Mart 24, 2023

Birthday Dinner

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Feeling adventurous this year, you decide to skip the normal crowd of friends, the usual party, the standard cake and ice cream. Instead, you decide to celebrate your birthday with me, a stranger you’ve only just met online. You’re intrigued by the stories we’ve shared, and you wonder if the reality could be even half as appealing as the fantasy. When I ask to take you out for your birthday celebration, you nervously decide to accept.

We meet rather late, at a small Italian restaurant in a trendy part of town. Still, the place is relatively crowded, but we are lucky enough to get a booth in the corner of the dimly lit room. The red cushions are deep and soft and wrap around the table in a semi-circle. We have to sit a few feet away from one another in order to look at each other across the table. We order our first bottle of wine to break the ice, and we order the second to celebrate the big day. By the time we have finished our meals, we are both feeling the soft elation of one too many drinks. Our eyes lock more frequently, and each time for a little longer. I take your hand during one such exchange, holding it softly. After a moment, I begin to slowly run my fingertips up your forearm, dragging the backs of my fingernails lightly over your skin. Your eyes close and you take a deep breath.

I slide around the booth, slipping in next to you so that we are sitting side by side. While still stroking your arm with one hand, I reach subtly under the table with the other. I place a palm on your bare knee and almost immediately begin to inch my hand up your smooth thigh. You glance nervously at me, but I just stare back, and my hand continues on its path. It isn’t slowed by the hem of your skirt, which my hand now slides under. The material bunches against my wrist as I continue to creep deeper into your lap. Finally, my fingers find the edge of your panties, soft and delicate. I stop there, feeling the soft heat from between your legs. You feel the light pressure of my hand, and when I look at you, you drop your eyes.

I begin to press against you now, massaging your softness through your panties. I move my hand in small, firm, careful circles. You glance around the room anxiously, but I keep rubbing. Your breathing quickens a bit, and I match each exhale with a deeper massage. I can feel the moisture begin to seep through the cloth now, and it excites me. My cock begins to throb slightly under the table, and I place your hand over it so you can feel what you do to me. You try to pull away at first, but my strong grip won’t let you.

I let my fingertips follow the lines of your panties now, and I discover that they cling to your waist with only the thinnest of strings on each side. I wrap my fingers around one of these strings and, with no warning, pull sharply. The material snaps and you gasp slightly. The waistband now broken, I push the front of the thong aside, exposing your pussy. I trail a finger up one of your wet lips, savoring the sensation. I make a loop over the top of your clit and continue down the other side. After circling your slit a few times, I slowly press one finger against it. I slide easily into your soft, soaking hole, your pussy lips squeezing around me as I enter you. Your face looks flushed now, but I continue to hold your hand on my crotch. almanbahis You can feel my dick hard against your hand, pulsing under my pants. I push my finger all the way in, and it slides with little resistance. Making small circles inside you, I press against your hot flesh. I begin to massage your g-spot, feeling its firmness deep inside of you.

Suddenly, we are snapped from our little world when the waiter appears and asks about dessert. Again, you struggle subtly against me, but I keep our hands locked on each other under the table. “Just a coffee for me, please.” As I say it, I slide my finger out of you and onto the bottom of your clit, applying even pressure. From there, I begin to circle the hard little mound, massaging it while the waiter stands just a few feet away. “Anything for you, Kris?” I half whisper it. You just shake your head. I caress you more earnestly during your reply, allowing my hand to be soaked by you now. Your juices have you slick, and I’m rubbing you faster and harder as he stands there. You can feel the orgasm rushing towards you, but you fight it. I focus two fingers right on your clit, and you feel their alternating pressures as I stroke you faster and faster. I can feel your legs trembling slightly, and you’re now dripping onto the seat. Finally, the waiter turns to leave. As he does, I force my fingers back into your cunt, suddenly, almost violently. My thumb keeps pressure on your clit as I fuck your hole with my fingers. This sudden stimulation sends you rushing over the edge, unable to hold back. You moan out loud, just for a second, before catching your breath in your throat. The waiter turns back, thinking you’ve called him over. “It’s nothing. Sorry,” I say. As I do, your thighs crush my hand between them. I watch your chest heaving, and for the first time I feel you squeeze my thick cock. I slowly pull my fingers out, running them along your clit as I do. The sudden sensitivity makes you squirm.

I grab your torn panties and pull hard again, this time ripping loose the other side of the waistband. I wipe my wet hand with them, then drop them to the floor. I smile as I think about the busboy sweeping them into his pan after we leave, making the connection with the wet spot you’ve left on the cushion.

Your breathing normalizes, and the coffee arrives. You watch me sip quietly for a few minutes. Finally, you smile sheepishly and say, “I think I’d better use the restroom. I need to get myself cleaned up.” I nod. You straighten your skirt, stand, and take a few steps. Even from my seat, I can see a small trail of shimmering wetness creeping just past your skirt. I stand up quietly and follow you. As you slip into the bathroom, I catch the door before you can close it. I push past, turn, and lock the door to the one person facility. “What are you…” is all you get out before I push you to your knees and press my cock – already freed from my pants – against your open lips.

Your eyes open wide as my thick head parts your lips. I thrust just an inch or so inside you, widening your soft mouth. I pull back out once you’ve quieted and rub the mixture of your saliva and my precum around the outside of your lips, your chin, and your cheeks. You look up at me and, while looking back, I slip my shaft back into your mouth, almanbahis giriş more slowly and gently this time. You can taste the saltiness already gathered at my tip, and in seconds you are already licking tidy circles around my head. You keep your eyes trained on mine as I begin to push deeper inside of you. You take me in, thick and long, a little at a time. The suction from your lips makes me swell even larger, and I can feel my rod throbbing against your lips.

I gasp as you take me all the way in, deep-throating every bit of me. I moan at the sensation of your throat closing around my tip, and I hold your face tightly against my body while my dick fills your mouth. After a moment, you begin to squirm, but I don’t release you immediately. The power of holding you, speared against me, is a rush. I lean my head back and let the electric sensations you’re producing wash over me. When you begin to struggle harder, I guide you slowly off me with my hands. You pause for a second but take no coercing to immediately wrap your lips back around me, sucking me back into you more fervently this time. I grab a hold of your hair as my hips begin to rock back and forth, pumping into your hungry mouth. My balls tighten in excitement when I look back down and see you massaging your pussy vigorously as you blow me. Whimpers and moans mix naturally with the sloppy wet sounds of your snatch and mouth and the pleasures they are bringing to us both.

When I know I couldn’t possibly get any harder, I slow my hips and gradually pull back. You look up at me expectantly, waiting for your order. I stand above you, stroking myself slowly, spit and precum dripping onto your chest and face. “Stand up,” I say in almost a growl, “and turn around.”

You rise to your feet and turn in front of me. “Bend over.” You do, supporting yourself against the clean white sink protruding from the wall. “Show yourself to me. Let me see your pussy.” Still bending, you again obey. You reach back with one hand and pull your skirt over your ass. Your legs are spread slightly. I kneel, licking clean the insides of each thigh. Your pussy lips glisten, and I lick those as well. I push my face deep into your slit, burying my tongue inside you. You turn your head to look back at me. “Turn around,” I snap. You do, and you’re left with nothing to do but stare at yourself in the mirror as my agile tongue sends electricity through you.

I listen closely to your breathing and watch intently as your lips swell against my mouth. When I know that you’re close to cumming again, I stand and wipe my wet chin and cheeks. My cock, still pointed stiffly in front of me, pushes against your exposed ass. I rub its bottom side down your crack, feeling your crevice caress it. I push it downward towards the floor and repeat the motion, this time allowing the top of it to drag under your soaked pussy. Now wet and steely hard, I push my tip against your pink hole. I can almost feel you pulsing in anticipation, and I hold my head barely inside you. I can feel you tightening around me, but I don’t yet give you what you want, what you’re dripping for, what is making your chest heave against the porcelain. When you try to thrust backwards, I pull away and smack you cleanly, crisply on your ass. The sound echoes through almanbahis yeni giriş the room and you wince a little, but when I next catch your reflection in the mirror I can see that your face is flushed and you’re breathing more heavily. “Not until I say so.”

I hold myself against you for another moment, letting juices drip stickily down the insides of your thighs. Finally, when neither of us can stand it any longer, I push slowly inside you, savoring the image of my girth splitting you. You groan and rock your hips, taking in every bit of me you can. I hold myself inside you, nails digging into your hips, then pull almost entirely out. My cock is shimmering with your moisture now, and the room is redolent of sex. I enter you again, this time more sharply, and you gasp out loud. My hips smack against your ass, and I grow more frenzied at the sensation of your firm bare flesh pressed against mine. I begin pulling out and sliding in rhythmically, pumping your cunt with a forceful desperation that makes you quiver. I fill you, and you can feel my thickness spreading you wide. Your head dips and rises, your hips following, your tits swaying underneath you. I watch us both in the mirror. I grab a handful of hair and pull it towards me, snapping your head backwards. You reach down involuntarily and begin stroking your clit, smacking your hand against your beautiful pussy. A meager knock comes through the door, but neither of us slow. “Not now,” I bark. You lift one leg, resting your knee on the sink, opening your slit even wider for me. The new angle allows me to penetrate even deeper, and neither of us can control ourselves now. Your hand is a blur between your legs, and I can feel an incredible pressure close to bursting in every inch of my body. You see me in the mirror and pant, “Fuck me… oh God, keeping fucking me… I’m going… I’m going to cum so hard…”

The words alone are enough to unleash your orgasm, and convulsions envelope your body. Your nipples are so firm they’re visible through your shirt. Your skin is slick with sweat. Your legs tremble. Your voice rises, your breaths come in uneven heaves, your pussy tightens, and you press both hands against the mirror to steady yourself as wave after wave shakes your body.

Before it can stop, I pull you upright and turn you around, facing me. With my powerful arms, I lift you onto the counter and push your wet legs apart. Smacking my dick against your spread pussy a few times, I can’t hold back. You reach down and take my slippery member in both hands any stroke it rapidly, almost uncontrollably. Almost instantly, I explode, shooting hot, thick ropes of sticky cum all over your tits, your stomach, thighs, and slit. The convulsions keep coming, and my hands clamp onto your legs as my eyes close and my head rolls back. I’m throbbing hard, and when I open my eyes again, you are masturbating one more time, rubbing yourself with my giz, spreading it like a lube up and down your lips and over your clit. You have a final orgasm like that, the heat of my cum and the softness of your own hands sending your over the edge once more. As you finish, I pull you off the counter and back to your knees, where you started. “Clean me up,” is all I say. You do, licking the splatter from my legs and stomach and cock. When you finish, you wipe yourself off with a wet paper towel before slipping your skirt back down.

I take your hand and lead you out the door, past the few patrons that still remain. As we pass, I toss cash on our table and follow you out the door and into the cool late night air.

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