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Graduation Present

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Sam White moved around the party, accepting congratulations, chatting about his future.

It was mostly family here for his High School graduation party, since a lot of friends were having their own, and about the only person his age was his cousin, Becca, who would graduate herself next year. She was off chatting with her mother, Sam’s Aunt Julie, and as he approached, he heard Becca say, “But, Mom, none of my friends like him! He’s like such a dork!”

Upon seeing Sam come near, Becca gasped and turned red. “Oh, hi, Sam! There you are! Great party! Tricia and Lisa said they were sorry but they couldn’t make it.”

Sam knew they had been talking about him, judging by their expressions, but had heard it all before: He always struck out with girls. He didn’t know why, but they just didn’t like him that way, only as friends.

Rather than make a scene, Sam smiled and changed the subject, but he thought, “I’m not ugly, I’m in decent shape, I just can’t talk to girls!”

When Becca stepped away, Aunt Julie grabbed his arm and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. “I’m proud of you, Honey. You’re all grown up, and you handled that like a man! Someday, Sammy, you’ll be knocking those girls dead!”

Two days later, his mom said, “Honey, do me a favor. Aunt Julie needs these bowls back for another party. Can you bring them over? Take my car, and then you can use it for the rest of the day, okay?”

Sam didn’t have his own wheels so having access to the car was great! Besides, maybe Becca would have friends over, and seeing him driving might make him look cool.

He rang the door and heard Aunt Julie holler, “Come on in, Sam! It’s open!” He followed the music into the kitchen. There was Aunt Julie in cut-off jeans and a tank top, prepping food, slicing and sorting. “Oh, great! Just in time! Thanks, Honey! How are you? Bored with summer yet?”

He always felt comfortable with his Mom’s older sister, and spoke freely. “Not yet! Is Becca around? I got Mom’s car for the day.”

She paused, turning to him, a pouting look on her freckled face. “Sorry, Honey, Becca went with a bunch of the kids to the lake.”

Sam had heard something about that, but hadn’t been invited. “Oh, yeah, that’s right, I forgot.”

Aunt Julie wiped her hands on the dish towel as she continued looking at him, and now Sam felt self-conscious. To avoid her eyes, he looked lower and his gaze stopped abruptly at her chest. Aunt Julie was not wearing a bra! He hadn’t really noticed how nice her breasts were until now, her brown nipples like half-dollars, distinct through the thin white fabric. Now he felt more embarrassed.

She stepped closer. In the platform sandals, she was his height, five foot seven, and she put her arms around his neck. “You poor thing! Fuck ’em! You don’t need them. Once you get to college, you’ll have plenty of girls!”

Sam was surprised at her language, and she saw it on his face. “Oh, Baby, did I embarrass you? You didn’t think I talked that way, right? Well, I’m sorry, but those girls are little bitches if they can’t see what a catch you are!”

Their faces were only inches apart when he looked into her eyes. She seemed so different close up, her auburn hair down to her shoulders, parted in the middle, framing her smooth, pretty face, and he could picture her in bed, her hair all mussed şişli escort from a night of sex. He had never thought of Aunt Julie this way!

She saw the confusion on his face, and kept talking to explain what she meant. “I mean, when I was younger, a guy like you, handsome, in good shape, would have been fighting the girls off!”

Sam mumbled, “Well, I guess I was born too late.” His eyes dropped, now peering into the valley between her breasts and he felt awkward and aroused.

She followed his gaze, both looking down, and she began to see that Sam wasn’t used to being this close to any female, girl or woman. She also felt him tighten up and shift his hips away, and was startled to realize Sam was becoming sexually aroused! “By me!” she thought. “That’s so… flattering!”

She also realized how long it had been for her. Divorced eight years, she dated but didn’t fuck every Tom, Dick and Harry. In fact, her last sex was a year ago and it was unsatisfactory.

She thought of Sam, how he was always a sweet quiet kid, never one to complain, but she could tell this girl thing weighed heavily on him. In a few months, he would go off to college, and Becca had told her she was almost certain that Sam was still a virgin. This, she thought, was unacceptable. and could get worse.

While these and other thoughts ran through her head, Sam was busy thinking similar thoughts, about sex and relatives and college and the unknown. He also grew more aroused. The moment seemed to stretch into an hour.

Finally, she lifted his chin with one hand, their faces so close. “Sam… I know it’s not my place… if I’m over the line, just tell me to shut up, okay?” Sam nodded, looking deep into those pale blue eyes, so deep, so close.

“Sam, are you a virgin?”

He hesitated, then nodded, ashamed.

“Baby, first off, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with you. Second, are you gay?”

Sam’s eyes went wide and before he could respond, she regretted it, saying, “I didn’t think so, not that it would matter. You make you’re own choices, but…” She couldn’t believe she was saying this to her own nephew, but he needed something, confidence, assurance, something! “Sam… is there anything that I can do to help?”

Sam’s mind was racing, thinking, “There sure is!” but to her he said, “What do you mean?”

“Well, maybe if you had some experience, it would build your confidence. I could… answer questions, maybe? Or show you things?” With that, she stepped back from him, letting her arms fall at her sides.

“He’s looking me over,” she thought. “I’m not 18 like him but I’m not bad for 45. Let him look, his eyes will tell you.”

Sam gazed up and down, her smooth legs exposed to her thighs, bare shoulders, swollen cleavage, then back to her face. “I’ve… never seen a real girl undressed. I mean, pictures, but never live.”

Julie smiled at his honesty, and blushed at him thinking of her as a girl. “Would you like to see me, Honey?”

Sam didn’t say a word, just nodded, and she took his hand. “Not here, in the kitchen. Come inside, away from the windows.”

He walked nervously, feeling her warmth flow through their hands. Into the den, which had curtains covering the windows. It was much darker than the kitchen but his eyes adjusted.

She stopped by the couch. “Do mecidiyeköy escort you want to sit?” He obeyed, never taking his eyes off her, and she smiled at him to comfort him. “If you want me to stop at any time, just say so.” With that, she rolled up her tank top, showing bare midriff and Sam felt his breathing shorten.

In one smooth move she lifted the white shirt over her head, and dropped it to the floor. She held her tummy tight and her shoulders back and the effect on Sam was obvious. His eyes bulged.

Julie took a step closer, standing over him, those platforms making her legs more defined. “So? What do you think?”

He was speechless, but he smiled and nodded his approval. She smiled back, happy that they held firm and high and realizing the cool air was tingling her nipples.

“Should I go on, Honey?”

Sam just nodded, and she unbuttoned the top of the jeans and slid down the zipper, and Sam could see the red panties underneath. Her hips shifted as she slid the cut-offs over them, tugging the panties back up. She stepped out of the denim, feeling like a professional stripper, with an audience of one. The red lace thong seemed to barely cover her, and she felt so sexy, so exposed.

She didn’t need to ask if she should continue, Sam’s position on the edge of the couch made that obvious, so she slowly tucked her fingers into the sides of the elastic and began easing them down her hips, then thighs, until they dropped around her ankles. Once again, she stepped out, allowing Sam to see every inch. She had begun shaving about a year ago, after hearing it was the “young thing” to do, and it made her feel more naked.

Her voice cracked and was rough when she said, “Would you like a closer look?” and she hoped he said yes. Again he nodded, rising to his feet. He wore basketball shorts, long and loose, but it was still obvious that Sam was battling a major erection. He kept looking from her breast to her face, to her shaved pubic area, back to her face, as if awaiting further instructions.

Julie stepped up to him and took his hand, moving it to her breast, holding in against her nipple. Sam’s fingers began kneading her, knowing enough from porn movies and books what the basics were. He could not believe he was here alone with a naked woman!

She tried to maintain her breathing but it felt raspy and her nipples began to harden, enjoying his touch. She breathed, “Down there…” to him and he reached down with his other hand as she parted her feet, opening for him. He kept watching her face, expecting her to stop him at any time, but her eyes were half-closed and her head was rolling a bit as he felt wetness on his lower hand.

She opened more, and said, “Your fingers, inside.” He obeyed, and she moaned as he squished around, dipping up into her. She grasped his hand, clenching it inside her as she said, “Yes, yesss, like that, Baby…”

Julie could not believe how excited she had become! This alone was better than the whole night she had spent with that guy! “My nephew is gonna make me come!” she thought.

But Sam had totally forgotten that this was his aunt. She was just the most spectacular women he had ever seen. He could feel her reaction to his touches and he became more aggressive, three, then four fingers inside her, and the faster he churned, the more she moaned and squirmed. She urged him on, saying, “Yes, like that, faster! Faster!”

Finally, she bit her lip to keep from screaming, instead just gasping, clenching his hand, and pulling his head to her, covering his mouth with hers. “Oh fuck!” she groaned, as her body shuddered and she orgasmed for the first time in years.

Sam was kissing her back as she gasped for air, his hands back on her tits, smearing her juices on her nipples. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her breast, forcing her nipple into his mouth, and he sucked and bit hungrily. That part came naturally. It aroused her to know he was licking her juices, too.

Now, more aware, Julie knew what she had to do for him. He had taken her to a place she hadn’t been since her marriage and now she must take him where he’d never been.

As he sucked, she clawed at his tee shirt, pulling it over his head. She lifted his head, kissing him, their tongues swirling as she grabbed at the elastic for his shorts, tugging them down, with his jockeys, too.

Julie pushed him back onto the couch, falling to her knees before him. His cock stood proudly and she wrapped her fingers around it to keep it from twitching.

She looked up at him, smiling. “There’s nothing wrong with you in this department,” she said reassuringly, nodding at his cock as she began stroking it’s full length.

Sam watched in awe, seeing her working him. Of course, he had jerked off, twice this morning in fact, but it didn’t feel anything like this! When she leaned forward and bent her head, he thought he found the Paradise.

Julie loved the smoothness of a man’s head, flicking her tongue at the slit to clear the pre-cum, then she opened wide and took him in. Her mouth engulfed him and she began bobbing up and down, slowly at first, then picking up the pace.

Sam’s cock had never felt so hot as it did in Julie’s mouth. He only hoped it wouldn’t end too quickly, but she would bring him to the edge then pause, time and again.

Finally, she came up gasping and said, “I need to feel you.” She came up his body trailing kisses until she was above him, squatting on his erection.

She hovered over him, holding his cock between her fingers. Then she lowered herself, impaling on him. She took him slowly and his eyes widened with every inch, until she had him completely. Then she began moving, in circles, swirling on his seven inches.

They kissed again, both feeling lust build faster, up and down. She was about to have a second orgasm, but held on, waiting for him to come.

He only held out so long because he had masturbated that morning, but now he was ready, and so was she. They arched together, both looking up as they cried out, “Argh, unghhh, ahhhh!”

They slumped together, sweating, and slowly began kissing again. “Oh, Sam! That was awesome, Honey! Did it feel good for you too?”

He just nodded and laughed. “Better than I imagined!”

They kissed again, and he said, “Damn,” as he played with her nipple.

“What is it, Baby?”

“Now I’m not dreading September and school.”

She kissed him and shifted on his lap. Honey, we got two months to get you ready! You’ll be happy to get away!”

He looked deep into her eyes. “I’m happy right here… inside you, Julie.”

She could see the confidence in his eyes, and knew that come September, she’d be missing him, but right now, she could feel that he was ready for more, with his cock hardening inside her. Might as well enjoy it!

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