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Goldicocks Ch. 03

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Part III: Anal

“Honey…?” I called through the bathroom door. I heard something, almost like a choke, and then the water start to run.

I looked down and realized that I was half-undressed, my pants falling down to my calves, my shirt askew. My cock was still semi-hard and still soaking wet from her pussy.

I shook my pants off and started raising my shirt over my head and got it about half-way, just where my head was completely covered, when the bathroom door opened up. I couldn’t see her, but she could see me, and she burst out laughing.

Embarrassed at first, I realized what I must have looked like. My pants down at my feet, my shirt stuck over my head, my arms entangled inside and my cock bouncing from side to side. Yeah, it was a pretty funny sight.

“Here,” she said, still laughing. “Let me help you.”

I straightened my arms up, thinking she was going to release me from my shirt position. Instead, I felt her hands grab my cock followed quickly by her mouth. Stunned, and not caring anymore how ridiculous I looked, I froze. I wasn’t going to discourage her from doing this, and would stand like a department store mannequin as long as she wanted me to.

“Mmmm,” she said, “I taste good.”

“Told you so,” I said. I was grinning, but still confused as hell as to her sudden mood shifts. This was mostly due, of course, to the fact that I couldn’t see her.

Her lips came off my cock and I felt her hands come up my torso to finally release me from my cotton prison. The shirt came off and I saw a mixture of amusement, lust, love and fear in her face, each fighting for dominance.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s take a shower.” She took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.

She had already started the shower water and began stripping off the remainder of her clothes. Sometimes people look better with their clothes on (like me). Sometimes people look better with their clothes off. Some people look good either way. Some people look good even after prancing through a sewage heap wearing a Barnum & Baily clown outfit with a one-man-band contraption strapped to their back. That was Lesley.

She caught me looking at her, even as I tested the temperature of the water in the shower. Now naked, she came up to me and slid her arms around me and buried her face in my chest. I could feel her breasts collapse against me, my cock trapped against her lower belly. She smelled of English lavender.

She sighed. “I’m sorry I did that,” she said.

Which? I thought. Ran into the bathroom or said that you loved me? I decided not to say anything, since it was apparent that she had something more to say and I didn’t want to risk screwing it up.

“I’m sorry I ran in here,” she clarified, as if reading my mind. “I don’t know why I was afraid to tell you how I feel. Of course, I hadn’t meant to tell you so soon.”

She looked up at me, and looked hard at me, though a smile still played at the corner of her mouth. “I think I was just surprised to hear myself say it out loud,” she said. “Hearing the words out loud sounds so different than hearing them inside my head.”

I nodded. I knew precisely what she meant. “Baby,” she continued. “You fit me so perfectly. And I’m not just talking about this gorgeous cock of yours.” She pressed her belly against my cock, making a little rocking motion with her hips, rolling it back and forth between our bodies. “I mean, when I was in here I realized that I was glad you knew how I felt.”

She reached up with both hands and cupped my face. “I love you,” she said, looking first into one eye and then the other, not searching for approval, but making sure i understood the significance of what she was telling me.

My cock responded before I did, completely involuntary. It jerked to full, throbbing hardness between our bodies. Lesley burst out laughing so hard I thought she was going to cause both of us to lose our balance.

“I’m guessing that’s okay with you,” she said, blessing me with a wide, bright smile.

“Honey,” I said, trying not to ruin the moment. “It’s so much more than okay. I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you too. I –”

She put a stop to my words by kissing me hard on the mouth. I kissed her back, but felt a little cheated that I didn’t get the words out. They seemed to weigh on me like a massive pressure on my chest that needed to be removed.

“I don’t want you to say it just because I did,” she said when she broke the kiss.

Her point was well taken. After all, I wouldn’t want an insincere, perfunctory repetition back to me either. I think that’s part of why it takes forever to say it the first time.

I pulled her even closer to me, ignoring the protest from my cock as it started to squash between our bodies. “Lesley,” I said, “I love you. I’ve been dying to tell you for so long, I can’t even remember a time when I knew you and didn’t love you.”

She leaned up to kiss me, but I felt her body relax, melting bahis firmaları into me. I hadn’t even realized how stiff and guarded both of us had been up until that moment.

We got into the shower and began washing each other. We talked about how much easier things felt, the relief of pressure, the difficulty in finding each other. Oh, and kissing. Lots of kissing.

She grabbed ahold of my shoulders and twisted me so that I faced away from her. Her hands lathered up the soap and started cleaning my back, moving slowly lower. In no time at all she was playing with my ass. I could feel the lather that she had generated from the soap as she massaged the cheeks into cleanliness.

Sure enough, her fingers slid down the top of my ass. She placed one hand at the top of my back and pushed slightly, to get me to lean forward and present my ass to her. I placed my hands up on the wall of the shower and spread my legs, as if I was preparing for a police frisking.

Her body came up next to me and pressed into my side. Her legs were straddling my left leg, and she was pressing her pelvis into my thigh. The one part of my body that I’m most proud of are my legs. There is not an ounce of fat on them and they are rock hard. Yes, even more proud than my of cock, believe it or not.

Her bare, smooth pussy latched itself onto my thigh, and I could feel the heat and wetness from her core sink into my flesh. I loved the way she rubbed herself against me, getting herself off by just rubbing against my thigh.

Her right hand was soaping up my ass, probing slightly against the sphincter but never quite entering me. The soap provided perfect lubrication. Her other hand reached around the front and stroked my rock hard cock.

As she played with my cock and ass, she whispered in my ear, her voice deep and throaty. “I’m so glad you like this,” she said huskily. “‘Cause I’m going to take this perfect cock of yours – ” she squeezed my cock as if I needed clarification –” all the way in my ass.”

Once again, my cock betrayed any possibility of me acting cool. It jumped in her hand, making her giggle. I looked down and saw the deep purple head emerging from her tight fist. I moaned.

Her finger finally slipped inside my ass, forcing me to inhale sharply. “Yeah baby,” she cooed. “That’s what you’re going to do to me.”

“Yeah…” I managed to utter. I was lost in the sensation.

“I’ve been wanting this cock in my ass for ages,” she continued, dragging out the torture. “Ever since I first saw it I knew that I had to have you in me everywhere.”

She started fucking my ass with her finger as if to prove her point.

“This feels good, doesn’t it, baby,” she said rhetorically.

The wall of the shower was the only thing keeping me up, and I pressed my palms flat against it trying to keep myself upright. The sensation she was creating were becoming overpowering.

“Oh god,” I mumbled.

Her finger picked up the pace in response. She was fucking me with her finger now – there’s no other way to describe it. I was being fucked.

“I’ve been practicing for you,” she said, her mouth just inches away from my ear. “I’ve been fucking myself in the ass with my vibrator just so I could take you all the way in. I’ve been looking forward to you being balls deep in my ass since our first night together.”

All of this sent my mind reeling. She’d told me none of this, kept it all to herself. Not only had I not known she thought of such things, I was completely in the dark she could be so vivid in her description. There was more to her than I ever imagined. I was starting to get the fuller picture of whom I had fallen in love with, and every word that came out of her mouth resonated with what I desperately wanted.

“Ohhh,” was all I could say, though. Quite the eloquent one, me.

I could hear her breathing shallow and deep in my ear. She was fucking my thigh more furiously now. Her hands in my ass and on my cock were using me more for balance than for getting me off, but that was okay.

“I think you’re ready now,” she said.

Ready? I wondered. Ready for what?

She took the showerhead off the latch and started to rinse off my back, paying particular attention to my ass, getting all the soap off. With her finger-fucking, I was more than clean.

She slid down my leg, her pussy rubbing against me the entire time, and then I felt her behind me.

Oh my, I managed to mutter, but that was all I could get out. Her hands grabbed my ass roughly and spread my cheeks apart. There, spread eagled against the wall with my hands on the cold tile, my ass spread wide open to her view, I felt incredibly vulnerable, and yet totally safe.

Her tongue hit me dead center. The feeling was electrifying. I couldn’t even say anything, just suck in air through my teeth. She flattened her tongue and licked my ass up and down. Any self-consciousness I may have had had been washed away with the soap down the drain.

Instinctively, kaçak iddaa I spread my legs just a little bit wider, about as wide as they could go before I lost my balance altogether.

Then her tongue entered me. There’s no other way to describe it; I felt completely owned, possessed. This woman behind me had just made me completely hers.

Her hand snaked around between my legs and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. It was too slow for me to approach an orgasm, but with her tongue in my ass I seriously began to wonder if I would lose my mind.

Her tongue was soon replaced by her finger again, and she leaned in to suck on my balls from behind. I leaned forward even more to make it easier for her, but at the risk of losing my balance completely.

She stood up again and pressed her pussy against my thigh as before. “Baby,” she whispered. Her voice was guttural, primal. “I want you to do this to me – ” she pressed her finger inside me to the knuckle – ” with this.” Her fist gripped my cock tight.

“Oh, yes,” I hissed. Her finger continued to slide in and out of me. I couldn’t wait to do it to her, too.

Suddenly, I was stunned at how forward she had been. Up until this point, she had rarely shown the kind of kinkiness and daring she was exhibiting now. I mean, she had talked dirty during sex before, but this… this was something completely different. She was more assertive, more aggressive. Was it a new-found sense of comfort she found in me now that we’ve finally said the “L” word to each other? Or was it the impending ass-fucking that she’d been wanting?

I grabbed the soap and turned her around to return the favor. If I felt so owned and possessed by her, then she probably would too. She smiled at my sudden assertiveness. “Oooh!” she purred as she wiggled her ass at me. She was no fool, she knew where I was going.

I returned the favor, soaping her ass thoroughly. I positioned myself in exactly the same position, my hard cock pressing against the back of her thigh as I rubbed her ass and pussy. While I soaped up her ass, I made sure not to risk putting too much close to her pussy; it wouldn’t do to have her itch due to soap!

Rinsing my hand off under the running water, I easily slid my finger inside her pussy. My other hand, still soapy, lathered up her backside. She wiggled her ass from side to side playfully, and my hand slid inbetween her cheeks with ease.

My fingers slid over her asshole with slightly more pressure than before. Continuing to create lather with the soap, I alternated between pressing my finger against her sphincter and agitating the soap for more suds with my whole hand.

She started getting impatient. “You’re teasing me,” she whined.

I smiled at her. “Mmmmaybe,” I said. Truth is, I wasn’t; I was just taking my time. She wanted me inside her, though, and I was ready for her as well.

Leaning into her ear, I whispered, “I want you to relax your ass, baby.”

She whimpered, but I felt her as tighten and then relax against my finger. Looking behind her I could see that she was going to be very clean. I started easing the tip of my middle finger into her ass, and with the help of her relaxing and the lubricating soap, I slid up to the first knuckle, just past the tight muscular inner rim.

She stopped wiggling, her breath caught. “Ohh,” she moaned. I didn’t move my finger so that she could get more accustomed to the sudden intrusion. Soon, though, she started backing up onto my finger, trying to get me to fuck her.

I started rubbing her clit with my other hand first, however. I wanted her to start feeling as possessed as she had made me. Within moments, however, I began wiggling the tip of my finger in her ass. To attempt to fuck her with it would only allow it to slip out, and I wanted to keep her relax.

“That’s it, honey,” i purred. “Take my finger in your ass.”

“Yeah, baby,” she said, and then kissed me hard. “I want it to be your cock. I want you to fuck me hard up the ass with your cock.”

I was stunned. Who is this woman?

To prove her point, she reached behind her with her hand and pulled my hand up into her ass. My middle finger was buried completely inside. I looked at her, dumfounded.

“How..?” I asked, speechless.

She just laughed at the look on my face. “Baby,” she said, kissing me. “I’ve been practicing for you. Believe me, you don’t have to be quite so gentle. I’m more than ready for you.”

I slid my finger all the way into her ass and another one into her pussy at the same time to let her know I got the picture. Her eyes grew wide, and then she blessed me with a perfect smile.

Withdrawing my hands from her body I washed off and rinsed both of us. I watched, intoxicated, as the soap bubbles washed down her glistening body, down the beautiful heart-shaped curves of her ass, down her thighs, pooling around her feet. I knew that I would be replaying that moment in my memory for years to come.

We kaçak bahis got out of the shower and only cursorily dried off. We were still practically dripping wet when we returned to the bedroom and she climbed onto the bed on all fours. Wiggling her ass, she peered at me over her shoulder with a coy, devious smile.

“C’mon baby,” she purred. “Want some of this?”

I reached into the night table and took out the “magic stuff,” a wonderful lubricant that was silicon-based, never got sticky, and seemed to go on forever. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands, dropping the lube onto the bed beside her.

Every once in a while you can be blessed. I believe this. I truly believe that there are moments when we exhibit perfection, or it is presented to us. This was one of those moments.

Her pussy glistened with a combination of the water from the shower and her own excitement. Her ass peered back at me, and the simple shape of her body drove me wild. I had to, I just had to…

I pulled her ass cheeks just a little bit wider, exposing every part of her pussy and ass to me as I leaned in. She smelled sweet, a mixture of the smell of scented soap and her own sweet honeypot.

I placed my tongue on her clit, making her jump. Flattening my tongue, I firmly licked upwards from her clit, dipping into her pussy, up her small space to her ass, and then up to the top of her ass almost to the small of her back. I went slow enough that by the time I was done, her ass was quivering uncontrollably.

I did it again.

This time, I lingered just a bit over her fresh, clean ass. I was vaguely aware of her moans, alternating between short and staggered and long drawn-out cries. My hands were still holding her open, keeping her utterly exposed. I could imagine that she felt even more naked than she was, spread open to my gaze and administrations.

I slid my left hand in between her thighs, however, and pressed my thumb deep into her pussy while rubbing her clit with the side of my index finger. My tongue danced across the flesh of her ass, dipping every once in a while into her hole. She may have been practicing on her own – and that thought alone was enough to send my senses into overload – but she was not prepared for this assault on her senses.

Her entire lower body was shaking. I could feel the skin of her thighs trembling as I flicked my tongue against her ass and fucked her pussy with my thumb. Curling my tongue, I pressed it against her ass. Instantly I felt her pussy grab my thumb in an explosive convulsion. It wasn’t an orgasm, but just as intense of an involuntary muscle spasm.

“God, baby,” she was whining now. “I need you inside me. Fuck my ass, now!”

I angled myself on the bed behind her, my hard cock bobbing up and down. I laid it against her ass, and had the strange visual of my cock in between her ass cheeks like a hot dog and bun. Shaking the ridiculous thought from my head, I reached for “the magic stuff,” opened the cap, and let it drip across my cockhead and her ass.

The clear liquid flowed down around my shaft and down her asscheeks. I rubbed my cock up and down in her slit and up in between her cheeks. I held onto my cock from the base and slid it up and down, making sure that she was just as lubricated as I was.

“I want you to put it in you,” I said. Of course, it turned me on to watch her do this, but the real reason was that she would be able to determine just how much she could take at a time. Going too fast was the surest way to ruin everything. “I’m going to hold my cock here, and you back up onto me.”

She reached behind her to grab my cock in the same way she must have done with her dildo. She grabbed my shaft and ran the head up against her ass, and I could feel her tense and then relax.

Watching was an event in and of itself. My glistening cock rubbed against her, the tip looking like a spear seeking a target. Her hips moved back against me as her ass looked as if it was preparing to swallow my cockhead.

I held my cock steady as she pushed back against me. She had been practicing, but my cock isn’t shaped like a dildo. The head flares a bit wider and at a more sudden angle, and I don’t think she was prepared for the change in shape invading her ass. Even so, the tip started to disappear into her body, and I tried hard not to allow myself to flex.

Women don’t understand this, but flexing is an involuntary reaction when guys fuck. Well, at least, it’s involuntary for me. When I’m in a woman’s pussy, flexing changes the direction of friction, much the same way that when you put your arm through a shirt sleeve you feel a tension until you flex your arm so that it settles properly.

Anyway, flexing works very well inside a woman’s pussy. It is terrible to do it when trying to enter a woman’s ass. The urge to flex was nearly overwhelming, but to do that meant that the head would enter her even faster and spread her even more when she wasn’t ready.

Sweat started to form on my forehead. She was undulating now, trying to back herself onto my cock, which slowly began to disappear until just the very last bit of the flare of the head was visible. Mercifully, it was gone.

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