over your shoulder. Your confusion showing on your face, as I walk down the hall. Stepping into the dark doorway of the bedroom I pause and turn back. Watching you recover and move to join me. I enter the darkness, my thoughts on how well your ass will be used tonight. More than any time in your life, so far. A satisfied smile on my face as I wait just inside shadows.

Standing inside the dark bedroom, I watch you move down the hall. You’ve no idea what your walking into. All eager, your cock is standing straight out as you walk into the darker room. Reaching out, my hands moving over your warm skin. Finding your mouth in the dark quickly kissing you. My every need, my every lust in the kiss as I suck at your wet tongue, pulling your bottom lip. Pushing you towards the bed as my hands quickly run over your body .As you come in contact with the bed , knowing where this is leading, you lay back . My mind dancing from thought to thought. Part of me wants to call it all off and keep you all to myself. So innocent you still are, waiting for me. I love that about you.

Reaching and turning on the lamp I look at you. Your eyes are showing your excitement as much as your hard cock. Reaching down and running a finger tip over the wet head, catching the precum carefully and bringing it to my mouth. My eyes never leaving yours as I suck my finger, tasting you. My hands shaking as I slide them over your thighs, gently nudging them apart. Your cock jumps as you comply to my touch. I reach down and lift your legs up and apart. Clicking the cuff to your left ankle. You hear the restraints jingling but you don’t resist, becoming quiet used to them now. Lifting the bar to secure your other ankle I feel you move slightly. You eyes widen as you notice this is a bit different. This one takes all control from you. Clicking it into place, I move quickly as your comprehending the set up. My clit is starting to throb again seeing you like this. Reaching down and grasping the bar, raising your legs high. Your sweet ass so exposed and vulnerable I am not sure I can wait another minute.

The look on your face is astonishing. Its mixed with fear, need and wanting, but I can also feel embarrassment. This I don’t want. I never want you to feel anything other then wonderful between us. Telling you this as I move up and take your face in my hands. Kissing you softly, a long warm sweet kiss. Your body relaxes as my tongue slides softly into your mouth. But your body jumps as the door bell rings. “undo me” your voice shaky, as you plead with me. I can see the panic in your eyes. You attempt to rise from the bed but your legs are completely separated and strapped to the bed. You ass is so cute waiting there like that. I lean over and slide my finger into your sweet ass. “No baby, I explain, tonight you will live your other fantasies. Walking out of the room quietly. Gone only a minute or two, I come back into the room. You see my smile. You start to smile, then you notice I am not alone. You eyes widen as Jordon enters the room behind me. You know him from down at the gym. I don’t think you had any idea how well you would know him one day. Or how well he wanted to know you. He’s told me over the last two weeks about how he’s watch that bubble ass of yours secretly. My sweet as of yours. I only had to hint to him about sharing once. I lean down and tell you in a soft voice, “tonight he shares your ass with me”. Behind him is Jack. Jack you’ve never seen before, but you have seen him online. You may have seen him chatting about being in town for a few weeks even.

I kiss you softly once more. Reassuring you mostly. I want you happy baby . My hands pulling at your nipples. Watching your now softening cock twitch. Jordon walks over and runs his fingers over your ball sack. As he does he leans over sucking my nipple into his mouth, your eyes following his moves. Your cock getting hard fast. Stepping back, pulling my nipple from Jordon’s mouth. I head over to Jack,like you, he has never been with another male. But is just as curious. Taking his hand I pull him into the room. Quietly telling him to relax and just enjoy what comes.

Looking back over at you I see Jordon stroking your now hard cock. I can’t tell you how excited I get seeing your cock all hard again. I knew you’d love this baby. Moving quickly to you and licking your nipples my hands caressing your tummy as Jordon leans down and runs his tongue over the head of your cock, you moan and raise your hips slightly.

Stepping back I bump in to Jack. His hard cock grazing against my ass cheeks. Mr. Quiet Jack is so hard. Taking his hand and pulling him towards the bed. He needs no further invitation as he walks up to you, stroking his cock. Climbing onto the bed he offers you his cock. Rubbing it against your lips. You’ve never had a real cock but I can see your eyes wanting it. You lips part as you start to slide your tongue out. Instead of letting you lick he pushes his cock past your lips and starts slowly fucking your mouth.

Jordon pulls your cock into his hot mouth as Jack feeds your his throbbing cock. Quiet Jack is no long quiet and he lets out a grunt as his hips thrust faster, forcing you to take his cock into your throat. Your wet cock thrusting up plunging into Jordon’s cock sucking mouth. Not used to having two naked males so close Jack is unable to withhold from cumming. His cock jumps as he fills your mouth with his hot cum, causing the cum to splatter over your chin before he thrust back into your mouth. Wanting to share with you and taste his cum too, I lean over and run my tongue over your chin . Licking my way to your lips. You tongue darts out quickly as Jacks cock, softening now, slides past my lips into your mouth.

Before you can cum Jordon pulls away from your cock . He reaches down, grabbing your legs, lifting them back up. His hard cock is jutting out from his hips. It looks almost angry ,its head wet with precum. I reach down and hook the strap to the side of the bed, which holds your legs over your hips. Grabbing a pillow ,Jordon stuffs it swiftly under your hips. He stands on the end of the bed stroking his cock, watching you.

Stepping between Jordon and your ass with the lube I move to lube your sweet ass before Jordon fills it. ” I don’t want *My* ass too sore for me” I scold him softly. Wiggling a finger into your sweet ass, spreading the lube as I pull it in and out of your ass. Your ass grips my finger, your cock swells, as my finger thrust deeper and deeper. You want that cock don’t you baby? Pulling my finger completely out and thrusting in two. You hips lifting to meet my fingers. I stop and tell Jordon to wait. Looking at you, watching your eyes I tell you to beg for his cock. Your eyes close ,half with need ,half with frustration. You moan and wiggle. Jordon reaches down and pushes his thicker finger into your ass very slowly making you moan more.

I get up and reach for my strap_on, lubing the cock quickly as I motion Jack over. Poor quiet Jack. His ass is virgin too. Pulling him closer by his nipples. His eyes are huge. I know he’s excited ,his cock is twitching as he stands in front of me. His nipples all tight and hard. My hands pulling him around by the hips as I lean forward kissing his neck. Whispering “lick his cock. Don’t suck it…..just lick.” to emphasis my point I slap both his ass cheeks hard.

As his hot wet tongue glides over the glands running down your cock Jordon works his finger deeper into your ass. I can hear him asking if you want his cock in your ass. You hiss out yes, but Jordon knows that’s not enough. I hear bits and pieces of what he’s saying. Telling you how slutty you look. How your ass would look filed with his cock. He’s talking about how Jacks is licking your balls and how he’s going to pound his cock into your slutty ass.

Jack is eagerly licking your balls now. Jordon’s reaches out and grabs Jack by the hair telling him to suck your balls as I slide a finger into his virgin ass. I tell your how tight Jacks ass is as I work my finger deeper and deeper. His mouth closes over your balls and pulls them both into his hot mouth at once as I pull my finger out and grind it back into his tight ass. “Is so hot and tight baby.” I keep telling you about Jacks ass. “His ass is griping my finger pulling it deeper.”

Jordon pulls his finger out of your ass and watches. Your looking back and forth from Jordon’s throbbing cock, to me with my fingers working Jacks ass. Your hips grinding as you finally plead with Jordon not to stop. To take your ass.To fuck it.

I look up at Jordon as I thrust two fingers into Jacks tight wet ass. I tell Jack to suck your cock. He sucks it into his mouth quickly as if he’s done it before.” Not yet. he’s not finished” I caution Jordon to wait. You moan as your hips thrust upward violently. “Tell Jordon what a slut you are baby. Show him how slutty your sweet ass is” Now your wiggling. You want him in your ass. You beg for it . Grabbing Jacks hips I push the cock against his tight ring. Jordon takes a hold of your thighs as eases his cock towards your slutty ass. As I push the plastic head into Jacks tight ass he moans over your cock and stills. Hearing Jack moan as the plastic cock invades his ass you loose all inhabitations as you beg Jordon to fuck your slutty ass. Jordon’s cock pushed past your tight opening suddenly. Between your moans and Jacks moans and the vibrations on my clit I can’t hold back. My hips thrusting forward shoving the cock completely into Jacks tight ass. He screams and lets go of your cock. Holding his hips I force the cock deeper. I pull back out and slowly thrust in again. His hips moving slightly back as he takes the cock again.

Jordon pulls back and slams back into your ass, again and again. Jacks moans are deeper as I work the cock in small circles widening his tight ass more. Your grunting now, shoving your ass up to meet Jordon’s cock. His cock stretching your ass. He pulls back and shoves his huge cock back into your slutty ass. His balls slapping against your cheeks. My clit is throbbing, my mind is lost in the sounds of you enjoying your ass being fucked and of Jacks whimpering. He’s loving it as you did. Grabbing his hips as start to cum, I grind it deeper and deeper. Reaching around him, I grasp his throbbing cock holding tight. He can’t do anything but let loose now. His cum drips over my hand at first, then comes out in streams.

Jordon slams his cock into your ass as he fills your tight ass with his hot cum. The look in his eyes as he cums is unreal. He’s cumming hard as his hips lift your ass up off the bed. The movement jerky as his cock fills your slutty ass. Easing out of Jacks ass slowly. I reach for your cock, but quiet Jack, turns suddenly into eager Jack. He pulls your cock into his mouth again. Your hips thrusting up as you start to cum. Jacks lips barely get wrapped around your cock before your cock erupts. Watching him lapping at your cum. I am again amazed at how quickly one goes from being a shy quiet type to a eager slut. Its like watching you all over again as you learn how slutty you can be.

Catching my breath, I decide to get us some drinks. Leaning over you and kissing you hard once more. Telling Jordon to unhook the restraints. “When I get back, I inform you, Jordon and I get our turn.” You and Jack have work to do. Grinning at Jordon I walk out the door and down the hall, smiling the whole way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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