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Handy Trade

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The call came just as I was about to close my office for the day.

Can’t you please see me today? Now? I hurt my back somehow and I just need some help…I am in pain.

Well, that did it. When I hear someone is in pain…I’m just a girl who can’t say no!!

Alright…how soon can you get here?

In about 5 minutes…I live just a few blocks away.

Very well…I will agree to see you, but just for a half hour. It’s late and I’m starved.

He arrived in less than 5 minutes with a bit of a grimace on his face due to the pain coming from deep in his lower back. I handed him an intake form and went to change the sheets on my massage table. I still couldn’t believe I agreed to see someone so late after such a long day. I already had seen 5 clients and the last one was draining. It had been an hour and a half session and I still had not finished my treatment notes.

I went back to my desk to see if he had finished the form. After reviewing the intake form I led him towards the treatment room asking if he needed to use the restroom before getting started. He had already taken care of that, he said, at home.

We can get started then. I’d like you to start face down on the table, between the sheets, with your face through the cradle and your feet will rest over the bolster, here, at the foot of the table.

Ok…I really appreciate you taking the time to see me tonight…I am really hurting.

You sounded like you were on the phone. I just can’t stand the thought of someone in pain and I know I would certainly be grateful if the situation were reversed. Please remove all jewelry, you can put it on canlı bahis the little shelf there above the chair. Undress to your level of comfort and get on the table.

How did you want me?

Start face down. I’ll give you a few minutes to get comfortable then I’ll knock gently before coming in.

Thank you so much.

Uh huh…my pleasure..I’ll be back in a few minutes.

When I opened the door a few minutes later, I was a bit startled to see this man laying there on the table completely nude…which was not so unusual in my business…but he was totally exposed to my view. What a nice ass he had and I could see his balls bulging out a bit from between his legs since they were spread slightly. Nice package!! Mmmmm…I’d like to get those in my mouth I was thinking….but no, no, no…I can’t be thinking that!! This man is here to get help for his back…so quit it!!

I see your level of comfort has allowed you to disrobe entirely which is good because it enables me to get to the low back and gluts easily. However, I do need to ask you to get between the sheets please. I’ll turn my back while you do that.

Oh..sorry…I guess I wasn’t listening before…I’m just a bit fuzzy from the pain.

No problem…take your time.

I couldn’t help but steal a wee look, from the corner of my eye, at his cock. He was not huge but something about the fact that he was completely shaved made me wonder how that might feel if I had his cock in my mouth. Would probably be nice not to have to deal with “the hair”…LOL. Hmmmm…and it would proably feel really good against my shaved pussy too. Ok now stop it…this is worktime bahis siteleri not playtime.

All set there? Good…then we can get started.

I began as usual, with some strokes down the back, the pressure getting progressively deeper. He groaned as I went over the low back. It is a way for many people to get a release and ease the pain so it’s something I am accustomed to hearing often. But this was the kind of groan one imagines hearing in the bedroom. The combination of the groaning, the feel of his body and knowing what a magnificent cock and balls he had…whew…that made it tough for me to keep my mind on work and my hands and mouth off him!!

As I finished his back and moved to the legs I decided to arrange the sheets in such a way so as to allow me to see those wonderful gifts tucked between his thighs. First the left leg…then the right. I was working on the gluts and hamstrings and the next thing I knew I had reached down and freed his cock from underneath his body. I pulled it slightly upwards and was able to take it into my mouth and what a pleasurable groan he made then!!

After allowing me to suck him for several minutes in that position, he turned over and I was greeted with a fully erect cock. I used my skilled hands to massage him as he lay there before taking him into my mouth again. I love sucking cock!! Especially when it’s covered with the essence of my pussy…so I quickly removed my panties from under the skirt I wore, climbed on the table and proceeded to impale myself on his hard, shaved cock. I straddled him in a squatting position and teased him a bit by just letting the head go inside my bahis şirketleri pussy. Then I took longer, deeper strokes…very slowly and how nice it felt when he was completely, deeply, inside me. I got on my knees and rode him like I was riding a wild stallion (he was certainly making me wild) and we both enjoyed the heat…the fire…that was growing inside me as I came all over his cock. I quickly moved down so I could taste myself on him…still warm from having been so deep inside me…so yummy…tasting myself on his velvety cock.

He got off the table and bent me over it….then slid his big, hard cock inside my pussy. I came again as he drove his cock deep inside me, fucking me till I screamed with pleasure. Then he turned me to face him. He lay me on the table, raising and spreading my legs so he could lick and suck my pussy with his wonderfully soft lips and tongue while he fucked my pussy with his fingers. I came again…all over his face. I told him to fuck my pussy again…right now!! I loved being fucked while I was still in the throws of a clitoral cum…I made me even more horny and wanting more of his cock.

He took some of my massage oil and dripped it on his cock, rubbing a bit over my ass then slowly, gently entered me. I was surprised at how easily his cock went inside me there. What an amazing feeling to be fucked in the ass. It made me shudder with pleasure as he pumped his cock inside me…each stroke bringing us both closer to the ultimate climax. He played with my clit while he fucked me so when I came it was the most intense cum I have ever had. He was ready to cum now too and I told him to cum in my ass…to fill my ass with his cum. We both began groaning with extreme pleasure…making those final, wonderful sounds…you know the ones…as you cum together!! It was sooo great!!

I can’t wait to get my hands on him again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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