Mart 24, 2023

Halloween Night Ch. 02

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Ever since that night, James and I have been texting back and forth everyday, exchanging nudes and talking dirty with each other. I’ve even gotten to the point of texting him in bed when my husband is sleeping right next to me. Hell, I’ve even sent him a picture of my tits in bed with my husband sleeping in the picture!

Ever since we fucked, I’ve found myself acting like a teenager obsessed over some boy. I’ve been masturbating everyday thinking about him, wishing that I can see him again. Not only that, but James is just as enthusiastic about all of this as I am. Having all this new attention is definitely a confidence boost, to say the least.

Right now, I’m in the middle of some dirty talk with James while my husband is in the shower.

“I wanna feel that cock in me again so bad!” I send.

He then sends a picture of his hard cock to me in response, along with a text that says “I bet you do.”

I’m about to start touching myself, but James sends another message.

“I might just have to come over today.” he texts me.

“But my husband and kids are here!” I text back.

“Inside, yeah. But they won’t be outside in the backyard.” he writes.

I think I know what he’s hinting at now.

“I’ll be outside waiting then ;)” I send.

I get up and tell my husband that I’ll be doing some gardening, and for him and the kids to not come outside to distract me. He seemed a little confused, but agreed. Perfect.

I slip into a pair of black short shorts and a white tank top. I’m not wearing a bra, mainly so James can lift my shirt up if he wants to tease my nipples. God, they’re poking through my shirt now just thinking about it.

Just like James wanted, I wait outside in the backyard for him. Finally, after waiting for about 10 minutes, James arrives. He jumps over to the fence and runs over to me, looking around to make sure that no one saw him.

“You made me wait a while, didn’t you?” I ask teasingly, happy that he’s finally here.

“I’ll make it up to you.” he tells me with a wink.

“And just how are you gonna do that?” I ask as he steps closer to me.

He pulls me close to him, and I can feel his warmth as I’m pressed up against his toned chest. I look up at him and stand on my tip toes, and we begin to kiss passionately. As we make out, I feel his hands trail down my body, and he begins to grope my ass. I feel him spread my ass cheeks apart as he begins to kiss me with more vigor, and I push against him more.

I feel him pull up some, and he then picks me up. As his tongue is clashing against mine, I’m being held up in the air and pressed against the wall. I wrap my legs around him to make it easier for him to hold me up, and he pushes up against me harder.

I run my fingers through his hair as we kiss, feeling myself get wetter as he pushes up against me closer and closer.

He breaks the kiss, and begins to lick and suck on my neck, being careful to not leave any hickeys so my husband doesn’t get suspicious.

“You have no clue how much I’ve been thinking about this since last time…” I moan out.

In response, he grabs onto my ass tighter as he slides his tongue into my mouth again. Our tongues are clashing together, growing more and more passionate. I can feel his large bulge pressing against me as he pushes up against me. I moan into his mouth as it rubs against my pussy through my shorts.

He keeps kissing me, even as he sets me back down onto my feet. He then breaks the kiss and tugs down his shorts, his hard cock springing free. He doesn’t even need to tell me what to do, as the moment I see it, I drop down to my knees.

I then wrap my fingers around his thick rod and begin to stroke it slowly, looking up at him. I can feel the warmth of it begin to warm up my hand, and I kiss the tip of his dick. I keep kissing it until I slide it into my mouth, sliding as much as I can in my mouth.

To my surprise, I can fit a lot more into my mouth this time. Not able to deepthroat yet, but I’ll be able to soon enough. I try to fit even more, but I gag again.

“You can take a lot more now, huh?” James asks, looking down at me while smiling.

I nod in response, making sure his cock doesn’t slide out of my mouth. I begin to bob my head back and forth faster now, hearing him moan louder with each bob. He puts his hands up against the wall and lets out a gruff moan as I start to suck faster.

I grab onto his hips as I take as much of his cock as I can, letting my tongue run along his shaft as I do so. This is only the second time I’ve sucked him off, but I’m already hooked on the taste of his dick. It still tastes like a dick, of course, but there’s something about it that just makes me want to have it in my mouth as much as possible. It’s definitely something I never felt with my husband.

I begin to rub myself through my shorts, this time it feels even better as almanbahis adres I imagine him inside of me, since I already know how amazing it feels. I know just how good it feels to have his cock stretching me out as he slams in and out of my tight cunt, as our moans fill the room. I know how great it feels to know that I’m the slut of a man who’s more than half my age.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy, Jennifer…” James moans out as I suck him off.

I giggle at this, feeling flattered from being complimented like that. My giggle is muffled due to the fact that his cock in my mouth, so I’m sure he felt some vibrations from it.

I push forward as much as I can, fitting as much of him as possible inside of me. I then slide my head back completely, his cock sliding out, glistening from my saliva.

I’m panting heavily, looking up at him with the best “fuck me” eyes I can muster. He then grabs a fistful of hair and yanks me up and pushes me against the wall. I spread my legs, awaiting his cock to slide inside of me.

But instead, he gets down on his knees.

He then yanks down my shorts and pushes my panties to the side, exposing my trimmed pussy.

“You’ve done it to me twice so far, I think it’s time I repay the favor.” he tells me, spreading my pussy with his hands.

“Oh, James, it’s alright! I’ve never liked oral anywa-” I say, before his tongue slides inside of me and begins to explore my pussy.

Holy shit. Turns out I do like oral. Or at least, when he does it.

His warm tongue pushed his way into my vagina, and began to send waves of pleasure through me. He does this for a while, before pulling back, his chin wet from my juices.

He then slides two fingers inside of me, and quickly finds my g-spot. He begins to rub it, and places his mouth up against my clit, licking and sucking it passionately. As he’s teasing my clit with his tongue, his fingers are working magic, making me moan loudly.

I grip onto the wood paneling and throw my head back against the wall.

“Holy FUCK!” I moan out.

I never knew it could feel this good! I always thought that I just didn’t like oral. Guess my husband just sucked at it.

I push my hips against his mouth and fingers, as he keeps stimulating me. His tongue is flicking my clit, as he’s focusing entirely on my g-spot. I can barely think straight right now, as if I’m drunk from the pleasure. I can feel a pleasant warmth spread through my body as he teases me, and I never want it to stop.

I run my fingers through his hair as he keeps working his magic, and all I can do is press against him and let out my loud moans. I can feel the pleasure bubbling up inside of me, and I already know what’s going to happen.

“James-oh fuck- I’m gonna cum…” I moan out.

He keeps up his rhythm, and the pleasure builds up inside of me more and more. My moans get louder and more erratic, and my body tenses up. Finally, I cum long and hard, my walls gripping onto his fingers as I moan out.

“James!” I moan out, trying not to be too loud.

I grip onto his hair tightly as I cum, and he keeps fingering me and teasing my clit until I calm down, making sure that my orgasm finished completely.

He then stands up as my entire body shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. My back is pressed up against the wall, and I’m breathing heavily again.

He grabs onto his cock and begins to stroke it, watching my chest rise and fall with each heavy breath. I look at him and nod, knowing what he wants me to do.

I turn around and bend over, my legs far apart and my ass out. My pussy is aching, begging for his cock. I begin to shake my ass back and forth slowly, tempting him further.

I then feel his large hands grab onto both of my ass cheeks, and he spreads them. Without removing his hands, I feel his cock slide into my tight and wet pussy, stretching my walls once again.

I push against the wall hard, and let out a low and long moan as he slowly slides inside of me. Every inch filling me up as my body savors it.

“You like that, baby?” James asks me.

“Fuck yes…” I purr out.

Once he’s completely inside of me, he lets me adjust to his size again before pumping his cock in and out of me. Wet noises get louder and louder as he speeds up, along with the sounds of our skin slapping together.

With my shorts around my ankles, and my panties pushed aside, I’m having amazing sex while my husband is right inside the house I’m pushed up against. For some reason, it feels even hotter now. Maybe it’s knowing that my husband could catch us if he just walked outside. I can feel an adrenaline rush just thinking about this, despite knowing that he won’t come outside.

My pussy is tightly clenched onto his cock, gripping onto it as if my body never wanted him to pull out. Of course, I wouldn’t mind that. I think I’d like feeling almanbahis adresi this pleasure all the time.

I can feel my tits bounce back and forth with each thrust, and my moans have gotten louder as well. I then feel one of his hands lift off of my ass and grab a fistful of hair and tug back. He speeds up his pace while pulling my hair back, and both of these make me moan even louder.

“Oh my god, James!” I moan out.

With his free hand, he spanks my ass hard, leaving a stinging, sharp pain.

“Fuck! More!” I groan.

He keeps spanking my ass, and I don’t even have to look at it to know that it’s covered in his large, red hand prints. In a way, this is him marking his territory, and I fucking love it. It hurts, but it drives me crazy knowing that I’m being punished like the dirty wife that I am. Feeling the sharp sting of his hand spanking me over and over feels amazing.

“You liked being spanked, don’t you slut?” he gruffly asks me.

“Yes, I fucking love it so much!” I moan out.

“I love watching your fat ass jiggle each time I spank you.” he tells me, spanking me again.

He begins to fuck me even harder, slamming his hips against me. I push against the wall even harder, letting out a loud moan. My pussy is now wildly gripping onto and releasing his cock with each thrust.

He then releases his grip on my hair, and my head falls forwards, unable to hold it up from the pleasure I’m receiving with each thrust. I then feel him grab onto my leg and lift it up, placing it on the fence.

He doesn’t slow down at all, and begins to play with and tease my nipples through my tank top. He also begins to kiss and suck on my neck, giving me goosebumps as he does so.

“You feel so fucking good.” he whispers into my ear.

“Your cock feels so good…” I moan out in response, my eyes closed tightly.

His cock, hitting all the right places, keeps slamming in and out of me. The sounds of our skin slapping together and the wet noises are loud as hell now, but my moans manage to be even louder.

“Holy FUCK!” I scream out.

I can feel myself getting close to cumming again. I can feel the static of pleasure shoot through my body, as I become a mess, unable to think about anything about cumming hard onto his cock.

My body tenses up, and my moans turn into screams, until finally, I cum. My walls tighten around his cock as much as possible, and I push up against the wall. My eyes are closed tightly and my toes curl up as I climax.

“James! Oh, fuck, James!” I scream out as I cum.

He keeps going as I cum hard on his dick. When my body relaxes and my screams turn into low moans, he pulls out. I whine a little without even realizing it, and I can hear him chuckle because of it.

“Did my slutty witch like that?” he jokes.

“I’m not your slutty witch anymore.” I tell him. “I’m your slutty MILF now.” I say, smiling at him.

“Good fucking girl.” he tells me, rubbing my red ass with his big hand. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind if you put that costume back on.” he says, a mischievous smirk on his face.

“You sure you wouldn’t want a different costume? Just think, I could wear whatever you wanted…” I tell him.

“Fuck, there are plenty of things I wanna see you in. But right now, I just wanna see my cock in you.” he tells me.

I stand up straight, and look down at his erect cock.

“So, what position do you want to try next?” I ask him.

“Here, let me pick you up again…” he says, as he lifts me up.

We’re in the same position we were in while we were kissing, but this time, I can feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy.

“I think I like this a lot more than when we were just kissing.” I say.

He then slides his cock inside of me, looking me in the eye.

“I know.” he tells me.

If there’s anything I’ve learned today, it’s that being held up and fucked feels amazing. I mean, he’s only moving it in and out slowly right now, but it still feels great. Maybe it’s because I can tell just how strong he is since he’s holding me up.

I grab onto his shoulders and wrap my legs around him to make it easier for him to hold me up, and he then begins to thrust in and out of me faster than before. I catch a glimpse of my leg, and notice that my shorts are still hanging off one of my ankles.

I quickly press my back up against the wall, and lift my tank top off, exposing my bare breasts. I toss it onto the fence, and wrap my arms around James again. Feeling my boobs pressed up against him, rubbing against him with each thrust makes my nipples get hard.

My mind starts to run off to how I was before James and I started our little… secret. I was a sexually frustrated housewife, who had a completely dead bedroom. I was just focused on being a good mother who would make breakfast and dinner for them, and made sure the almanbahis adres house was clean. I was basically a trophy wife.

But now, I’m a slut who’s obsessed with a young man’s huge cock. Of course, I’m still a good mother, but I’m definitely not a trophy wife now. At least, I think that. On the outside, I’m still the happy and perfect wife who’s loved by everyone in the neighborhood. But truthfully, I’m a cheating slut who’s hooked on James’s cock.

And I love this new life so much more.

I feel his cock slam into me hard, and my mind jumps back. I let out a loud moan as my pussy tightens around his dick again, and dig my nails into his back.

“Your cock feels so good, baby!” I moan into his ear.

He begins to thrust in and out of me even faster, and I wrap my legs around him tighter. I feel his grip on my ass tighten as well, and I’m practically screaming in his ear from the pleasure.

“Fuck, James!” I cry out.

He then kisses me hungrily, as I moan into his mouth. His cock keeps stretching me out and hitting all my most pleasurable spots. Places that now belong to James. He found them, and my husband will never know that they even exist.

My husband is right inside, completely unaware that I’m having some of the best sex of my life. If he came out here right now, he’d see his perfect little wife, who he loves so much, being held up against the wall and fucked by a younger, stronger, and sexier man. Not only that, he’d see that his wife is a slut. But not for him. For James.

“You’re so fucking tight.” James moans out, breaking the kiss.

I moan out his name, and dig my nails into his back even deeper as he keeps slamming in and out of me. My legs are tightly wrapped around me, and he’s fucking me as hard and as fast as he possibly can.

The sounds of our bodies slamming together are ringing through the air, and I’m sure my neighbors could hear if they were outside. But I don’t care. Let them hear. They’ll only get jealous of the amazing sex that’s happening right now.

I notice that my moans are getting louder again, and I know that I’ll cum soon again. Three times in one session. James is a fucking god.

I wrap around him even tighter, moaning loudly into his ear as the walls of my pussy are gripping and releasing his cock rapidly. I throw my head back and close my eyes tightly, my teeth gritting.

“Oh, FUCK! I’m gonna cum again!” I scream out.

James grabs onto my ass tighter in response, and keeps slamming that perfect cock in and out of me.

“You’re so fucking hot, Jennifer…” he moans out.

Each thrust is making the pleasure bubble up inside of me, until finally, it spills over. I feel the warmth of the pleasure explode throughout my body, as I cum hard on his huge cock. I keep screaming his name and obscenities over and over, as I can’t control what I say anymore.

“I love your cock!” I scream out.

He keeps thrusting in and out of me, and I can tell that he’s getting close as well. I’m starting to recover from my orgasm as I notice this.

“Jennifer, I’m gonna-” he moans out, before I interrupt him, regaining my senses after my orgasm ends.

“Mouth. I want to taste your cum again.” I tell him.

He pulls his cock out of me quickly, and sets me down onto my feet. I quickly sink to my knees, and see that he’s jerking himself off. I remove his hands and throw them to his sides.

“No. I want to do this myself.” I tell him as I wrap my hand around his warm cock.

I begin to jerk him off, and it’s easy since it’s wet from my pussy juices. I’m quickly sliding my hand back and forth, my mouth wide open and my tongue sticking out, ready to catch his seed.

He presses his hand up against the wall, and his moans get deeper and sexier.

“Fuck…” he moans out, as he shoots a rope of cum along my face.

I knew that if I wanted it all in my mouth, I should’ve wrapped my lips around his head. But, I really wanted to feel him cum on my face too.

I feel rope after rope of warm cum land on my face. I closed my eyes to make sure none of it would land in them, and I don’t stop jerking him off until I stop feeling cum land on me.

Finally, after jerking him off for around a minute, I stop jerking him off since I didn’t feel any more cum shoot out. I glance up at him and smile.

“Fuck, you covered my face!” I tell him, laughing.

He stumbles back a little from the intensity of the orgasm, and laughs as well.

“That felt so good…” he tells me.

I begin to slide the cum into my mouth and swallow as much as I can.

“I might have to go hose my face off before I go back inside.” I tell him, laughing.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” he says, his mischievous smirk coming back again.

“Oh, shut up. I wanted this.” I tell him. “Now go run off back home. I’ll text you tonight.” I tell him, standing up and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

He nods, and pulls up his pants and jumps over the fence.

“Bye!” he tells me.

I wave goodbye, and get dressed again and begin to walk towards the hose so that I can clean off the remaining cum.

Fuck, that was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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