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Gwaine and the Black Knight Pt. 03

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A story from the Round Table.

Despondency had followed the visit of the Black Knight. The bleak outlook of a visit to the mysterious warrior a year hence for the payment of the forfeit. The only way to conserve his reputation his honour, was to submit to the might of the Black Knight. The challenge for Sir Gwaine was how to survive the onslaught that the Black Knight would unleash, the unendurable pain and terrible injury he himself had so often caused in others and there was no way he could see to prepare for it.

Then, a breakthrough. With the help of his loyal page, Arthur and two members of the Castle Guard, Gwaine had started on a journey of self discovery and research. He understood the world through physical training and the development of skills and strength to meet specific challenges and this would be his way to face the task. He must learn from whatever source was available and focus his training to meet the needs of a mission.

In any contest, the first thing in the mind of a champion should be that there is always someone greater out there. When you’re the biggest, most skilful on the training ground, the only way to learn how to be beat those unknown champions who presently stand greater than yourself, is to anticipate them, anticipate what their strategies might be, train to meet those challenges and overcome them.


For a while Gwaine was unable to reconnect his real world senses. His body seemed to be locked in another dimension, viewed from the outside. Only seconds since the blast of his overwhelming orgasm but it seemed like hours ago in the aftermath. This could go very badly if not carefully controlled with iron discipline. He snapped back to full consciousness.

His hearing gave him the hard breathing of the 3 individuals locked in physical contact. Himself, the two guards, Pistwl and Bardwlff all slowly recovering their respiration following exertion. Then, nearby, the calmer, melancholy of his young servant, Arthur.

The smell of freshly spilled semen, strong male body odour with a background of burning torches.

His tastebuds read slightly sweet, slightly salt and uniquely hormonal rasping in the throat. That, he now knew, was a requirement of this experience, having tasted it for the first time the previous day from the fingers of the Black Knight. He would learn to detect subtle variations as his experience grew.

He couldn’t see much beyond the pubic bush and the ginger body hair of Pistwl, slammed up against his face and stuck fast in a tangle of beard, saliva, pubes and cum.

He allowed his butt cheeks to relax, freeing his super-size hands. With a grunt, Bardwlff allowed his rapidly shrinking cock to slither out of the great man’s arse and with one big mitt on each of Pistwl’s hips, Gwaine carefully separated his face from the soldier’s musky groin allowing the sticky member, that had been reaming his tonsils, to slip from his lips in order that he could stand up.

So there were the four men, two naked guards, a nearly naked knight, towering over them with his lower garments at his ankles and finally, the timid, fully clothed page, albeit with a somewhat shameful sticky stain leaking at his groin.

Full of confidence, like a wounded but ultimately victorious combatant, oblivious to the detritus of rough, improvised carnality all around, Gwaine proclaimed, “I will see to it that you two have detachment from your regular guard duties and assignment to my service from today. You will treat this posting seriously as you would any military training” He added “Report to me here each morning after drill parade inspection until further notice.”

Then, in a tone that carried a clearly discernible threat, he said, “Regard everything you see, hear and do in my service as top secret, completely confidential and if I find that there has been drunken tittle tattle in the tavern or any such gossiping, I will regard it as treason.”

Then, menacingly hefting his now half flaccid monster cock, he said, “The sentence of death will be slow and painful and carried out by myself.” He barked, “Do I make myself clear?”

“SAH!” Snapped Bardwlff with a smart, if naked, salute.

“Yes Sir!” Piped Pistwl at attention.

“Right!” Trumpeted their commander, “Get yourselves back in that tub, get cleaned up, I want this mess cleared away.”

Then, in a very different tone, more business like than military, he turned to his loyal manservant, cowering in the shadows. “Find me a tub, Arthur and attend me upstairs directly.”

Yes, my lord.” Bleated the young man, feeling slightly more secure in his familiar duties.


One privilege of his rank within the Castle hierarchy was bath water. This great luxury, brought by a serf bearing a heavy wooden yoke, from which hung two leather buckets, up the stone flights from the well in the square far below and laboriously delivered to a small copper tub in Gwaine’s upper chamber. It took time. Time enough for Arthur to heat a cauldron istanbul travesti on the fire in Gwaine’s chamber. Time for Arthur to think about what he had just seen, what had happened to him and ponder the questions which would now be clattering around uncomfortably in his master’s mind and which would undoubtedly spill out during bath time, when his master liked to mull over current issues. An important part of any skilled servant’s work is to remember their superior’s likes and dislikes and if possible anticipate their needs.

Meanwhile, Gwaine had sent for the king’s engineer. He had had a series of interconnected ideas. In due course, a messenger arrived offering apologies for the delay but would it please his lordship to see the engineer during the afternoon? The knight returned the messenger to report that it would please his lordship greatly for it was this man who had designed the hanging apparatus in Gwaine’s lower chambers.

Gwaine concluded his bathing and whilst his magnificent body was drying near embers of the fire on which Arthur had heated the bathwater, it occurred to him that there were a number of aspects of anatomy, matters of curiosity arising from his recent experiences, which he could not see on his own body and about which he knew little or nothing. He said as much, out loud, once again to himself but more as an opener to this de-briefing session.

He looked at his page, whose own body was, by weight certainly less than half that of his own and reasoned that the principles would be the same. It was time for an anatomy lesson.

He squatted carefully down on a low footstool and beckoned to the page to come forward. Arthur had been blotting at the front of his leggings in an attempt to remove the remains of the embarrassing semen stain there. This had now, more or less, disappeared but standing right in front of the crouched knight, they both knew it was still there and how it had come to be.

Folded over, as he was, Gwaine’s nose was at that very level and the youthful pungency of the young man’s crotch. His master noted a certain feeling in his own body in response to that scent. However, from an investigative point of view, Gwaine felt familiar enough at present with what happened in this area of a man’s body and his intention was to focus on other features that had excited his curiosity during the visit of the Black Knight and again this morning.

Speaking gently to the young man, “I would like to know more about what Private Bardwlff did to me and about why it felt the way it did.” Explained the knight.” I’m aware that when I grabbed at you earlier it was without your permission to do so.” He ventured. “Perhaps other knights would dismiss such things but a man must have his dignity.” Continued Gwaine with a concerned look. “You need not fear me, Arthur. Will you trust me to touch you?”

Emboldened by this, Arthur said “Master, my very life is in your hands, how could I refuse you?”

With a deeply anxious frown, Gwaine stroked his beard thoughtfully and then said “Arthur, I will ask you questions about what I am doing and a simple ‘Please, my lord’ will be enough to stop me. I know that earlier when you pleaded I was deafened by the rush of blood in my excited head but I am listening now, I promise.”

This statement came very close to an apology, which in courtly protocol was unsettling to Arthur but he managed “My lord, I was dizzy with excitement myself, you did nothing to hurt me but I was startled and acutely embarrassed at my predicament.”

Reassured the knight said “Then we understand each other very well as I’d hoped we might.” He pressed on. ” Conventions insist that much of what I need to explore for this mission would cause embarrassment, we must try to disregard these conventions in order to understand these phenomena.”

“What would you like me to do, my lord?” Asked Arthur, earnestly.

“A thorough examination of your body will be necessary and you must respond to my touch as honestly as you can in what ever way your instincts suggest. We can learn much from this which will be of value in this quest.” Gwaine said all this with a seriousness that could not be misinterpreted. “Would you prefer to scrub yourself in the tub before we begin?”

With a slightly squeamish look Arthur nodded and quickly stripped out of his tunic and leggings, hopping lithely into the tub and busying himself with the task. Even though it was his master’s bathwater, perhaps it was because it was his master’s bathwater, the privilege was a rare one for a servant to bathe indoors, Arthur took great pleasure in scrubbing himself clean for his lordship. His pale, almost hairless body, ivory white, shimmering in spring daylight that reached into the room.

He stepped out onto the great hearth stone after only a little more than a minute, where the broad granite slab was warmed by the glow from embers in the grate and without the matted body hair his master carried, he dripped dry very quickly.

He istanbul travestileri showed no sign of coyness as Gwaine studied his naked body and it’s movement, in and out of the bathtub. His frame was small but he was far from a weakling. Healthy strong limbs from a life of fetching and carrying, mostly up and down stairs in the castle. His nakedness brought him no shame whatever, so Gwaine could deduce from this that the embarrassment he showed during their interaction earlier was that of being seen to enjoy the sexual horseplay of other men.

“I would like you to turn your back to me, with your legs spread and bend forward at the hip.” Instructed Gwaine precisely. “Good. Now bend your knees slightly, keep your head up and keep your back. straight. Excellent.” Complemented the knight. “At this point, I have a fine view of your buttocks, Arthur but nothing more” Although Gwaine noted that the young man’s scrotal sack was dangling below and that his penis was not, suggesting that his youthful organ had risen to a stand merely at the adoption of this pose, “Interesting!” he thought.

“My lord, would you like me to part my cheeks as you yourself did earlier?” Asked Arthur, helpfully.

“Not yet, Arthur. Thank you for the suggestion. It is most welcome that you make such observations and please do continue so to do.” Enthused the knight. “First I must experience a few of the preliminary actions used by Bardwlff.”

At that, Gwaine brought his face right up to the pale silky smooth backside of his servant and Arthur could feel the warmth of the man’s breath on his tender cheeks and his ballsack which made his whole body tingle with excitement. This close, Gwaine could see tiny ginger blond hairs shimmering all over the young man’s butt and more obviously on his thighs and in the crack of his arse. Delighted by this the big man blew on them playfully and watched them flicker. A shiver of tittilliation rippled through the servant’s body and a little gasp escaped his almost beardless lips.

Gwaine pressed his bristly face up against Arthurs arse, aware as the young man countered with his body weight. Then the knight pushed his snout between the cheeks and allowed his breath to whistle into that fleshy canyon before pushing out his tongue to explore. It was apparent from the bobbing of the young man’s balls that his cock was twitching and Gwaine himself had long since felt that bouncing in his own gigantic member. He was glad that the servant could not see this with his head held high as it was a sight to be feared as well as it was marvellous.

Imagining his prodding tongue inside the unfamiliar cavity, Gwaine could feel the fine hairs and the muscular strip that runs between the scrotum and the anus, which he could access from below and the touching of which seemed to meet with approval. Then probing a little higher, Gwaine could feel a difference in the surface texture and assumed he had arrived at the hole in Arthur’s arse. The touch of which elicited a sharp intake of breath from the young servant. Gwaine remembered that at this point in his earlier experience he had felt the need to expose his hole to Bardwlff’s tongue and had instinctively reached back to open the way for him. He pressed and pressed but could do little more than swirl the very tip of his tong around the little tight bud.

Now that his penis was dribbling pre-cum and he was enjoying this exploration greatly, Gwaine was finding it hard to keep a strict investigator’s scrutiny about the proceedings but he removed his bewhiskered face from the warm confines of the lad’s warm butt hole and kept his tone business-like without the merest waver in his voice. “You may now part your cheeks, Arthur. Thank you.”

“Yes, my lord.” Breathed the page and he reached behind himself with both hands, took hold and enthusiastically pulled apart that damp channel exposing the treasure within. The stretching of the skin around the little pink pucker and to Gwaine’s eye everything seemed to be pointing in, invitingly towards that soft, unprotected centre.

“Perfect.” Purred Gwaine, quietly, as he felt the saliva stimulated in his mouth and throat.

The way was open and Gwaine was struggling to keep his animal instincts in check. He knew too well that this vulnerable young man would split open like a peach if he lost control and that irresistible urge to fuck got the better of him.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, to allow his blood pressure to come down and his heart rate to normalise, taking in the new vista, the fine detail of the young man’s rosebud of a hole. Then he nuzzled forward again. His nose, his moustaches, his lips, his instincts brought all of these into this game of tickle and tease. He was awestruck by how turned on he felt, how unbelievably hard his cock had become, how it drooled his pleasure onto the hearthstone. His head buzzed with the beauty of this new experience and how he just seemed to know what to do. His strong, bearded mouth travesti istanbul kissed unbidden, he opened his lips wide and planted it as if to bite a large fruit but instead suck intensely at the surrounding flesh as he teased the hole with his tongue.

Arthur’s legs began to quake and his chest heaved with lust. There had been no need for questions thus far, no need for permission to proceed. Gurgling and moaning sounds slipped from his chest cavity, sounds he’d never made before came welling up out of some bestial pit within him. When Gwaine finally thrust his tongue through the little portal and into Arthur’s body, the young man let forth a growl like a cornered bear which belied his diminutive stature. He rocked back to try to push the invader deeper and he wanted it all.

Gwaine didn’t know that Arthur was no virgin but he knew that what he was doing was gratefully received and he began tongue fucking the lad until his tongue muscle ached with the unfamiliar effort. With his powerful left hand he steadied the quivering servant, gripping his left thigh, close to the hip. With his right, he reached through the young man’s legs to stroke his chest and to find the pale, pink nipples which he gently brushed and circled with his calloused fingers to the accompaniment of more guttural panting and sighing. Gwaine was revelling in this newfound joy at being able to give such intense pleasure.

Then an idea popped into his mind and his right hand was redeployed. His thick fingers, scooped up cock drool from the considerable pool of viscose spoog forming below his throbbing cock head and he allowed it to dribble onto the base of the page’s spine where it flowed slowly into his arse crack towards his hole. Gwaine dived in on this and worked it delightedly into the softening, yielding orifice. First with his tongue and he certainly liked the taste of his own masculine power, then with another scooping motion, he used his stout forefinger to swirl around the stretched out skin around the anus. More yet and that forefinger gently wiggle into the opening. Almost forgetting to breath with the concentration, he gathered more goo and it lodged into the opening the short distance to the first knuckle.

“Arthur, is that painful for you?” Enquired the master

“No indeed my lord.” Replied the servant between heavy breathing and faint, stammered whimpers which certainly didn’t sound like pain.

Gwaine gently turned the finger tip to work the sticky pre-cum into the sphincter, then gently removed it, Replenishing this natural lubricant from the ample supply below, Gwaine reinserted, this time to the broader, second knuckle and he was through to the inner sanctum where the smooth, soothing juice of his own body was once more smeared around to salve the intrusion. The third entry and Gwaine’s exploratory digit found his principle goal, that magical place that had seemed to bring the walls of Jericho tumbling around him earlier as Bardwlff’s bulbous cockhead burst in on his own hotspot and Arthur now gave every impression, in a series of guttural utterances, that the effect was just as strong as when Gwaine had felt that stimulus.

Gwaine imagined that moment when Bardwlff’s strangely bent cock had rubbed against his prostate and visualised this invasion of the young man’s insides as he fingered Arthur’s arse. Then the muscles inside Arthur spasmed and gripped Gwaine’s finger really tightly. The servant’s semen shot out of him and his body rocked and bucked. Between contractions, Gwaine delightedly thrust his finger forward again and again onto the button that triggered the first explosion, milking the lad of every last drop of his essence. Arthur, in a helpless rapture, felt like a puppet on the end of the knights manipulating digit.

Helpless to relieve his own cock without breaking the magic he was weaving in his servant’s body, Gwaine was harder, more frustrated than he had ever been. It curved up to his furry chest hair in the confined crouch of his seating position. So, he focussed his mind and tensed the muscle under his cock as hard as he could, which always seemed to make the member jump and to stimulate his own prostate, that button he now identified in Arthur’s insides. Tighter and tighter Gwaine squeezed, desperate to cum, as his probing finger delightedly creamed the last few drops from Arthur’ spent body, he could feel pressure somewhere down in his own, freshly fucked hole and suddenly he was squirting his own jizz he could squeeze and squirt, squeeze and squirt and relieve himself without a hand. The pleasure almost took the top off his head.

Arthur’s legs gave out and his body crumpled onto the floor with Gwaine’s finger rather comically sticking out of his cherry hole but it was Arthur who laughed first and then the rich bass-baritone of the giant warrior joined in. Their naked bodies joined, as if by an umbilical, celebrating new knowledge, relief, joy, the road to victory, who knows?

Gwaine would never have believed he could give so much ecstatic pleasure and at the same time derive so much pleasure. Already, in one day, he had learnt how it was that a man could crave the body of another man inside his, could long for the touch and taste and smell, the sight of another man’s body.

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